Barn ‘Um and Bail ‘Em’s Work Us


“Just as the Temple was destroyed through baseless hatred, it will only be rebuilt through baseless love..”
(Talmud Shevuot 39a)


If you are a skilled professional, offer to volunteer your services to a charitable organization- whether it be on a one-time, occasional or ongoing basis.
“One should use one’s face, hands, and feet to honor one’s Creator. ”
(Tosefta Berachot 4:1)


The American people have become their own worst enemy. And the things which they did in secret were seven times worse than a terrorist attack they all react to with prefab comments, memes, and pictures invoking the idea of solidarity and shock! Gasp and swoon!
This is the most divided and deluded nation on earth, with the exception of perhaps, Britain, and the most violently oppressive of all. We really have lost sight of all that once made us great, free and brave. In the workplace, sadistic people are as captives who enjoy being locked up and slaves to whatever they otherwise call employment. Covetousness and feigned speech are all they are skilled in and the things they covet are worthless and make their souls worthless by reason of straying from a living way of life, glutting upon death and fashionable poisons that spread the work of death by suggestion and deliberate spite. Men have become like women and women like i don’t know what?! and they can’t figure out what a urinal is for anymore as they opt to relieve themselves on the floor of any bathroom shared and chortle over the thought that some foreigner will have to clean it up. The people’s hatred is hidden beneath this disgusting flattery and reasoning in hateful misery shared that no one should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s an unclean, abominable nation from one end to the other and this makes way for nothing but destruction for and of those who have destroyed the meaning of life, liberty, and Divine Revelation or Kingdom Come. There are so few souls who choose and enjoy wisdom, and fewer still in possession of any common sense of anything in common at all except a quiet desperation and self-loathing within and hate for everyone without. This is the result of five generations of a mixed multitude committed to committing the unforgivable sin as a way of spitefully enduring the hell of a world they transformed our nation into. There is never justice accomplished and very little mercy shown. And, as a result, mercy is transformed into something it is not, a trick worked amongst the very wicked to rob justice and defy all sound reason and righteous intention. One may actually feel the aura of abortion surrounding most women and something of a bitter aftertaste of after birth about most men. This is a Beast and how it reasons life is should be lived, but as a dead animal, feeding upon blood and poison it never does feel anything like life authentic within itself, and thus must war, deceive, fight, and bereave just to exist and survive as the cowardly snake it has become.

“From Moses to Isaiah to Jeremiah, we can trace Israel’s descent from arrogant power to dissolute immorality and then on to utter destruction.” (A JTS -JewishTheologicalSeminary- lesson/article).
The American Eagle, once prized for its high flying antics and above it all nature, has been brought down and made more like a pig with wings; lazy and retarded, stupid and afraid of its own reflection in the water. You see, animals prove their worth by their usefulness to mankind, whether as food, labor, or as another miraculous life form G-d has made for the wonder of creation’s awe-inspiring beneficial show of grace and skill, that when rightly appreciated, brings things beneath and things above closer together and closer to Unity as One in HaShem of hosts. Unfortunately, when a beast or a man breaks the Law, it commits a sin that must be atoned for, often requiring the life of the beast who would transgress, but when this happens, a beast may be such a miserable cowardly thing, it is ripe to be cursed and made like the serpent, the vilest of beasts, spirits, and creations G-d regretted having made, and when such a spirit gathers many to itself and so deforms the face of creation and the souls of men, women, and beast all, there is not much remaining for the children of men or beast of the Creature to do but to wait to be destroyed everlastingly.
This produces fear and alienation and anyone who really is brave, free, and righteous is the enemy of Creation, though, for the righteous’ sake, all are spared for seasons more that all may be saved or at least have the opportunity to be saved through Teshuva authentic.
One may feel the evil inclination owning another, and taking over its otherwise animated life, making it a slave to redundant, profitless labor and sin. In this context, nothing really matters, so people don’t labor for anything worth having, much less something ennobling and life-edifying, uplifting and emancipating. The Emancipation Proclamation is derisively mocked by this generation of hateful slaves, pretending to be whatever cloned manner of officiousness no one really understands or needs. When all slaves were freed, it was like a Trust Fund from G-d given to all people to work with. Talents of pure golden fire dropped in the hands of all men, no matter what color, creed, race or nation they may have come from. But when the people ceased to invest the same in the Kingdom’s interest and brought no good works or fruits to harvest, all became a hideous insult to the same people just emancipated and their Emancipator, so soon and quickly turned everlasting slaves of avarice, selfishness, and hateful disregard for proper relations one with another, and love and honest care died out as an endangered species that was resurrected by the very same Emancipation Proclamation which was the limits of grace and mercy shown to a fallen creature loved beyond its own capacity to understand the same. It is a sorrowful turn of events, and one we may never live down or recover from, save we make the Way in the wilderness for our religion of Life and Peace otherworldly, keeping sacred those things we have defiled, hated and killed in many instances in committing the unforgivable sin.
Remember the height from which ye have fallen.


How do you see the world around you? Do you see it all as a living play of a divine nature and sort that just keeps getting better and better from day to day headed somewhere and place where everyone will enjoy the most wonderful of blessings ever bestowed upon the creature through the sons of G-d? Or do you suppose it’s just a random mess someone spilled you onto against your will, which you must suffer through for better or worse and do whatever you think necessary to survive, as a beast may? Do you recognize the extreme lawlessness of the world around you and that the law enforcement practiced by men is hypocritical and perhaps necessary because the people is so wicked and unwilling to be any better than a creature cursed and made serpentine, to suck dust ever after for eternity? The same creature being that spirit which lists to make all of mankind as miserable as he himself may be or is (2 Nephi 2:27)?
It is by the wicked that the wicked are punished (Mormon 4:5).
There is a Way to emancipate yourself from all fear and bondage, all hate and struggle, all disappointment and despair, but you must choose it of your own free will, just as many of their own free will choose evil. It may be the only thing that will defend your nation and homeland from a terror within like nothing imagined without.
Choices matter! Do you think the advent of same-sex relationships came or sprung from love or fear and loneliness; if not a lifetime of hunt or be hunted, kill or be killed?
Every woman’s real desire is toward her husband (Genesis 3:16) but ages of delusion turned men into ridiculous, vain, angry schmucks unattractive and not intent on a righteous union for the sake of making life more beautiful, worth it, and rewarding. Likewise, the glorification of the woman as a sex object brought whoredoms never checked and boys raised by delinquent dads who let their children become abusers of self and aliens of the same and their other half in particular. Hateful guidance indeed! Though parental precision of a sort never to be forgiven was courting the Jack and Jill’s demise and legendary tumble from Tumblr hills.
It goes back to the idea that a man joined to his wife is one flesh with her but a man joined to a harlot is one flesh with her (1 Corinthians 6:15-17), which means he is one flesh with a lecherous, horny mob of miscreants and sooner than he may realize the danger he is in is being screwed more often than his mate who could care less because she considers him a fool for choosing her in the first place rather than being strong and overcoming the temptation to sin. Strength risen up in iniquity is more like the strength of a beast and it must be constantly feeding and never satisfied. If you have ever read the Song of Songs, you probably found it a provocative love tryst instead of a song of a never-dying love between two lovers who had overcome the lusts of the flesh and rejoiced in the purity of their Union Divine as G-d’s own love for the Church or Israel is.

Empty things are for the empty and full things are for the full of life-giving fruits and health-imbuing grains, new wines, and oils; things that make for a long, happy life, are not very often chosen by people or animals in this world in which we have strayed so far from our Creator and from that which is pure joy and life we don’t know our right hand from our left, good from evil, bitter from sweet or happiness from misery’s amusements deranged. Recovery was never the point. Some people choose the glutton’s fair and are as happy as pigs in shit until they aren’t anymore. Nevertheless, wickedness never was happiness (Alma 41:10) and the end result is grievous indeed (Book of Wisdom 3:19). Restoration is the point and cure that brings unity to the people and creature alike. That is what Liberty is made of, the very fabric of a life lived worthily. People tend to see religion as a mire of laws and regulations to keep them down and from what they want but if anyone ever read the Scriptures and put them into practice (Sifre Deuteronomy 41), the exact opposite proves true of ancient Israel. The reward for idolatry, whether that idol is the image of a beast made national mascot or Christ on a tree crucified, or coins claiming fee, there is really no difference, and the game is the same, offering that which doesn’t exist in the context revealed and taking that which is vital and, when the useless is sold in its stead, the long-term result is the loss of a meaningful life, the embracing of a dunghill of madness and wickedness and the putting off of nobility for a scoundrels’ garb. The important thing to remember is at any time unless you have gone too far and sinned unto death or committed an unforgivable sin, the Way of return is always available and at once, and, just for the choosing, restores mind, body, and soul to its rightful state as a child of G-d. And then, wonder of wonders and miracle of miracle, Christ renews that mind and raises the soul to its rightful seat in the heart of man. The Law was given as a blueprint for Kingdom Creating, and when One realizes that, it gives meaning to a life otherwise meaningless and redundant, stupid and selfish. One desires to be immersed in the Law as it imparts Life to the One who loves wisdom and rejoices in Walking with G-d in His footsteps, in newness of Life with Him in a Kingdom all around, but more important within. This is the joy of the observance yearly of Shavuot, the receiving of the Law! And the joy of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur in which we prove we are keeping that Law and Covenant through loving observance and faithful practice discernable to One as to all outsiders and insiders, strangers and of the Manor Born. We need daily reminders of all His ways so as to keep them and live life to the fullest extent of our soul’s longing. When you realize you are a miracle and miracle worker, surrounded by other miracles with the same capacity, life is nothing short of a never ending joyous celebration of who and what you are to G-d and your fellow man. He who would save his life must lose it for G-d’s Gift, he who doesn’t recognize the eternal consequences and joyful rewards of choosing the same have never understood what life is and may never find a path to a single joy or moment worth it. And so, that should be how you measure your life and your success, by the moments lived that were entirely worth it no matter what the cost was.
L’Chaim! Lechayim! To Life!

However, mindful of the tragedies that happened to us in our past, it is good to be at the house of mourning during these three weeks, which shall, in the very near future, G-d willing and be praised! Turn into weeks of rejoicing and reconciliation between all peoples who have come to know and grow in G-d by keeping His Commandments and loving one another as divine beings in need of much love in a fallen world and creation ought to. How wonderful are Your Works, oh Ad’ni, in Wisdom you have made them all! This, my soul, knows right well and I esteem this knowledge of more value than all the riches in the world or Tea in China or Gold in them there hills for Bills! But for the souls who are passing on into the unknown and have been suffering Your will for their transgressions and treachery worked against Thee, my soul is cast down within me and I have sadness every day. Be merciful and just. Liberate us from the chains of sadness and captivity of mind that our souls may expand and our works flourish in these Latter days, and that This, Thy Kingdom, may appear in all Its former and future Glory! Thy will be done, The most Holy of Holies, Father of all, I pray Thou wilt gird the righteous with strength, wisdom, and compassion and uplift the downtrodden with understanding and mercies many. May man serve man through Your Will and truly be One in You in Truth, Spirit, Love, and Virtuous Deeds abounding from one end of the earth to the other. Let Freedom Ring! Give us discerning hearts to know and able hands to do gently those things which are most pleasing in Thy sight. That man of the earth may oppress no more and every tyrant may bow the knee and become Thine and fulfill Your will for every man, woman, and child, as it seems right in Thy sight to do for us. Let no man boast in anything save it be unwarranted mercy was shown him and a new opportunity daily to correct his walk before Thee, walking circumspectly and with discretion all the remainder of our days that we might gain a wise and happy heart through the knowledge of You, HaShem, and Thy servant Y’shua HaMashiach, our chosen Leader, who having got the victory over the grave and death, dieth no more, and is at Thy right hand in the heavenly places with legions of angels at his disposal, hearkening and with light speed in an unsearchable manner fulfilling every word that goes forth from the Throne of G-d. Amen. Make us One.

And so, success not being the point of old glory, it’s what America may do with a smorgasbord or veritable plethora of failures many and multicultural in presumptuous pride brought low what may overcome the same and ultimately become the greatest success story ever imagined in historical accounts legion and wanting as-as many false interpretations may be lacking in purpose, direction, and meaning contractual rather than factual, as the latter hardly ever proves true but the former is a matter of oath, vow, and covenant kept and telling of what sort of people we may become instead of the same vain context of an arrogantly mean, and notoriously misleading nation She’s become in Lawless defiance of responsibility and accountability to a humanity made barren and desolate and miserable of its own free will and choice to be so and it’s sevenfold contemptible disregard if not hate toward the living souls held captive by Her indifference liable and claim psychotic to have anything to offer We The People or anyone besides who may escape her clutches irrational.

Since the majority are decidedly anti-mercy and justice for anyone at all, any leader so-called seeking to preside over a governing body devoted to destruction would have to be, of a necessity, a criminal madman, who knows all too well why and wherefore this state of emergency, become political, societal nightmare may best be dealt with as only a ridiculous Trump card may untangle, undo, and delete many problems and convert as many poor houses as we’ve created and subjugated to a will quite unforgiving, and instead create as many solutions and vital living spaces as a nation in need of a mikvah and a bris, or bath and mark of covenant agreement needs to begin again finding and maintaining the road to freedom found in the midst of a wilderness of brokenness and despair.
To be willingly led farther along a road less traveled yet crowded as all hell get out, leading deeper into a ditch by a woman whose husband was chief among a generation of counter-culture whack jobs, who ‘tuned in, turned on, and dropped out’ and then re-entered only to encourage the same counterclockwise, backward, wrong side up, right side absent, left hand working overtime, all the time, as the wicked never rests, or empty-nesters who supplant and fester wherever they may and on borrowed time and space polluted by their involvement or existence, whose lack of good will and concern for their fellow Americans is a Communist Shiite dream come true and would and does equate to an admitted loss by forfeit to our enemies worldwide in and of every war we may have become involved in and sacrificed much or all lives worthy in defence of what once was a glorious land of Liberty what has become and incessantly methodical realm of busybodies and idle talkers, whose feigned speech is not worth the oxygen and opportunity proffered and wasted upon the same traitors and criminals most of the population has become in committing the ‘great transgression’ (Tehillim 19:13).
I’m no Puritanical, Nazi extremist by any stretch of the imagination, and I wish to keep the America I grew up in as free as she’s ever been. It would, however, on the other extreme, be a HUGE gesture of humility, graciousness and charity to grant opportunity to and earnestly labor for a rising generation’s chance at restoration and redemption through our willingness to appoint such leaders as are all business sans nonsense and drama that mired former generations in captivity self-imposed, perpetuated, and desperately maintained or managed by breaking every rule, regulation, and law set in place to ensure nothing like the inhumanity suffered by the same or We The People would ever happen or come to pass.
It would prove something far more important than the love of country the ‘HillBill-ies’ have no concern for anyway.
Leaders and Judges are not meant to be socialites tripping egotistical and narcissist with their ilk in a grand charade to parade in the park in the dark at noonday as long as all cameras are rolling and on us but trained on them for the greater part. Austere gentlemen are so because they nurture a grander vision and genuinely desire to fulfill a purpose beyond their own sphere, scope and capacity to understand and appreciate in and of themselves. They really need other people and demand more of themselves that these people may actualize these visions and purposes in reality and that like nothing the virtual reality may ever accomplish, yet has made more liberally available to One and all.
Life is created for the living and the territory wherein they may do so is not made secure by an over-eager bunch of scholars, who despite graduating at the top, having obtained diplomas and such, have never understood what an education is for nor why they may be having such trouble or difficulty finding employment nor why they seem to be being schooled by people they consider their inferiors intellectually and mayhap spiritually as well. And, despite this truth, hardening oneself and becoming as much a part of the problem as they may feel they may have answers to which warrants breaking rules and hurting whom they may have to in order to do so is not becoming, creating or offering solutions to the same.
Those with any right to ever be angry are few and far apart and more oft than not fail to avenge any wrong doing with a right action that may equalize the situation and do justice for all parties concerned.
Because the majority has become a bunch of hateful miscreants owned by whatever delusion they tuned into or were turned on or off by when they dropped out of society, they are owned body and soul by reactionary surmisings in guessing games their worst enemy created before they were even born or born again. In other words, when they dropped out, they fell in.
What all fell into is what no one wishes to be aware of and that may be defined as ‘the depths of satan’ (Revelation 2:24), which self-centered and covetous people make twice as hazardous or twofold worse than it may be but doesn’t have to be if anyone embraced the idea of necessary redemption in making worthy any, all and everyone involved.
The ‘unforgivable sin’ is perpetuated by all who claim Christ and quite ruthlessly crucify him afresh openly, eating and drinking damnation unto their souls as often as they claim communion with him yet refuse to recognize the fact that ‘Salvation is of the Jews’ whom they have hated more than any other people, all of whom Christ advised should ‘love one another’ no matter where, who, or what they were and especially if they were considered enemies, oppressors of, or tyrants in general, threats to peace and spiritual well-being (Matthew 12:31; John 4:22; 13:34-36).
Probably the worst part in all of this is the turning of those who once believed and professed a faith in and love to Christ against him, and this at the cost of their rightful place in his Kingdom.
‘The children of the Kingdom are cast out (Matthew 8:12)’.

We are in the world but not of the world. When forced to deal wisely with the powers that be; especially at this late date in the game, rather than as the order of everyday life should be, with the powers of this world entreating G-d’s children for advisements, encouragement, and guidance in all aspects and areas of life as we should be organized and arranged according as Wisdom would be our Guide, we often find ourselves constrained by a spirit, not His, and compromising both He and our own integrity in order to find a place and make a living or life in a world and society not interested in Zion’s prosperity, their own better odds and chances of obtaining happiness and meaning for both they and their children’s sake, nevermind the grander vision anticipated and much sacrificed for by those who intend nothing less than to see His Kingdom Come and Will be done in these latter-days or else lay down their own lives in hopes of obtaining the same in a far better world and reality than any and all have ever dreamed or imagined, seen or comprehended in our finite minds which not to their credit or merit have searched out both the heavens above and earth beneath so that nothing seems impossible to man (Jeremiah 31:35-37) yet everyday existence has been rendered so bitterly unwelcome and often times hated for the price of survival made unfair by our own legion of choices and decisions made in spite of Wisdom and G-d’s willing guidance, providence, and omnipotence never failing to remind us of our complete and utter helplessness no matter how mighty the mighty may be or how weak the weak may be inaccurately judged as being.
“The children of this world are wiser than the children of light in their generation (Luke 16:8).”
However unfair that last statement may seem, it is great news to those who know from whence their or all true blessings flow. The former’s time has come to its inevitable and grievous end (Book of Wisdom 3:19) and may pass swiftly by as We The People may take advantage of a new opportunity to set things right or ‘newly arrange the affairs of this people (Mosiah 29:10-11),’ put the past behind us and go on and out winning Big rather than suffering further loss and disgrace or humiliation endured in shame and infamy our remorseful end of days suffering in ignominy and obsolete obscurity as a people undone and perplexed – rather made hopeful and helpful, full of promise and a goodly sort of pride profound accordingly and prevailing extraordinarily for all associated with the Glory to be revealed in we and they and us as One shared with all who may know and enjoy what Life should and shall be all about through the renewal of our mind and process of our deeds done redemptively and atoningly for One as for all involved, which may indeed knock down that wall of separation which evidently Christ’s atonement did not suffice to do for all as Paul may have misjudged of those he nevertheless took the liberty of speaking for ((Ephesians 2:14)), as a new Way may be born at the last for all to be involved in; a Better Way hidden for generations because of wickedness (1 Nephi 13:23-42; Doctrine and Covenants 6:10-5), now made possible through G-d’s Righteousness made all too real and possible not to accept a part and portion of and in which any who may yet refuse is in the very thought forever condemned (Deuteronomy 6:1-25).
“For G-d is not slack as some men count slackness (Kefa II 3:9).”
To G-d be the praise everlasting and to His Chosen or Elect be the thanks of grateful hearts and souls made free at last and saved out of an abyss, being loosed from chains and shackles of Hell Itself that would otherwise hold fast and confine all and permit none to progress, reassess and redress in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave in fair colors of Liberty’s Standard hoisted to recognize from whence Her Liberty comes as a Gift Bestowed (Ezekiel 46:16-18) which no man by force of arms may ever win nor secure unto himself and which She might otherwise never realize, as freedoms and privileges have been sometimes bitterly withheld by Her unto Her for Her own selfish reasons covetous for survival feigning itself otherwise in seasons of withering heights, nights and bites all too many and none to His praise everlastingly beyond Her capacity to realize nevermind be able to prosper in and abound with an abundance of goodwill toward Her own captives set free and strangers brought in for the purpose of fulfilling the Dream all-American and all Glory New and never fading as the old may have to.

The crucial usher was always sadder than the bridesmaid may have feigned to be.
If we could and would be and have, we must realize that this is the month of Av, not August, and enter into the Way of Life. An opposed calendar is a dead giveaway that we are dead set against ever making the Way of the L-RD straight by keeping Covenant and abiding by Commandments that permit us, year by year, to enter into Life and tend to Its Garden and Vineyard, which privilege causes us to depart from the snares of death and captivity (Proverbs 13:14; 14:27).
We stand now at the point of transition between two economies and their two outcomes of eternal consequence.
“There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death, (Proverbs 14:12; 16:25).”
Cannibalism is not the effect of Judaism instituted, kept and renewed by what Messiah/Jesus/Y’shua was/is willing to do for the children of Israel or His own spiritually begotten children or those who may claim Abraham as a Father in truth. It is the result of turning his perfectly exacting and redeeming sacrifice into idolatry ever after. People don’t understand the Scriptures because they don’t want to understand the Scriptures.
The Scriptures condemn what Christianity has become from beginning to end as a doctrine of devils kept by the household of satan. “Who say they are of Christ and are not, (Revelation 3:7-10).”
“Yet, those who know their G-d shall be strong and do exploits, (Daniel 11:32)”.
Wherever idolatry has spread, it has destroyed life and ruined whole populations of people made or fashioned in the image of G-d. Climate change is the result of people returning to G-d, unfortunately, for want of anywhere else to go or run to. Be that as it may, this is what the enemy or ‘devil’ fears more than the hell he created with the two-fold sons of perdition on a global scale (Matthew 23:15).
It’s the most perverse, backward, upside-down way of death that ever became the pride and selfish vanity in the extreme of a Creature cursed by placing hopes in Popes and the Cardinal sin(Isaiah 28:7; John 8:25; James 3:1). The result of wrath and envy seething beneath Zero and knowing they may never escape the fate of what they did the day they openly crucified a risen savior or the ‘son of G-d afresh’ and ‘put him to an open shame of which they thereafter made a game out of how many ways they could commit the unforgivable sin and entreat others to partake in damnation for damnation’s sake(Proverbs 27:3-4; Hebrews 6:6).
Your adversary leads people along very carefully down to hell if need be, from whence there is no escape and Christ proves not a consolation but a judge and condemner, along with Moses and the prophets of those for whom he died to save (2 Nephi 28:18-23).
Yet, for all this, he remains the Redeemer and Savior still and has the authority to forgive sin and redeem and restore humanity to Kingdom rights and glories, riches and rewards.
People choose otherwise because the Way is indeed narrow and few may enter and travel therein at into real religious practice and observance. Devils and idolators block up the Way and pricks and Pharisees make It no more accessible than they in demanding all go far astray or else lose what little freedom they thought in their delusive reasoning was theirs for the taking.
Contrary to Janis Joplin’s drug frenzy inspired lyrics and conception of the price and worth of freedom, nothing is worth having if it is free and demands nothing of those set at liberty for a reason and purpose well spelled out so that none may have excuse or reason to claim otherwise without revealing their heart’s ill intentions. “He who would be a friend to the world is the enemy of G-d (James 4:4).”
The Way may be easy and Its burden Light but the price is very exacting and extremely worth it or else it would not be coveted as a prize and crown worth sacrificing all else to capture and attain or gain.
“If your righteousness exceeds not the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will in no wise enter the Kingdom fo G-d (Mattityahu 5:20).”
Idolatry only creates confusion and uncertainty and more likely leads to betrayals many and treachery most feel victimized by sooner or later (Proverbs 16:7; Matthew 5:25; 10:21; Mark 13:12; Luke 12:53; Romans 12:18; Hebrews 12:14).
With an Eagle as a Head and Leviathan as a Tail, We The People become so full of fail and flail that progress and success were altogether abandoned, nevermind hope, faith and charity (1 Corinthians 13:13).
Nevertheless, the Grand Delusion has an enemy (2 Thessalonians 2:11), the Great and Real Consolation is that in and only through Hope, Faith, and Charity may We The People Restore our nation and our confidence in His Holy Way of Life as Sacred, Pure, and Reconciling all things – people, nations, tongues, etc (Kehillah in Philippi 2). Liberty is not something to trifle with or take for granted and is only made enduringly possible and all the more enjoyable when shared, but it is not ‘free’ nor is it bestowed without a good reason for to attain unto a Sacred Season for a purpose to be fulfilled.

That season is at hand. You may forget your Xmas yuletide agony and abandon all its baggage and woe. In the future, you will need no more than a garment, stave and pair of sandals to enjoy life in the community.

“Our sages tell us that those who mourn the destruction of Jerusalem will merit seeing it rebuilt with the coming of Moshiach. May that day come soon, and then all the mournful dates on the calendar will be transformed into days of tremendous joy and happiness.” -Chabad
Many people have become stupidly judgmental but few have not judged as they were counseled so as to escape judgment and thus remain discerning and wise (Matthew 7:1-3).
Hardening oneself does not help or result in strength to endure. Nor does becoming tolerant result in equity and justice for all. Being ridiculously oblivious does not equate to Common sense and is a far cry from Levitical sense, and does not even grant reason to what we may agree upon as mutually beneficial. Robbery does not equal gain and getting away therewith does not mean anyone is off the hook or got ‘way ‘Scott free’. What it usually means and denotes is that the people have decided captivity is easier to manage than to work for or serve for freedom legit unto Liberty experienced in either Its purity or obscurity.
Truth and Virtue are not morally relevant concepts created by human insight of mind or psyche. They are as much foundations of Liberty as Justice and Mercy may maintain and Hope, Faith, and Charity spread as Gospel through believers awakened, aware, and becoming worthy through intentional discipline and concentrated diligence in passionate zeal for the Way.

Because of “Kdusha,”(Holiness) and in order to prevent mispronunciation of the four-letter Name (The Essence of the L-RD), Jews usually substitute the Name with a single Hebrew letter or phrase, or as HASHEM, or Adonai/Ad’ni. In Traditional Siddurim and Bibles you may find G-d’s Essence Name. This is the four-letter Name that starts with the letter “Yood.” A True Jew will never say this Name because of “Yir-at HASHEM,” or Fear and Deep Devotion of/to G-d.
“The word tzedakah literally means `righteousness’ or `justice’; by their very choice of word the rabbis reveal a great deal of their attitude to the subject, for they see charity not as a favor to the poor but something to which they have a right, and the donor, an obligation. The Hebrew word for justice is zedek, and indicative of Judaism’s attitude is the fact that another form of the same root tzedakah, means `charity.’ For justice must be tempered with mercy and indeed the main attribute of G-d is His integration of justice and mercy. Yet another Hebrew word derived from the same root is zaddik, which means `righteous.’ The righteous man is one who is both just and merciful.”
(Encyclopedia Judaica Jr.)


Rosh Chodesh Av Tov! Shabbat shalom!

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