Hello faithful people, I’ve been kept extremely busy by the world’s demands and annoyances.
I have time for a quick etry only at the moment, but I hope the winter will afford me with more time to work for you as I ALWAYS do!

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King πŸ‘‘ – Supreme unquestionable decision maker.
President – Educated Deal Maker.
Queen πŸ‘‘ – Advisor to King and otherwise permanent fixture of unnecessary routine, but is a Lady to the core for sure.
House and Senate about as useful as Parliament ever wasn’t. To many opinions ruin judgement and spoil the outcome. Theirs’ should be strictly business which requires knowledge but no brilliance.
Of the manor born and the foreigner or tourist should be strictly (if not markedly) significant but in the long run United in goal unavoidable and intrinsic to the whole 🌎.
As always, the lower the entity’s status the more important and honorable should be their consideration and usefulness as sprung from a pure well unavoidably 🀒 poisoned.
The healing of Babylon is only frustrated by confusion of face and the families various and telling disgrace.
Once that’s hurdled, any competition or race may be worth the gathering, effort and awe once more, all for a majorly significant lower price and cost to all.
Use disabled people to accomplish no 🧠 brained tasks the current administration and government cannot for lack of conscience, consideration, and care efficacious.
Let the gadabouts accomplish what they may be good for such as paparazzi moments, selfies, boasts, brags, nonsense, and entertainment.
As for everybody else or the general public, let them learn by whatever way they must or means necessary that a Commonwealth is built and maintained by giving not by getting
Circumstances have bearing for the NOW but tomorrow should never be a repeat of yesterday’s demands, news, doings, etc.

And in case you were not aware, Joseph Bye Den is an enemy to the Commonwealth and United States, but Trump was a train wreck, excaping Manhattan, cruising through Washington and ending with a Las Vegas residency. Hardly worth calling a Presidency. What to do now? “If the people lead, the leaders are unnecessary.”

Nevertheless, we do need someone and the body of someone to look to and hold in greater esteem than others simply because we are creatures of that and many other habits, reactionary persuasions and fear of what we don’t understand.

More to come, G-d willing. In the meantime, read your Scriptures. No foriegn pontificating, wisdom, and epiphany is going to alter the Way we must obey.

Happy Chanukah! I’ll be around…

About barzdovg666

I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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