Hello and Welcome From EveningStarShade, DaDevBull, and OyICantThink from AOL (Among many other screen names I am known by on there) and ArdentRock from Yahoo! (among others on Yahoo!). Otherwise known as Barzillai dov Ganya of Templeton Massachusetts, U.S.A.! Back in the day when AOL was very popular and had many active users, I made a lot of homepages and web pages on Hometown AOL which got deleted when AOL discontinued the service back in 2005? Very overwhelmed with the amount of work I lost and a lot of people know what I’m speaking of, and lost a lot of themselves during these years of despoilment and ruination by troll and heartless goal some of our own countrymen keep as agenda Stay the Course which started in the G.W.B. Administration days…when looting and rioting was common place but wore a badge and claimed an office in the White House by strong arm and falsehood. Politics have been slow to change and so our nation as well, but the better people therein have kept the Faith and fought the good fight and We The People are still nothing to snuff at or cast aside as many kings, rulers and nations would like to do to the U.S.A.! We stand United and Strong as a people bound together by a curious Love that cannot be overcome or destroyed even by death itself! We have much work to do and a generation worthy to raise and that was always my theme on AOL and that was what I turned into BLOG form using as many websites as I could but eventually centered on MSN Spaces which was taken over by WordPress and is what it is to this day and I am very grateful for this service and its loyalty to its users friendly as a family! I hope it will always be so, not to mention hoping our Hometown on AOL may some day be restored to its former glory days…Bing just doesn’t have the same nature, ease of use and dummy proof blogging capabilities as Hometown AOL did! It was genius and so easy to use even I became a WebHead…A lot of heart and soul is put into my works, so when they are lost, deleted or destroyed a piece of my heart and soul dies, but the Spirit that is greater than any sustains me when the world knocks me down and out for seasons and times not to be regretted in the L-RD! All things work together for the good of those who love God and so it is and shall always be until the end of the Age and world upon which we live by His Will…Praise Him every hour! Zion shall surely be established in the Latter-days in our Nation and become the envy of the world She has always been only more Beautiful and Liberating than ever before in History if We The People follow through and meet with the success due all those who endure together in the same Hope, Faith and Charity which is Love! Amen!

The following is for my AOL profile as EveningStarShade (which I have been trying update unsuccessfully for the past few months in which I have returned to using AOL as often as I am able, with chat rooms you may look for and find if chance favors One):

“When we replace one word of the sentence by another having the same referent but a different sense, this can have no effect upon the referent of the sentence. Yet we can see that in such a case the thought changes; e.g., the thought in the sentence ‘The Morning Star is a body illuminated by the Sun.’ Anybody who did not know that the Evening Star is the Morning Star might hold the one thought to be true, the other false.” Frege’s Morning Star.

I am the Founder of the House of the Remnant in Templeton MA, USA.(Soon We hope to be opening an additional House in Boston, MA. God Willing!)
A Jewish organization that helps Believers know HaShem of Hosts through Pure Spiritual Revelation and Scriptural Interpretation Exact.
If you want to know more, please send me an email. Or visit my website/blog @







Happy Hanukkah 5776! And Happy New Year 2016!

Baruch HaShem!

3 Responses to About

  1. Katie says:

    I love your writings! Love your Hebrew flavor as well!

  2. This is a great blog. I was doing a post about peace in the storm, referencing Acts 27 and Euroclydon (08/17/13) . I found the image of a ship in the midst of Euroclydon (from Acts 27) on you blog. I thought this picture was powerful. I named your blog in my post. I hope you are not offended. I will be following your blog. I look forward to learning more about what is happening here. Peace, T

  3. barzdovg666 says:

    Keep It Real Y’all!

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