Ma Hamatzav? (?מַה הַמַּצָּב)


Ma Hamatzav?
In Hebrew, Ma Hamatzav? (?מַה הַמַּצָּב), literally means “What’s the situation?” The phrase took on a new use, as an all-purpose conversation starter. Much like “What’s up?”, you’ll hear it a lot. Don’t be afraid to use it! Ma Hamatzav is very suitable for everyday conversations, at a store or on the street. Many times all you need to answer is hakol beseder (הַכֹּל בְּסֵדֶר) literally meaning, “Everything is fine”. Another phrase you can use is Ma Shlomcha? (?מַה שְׁלוֹמְךָ), for a man, or Ma Shlomech, for a woman, both meaning “How are you?” Something else you can say is Ma Kore?
(?מַה קוֹרָה), “What’s happening?”

Michoh 6:8 He hath showed thee, O adam (man), what is tov (good). And what doth Hashem require of thee, but to do mishpat)justice), and ahavat (love) chesed (kindness), and to walk humbly with Eloheicha (G-d)?

Justice is an exacting entity that never errs and which mercy may never rob. Mercy may outrun malice but it has no claim on the creature that justice owns.
When the two meet and kiss, Heaven and the Creature become like the Divine and the Whole as One is exalted to Its true and everlasting Glory in Its Creator praised in joy and appreciation, the recognition that makes alike and akin low and high, rich and poor, great and disdained. The Creature, rightly humbled comes to understand its true origin and exults in its newfound freedom had through Liberty bestowed upon One and all under G-d.
When, however, the Creature seeks to reign as a god and judges for itself (Shofetim 21:25b …every man did that which was yashar (right) in his own eyes.) especially seeking to judge the Sons of G-d, strong wrath awaits and comes upon all as the reward for their folly like Cain’s and their state like that of Sodom and Gomorrah, as Satan fights with Satan, and none know themselves as they ought, and every man’s a loser, whether rich or poor, strong or weak, great or meek.
Shemot 33:19 And He said, I will make kol tuvi (all My goodness) pass in front of thee, and I will call out with the Shem of Hashem before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show rachamim on whom I will show rachamim.
Tehillim 86:15 But Thou, Ad’ni, art El Rachum and Channun, slow to anger, and plenteous in chesed and emes.
Infighting is caused by an Eagle’s failure and a Lion’s struggle. When both shall attain the worthiness they ought to seek and labor for singlemindedly, or at least with a known purpose striven for, they may then indulge the rights of freedom won within Liberty’s Land, even the Promised Land, through and thanks to the sons thereof made One in combined judgment and governance.
Everyone in this war seems to be two-faced and no one recognizes himself in the mirror. It is more rightly four-faced and cubed, Lion, Eagle, Bull, Man.

This was not a Union Strong as yet, but its purpose had been realigned and everyone knew what to do and had no longer any excuse for doing otherwise. (Yechezkel 1-48)
Not that indulging in ignorance as bliss is not still and always a matter of free choice, it is just that those who use the excuse are or should be scorned, avoided, if not cut off from the community of sacred awareness, so that if at any time in the future, they wish to repent and rejoin the Living for the Living, they may and in meantime ought to be thus encouraged by those aware.
We don’t kill the buzz or end the game it just changes and evolves into greater and greater paradigms of enjoyable existence and creativity in that context births a new America, greater than any the Trump upstart gang of foolish politicians and servants to the Beast may have hoped for and feel as though they failed, but ultimately, it is win-win, as the creature aware of its Creator may serve well and willingly Abraham’s Children, both of Israel and of Ishmael, and similar polar opposites learn to co-exist without seeking to control and thereby extol some lifeless idol, or use probationary time idle and as if no day, season, or time thereof had any significance.
Zion has brought forth abundant means, but the political structure and wickedness in officious duties and the manipulation of workforce unto corruption cherished by those who hunger and thirst for not but iniquity and inequity, creating divisions and thereby taking the whole country by no surprise in a web or net of little use or enjoyment.
Law and Order come from G-d and in that there is no con, just text that speaks of better things and brings to pass the fulfillment of better promises.
Life is what One puts into it and not what anyone takes away from it. If you’re shifted into an awareness that all of your life and its meaning comes from daily giving to it all you have in whatsoever way or fashion you choose, there is no need to pursue happiness, it is with you always and always will be when you are always giving it away or using it intently.
The grave, fire, and the empty womb are never satisfied, and that is what meeting and using the world on the world’s terms amounts to, mathematically speaking, Zero.
The wonderful thing about the birth of Zion’s last stand or Her becoming what She always has been and should be in States United is that it is largely due to foreign aid and endurance. Trump’s America is an insult to the very concept of greatness. It’s throwing paper towels to desolate lands and places and being absurd and hateful simply because “Yes, we can!”

To our united shame, we have done nothing to aide the world and spent the majority of our time in excess enjoyment of vanity, idle or misused forces of labor and/or strength anticipating and provoking the worst case outcome alway and not even hoping for any good nor due reward. Only ever and always a comedy of errors being dealt with by a raging surge of ‘first responding’ terrors by day and night, within and without that for the most part are completely imaginary and made up as crime goes on dealing out cards from a stolen deck by croupiers with little patience for the game they are caught playing.
Don’t cry over spilled milk, don’t let your past rob you of the present and never put a higher price on anything unworthy of your Creator’s Glory.
Awareness frees the idiots from the snare of mindfulness being sold as a solution to lacking thoughts worthy of your true soul’s longing to express itself or labor for others.
Life pretty much comes down to how we are educated, nurtured, and cared for. In this way, depending upon the people’s will or lack thereof. Life may be a dreaded, monstrous failure, an example of the decline in civility and life’s enjoyments which we really haven’t made much time or use for many a moon now.

Traffic jam
Everyone is naturally “racist”, especially a believer in scripture who is taught to be distinct and not follow the practices of foreign nations, yet we are also taught to love the stranger as ourselves and that most often our worst enemies are members of our own households. I have lost everything and more besides but I never left my faith and G-d has rewarded me beyond my wildest imagination as a consolation and more. Now I am able to blend and mix with any and all others but keep my own distinctions intact and so as not to offend others. I don’t, as yet, have the ability to reach out and make friends quite the way I wish to but in good time I hope to make as many as I may have lost upon the way and get back old friends and family as well. Like Job, I know the L-RD will be merciful unto my weakness and in the meantime, my strengths have been magnified and made stronger. Even my worst enemies who did me wrongs and more may have turned into allies if not friends again, but that is in the L-RD’s hands and I am not quick to trust anyone or put myself in dangerous positions, which is what makes it difficult to make friends and reach out to more people I would like to. But, I trust in the L-RD’s own due time, such people may come unto me as He would have me to know and befriend and indeed such people have already started to reach out, though just as warily as I am in approach. That’s life! Show those kindnesses you wish to show your Love to anyone you may in the meanwhile and practice exercising all your better attributes and in time I think you will find with G-d all things are possible and He will turn it all around for your sake, vindication, and justification which is in Him. The world’s a crazy place sometimes. Forgive yourself and others and in time others and yourself may forgive you. All we may do is our part and that with all our heart as unto the L-RD.

There remains some confusion with the supply and demand conspiracy at work in America on a very large scale, in our small state and circumstances the conspiracy is small and not really worth mentioning though just as proved to be telling, cautious, and nauseous of and about as the larger and just as revealing that our weights and measures are not what they should be and perhaps have never been but our claim and aim was once “and justice for all.”

Now, it’s a gamble or doled out by lot as on Purim.

Play your hand as well as any who may play to win may.
After the 2020 mark, I believe all will even out and go accordingly in the grand scheme of things. Then again, disaster may strike at any moment and our emergency preparedness well awarded its nonsensical hopes of abortion proportion payout have in and out and at again amongst shit-shat again.
The Trump is owning the deck but I believe I would play it better, by heart.
We’ll see. His diamonds sure are shiny and stuff.
Show and tell is still proof enough of parenting well done, right or wrong, but out in the jungle it gets a little trickier, and such as covet nuts and instead of marbles come to roost and pecking orders change or set to reset and reboot for and sans the says loot.
To serve a just master is all we may hope for and as and among One who does or may claim to, I aim to make everyone’s life worth the trouble of doing so both in this world and the next, and who knows what beyond here or there or anywhere else besides the joint or point may be well spoken or taken of, for, and by the people.
It’s free will that matters most and what we appreciate in using well and well again until death do us part should be our aim from finish to start (or vice-versa).
At this point, it is unnecessary to ask, not all emails go straight to our heads, and nothing much goes to this generation’s heart(s) either, so it is no wonder most fail vitally most days of the week to perform much asked of them in the manner in which it was pursued at the first at the last. Quitters never win.
It’s an entire nation of problematic people employed for the wrong reasons and why we have such a king of wrong reasoning in the white house. They love it that way! ‘Tis a shame.

Sit back and enjoy the wait and enjoy the day the L-RD has made for us in the meantime. Hope your view is a pleasant one and your way through it made easier by this entry’s encouragement sans flattery.
You know, they say pigs can’t see the sky? I wonder why that is anymore, I could have sworn pigs could fly and turkeys too!
Cajole rather than cudgel the people into proper order and civil mannerisms are bound to take fashion again the sooner rather than later.

Yet, Geez Us! We are problematic people!
I fail to understand what Americans are seeking anymore. They seem to have no interest in community, unity, freedom, and long-term enjoyment of the fruits of the Spirit shared in daily living experience.
People take what seems like life all too seriously and make what is and ought to be enjoyed as life as if it were a mission impossible.
I failed to find my education of any value back in the fourth grade when we started to study long division and fed live mice to a classroom corn snake. I was like, “That’s enough of this, I’m done.” And I started studying life in a much broader sense, through experiences real and strange to a youth left to his own devices, and we didn’t have cell phones or computers back then. That was strictly nerd shite and remains of little value or use to humanity to this very day.
The only thing that really ever seems to change is the abuse of selfishness as an exercise in the extreme, justified by the same education I rejected at a fourth grade level, and employment opportunities enjoyed thereafter and thereby, if you were willing to play along and waste that much headspace on officious duties and extremely strange and reciprocally retarded, or criminally evasive games for gain had by interfering with others freedom and choices regarding their pursuit of happiness guaranteed by constitution or better yet covenant responsibilities and pastimes.
Those who excel in such a context and concealment of much worse than weapons of mass destruction for distraction, are all sociopathic, psychopathic gluttons for inanity and insanity enjoyed by playing the part and cards dealt them in the above-referenced game of strife, which rhymes with life but for me has little to do with anything and all things I consider rewarding and satisfying as life ought to be and may be lived.
I wholeheartedly understand going at life with humor and daring but not to such extremes as make every decision suicidal ones.
The creature knows more about the wild because it was created for the wild, but men and children of G-d were created to Liberate the creature and enjoy being subdued and tamed by its Creator through we children of G-d and our thoughts and actions, words and deeds.


More to come around the bend just ahead. We’re at the halfway yonder mark and on His Way to Shavuot.

Safe journies.


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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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