Land O’ Many Chimneys & Grimm Knees


Good day, good reader and welcome back!
It’s been a busy season and just beginning to get a bit nippy out – sweater weather for sure!
I, myself, enjoyed another wonderful experience of the high holy days and Sukkot, though a lot more tame than in past years, no less stirring, uplifting, and rewarding.
I hope the same may be said for many of those who read my blog and enjoy what G-d creates for us to enjoy from day to day.
Now, back to business.
Things are strange and it seems my generation is having some trouble adjusting to aging and the reality thereof.
Delusional psychopaths and vain sociopaths make up much of the leadership and working stiffs governing and charting our way as a nation, but that is no real change from decades past.
We do need a change and that is what we count on G-d for. He must make it happen, and will if we but put ourselves in His Hands and let Him guide us into all good paths until we are all brought back, return, and venture forth from day to day in His Way, being blessed as we go out and blessed as we come in and full of nothing but blessings to bestow upon one another, both strangers, family, and fellow men alike.
Delusions that my generation grew up believing in were not so terrible as we ought to deem them, and are hard to let go of and/or get over, and perhaps there is no reason to fully purge our memories of them, for they did not all do damage to our collective psyche and we may make or fashion anew what did the same no harm and all good in a more profitable and promising or promise-fulfilling manner than generations past.
Style has finally gone out of style and cool is no longer the vogue, but that is not to say we’ve lost comprehension of either/or, we just don’t rely upon vanity any longer or as much and this is an absolute must for progressing toward Zion’s establishment and the renewal of all things when we may enjoy as we ought to after Yom Kippur each year and remission of sins and a re-dedication to living sin-free lives unto G-d and letting His Will accomplish the rest. We’ve nothing else to boast in but the L-RD.
Success will be unto those who may rightly divine and discern between combinations at work in the world, good and bad, and patience as wisdom was wickedly entreated by many unto their ever-lasting condemnation, will have to be exercised, often to the extreme, to undo the strife caused by what is just as often no more than frustration, blind desperation, and embarrassment as many of us endure the hard lesson of abhorring ourselves and our misled, crazed, and what must be phased dependence upon things that do not matter nor profit a civil and faith-based society of good-willed citizens of the greatest nation on earth. It has been a hard struggle for many, especially those who mean well and are often taken advantage of by those who don’t. The victory will be had through enduring the same test faithfully until the hopeful evidence weighing in our favor proves the change altogether of those who did or do take advantage of others and they realize the folly of their endeavors and try to make up for the bad or erroneous judgments they cause to come to pass and do all harm and no good. Nothing’s over not even when the fat lady sings. G-d spares all for the sake of the righteous and that is our consolation and reward with us each day to share with those who lack the wherewithal to realize and take hold of as well, even His righteousness.

Money has been an illegitimate source of determining worth, wealth, and riches long before the Twin Towers fell. They had already fallen and become utterly corrupt. 9/11 was no more than a face lift opportunity for New York and a means of keeping Her wickedness fresh (Yirmeyah 6:7). All over the world the same money laundering has been the only source of revenue increase of any kind but it is all worthless and to be esteemed as ill-got gains. As much as it pains us to lose whatever we may have seemed to since Y2K, it is about time we reinvented the entire world of commerce, sales, trade, and spending. What needs to be done feels impossible but it is the only just means of redistributing wealth and what it should mean to the world as a positive means of caring and judging equality and equanimity on a global basis. All debt must be erased and all must start from scratch and every man must esteem his fellow as worthy for entirely different reasons than economically viable standards of insanity (Leviticus 25:35). What a relief it was in biblical times when the seventh year release would cancel debts and what a peace maker among brethren dedicated to more than selfish greed and getting the better of one another. We are all beggars (Mosiah 4: 19; Proverbs 22:2). From here we may all become rich indeed through actions and proper thoughts or intentions gone forth to our labors every day. When all is said and done, charity will be the only thing worth its time, keep, and labor.
How did America stray so far from Her birth as a Land of Liberty to a land of many prisons and opinions relied upon by a people who know that everyone poops?
The Oval Office had become a Toilet and perhaps we owe Mr. Trump some due thanks for seeing that it got the cleaning it needed and was overdue for?
Depending on your aims in life, for one type of American, the most essential educational steps in growing up American is learning to play in traffic and avoid getting thrown in front of the bus!
This all is, pardon the pun, the driving force behind most if not all of America’s business and frenzied pace-setters, so-called or deemed. All this has little to do, however, with Her real business agenda, if She may be said to own a legitimate one.
It is why most people believe they need and/or own automobiles until they don’t or may no longer afford such, and losing or keeping such is no tell-tale sign that they are good or no good at the game of life either. It is just what it is and reveals very little about whether one may be winning or losing the game. Getting out of the game altogether is the ultimate win but who may reason much less accomplish this feat?
Progress and success are very hard to discern or mark without a Scriptural nudge or revelation such as the following verses:
Jacob 4:13-14 My brethren, he that prophesieth, let him prophesy to the understanding of men; for the Spirit speaketh the truth and lieth not. Wherefore, it speaketh of things as they really are, and of things as they really will be; wherefore, these things are manifested unto us plainly, for the salvation of our souls. And we are not witnesses alone in these things; for G-d also spake them unto prophets of old. The Jews were a stiff-necked people; and they despised the words of plainness, and killed the prophets, and sought for things that they could not understand. Wherefore, because of their blindness, which blindness came by looking beyond the mark, they must needs fall/fail; for G-d hath taken away his plainness from them, and delivered unto them many things which they cannot understand, because they desired it. And because they desired it G-d hath done it, that they may stumble.

No one may judge by this, One or all, whether a player may be out or still in the game, succeeding or failing, and any one turn, pitch to strike, foul ball, balk or bad call may change all at any given time.
As Yogi said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” (Fat lady singing or not).
Only G-d knows all thoughts and intentions of the heart. Never give up on yourself or anyone else in the L-RD, for with Him, all things are indeed possible. But, if you quit Him, He quits you and it is game over indeed.
Some of the above may explain the vast amount of failure and inner-city, urban, and rural decay the world over as the wicked have tended to hold sway for the past so many generations come and gone as smoke up an old defunct chimney. All that remains is what haunts us and these are the poor departed souls still gathered about the hearths where no fire continues to burn, G-d be praised! (Alma 9:8; 23:3; 24:7; 47:36; Helaman 15:7; D&C 93:39).

A moment of silence.
Whether or not my generation may go out having accomplished the establishment of Zion for our future generations to enjoy an entirely new generation of players who don’t have to be players at all but just themselves in the L-RD, is entirely in His Hands with each day’s dawning and evening come to pass. May our children and children’s children never have to run faster than they have strength for nor waste their strength unwisely.
In the meanwhile and for the duration of the devotee and dedicated sports fanatics wasting much probationary time on an unwise past time, if we mean to be part of this real change within and without as well as how or how not we perform or play the game as a willing participant or unwilling statistic of a side-lined score keeper, or kingdom scribe watching attentive alway, whether for the game’s sake or for the L-RD’s sake, until Kingdom Come or Zion’s birth or miscarriage and fleeing therefrom may either enjoy a more marvelous participation therefore.
When the Beast gets its way, it is a long way back to civilization unless Kingdom Come, but by properly bridling and directing the Beast we may rebirth both sport and game and labor in the Name for the Kingdom’s sake and for the world’s wonder and thrill seeking masses and may they hunger and thirst for a righteous dose of either/or rather than a bore and vain chore in the you-know-who from whom we must come out of altogether as One.
For everything besides is a vain show of who we are not, or just another has been’s nightly performance in Atlantic City or Las Vegas revue for reviews no one cares about, or canned sitcoms and reruns, and even much of film, theatre, or literature no one should watch or read in the first place, and such inanity as is unto your own decision making’s usefulness or otherwise. The choice is yours and getting with this or that is likewise as the true song goes by the Black Sheep.
America continues to be America and for that reason is either entirely worth it or not according to your own participation and judgment on the daily show of your own creating, direction, showtime, and review.
Since Her own Independence was won, She has either struggled to establish Zion and failed and/or Zion fled for whatever reason and that is pretty much all She’ll ever be or need be until the Heavens intercede and Kingdom Come or We the People as every child, elder, player, or playee may enjoy our part in establishing to our own merit and satisfaction. Everyone will enjoy the same meaning and feel the worth of the same so long as the heavens abide above and the earth stand solid beneath, unmovable.
Don’t listen to fools, however, the mob does rule, at least for the present moment until overruled and made subject to Higher Judges than a Superior Court may feign to be composed of (or decomposing), by manifest revelation, rule, and reign such as only our divine right may instill and uphold among the children of men.
The Scriptures are the only supernal and superior law and rule book given to every walk of life, or mankind’s government, war room, sports play, educational inspiration to every branch thereof. An emancipational guide book and kingdom blue print for each and every citizen and stranger joined to the household of faith, all of whom by observing the same liberate the creature and goes so far as to educate us as to what we shall do for the inanimate or dead, grateful or ungrateful, for the Power which created them and will one day raise all of life to stand before Him in the last and final judgment day all Glory be to G-d and thanks be given to our Ad’ni and Moshiach who has always endured with us and never left us even in our worst times and most desolate of estates for all purposes fitting and fulfilling the all in all alway.
Despite much distraction and confusion, nothing in or about life ever really changes, and so we continue as all faithful must from the time Christ first revealed his ministry and our mission until the final act, as wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

This wasn’t really a planned entry, although I had written most of it previously, the Spirit stirred me as I believe we all have need of encouragement and uplifting at this moment in time, whatever that is!
More to come, G-d willing.
Take Care, Hope, Faith, and be charitable in every way you may every day. Whatever helps, doesn’t hurt and most helps don’t cost you a thing.
The objective prime being to make yourself and others more comfortable in their own skin, thin or thick, black or white, Jew or Gentile, and therefore all the better able to complete satisfactorily whatever task is assigned any and all, whether as debtors or servants or heirs, above or beneath, that this nation under One G-d may fulfill Its Covenanted Promises and bring many tribes and peoples together even as the first colonized states have made us dream of doing as being the storied part of a glorious history of the United States of America.
With a little humility exercised and manifest in One and all this may be as easy as a Cake Walk or as grievous as Armageddon if Pride have its way unto destruction’s will be done.
Meantime, She’s a Beauty this time of year! Enjoy! Go get lost on purpose!

Your Dutiful Working Lad,

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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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