Of Savages and Kings


Yeshayah 24:23
Then the levanah (moon) shall be disgraced, and the chammah (sun) ashamed, when Hashem Tzva’os shall reign in Har Tziyon, and in Yerushalayim, and before His Zekenim gloriously.



All Kingdoms come with Kings
Where the rain falls
There the Life Springs
Where the dust heaps up
The rust lasts long
And iniquity grows strong
Leaps up and drag down
More than a broken victim
Ignorant of his dictum
But innocent souls
Long entreated
By keeping Lent Trolls
And, after a Manor of speaking, lost souls
Marked for Death on an
Ash Wednesday
By a $erpent never mends way
But keeps at it like addicts
In attics
Of Gramma’s
Set upon piles of Spam Ha’s and Whoopsie-daisies
Whose time has come
To learn of other things
Of batting averages and blings
Savages and Rings

The Ancient King of kings
Makes way for other things
To lead the Way into
A brighter, better Day and Way
Who got to let another lead
And let a brother weed
Clean up the plate
Let Fate
Perhaps by fratricide
Among the Mother of Abominations
Out of whom fell many frustrations –
Snitches and bitches
Led and fed by troll-dads and Egads!?
What’s business as usual?
Punks and old skunks
Doing time in America Incarcerated
Anticipated yet considered unrelated
To the Infamy of You and Me
Who equal Public Enemy #1
If We ain’t One in G-d
We must be undone.
Out Time has come 2
Learn of other things
Of batting averages and blings
Savages and Rings
The Ancient King of kings
Makes way for other things

Who leads the fray into
A brighter, better Day and Way
Where we let another lead, attend with Zero greed
The stranger what
Rode into Zion long ago with One Steed in the lead and One foal in tow
Everyone in town calls him, Mr. Sew’n’Sew
Yet, no bullz in the land would recognize
As dogs and such ran ’round in circles, chasin’ they own tail and fail
Spreadin’ false, impure ills and ail
bound and down to tell lies
Made a pact in fact with the League of Abyss
Married one as all to the Harlot of Bliss or Hostess of Hiss
For some seasons of very, wretched treasons thought and taught


To Be the ABCs of
The Way of Tunes and Runes, Songs of Moons and the Prince of the Air Supply of any zealous and willing to die for a cheap thrill and kill
Some know him as Mr. Sing or Dare
And his two-fold sons of Hay Dees
And Dohs! What laid many a snare
For to catch the Righteous with bad advices, advertised on Billboards, Silver Screens and in all the Papers
Which led to a lot of night Knights, bad deeds with capers of the vapors
All mixed and driven by the Waters of Strife, Ding-Dong ditch treats and
Come and get a High Life promises in the dark and dreams galore – Envisioned and Provisioned, as wretched and fetched by a very old Whore (Ezek. 23:43-49), swallowed down as vomit by all with a taste for green ham and rotten eggs. Hell be raised up for every soul what begs to learn three the hard way, lard to tard way, but eventually, come to learn the worst thirst Way from other things.
Of batting averages and blings
Savages and Rings
The Ancient King of kings
Makes way for other things

To lead the Way into
A brighter, better Day and Way
Lord of lords, Ruler of rulers
But why even work with them
When you may outwit and outlive them, even come to forgive them
Put them into comfy retirement and save them from a kingdom that collapses, all be destined to relapses which ought to be forgiven,
Shall One man’s king judge another man’s thing? Or what they bring to his altar? Got to have more than just salt, sir. Got to be forgiving and make your neighbor’s welfare your life’s living and giving all praise to the Name What surpasses all fame, game, and dame dizzles, long ago put to shame master of mizzles.
‘Gainst G-d Almighty, no One may war. Not even they who fight like dragons for an old whore
Her time was threw before it even begun, son. She isn’t has no season nor reason, right nor might
Just fight, fight, fight!
All through the night, night, night.
Lay low by day
Lie low by night.
Just an old, crazy way of taking in wayward tools, natural born fools
Good to turn ghouls before they may become men, reach manhood and when they gone too far, never see that chance again
So it’s Who’s on First? Who’s up to bat? Lurk in a chat, dupe this and that, spring out and splat with a bat
All that begs to be flattened, all so they’ll be fattened, and made stronger in a wicked way from which there is no longer any escape for a man made ape until Judgment Day soon come.

I ask you why you think Putin want Kraft’s Ring? Kraft just a bitch, Putin = the real thing.
And so it go, on and on, as men learn to turn away from a bitch, punk ass way of beggin’ a whore for more and more of what make stupid, vile and weak, and though strength they seek, they won’t find any more – this here’s become the L-RD’s War.
Helaman 7:20-29
And men who are men will know when to say enough is enough, I don’t want any more stuff nor bling.
Show me something. Did you get balls like King Saul’s? Or Privates like King David? Keep them to yourself and your bride to be. Ain’t nobody’s member ever saved anybody!
When you use it, you loose it in more ways than One! Abominations are many and they all think it’s fun for a sporting event to make an average dent, like an average Lent kept by those savage bent feet swift to shed blood, with minds bereft as a world hit by a flood, wherein all things die and no heart cry over the loss of dross.
Best to be rid of them anyway. They only ever Babel on and on until they break your dawn and take your Knight too. They all and all a straight Shiite crew bent on mischief, nothing about them straight.
War of Terror only begun to make their fate come to pass, but sooner rather than late, it going to be over and done and the Righteous will have won as One against none.
Just do the math, give your feet a blood bath, then clean them with clean water and never again raise a son or daughter to choose a fool’s way of beg and slaughter.
My Wife’s name is Wisdom, and I never, ever knew Her to raise up children with Her. Nevertheless, we have many children and them all the best and blest.
Naturally thinking, that’s an impossibility. Yet our Namesake be known in every man’s land. Put to shame every man’s gland improper.
Better are Eunuchs than the Whore’s slaughter bunch. Better is hunger than a dog’s vomit lunch.
Come ye well heeled, got some serpent’s heads to the crunch, clean out his dust supply. Say adios to his rust and die to his entire unholy host! Hasta la vista and buh-bye! You see Yah but wouldn’t want to be ya, so you must die!
Via con dios with Trust!

We The People must! And got much labor to do in these here parts and no longer need a mob of upstarts cloggin’ up the Way saying “Out-out!’ to the Light of light’s day.
Y’all full of hate and of late what you got to sell wouldn’t on Ebay and with none shekels in your pockets you dumb asses outta rockets, so off y’all go to your final resting place of unrest to beat on your chest infested with hate, what a disgrace! Just a preamble of your final amble drop and gamble then be not and rot before the whole, righteous human race.
Weren’t expectin’ that?
Where’s my hat?
Get outta my face! I never, ever knew you ill-workers, idol lurkers, king berzerkers – time for you learn your final lesson in your own damn game for seeking fame in shame never led to honor or remembrance of a good name. Forgive me while I boast about a certain Gileadite of old, a righteous steward, always did as told, was bold with gold, had stores untold and never did fold his hands in idleness or sleep – made sure the L-RD’s Word would always keep He and His from them and theirs and their snares.
Way he did it, jumped in and bid It do Its thing, seek Jacob’s ladder rungs and climb, And up and up he went till his decisions and ways was as if Heaven sent for better days which took care of all G-d’s people and even their King, David HaMelech led to Solomon’s Bling storehouse and worldwide thing of things and as Dubya, Dubya, Dubya might say, whose time has come to talk of and about without doubt…
Sports and Ports, Longs and Shorts, Wongs and Whites, Songs and Nights full of much Praise and Holy rites – a People – One born for fun, good times and winning runs.
Batting averages and blings
Misjudged savages with rings and their One and only, never phony as baloney King of kings.
Ever seen a man utterly crippled by an unseen hand?
Ever seen a dead man raised to life?
Ever met a man reacts like a wife?
Thinks like a woman, cuts like a knife?
Ever known a people bent on strife?
Ever seen a well-dealt hand played terribly by a player who has defied the win who made a habit of pretending all of life was just pretend?
Ever seen a battle won with no fight at all or ever being fought?
Perhaps you forgot?
Oh well, sleep tight!
Oh hell! Morn’s Light!
When the Beast gets its way, it’s a long way back from civil-say!-shun!
And with that and no bat…
I’m done!



“Men fall only in order to rise.”— Zohar

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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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