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Current mood – Dead in the Water…

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Watch “Armor Inside & Out!” on YouTube

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Speaking Of You Boob.

A Good Morning Boo 2

Spook You & Show You How Much I Yet Love U2! Yom tov # 2! L’Chaim! Lechayim! 2 Life! Thank My Wife!

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“This Is The Antidote For Digital Narcissism”

“This Is The Antidote For Digital Narcissism”

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Birthday confusion mode! I can’t be 47 years old yet! And it’s. Too late for a mid-life whatchamahcallit! – at Stony Brook Reservation

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Wut 2 by 4s Iz Fur. Of Trusses, Busses, and Fusses; Muy Ado About Nada Mucho!


What’s unacceptable knows it because it feels it to be wrong not right.
What happened to me and many others in our country has been very hard on everyone involved because the system doesn’t always (or very rarely) work what’s right.
Maybe when the Left and the Right work together they’ll pound it out at the last.
This is why my fist ain’t fast unless it must for in G-d I trust.
The right invention doesn’t make the right pretension or intention.
They who pretend to be what they are not have forced this whole move without finding out what is or may be right or true from the correct source(s).

Deuteronomy 17:19; Joshua 1:8.

Just having a law doesn’t make the law right, it is keeping your word by day or by night.When the right one is in place you’ll know it because it never will work out that which is wrong in the end nor pretend to be what it’s not.
An old proverb saith, “He that speaks truth shames the devil.”

Some rich men are rich and strong, some are rich and wrong. Knowing the difference is half the distance from this to that or that to this. They who think they are moving forward are just doing so to remove the evidence of their wrong doing. That is why they call dead Presidents dead precedence and fence it in which is not right by a Holy Light (Isaiah 32).

Cleverness is not witness and when the witless do what they may with what was made cleverly but lost it’s senses long ago because it trusted in its’ own determination, and the determining and determined lost their sense of wrong and right, we all go astray and further so just struggling to keep up with those who are way off track and course.

Mosiah 12:2-8; 25-37

“You’re a fool if you don’t realize this is going to be the reactionary’s century, perhaps their thousand-year reign.” ~Norman Mailer


The labor force of the moment is just doing as they’re told “Do your job!” and as they might. But all they have are clues and reactions that don’t reveal what is true but covers it up when they may or when they might, which is why they may or should be or have been intermittent and not lasting. and why others have or haven’t been either and I mean why I might be neither because I do what I do for the same reason, I mean to cover what’s wrong by laying down what’s right, but my will is not treason as those who may move this way or that may be in for an unexpected season of blight instead of interest and gain, it will have to be the disinterested pain in charge and at large. Sadism in charge.
As are most people caught up within and without the internet, they now know, the Cause of Ages is different from the Cause of Sages. And history written is not Scripture Sealed nor revealed (Deuteronomy 29:29). And when you read one or the other you’ll know a true sister or brother who won’t cause anyone to take flight in fright in the night.
A heart of gold is not a heart that’s just cold, indifferent, and doing as its told. “Do your job!”
When you can’t back up or won’t return you’ve got to move forward for the wrong reason and that is treason and that is Jacked-up because it was a backed up toilet, the delinquent plumber hacked up, for he lacked upright momentum to move on or up, but it sure did build by KOS. Chiefly, beKOS Jack and Jake know what Jackin’s about!
One moves on only because One does what’s right and jurisdiction doesn’t make its prediction or predilection right but rather might used with descretion, fight and flight, wash, rinse, and repeat until its won the defeat of an enemy within.
As One burns it only because One knows it isn’t right.
The age of disposable heroes is written by the sage of disposable zeroes whose might never makes might right but rather divides and conquers until it may unite as One all done.
Yah I know and nay I’ve not got which is why It isn’t so and Something they haven’t got at the moment but when it truly discovers Something and Its Proponent it will know I’m right not for my own reasons nor for treasons or seasons but for the Absolute Right which may never be made wrong by whomever just believes they’re right out of spite and why they lack the insight to do what’s right and made the right wrong and the wrong their right to might.
Devarim 4:29 But if from thence thou shalt seek Hashem Eloheicha, thou shalt find Him, if thou seek Him with all thy lev and with all thy nefesh.
Yirmeyah 29:13 And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me b’chol lvavchem (with all your heart).
But worn on the other finger or temporarily jammed hand the player that moves in the game may be acting out of and may be stalling for the same reason as they may who may know I’m right and have hardened their hearts because they can’t do otherwise and have realized the True Truth that isn’t their might made wrong but I may cover what is wrong because He’s found Its right to move on by the direct route of return and discern by burn of an ever true heart’s light.
Yah I know and so do they and I am not moving until they will nor until they may or might because His Right’s the Sole Reason that makes for a season that makes wrong right.
Red Sox may never trample on What’s realized and serves What brings golden bars out of iron might to move on for G-d’s Purpose, Empire, Kingdom, and Might made Right.
KOS they lost It and KOSt It what’s Right which KOSed It Holy Bars which must be Holy Moly which may be Green Paper ONLY among the Upright and they’ve wasted Holy Gold to purchase an Iron Pen for an Iron Den that knows its unholy burning tip is just marking up everything It may purchase or steal from the Upright.
And only beKOS KOS knows how and why to KOS will KOS be made right beKOS KOS does it right.
But the rest are just emptying out for Two who assume they are right, KOS they may have lasted long but not among or as part of the upright, but by assuming they made an Ass out of U and Me (Ass-u-me). But beKOS they only double check it and then wreck it they never strive to build the Triple Decker which KOSes the upright to Unite beKOS they know the KOS is right.
They will know a TKO is not but a KOA and a KOA is not a KOS.
But Yankees ONLY CHARGE when they know the CHARGE is right beKOS they hear the Song that KOSes Yankees 2 Unite and come from over here and over there to you know where beKOS they’ve disKOSevered that you know where has been covering up a trail of geeze shit that KOSes them to be Yanked outright and completely KOS they’ll never beat He who knows that and the KOS is right! Which gives KOS the right to keep bad company who know ONLY KOS has the right to do so because bad company never makes KOS divide and destroy among the upright who may have fallen among the same but are not part of them beKOS KOS protects those who do among KOSed WRONG not RIGHT! You thought you had a thought but you ought to know the thought isn’t right and repent and you MAYBE bent among the upright who know where the bent MAYBE outta sight but NEVER wrong when they know the WRONG frum the RIGHT! So ZING it and bring it again until they know WONG frum BANZAI! And they’ll sling it when they’ve slung it RIGHT and brought it back for the reason they unite until that fight is a fight which makes WRONG RIGHT and doesn’t just sucker and duck her who knows a goose from a duck who’s daffy KOS daffy knows what’s up and what’s right and knows why the pace is slow and low which is the tempo that moves and behooves with the flow only when the flow is right otherwise the KOS would back off and know the KOS was stopping and mopping up where the WRONG made RIGHT and when ZERO tolerance no longer has the RIGHT! He can’t fight because he knows his ZERO tolerance code ain’t the CODE that’s RIGHT, though it knows its Victor and Vector, they’ll never known why Roger Dodged her when he knew his left frum his right. Pain speaks and wreaks havoc until pain is awright but it won’t be or can’t be until we don’t have a Lot unless he realizes why Abraham saved him KOS ZERO’s not Nero nor Nil KOS only Nil knows the kill is upright when done that Way that knows It’s awright and done with this or that when this nor that know Its Cues from Its maybes KOS maybes aint quite guessin’ right KOS maybes spread rabies not babies to be taken in snares that aren’t made nor rigged right only oopsies and whoopsies know pies from cakes made ready cake steady and never cause a mess that ain’t made or cleaned up and cleaned up right. That’s the Sole time you may gather and lather and clean It up right KOS Its cleaning up a plate upon a ship that’s sip steady and rock ready upright not full-ah sh*t uptight Assholes KOS they’re just assholes who haven’t yet discovered why assholes ain’t right to use. Only pussies know why wussies aint quite right for usin’ nor abusin’ KOS they ain’t made for the same purpose and that purpose MUST be among the upright nor may One know frum a distance KOS the distance will never know it upclose and uprightly when it knows its knowin’ is right it’ll know KOS the purpose is known by the Ahhh-right and they’ll never be Massholes KOS Massholes know their Left frum their Right and why Pitopia is better than Utopia KOS Utopia is sell-fish and self can’t sell fish and Fiash knows what fishin’s about and ain’t no lout who would fagger the fisher nor stagger the disher when dishers know what dishin’ is for no doubt! KOS servers know why service is service indeed! And thus the upright never suffer frum need nor greed.
And you’ll find out who so and so is and why so and so is not such and such KOS so and so knows what so and so is all about but such and such seeks too much and much ain’t what havin’ much is all about!

Jacob 2&3
Mosiah 7
“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”-Frederic Bastiat
A more apt description of what has become of the systems of government under corporate takeovers and societal decay run wild, is bloody civil war, where the weapons are empty promises and bribes the people believe are privileges and rights extended unto them as a reward for citizenship that came with absolutely no sacrifice or price being paid. The pharmaceutical, medical, and educational systems are trading aburdities for blood and taking captives from captives with no intention of ever liberating anyone within this context nor giving them any reason to hope for a future reward or even present happiness. The repression that followed a decade of whoredoms is being run by wicked souls trapped in employment unwanted and empty of reward.
Just to work their way out of the sinkhole idolatry and laziness brought upon a generation ‘lost in space’ we’ve had to struggle against enemies within and without, and there are just too many within plaguing the system by being employed at all who are destroying the opportunity due their children and children’s children by ‘keeping their day jobs’.
It has become ruthless and stupid and the consequences are obvious and very traumatic.


They need a Way out! (Isaiah 42).
In the midst of this chaotic massacre of bodies and souls, believers and people who would at least like to do no harm, are hoping against hope and striving mightily to fulfill the dream and purpose the majority once held dear and as sacred, but we’re losing ground and running out of dream and realizing that our purposes are not correct and cannot work in a system so plagued with lethagic, wasted, tired, and overworked, desperate captives of our own delusion and confusion of face. It’s this blitzed ‘keep on trucking’ attitude that just keeps making the mass grave deeper and wider as year unfolds unto timeless moments of anticipating fire from heaven, or the second death.

“Reality is much higher, bigger, and more interesting than the culture of fear.”-Rabbi Simon Jacobson


Yeshayah 8:18-20 Hinei, I and the yeladim whom Hashem hath given me are for otot and for mofetim [see Zecharyah 3:8] in Yisroel from Hashem Tzva’os, which dwelleth in Mt Tziyon. And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto mediums that have familiar spirits, and unto spiritists that whisper, and that mutter: should not Am seek unto Elohav? Should they consult the mesim (dead ones) for the benefit of the chayyim (living)? To the torah (teaching of G-d) and to the te’udah; if they speak not according to Davar HaZeh, it is because there is no shachar (dawn, light) in them.
Kehillah in Corinth I 6:9-12 Or do you not have da’as that the resha’im (unrighteous ones) will not inherit the Malchut Hashem? Do not be deceived! Neither zannayim (fornicators) nor ovdei elilim (idolaters) nor mena’afim (adulterers) nor effeminate call boys nor homosexuals [IYOV 13:9; VAYIKRA 18:20; DEVARIM 22:22; VAYIKRA 18:22]. Nor ganavim (thieves) nor kamtzanim (misers) nor shikkorim (drunkards) nor megadefim (revilers) nor the ones doing hona’ah (swindling)—none of these will inherit the Malchut Hashem. And some of you were these things. But you were washed and made tehorim (clean), you were made to be Am Kadosh, you were made to be yitzdak im Hashem in the name of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua Adoneinu and in the Ruach Hakodesh of Eloheinu.
Hisgalus 22:15-16 “Outside are the kelevim (dogs) and the mekhashfim (sorcerers, abusers of drugs; [T.N. the original language “pharmakoi” is where we derive the word for “drugs”; sorcerers often abused drugs to hallucinate or induce a passive state when they worked their magic and witchcraft; see Ga 5:20 and Rv 21:8] and the zonim (sexually immoral) and the rotzkhim (murderers) and the ovdei haelilim (idolaters) and everyone loving and practicing sheker. [DEVARIM 23:18]. “I, Yehoshua sent My malach (angel) to give solemn eidus (testimony) to you of these things, for the Kehillot. I am the Shoresh (root) and the offspring of Dovid, the Kokhav HaShachar.

It’s a whore of a system sucking itself dry, but 2 Yah we gotta make excuses for it until we may change and fix it 4-real. Working with it hasn’t been the answer for many generations. It’s too corrupted within and how could it be otherwise? It’s full if imperfect, desperate souls trying to survive on mostly vanity and empty promises. “That’s Life!”
On the bright side, it’s a beautiful day and the hives’ are abuzz setting worse traps than financial frustration to mock it, a nation.
But I’ve caught the Black Dot, The Old Lot, and the White Sop whom I used to frustrate the Striped Cat which fancied he’d captured the Red Dot, but only to be burned and relearn to discern he only has mutton chops and mittens to sew for kittens lest I be smitten in heart and give it something more of a smart than an old fart like I may seem to be lacking but ’tis not I doeth the whacking around here, but the Black King if he may and I don’t nay say.
Purr-haps I’m being jocular and facetious!
Or just a bit bored with officious banter that smacks of flattery. I like my tongue in my mouth and fingers ‘pon my hands, so I’m a bit more careful within tribal lands. If my wit become clever they may just say “whatever” and that would mean I’m quite undone with pun and fun.
Keep it real, none may steal. That’s the best policy and warranty I may purchase and it’s free! Stick with me! I’ll see we through with He!
Goodie-goods! Yah? Amen.

PS: (A rant written the night of the Big Presidential Debate between Donald and Hillary)

M’kay! This has gone far enough. The People has lost their grip on any appreciation of what truly matters, and a plague of politico wannabes are vying to control the government by dumbing down and canceling out one another in an effort to forbid justice and mercy to effectively work peace and prosperity for all parties concerned. The result: Stupid posturing by two completely inept human beings (?!??!), rallied about by a disturbed and frenzied population of desperation seeking We know not what and completely losing sight of all that is essential to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Certainly, civilized people will be willing and made able to work ourselves out of a difficult situation/time and overcome difficulties without stooping to a level unbecoming honorable men and women fashioned in the Image and likeness of Holiness Itself by making merchandise of a generation endangered by our inability to be humble, truthful examples of what guarantees us the right to be brave and free? I am as despondent as the weather itself this evening and have doubt of my fellows and countrymen. I’m not going to bother watching a debate over nonissues and nonsense. Wake me with a hopeful assent to a loftier, yet dramatically more self-depreciating will to carry on as Americans, all for One and One for all. Serve one another and agree to what makes equal, just, and true. Admitting to a grand amount of folly and error opens an effectual door for an equal if not greater amount of solution, resolution, and renewed appreciation for what matters most and will save all the burden of guilt and depression that is the result of stubbornness and pride. Be wise and choose such things as will make for the peace of this People. Let us pray. Good night.


Rosh Chodesh Adar Tov!

Part two up as soon as I may…Stay in touch!

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Mustard Seed Move That Mountain!


Mattityahu 13:16-17

But ashrey are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear. For truly I say to you that many Neviim and tzaddikim desired to see what you see, and they did not see [it], and to hear what you hear, and they did not hear it.

Zion is the only friend the world may have. It is much more than scholarly ideology or State posturing political in an effort to exert itself and its Right to Reign as a Master of Mayhem might and all else has become besides due to the same.
“An undeserved title brings more shame than honour.” -Chofetz Chaim
It is very mercy and truth encapsulated in Grace and distributed generously and liberally to all those in need of a cure, remedy, and agent of miracle those who “die daily” must be supplied with as the demand makes evident and the outcome makes more bearable if not enjoyable all of life for both those perishing and those thriving in living the Dream as it ought to be for every man, woman, and child’s right to have who in very deed, chooses Life.
It is the very same wedded to generosity in abundance and virtue in excess of any demand that could never be supplied otherwise or without wisdom’s ways. The world seems bent by bitterness and beauracracy in killing all likelihood of meeting the same demand by enforcing a paranoid hand to tip the scales in favor of malignancy and prejudice deciding who will be among the have and the have-nots and why and wherefore some schmuck in office will have the say so or say it aint so without the necessity of a why and wherefore even in question, nevermind of necessary demand that justice might prevail and mercy may claim its own.

Because of this latter-day delusion winning out among the masses, America the Ugly, a Land of many snares and zero cares given has riven the Nation that once was the L-RD’s beyond question and fared better than all the world besides in obedience to the One True G-d of Israel and the Nations, E Pluribus Unum.
Because it is the wicked who punish the wicked, they are, of a necessity blind to the hypocrisy of their goings, and as such, justice may never proceed forth from them (Alma 41:15). Nevertheless, they imagine, in their vain thoughts, they are a much needed arm of law enforcement neccessary and desired in the Community they feign to serve, and indeed because all have gone so far astray of what may be just and right (Jacob 4:14), they are the only ones who maintain anything like order throughout the land destined to be destroyed anyway and doomed to destruction at the last. Nothing and no one is free therein and no one will ever be because they have all as one decided it is best not to be. Most adventageous for either side playing to have it so, or at least the side that knows the ‘fix is in’.
The extreme futility of all felt so deeply makes day to day living exquisitely painful and absolutely vain. When the sport is fixed and the game is purchased, there is no point in playing. The war is just a slaughter and the pretended enthusiasm of all involved so bitterly all-codemning, it is hurtful to experience in anywise.

Kefa II 2:19 They offer them the havtachah (promise) of cherut (freedom), but they themselves are avadim (slaves) of shachat (corruption), for whatever defeats a man also enslaves him.

To wit therefore, for nothing else than service and sacrifice may win our freedom from bondage when all are indeed slaves to sin. And who is the Father of Wit or the Mother of Wisdom? (Iyov 28:28).
Could the answer be that simple? Yea, but in its simplicity so magnificently triumphant, all who experience even a portion of its kavod/glory rejoice in something none may boast in for fear of being excluded altogether (Kehillah in Rome 3:27).

That which lies beneath may appreciate that which comes from above, but it may not be obedient to the same until it is either tamed or subdued which may birth a better nature in the former as debtors realized or as a spiteful band of miscreants the latter wish to be owned as and buy (sic). These all know themselves all too well, and glory in the perversity of what they’ve become and there is no offending them. As ridiculous as it may seem to you or I, it is what they live for, and thirst and hunger for all their lives long. The day you imagine you may offend them with an insult or impoliticly correct comment, is the day you loose your grip on reality and they learn a new trick and opportunity to laugh and ammuse themselves in perversity stifled for the moment but enjoyed to the fullest once your absence is evidently secured
They are the children of their mother (Isaiah 57:3; Revelation 17:5).
And so, for now, Zion’s fate is postponed, at least until these two factions kill one another off and are swept out of the way, or become subject and forced to serve against their wills the higher judge for the better cause (Ecclesiastes 5:8, Mosiah 29, D&C 87:4).


The Articles of Faith 1:10 We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent; that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.

Service or disservice?
Nervous? Why so serious?
Because you’re full of fear which can’t endear you to nor entreat Wisdom nor find words to plead with at the Mercy Seat for want and absence of the same as a physical presence and manifestation of G-d’s Wisdom and Mercy as made the Law lame as a dame without a name enjoying entirely too much fame for shame.
And as you have not discovered what bravery is yet, Suffifient unto the day is the evil thereof (Mattityahu 6:34).
Welcome to a Generation born of a Prison Term served by those woken by a Don’s early light, or late night blackout followed by an up all night hysteria what so proudly we flailed about in unto the the Twilight’s last gleaming, etc.
Only in America could a bid to be employed helping others become a snare one must either absolutely avoid or cunningly manipulate unto positive gain and some advance of the Kingdom in order to be saved. “Come out of Her.” Spill the seed, mislay the deed, never concede, deny, deny, deny we’re the Home of much need and no want of greed will slow a steed running from itself and every enemy made along the way out of hell following a bat’s trail and that’s a fail and the beauty of it.


Mattityahu 24:20-22
But offer tefillos that your escape may not be in winter or on Shabbos.
For then will be Tzarah Gedolah (Great Tribulation) such as has not been from Reshit HaOlam (Beginning of the World) until now nor will it by any means happen again.
And if those days were not cut short, kol basar (all flesh) would not be saved. But, on account of the Kadoshim, the Bechirim (Chosen Ones), those days will be cut short.

What the problem is?
The majority of the workforce today as yesterday are heroin addicts, drunks, and the like, whose recreational use should not necessarily bar them from the workplace, but must needs be granted on a Covenant Vow and resolution of debtor service to Kingdom realization eventual because consentual agreements are necesssary for enjoying Kingdom freedoms not understood since the earliest of prophets ventured to prove the righteousness of G-d was beyond man’s ability to obtain and searching of Him out in vain (Yeshayah 42:8).
The Grand Delusion turned the world upside-down and the lying tongues of sons and daughters of wickedness born sought the rights, privileges, and benefits of seats and offices of heirs proper, while others sought high-employment status so as to reign in hypocrisy from head to tail, belittling the worthy all the more the greater their success paid off and the longer it lasted, which thanks to the vanity and pride of the fallen race was for times, times, and half a time unto the present day. Would be worthy men and women struggling to aquire employment, social inclusion, rights, regard, etc., and these with an eye single to society’s betterment, if not Zion’s realization and Foundational Cornerstone Laid in Order to Build-up Edifice Glorious have found the going rough and the tough often fleeing the scene of crimes committed under guise of ‘law and order’ performed for naught but personal gain and advantage unfair to One as to all as per code and regulation implemented too late and in mockery of ever intending any good whatsoever. Only and ever, seeking to whitewash and cover-up crimes worse than those serving prison terms at tax-payer expense have ever deserved punishment for.
This is the result of a bunch of unworthy pricks seeking to employ more beasts of burden like themselves who use everything from Mom and Pop Corner Stores to Ice Cream Man Van sales, to unReal Estate to Wall Street fill my plate to the Office of the Presidency all for trafficking much more than legal wares and services unneeded and unwanted by a majority kept silent for fear of those in their midst, a tragic mix of the most unworthy sorts of souls trafficking whatever they wish between themselves at little or no cost to themselves even as they siphon off what may be the price of dues they owe but rather exact from a society they care little or nothing about.
All this, of course, need not be the case. Fear and ignorance brought all the worst sorts of people into the Show, and an ounce of humility and a lot of humor could make these same misdiagnosed, pompous hosts reverse the curse they intended and make propserous the society they should serve for One as for all and birth an entirely new paradigm and reality of freedom, courage upheld and happiness sustained and known on many levels and in as many ways than any appear at face value to concede to being by revealing whom we may truly be or are willing and desirinig to be whether accepted or rejected by the politically correct, abysmally off-course body politic of no real value or worth to We The People in any case.

It is funny that our mothers use to warn us about making ugly faces by saying “Your face will get stuck looking like that permanently if you don’t be careful!”
An entire generation propelled forward by wearing not but a “poker-face” have become quite stuck that way in “selfie” format and futility unable to bewray a face of honest regard and feeling for any reason or desire authentic and are thus trapped within their own heads, not understanding why their faces do not relate what is going on in their minds or why no one even wants to know and cannot understand their speech if they are even willing to listen, and why should they? Trained in vanity and deceit, they know not how to escape and make meaning of their lives, nor do they care to for the greater part, and those who do or endeavor to do so are derisively pandered to in a most insulting fashion and manner of officiousness all deception from inception (Genesis 3:1), having come forth from the womb speaking lies, they know not how to participate, much less negotiate in a conversational context worth anyone’s while of any sort and most definitely not in any of global, local and most important of all, personal mutually edifying unto love of one another in truth.
The result is a lot of people completely ignoring a lot of people and very little if anything of worth being said and time invested in getting done at all that might bring people together and make of us all, One Nation Brave and Free.
Nevertheless, “this too shall (and is) pass(ing).”
Kol Nidre all speech you may have to use in vain in the meanwhile and until such a time as you may speak and be heard and understood for One and All’s Mutual Edification and Benefit.
Then shall the power of the Mustard Seed which is Faith move the Mountains of unbelief which is society steeped and stuck in idolatry’s tyranny blind out of the Way, or in such a manner as shall level it to the earth and provide a foundation for the Way or King’s High Way, in the midst or through an wilderness affair of absurdity doing what such does best to entertain itself, knowing itself to be just that and in no fault humility and sincere repentance atone for generations of hateful treason in reasoning and negotiating its way into and out of one mess after another it created in order to progress in vain, a mess self materialized and realized by manipulation of a population’s common sense made futile with many hands thrown up in “I don’t know what to do!” moments of despair that had more to do with faith frustrated than otherwise seeking to destroy the Faith and the Faithful altogether as those who would to make of our nation all knave and fee or not but desolation’s aggravation hissing and lashing out to destroy with hate all it refuses to contemplate or reason with to understand, which is the foundation of anti-semitism – Blindness and Militant Ignorance or the results of dogmatic false doctrine and priest craft practiced by fools sent forth by two-fold sons of hell on a mission to darken rather than enlighten the minds of those who once professed to belong to the Light and had Faith therein such as made mountains to move and skip like lambs (Psalm 29). while trees of the forest clapped their hands for joy that the L-RD had visited His People and Creation with the Message of the Gospel of Reconciliation, making of all faiths, and especially the righteous of all faiths One and all else of the nations otherwise deemed but a drop in the bucket – His Ransomed, Treasured Jewels – a People of His Pasture, and Reknown of all Creation, of all nations One Body formed to fill His House with Prayer and Praise for which Zion is commanded to enlarge Her borders and stretch forth Her Stakes in order to receive and take in as many and more and more of all they who gladly would join the House of Israel in the Latter-days (Isaiah 49:20), a multitudinous Saved populace proclamed One, Uno, Echad, etc.

Yeshayah 40
Comfort ye, comfort ye My people, saith Eloheichem. Speak ye to the lev Yerushalayim, and preach unto her, that her tzeva’a (time of hard service, warfare) is ended, that her avon (iniquity) is nirtzah (punitively paid for, pardoned); for she hath received of the Yad Hashem kiflayim (double) in payment for all her chattot. The voice of him that preacheth in the midbar, Prepare ye the Derech Hashem, make straight in the Aravah a highway for Eloheinu. Every gey (valley) shall be raised up, and every har and givah (hill) shall be made low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places bikah (plain, valley); And the kavod Hashem shall be revealed, and all basar shall see it together; for the mouth of Hashem hath spoken. The voice said, Preach. And he said, What shall I preach? All basar is khatzir (grass), and all the chesed (constancy) thereof is as the tzitz (flower, blossom) of the sadeh; The khatzir (grass) withereth, the tzitz (flower, blossom) falleth; because the Ruach of Hashem bloweth upon it; surely the people is khatzir (grass). The khatzir withereth, the tzitz falleth; but the Devar Eloheinu shall stand forever. O Mevaseret Tziyon (O Herald, Preacher of Besorah [Good News, Gospel] Tziyon, O Lady Evangelist Tziyon), get thee up into the har gavo’ah (high mountain); O Mevaseret Yerushalayim (O Herald, Preacher of Besorah [Good News, Gospel] Yerushalayim, O Lady Evangelist Yerushalayim), lift up thy voice with ko’ach; lift it up, be not afraid; say unto the towns of Yehudah, Hinei Eloheichem! Hinei, Adonoi Hashem will come with chazak, and His zero’a [Moshiach, see Isaiah 53:1] shall rule for Him; hinei, His sachar (reward) is with Him, and His pe’ullah (work, recompense, retribution, penal reward [for His enemies]) before Him. He shall feed His Eder like a Ro’eh; He shall gather the tela’im (lambs) with His zero’a, and carry them in His kheyk, and shall gently lead those that are with young. Who hath measured the mayim in the hollow of His Hand, and meted out Shomayim with a handbreadth, and enclosed the aphar ha’aretz in a measure, and weighed the harim (mountains) in scales, and the geva’ot (hills) in a balance? [See Prov 30:4.] Who hath directed the Ruach of Hashem, or being His ish etzah (counselor) hath taught Him? With whom did He take counsel, and who gave Him binah, and taught Him in the orakh mishpat, and taught Him da’as, and showed Him the derech tevunot (way of understanding, intelligence)? Surely the Goyim are like a drop in a bucket, and are accounted as dust of the scales; surely He taketh up the iyim (islands) like fine dust. Levanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for an olah. Kol HaGoyim before Him are as nothing; and they are counted to Him less than nothing, and tohu. To whom then will ye liken El? Or what demut (likeness) will ye compare unto Him? The charash (workman, craftsman) melteth a pesel (idol, image), and the goldsmith overlayeth it with zahav, and casteth for it chains of kesef. He that is so impoverished that He hath no terumah chooseth an etz that will not rot; he seeketh unto him a charash chacham (skilled craftsman) to prepare a pesel, that shall not topple. Have ye not known? Have ye not heard? Hath it not been told you from the beginning? Have ye not understood from the mosedot ha’aretz (foundations of the earth)? It is He that sitteth above the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are like chagavim (grasshoppers); that stretcheth out Shomayim like a curtain, and spreadeth them out like an ohel to dwell in; That bringeth the roznim (rulers) to nothing; He maketh the Shoftei Eretz like tohu. Indeed, they shall not be planted; indeed, they shall not be sown; indeed, their stem shall not take root ba’aretz (in the ground); and He shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither, and the se’arah (storm wind) shall take them away like the kash (straw, stubble, chaff). To whom then will ye liken Me, or shall I be equal? saith the Kadosh. Lift up your eyes marom (on high, i.e,. into the heavens), and behold. Who hath created [T.N. This chp needs to be seen also in light of Ac chp 2 and Jerusalem’s Besurah HaGeulah proclaimed there.] these things, that bringeth out their tzeva’a (host, legions) by mispar (number); He calleth them all b’shem (by name) because of the abundance of His power and the might of His ko’ach; not one [star] is missing. Why sayest thou, O Ya’akov, and speakest, O Yisroel, My derech is hid from Hashem, and my mishpat is passed over and disregarded by Elohai? Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard, that the Elohei Olam, Hashem, Boreh Ketzot HaAretz (Creator of the ends of the earth), fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching of His tevunah (understanding, intelligence). He giveth ko’ach to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth power. Even the ne’arim (youths) shall faint and grow weary, and the bochurim shall utterly fall; But they that wait upon Hashem shall renew their ko’ach; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not grow weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.


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