Penny Over Pound, Fist Over Hand, Rainbow All Around, Mist Does Stand


My Family in the Faith; I wish to tell you all how proud I am of you and how honored I feel by way of association to a people made wise, brave and free through G-d’s Gift and our own due diligence to the callings in which we have been called various, in many ways One, as we have struggled together through the history of Zion worldwide, and in particular, of all We known and privileged to be known as ‘We The People’ of the Book and Cause virtuous, difficult and worth it, that of the Restoration of our Republic of the United States – All-American.
Verily, little does the world realize and less acknowledge our true Nativity and Land thereof – not of this world. Nevertheless, just as verily, I know that none may deny the blessings the entire world has enjoyed because of our Faith and Love for One another in G-d, which surpasses all understanding even in us, or ‘We The People’ blessed with a familiar wonder and awe, fear and appreciation of our understanding unique and rare as gems gathered and treasured by our Ad’ni and Maker, HaShem of Hosts (Malachi 3:17), and that which He has seen fit to do for us, or wrought for, by and in us in mighty ways and marvelous works wonderful in Way of the same Restoration mentioned just above, by the Spirit of Salvation at work in the Creature this day and every day the L-RD has made for us to rejoice and be glad in all our days vain or meaningful, which thing is the rejoicing of our hearts and souls united and truly thankful for the multiplicity of gifts bestowed upon we unworthy creatures quite liberally as fantastically from a people made Faithful, and right diligently concerned for the welfare, security and lasting peace of a healthy heartland renowned and loved for its peculiar and cherished devotion to a global dream of the realization of Zion’s merits; namely, the pure in heart and our dedication to the holiness of G-d and restoration of His Dwelling Place here on earth, as we may be certain it is, was and shall be in Heaven. This Faith endures all and comforts One and all, proud and humble, weak and strong, sick and in health, rich and poor, male and female, black and white, Jew and Gentile, bond and free, laboring and at ease, in want and abounding. We in Him have been granted to share in the Victory over Death and the Grave and him who has the power thereof. A Gift of Grace in which none may boast of What works in us complete Renewal in Glory for all G-d has created for the sake of His own Name and the Diety being known as many in One – E Pluribus Unum – as it is written, the righteous of every nation has a part in the Resurrection and Restoration in the Latter Day Kingdom and ‘end times’ so-called, and we may be sure, rightly called, since time is no more unto ‘WTP’ and a G-d consciousness is all in all who have or enjoy part or portion among the blessed, brave and free of every people United under One Banner, Cause, and Miracle in Providential workings which are represented by many working together in a myriad of mannerisms defying description, nevertheless, among whom I choose as most fitting to describe – Mists from Heaven – and Justice as a never-failing Stream and Fount of Righteousness had out of a Rock of Ages unchanged from beginning to end, or all eternity to all eternity – Holy, Just, and True is He! An incomprehensible Joy all the world does revel in and even the wicked shall come to accept and embrace because of we in whom the Everlasting Gospel has never been hidden since the foundation of the world and most especially so when Messiah himself fulfilled the promise unto our fathers by renewing the Everlasting Covenant in Love, conquering the foe and his power, whose many devices and accusatory witness against G-d’s Beloved and Chosen Elect have been eternally destroyed and blotted out by the Word and Willingness of our Creator’s all powerful Decree to overthrow or overturn every design and imagination of said enemy by ‘loving us freely’ and forgiving our many sins and trespasses, restoring us to Himself or ‘taking us back in love’ not because of any worthiness, merit or goodliness of ourselves but that He would have us to be His treasured, bountifully multiplied blessings we are in Him. Reclaimed and Restored for His own Name’s sake which shall not be polluted among the worst of the heathen or apostate nations or Jew bent as a rebellious infidel may be in their own deluded, self-centered waywardness and hateful reasoning become their own worst enemy, but most mournfully, that of their own family, friend and the stranger alike, better known as long lost brothers from the same womb become aliens one toward another because of ignorance indulged and the beguiling knavery and self-condemned trickery and madness of one who may hate for no reason good, nor any wrong or trespass of another done him since the fall of all humanity, the undoing of a Garden of Goodness itself and the captivity of souls abused and refused their own free will and chance to choose and prove their own Nativity and Source of Creating in HaShem of Hosts – believing before knowing, receiving before sowing, grateful without yet growing in the Faith or realizing there is no other and so, in not recognizing the Face in the glass dimly apparent before opportunity for polishing, washings and such as all come to realize are necessary for recognizing a choice One and all must have in order to be fairly judged at all and that choice being the obvious, guileless object of the Free therein and therefore because G-d alone is Faithful and will do it. He changes not, therefore ye sons of Jacob and all joined in Unity with the House of Israel in these latter days shall not be consumed nor fight, nor war with one another now and until the end of this probationary world which does endure a second death, but by which none of the righteous need be fearful of nor shall be harmed by and need not live and strive to co-exist in mortal fear of anyone anymore and ever after in a ‘time’ and place that far exceeds any imagined in a fantastic realm over the rainbow, but in which and surrounded by the same abiding eternally in its perfect circular form – the Realm of the Rainbow Covenant and Connection where lovers and dreamers agree eternally (Lukas 17:21).

Jacob's%20ladder small
Selfish children need only be taught that they have nothing to fear but hypocrisy and selfishness itself.
For a piece of meat some people will transgress or sin in the most extraordinary of ways and for vanity, many have been tricked into forsaking mercy or committing the unforgivable sin.
This may shed light upon the truth of foxes having dens and birds of the air their nests while we suffer the sons of men and of G-d to have not so much as a rock to lay their heads upon for to rest and dream through a single night’s watch. The same was all it took to reveal Jacob’s Ladder to all the world. Shall we suffer ourselves to lack and have not or reject the abundance of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit while some aged and pampered rock stars squabble over rights to a stairway to heaven’s lyrics what brought more fools to hell in ignorance of the Glorious Way open and free to all? Shall we make no use of our Divine Right which has made us aware of our knowledge of better things and wisdom’s gift unto all Her children? Mark ye, all who are otherwise minded and have nothing to do with them. They are foolishly blinded and bound with unseen chains and shackles, weighed down unnecessarily thereby. Free yourselves from those who are self-condemned.


Timotiyos II 3:6-7 For of such are the morim entering into homes and capturing weak-willed nashim (weak women) laden with chatta’im (sins), led away by various ta’avot (various passions), Always learning but never being able to come to da’as HaEmes (knowledge of the truth).


Be free with your substance and of a generous nature toward all. Bless and provide of yourselves, even of your want for the righteous by forsaking vanity and embracing charity authentic. And that which you mete withal shall doubtless return and be meted unto you likewise. Yea, men shall bestow into your lap great abundance, but of greater worth is the abundance with which G-d shall flood your heart with Love and your soul with Light.
Yehoshua 24:15 And if it seem rah unto you to serve Hashem, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the elohim which Avoteichem served that were on the other side of the River, or the elohei HaEmori, in whose land ye dwell; but as for me and my bais, we will serve Hashem.
Tehillim 85:8 I will hear what HaEl Hashem will say; for He will speak shalom unto His people, and to His Chasidim; but let them not turn again to folly.
Be markedly different and just by doing so ye shall make a world of difference to One and all!

The Tzittzit

Kehillah in Corinth I 4:6-8  Now these things, Achim b’Moshiach, I made a dimyon (comparison) applied with respect to myself and Apollos for your sake, that through us you may learn not to go beyond what things have been written, lest you are puffed up as ba’alei ga’avah (conceited, haughty persons) in favor of one or against the other. For who makes you so distinguished? And, by the way, what do you have which you did not receive? And if indeed you were given it, why this ga’avah, this boastfulness as if you had not received it? Already you have so much, already you ascended to osher (riches) and without us [Shlichim]! You became melechim (kings); I would that you did indeed become melechim that also we might reign as melechim with you.


Happy Independence Day! July 4th, 2016 ~ 28 Sivan 5776

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