The Merrier Month of I Are (Iyar) Or The Sum Of A Bitch?

“…Those who have a good eye, a spirit that is humble, and a soul that is meek are the disciples of Abraham our forefather…” (Ethics of the Fathers 5:22)

Yechezkel 16 describes the makings of a monster Whom the L-RD at one time took pity on and saved. Perhaps her family knew better than He what she deserved? But nay, the truth is that we all deserve far better than we are willing to accept and inherit. Unbelief, lack of faith and self-determination, or worse satan inspired desires lead to a world of trouble we may narrowly escape with His help and guidance, which we often disdain if not impishly reject.


Jacob 2:28-35 For I delight in the chastity of women. And whoredoms are an abomination before me; Wherefore, this people shall keep my commandments or cursed be the land for their sakes. For if I will raise up seed unto me, I will command my people; otherwise they shall hearken unto these things. I have seen the sorrow, and heard the mourning of the daughters of my people in the land of Jerusalem, yea, and in all the lands of my people, because of the wickedness and abominations of their husbands. And I will not suffer that the cries of the fair daughters of this people, which I have led out of the land of Jerusalem, shall come up unto me against the men of my people, For they shall not lead away captive the daughters of my people because of their tenderness, save I shall visit them with a sore curse, even unto destruction; for they shall not commit whoredoms, like unto them of old, And now ye have come unto great condemnation; for ye have done these things which ye ought not to have done. Ye have done greater iniquities than the Lamanites, our brethren. Ye have broken the hearts of your tender wives, and lost the confidence of your children, because of your bad examples before them; and the sobbings of their hearts ascend up to G-d against you. And because of the strictness of the word of G-d, which cometh down against you, many hearts died, pierced with deep wounds.

Frum Finger Painting & Finger Pointing

Most women are, of a necessity, very cruel minded creatures, who prefer being stupid or ignorant to being wise and aware. Seduced in their infancy by the evil inclination; they thrive upon it and unwisdom, which is a clever sort of madness and stupidity feigned and is all carnal, sensual, devilish entreaty and witless defiance of wit and sense; in other words, very intelligent. The results are sometimes comedic and dramatic and may assuage the burden of awareness driven to distraction and desperation of an abysmal sort not to be desired, but sunk in, as a mire, before they are able to be saved from themselves, and once sunk, so unwilling to be so, that communicating with them is an exercise all futile and pointless and which you will regret for the rest of your life if you attempt.

Kohelet 7:25-29 I applied mine lev to have da’as, and to search, and to seek out chochmah, and the cheshbon (scheme, plan) of things, and to have da’as of resha (wickedness) of kesel (stupidity), even of sichlut (folly) and holelot (madness). And I find more mar (bitter) than mavet the isha, whose lev is snares and traps, and her hands are as chains; whoso pleaseth HaElohim shall escape from her; but the choteh (sinner) shall be ensnared by her. Look, this have I discovered, saith Kohelet, adding one point to another to find out the cheshbon (the scheme, plan of things); Which yet my nefesh seeketh, but I have not found; one man among a thousand have I found, but a woman among all those have I not found. Lo, this only have I found, that HaElohim hath made man yashar (upright, Gn 1:27); but they have sought out chishvonot rabbim (many schemes, Gn 3:6-7; Ps 51; Ro 5:12; 3:23).

desirenightWomen can be unforgivably cruel and sadistic as a means to an end unjust and unmerciful for the sake of survival in a reality they have chosen to make more miserable and senseless than their first mistake out of spite and delusive denial of a psychopathic sort that finds time to study medicine and psychology and turn the same into sports of dementia gone off every charted course and mapped area known to mankind. None, not a one, since the foundation of Creation, has ever experienced the joy of overcoming or got the victory through the Spirit of G-d, mostly because it is an impossibility. They must be saved by a Head not depraved or weakened in sin, and if that head is not their own husband or helpmate, they are doomed, without any real devotion to Messiah denied them because of the abuses of chauvinistic men, misrepresenting Faith and G-d to them as their helpmate ought to.

helphealSo began anciently, the war of the sexes and satan’s seed and the preferred woman of G-dly seed which never did last too long nor fair too well and is nearing extinction for want of a humble male role model known as every man in the I Am should be, to differing degrees and extents, each presenting a peculiarity unique for as many as may claim to be heirs to a better kingdom and world (Kefa II 3:13). The children of G-d being exceedingly less extravagantly vain and spiteful as the Creature turned Beast whose management skills are wanting for handsomes of purity and felicity as goal, reward and attainable vehicle for the pleasure of love unfeigned in a real and eternal covenant as a ‘soulmate’ imagined may be but whose ideation thwarts the reality of the same. Nevertheless, in an expectation nobler, the same may afford One and all who may forsake whoredoms and such witchcrafts as are business as usual in America modern day. A not so great but doable reality, which is the longing of the majority fading fast, G-d be praised!

WagonDiorama2A whatever works attitude, necessitating zero gratitude, less talent and no skill required with much fewer thoughts and deeds Torah inspired, well attired with the adornment the L-RD is most pleased with (Kefa I 3:4). A quality His sons were taught to seek as buried treasure and to purchase of Him as gold well refined never sunk to the brine bottom of the bitter sea, rusted or cankered by the passage of time and as salt preserving what would otherwise be as junk in her trunk with a scent which a skunk doused with whatever works mentality doth devise from age to age to cover the offense of; and believe me, rose water will no longer do the trick. Dead meat is always a gamey scented left-over.

gameyscentYeshayah 23:17-18 And it shall come to pass at the end of shiv’im shanah, that Hashem will visit Tzor, and she shall return to her hire, and shall commit fornication with all the mamlakhot HaAretz upon the face of ha’adamah. And her gain and her hire shall be kodesh to Hashem; it shall not be treasured nor laid up; for her [Tzor’s] earnings shall be for them that live before Hashem, to eat sufficiently, and for choice clothing.

sweetorsinisterThis is why and wherefore as maddening as most women find it, the only way to avoid whoredoms becoming the norm and the vessels of pollution set as a storm to plague a way for their children to follow and not but corruption to swallow for desires quite hollow as an old peen, are yet willing to do all that and more than is obscene to sink the ship American Dream Team. Marvel heroes and all souls valiant for truth at how many of ye she’s made anything but free!

girlsheartGender equality while useful in calling forth a gag reflex of derisive extremes aborted, may be every deluded woman’s wish but men are better off to go fish and live quite apart rather than become as women themselves, which is a latter-day reality for more men than would admit. Whose king, an upstart and his tart, begetters of the original apple and cart pusher’s routine fetched out of an orchard none of their own nor their right to resell even on loan (Devarim 23:24), whom nevertheless with guile and hate sunk more ships than fate may float a boat that May flower or gloat over being sunk in her moat escaping but not a destroyer from below, denoted for being promoted rather than to office voted by equality’s suffrage cut-throated and vainly toted as an appendage or up-and-age bottom’s up daisy air hasn’t a care in the world butt (sic) for more than a dare to snare all who may flee her hay day as a bat out of hell into worse and worse curse, as I add verse to verse, entreating in the only way I know how now brown cow shall I spare ye? And it rained all day on the way to the county fairly as on her parade was blood thrown by the spade dare be, never seeking to upgrade an old tool chosen by as many an old fool to welcome a May god what learned alway to nay nod to all the L-RD wouldn’t let reach their hanging kismet or fall in a garden midst Spring’s light of day, a night without honor overshadowed the way and may never see morning’s way of rising again with a people made free at Divine Liberty.

wisteria-cookhamGentlemen, if ye do start your engines, your lives are quite over and your wives do rover about as seas without rest no doubt.

vidaldiYeshayah 57:1 The tzaddik perisheth, and no ish layeth it to lev; and anshei chesed are taken away, none considering that the tzaddik is taken away from the ra’ah (evil, calamity) to come.
Mishle 6:12-15 A worthless person, a wicked man, walketh with a perverse peh (mouth). He winketh with his eyes, he shuffleth with his regel, he pointeth with his fingers; Tahpukhot (perversity) is in his lev, he deviseth rah continually; he stirs up midanim (contention, strife, discord [pl.]). Therefore, shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be destroyed without marpeh (remedy).
Mishle 22:3 A prudent man foreseeth the ra’ah, and hideth himself, but the naïve trudge on, and are punished.

unfinishedbusinessHorses without blinders rarely get where they ought to be going. And the same may be said of all useful yet unclean animals. On the other extreme, a Zoo full of unclean animals employed in creature management will raise hell in any and every way they may.

motherfuckedAlma 10:19 Yea, well did Mosiah say, who was our last king, when he was about to deliver up the kingdom, having no one to confer it upon, causing that this people should be governed by their own voices—yea, well did he say that if the time should come that the voice of this people should choose iniquity, that is, if the time should come that this people should fall into transgression, they would be ripe for destruction.

(c) Sudley House; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

(c) Sudley House; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

If the United States is winning any war at all, be it on drugs, on terror, on oppression, enemies within or without; why have we a corrupt government that does nothing, has its hands in everything, sells everything but liberty, life and happiness; has made a bargain for itself with all the idols of the world; gives all holy sites and lands over to those with no rights to the same, and is a nation homeless and begging at the heels of dogs and lesser beasts all over the world? Operation Get A Life has turned into Desperation Ghetto Life, and the most vile individuals are promoted to high office and seats of judgment while princes are raised by individuals fostering hateful inclinations for their welfare and dismal decisions are made daily and turned into law concerning their future in the land of the Free and Home of the Brave? (Tehillim 12) Something’s got to change. The inner life of the average citizen is so insignificant and miserable, you’d think we were living in the hay day of the USSR. And no one seems to care, as long as they have Internet access and can watch it all on handheld devices that they ought not to be using as they drive all over creation on four wheels, in several-horse-powered chariots, fueled by expensive fuels traded for blood. But thirteen short years ago, I could have sworn the Kingdom was near and about to be established worldwide, now it seems everyone involved only wants to push it away and establish anything but in its’ place. And yet we’re broke as a joke and running on empty promises lacking original virtue and common sense. Wake me when it’s over, please!
If there is any justice in this world left to see performed, it will be my speedy liberation from time done for the sake of necessary occupation. I worked through it all rather well, I believe, but am not the judge nor jury. And though, not in a hurry by anyone’s standards, would like to move on soon to the next best thing or course of action. It is not hard waiting when you may make good and proper use of the time, but the unfair and undue limits set on me have been a constant source of reminder that there is little real justice in this world and too much corruption for one generation to overcome even if given the chance, which it shall not be afforded until there is a real change at the head and tail of our nation’s random pitch and fetch consortium of mongrels working things out as best their kind may, which are not always leashed by the most reliable of caretakers, owners, what have you. (2 Peter 2:12; James 3:3).
We’re not on a course toward freedom by any means, and so captivity will remain the unfortunate result for some time to come, I fear. The best are always willing but the worst are always in the way and feel they have the obligation to remain so until someone with half a heart and more than wit may politely ask them to step aside for the due consideration of a better nation to be born under a better occupation which means to bring forth fruit meet for the Kingdom whose time has come and been a-wasting for too long now due to everybody knows (why)? (Naughty by nature?) But no one may do much about for fear of the enemy within whose best intentions could not amount to more than a hill of beans made for grinding and binding dreams blown to smithereens.

victoryweFor Liberty’s sake, we suffer all things undue and untoward, but we also daily pray the L-RD turn the courts and tables upside down and deliver us unto our own right and long sought after inheritance secured by the Psalmist fourth entreaty of the L-RD.
Spring is struggling to make May BE against a people madly driven in the other direction toward Iceland or something when they can’t even see the course nor direct the vehicle they should not be in for reasons idols would divine to fatten swine for the killing destined for destruction anyhow. And so I guess, to grant them some undue head speed is not entirely without logic or wisdom guided. But if anyone besides the birds could and would enjoy the season at hand, and I would be among them, it would be a pleasant season springing up with renewed promise of a better reward than even the filthy rich may afford, if they might know what true reward is worth and what the cost of these days is, but only work for worse stays and take home pays which will eventually cost them either/or, and even chore shall no longer call for needs doing. As uncomfortable and uncertain as the way has been and could certainly have been avoided by better judgment all around, I trust in He Who is guiding all things both beneath and above ground for Zion’s sake and every man’s take on a new deal at the last for all who kept fast in any whit during the Passover days just past. Establishment at the last! (Devarim 28:9) With strength and presence of mind renewed in You-know-Who’s had and did from the start project and work toward the same aim and that for no fame or shame, dame or name but that all might enjoy the same privilege and right sans complaint and murmurings about this or that which led to a whole lot of split and splat amongst those sitting ’round the old vat having their chit-chat about tit for tat. I can’t but advise but most trusted in lies and you know how they cling and clung, sting and get stung and harden their heart against a better chart and course than divorce which the L-RD hates as putting away leads unto mutual disgrace and confusion of face all around and about, leaving most feeling lame or like a lout (Malachi 2:16). No doubt, we’ll get over it as we have in the past and capture a better prize and good fortune for each family at the last, the whole stage, hands, and cast. And now may we all enjoy better stores and stays than old bitter May’s leaving One and all less sweet than grumpy, less free than frumpy, with more tea and biscuit to trade or to dumpy, but in either case, weather all with better cheer and brave face, kinder than has been chosen for shall be better than the old dusty din and den, swept out and cleaned for a future more than serene but thrice blessed indeed to give without greed and have without need all things on hand in our native land. America shall be beautiful if we shall be dutiful and do our due part which we ought to have done from the start, but sacrifice for a better finish was the call of the hour and so we shall empower and devour no more on the left nor the right but bring both together under G-d’s Holy Light all behaving contrite and especially in flight, never wandering too far which might cause a fight, but keeping within proper due limits for limitless treasure shall be ours in due measure, for One and all as fully understand and appreciate Whatever we give we receive and so never grieve but believe and conceive of a better plan than bereave and leave, pitch and ditch. On to the unknown, return and get sown in a land never prone to bring forth bad fruits but only the sort that’s delicious and worthy, Happy May and good jour, see? Know ‘n’ How is precisely all you need to know and how! Attend no PowWow! For the asses’ neck needed breaking not traded fleece for faking or rites forsaking, claiming doves freed mercy equal’s bull’s need or sow’s feed justice robbed all who hob-nobbed their way straight into a net from which entangled the bull’s speed right wrangled back from its’ mad course to its’ own horse’s ass, something they called Mass was not but hysteria and bid plague malaria to cover quite an area otherwise crib clean by Ox freed for service which from all evil’s preserve us from life to life, blessed are those freed from strife. Golly Ollie, Oxen should have been let go long ago or before now. Who with his cow did plough? Ought to be strung up or thrown over cliffhanger’s precipice, Azazel’s recipes I don’t wish to know about, but free my Faith from its’ Thomas’s doubt by right of Mashiach clout.


We’ve finally found the right timepiece, although the Swedish made clock still aims to block the flock from finding its’ pasture and claim its inheritance, we all have enemies, and none quite so hard to beat or get over the struggle and battle with as our own deluded selves! The Jews are not one of our or anyone’s enemies, however, and always guide us in paths of righteousness, if they are Shomer Shabbat and Torah observant. The rest of the world is madness dressed in its working clothes accomplishing very little if anything day unto day, often in the dark, without goal or aim, and far too concerned with covering shame and whom to blame, then upon which Name may save a win the game/war/struggle. But the road to Zion, the Pure In Heart is chiseled upon the hearts of the disciples of Mashiach and when all are in the Way found, they reach Higher Ground and escape the dog pound and what’s worse underground. Flee the devil and he will flee from you! It is important to know where to flee to – into the heart of HaShem – the Rock and Fortress and Resting place of all those saved by grace and mercy. Baruch HaShem! In the Way do not stray! Strong wrath awaiteth him who leaves the Path and if you have already gone astray He bids you return and is able to make a Way in the wilderness for just such an emergencies as saving souls may be and is! For the Love of G-d is greater and more powerful than the cunning hatred of the enemy of us all. Been so since the fall and will be so until the end of this world. Look to the reward beyond this reality therefore and never put your trust in men nor the arm of flesh; for the Spirit is stronger, wiser and infinitely more able to do for you all that you may ask or imagine through Faith. Yes, through Faith we are saved, that no man may boast!
Counting the Omer keeps the Pesach festival still fresh in our memories, which is ultimately a continuation of the celebration of the purest sort of Freedom G-d could bless a nation with, Having delivered Israel out of Egypt and a harsh 400 years of bondage, we remember the bitterness of that time in every generation and thank G-d we are able to overcome the slavery mentality of the current age and rise above it, even if, in many cases, we are still very much slaves to tyrants and sin on a much greater scale. HaShem enables us to look beyond present circumstances to enjoy a liberated spiritual endeavor common with and in all Jews born again in Y’shua HaMashiach, in whom, we are new creatures with new thoughts and renewed dedication to the Ultimate Dream of Divine Liberty restored and enjoyed by all the world through the knowledge of our Great and Gracious G-d! Blessed be His Name and Kingdom without end! My wish is for you all to enjoy a learning experience every day but particularly during Omer Count days, or such as every week’s Shabbat affords His people with during our earthly sojourn. The Point being, finding and keeping the Way so as to be redeemed and redeem others by the end of the long and short of it – the road to Heaven, which is a Spiritually discerned and revealed Path few find but all may enjoy the benefits of because of Y’shua and the Jews who do keep it real and help spread the Truth about G-d and His wonderful mercies and gifts of grace toward we often unworthy people/creatures. May the remembrance of our father’s captivity throughout the ages and the current world struggle for freedom and restoration renew our dedication to living a life of service, rich with spiritual insights and joys many and too sacred and wonderful not to be shared whenever and wherever we may find ourselves upon our journey back to He Who created We The People the world and everything in the Universe seen and unseen.
May He give you spiritual sight to see your way through an often dark and confusing, sometimes depressing world. Look up! There is Light at the end of the Ladder to the Heavens.Onward and Upwards Jacob’s children, Abraham’s grandchildren, till we reach our reconciling reunion familial, of all kinds of people righteous the world over in HaShem of Hosts, G-d of Israel and the nations!
No matter who you are, gender, class, color or background you may be, He loves you very much and created you for a very important reason, you may discover in this season of renewal and life! Lechaim! Libryut! b”H!

“He who trains his son in good deeds from childhood on trains him to be a good captain, who knows how to steer his ship to port.”
(Sefer Chasidim #12)

Counting the Omer rids we of spots in our conscience like absence of matter, that truly do more than riches of mad-hatter. It assures we’re minding valid/real seasons for good and right reasons, not just preaching idolatry in or out of seasons and what’s sure to follow? Naught but treasons many and never-ending. This is NOT the Faith of Christ nor the Salvation of Jews.


Kehillah in Rome 11:29-36 For the matnat Hashem and the kri’at Hashem are irrevocable. For just as you Goyim were once without mishma’at to Hashem, but now have received chaninah (mercy, pardon) by their lack of mishma’at, So also they have now been without mishma’at for your chaninah (mercy, pardon) in order that they also might receive chaninah (mercy) (Ro 9:15-16). For G-d has confined all in disobedience in order that He might have chaninah (mercy) on all; O the depth of the riches and the chochmah (wisdom) and da’as (knowledge) of Hashem. How unfathomable are His mishpatim and unsearchable His ways. For who has known the Ruach of Hashem? Or who has been ISH ATZATO (“His Counselor”) [Isa 40:13]? Or who has given in advance to Him so that His presents come only as a (choiv) debt repaid? [IYOV 41:3 (11); Ro 4:4]. Because from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. Lo HaKavod l’Olamim. Omein. (“To Him be glory forever. Amen.”)

“Did You Know? – More than a hundred years ago, the felt hat makers of England used Mercury to stabilize wool. Most of them eventually developed mental disorders caused by the fumes, as demonstrated by the Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.” Source: The Daily Chronicle, Wednesday, May 25, 2016 / 17 Iyar 5776.

homeward-bound-in-a-horse-drawn-carriage(1)Its’ a Beast’s trespass unforgivable and transgression greater than any hater may claim. For the Spirit has ceased long ago to strive with their fathers always of the order of idol’s many and found wanting. Christ’s hatred of ‘Christians’ so-called is greater than any and all may be aware. Yet, the love of G-d still constrains us, that as we are all sinners we should at least be able to practice and not just preach charity unlimited and love knows no bounds nor grounds for casting away. It is only because men and women harden their hearts and blind their vision that they are so grievously unable to perform any duty or task with the smallest amount of integrity and liberality of something nobler than sports fans running wild in vile hordes of denial.

It is fear that motivates most worldlings, not love, much less those who make merchandise of their fellows and excuse themselves or take rewards as though they had done them a favor or led them to a Savior.
To the credit and merit of all the faithful within this context, a marvelous work and a wonder has transpired as we have reigned in the midst of our enemies who are so dumb they believe they are governing We The People. It takes a special kind of stupid to believe that getting away with trespass or crime equals success and leadership talents and qualities rightly represented in a creature frustrated for its own better good and welfare. George Bush was the only President with the sense of humor to rightly portray the buffoonery and Tom Schmuckery of Politics historical, bumming out catagorical.

creature frustratedBut underneath that which by covenant agreement and daily vows performed submits and professes to be under G-d are His Everlasting Arms bidding all alarms come as they may, they’ll each, in turn, flee each way. There is no making night day nor vice versa except inside those so cursed they don’t care anymore. What they fear is what they made of a Generation may have cause to become otherwise named by right representation. X-Y =? The question is moot. Keep hope alive!
The generation of the righteous shall be blessed (Tehillim 112:2).
No one deserves anything but your contempt until they earn your trust, admiration, and validation.
Alma 10:17, 25, 27 O ye wicked and perverse generation, ye lawyers and hypocrites, for ye are laying the foundations of the devil; for ye are laying traps and snares to catch the holy ones of G-d. O ye wicked and perverse generation, why hath Satan got such great hold upon your hearts? Why will ye yield yourselves unto him that he may have power over you, to blind your eyes, that ye will not understand the words which are spoken, according to their truth? I say unto you, that the foundation of the destruction of this people is beginning to be laid by the unrighteousness of your lawyers and your judges (leaders).

Pride is unbecoming in women. There were two proud women, and their names were contemptible; the name of the one, Deborah, meaning wasp, and of the other, Huldah, weasel. Respecting the wasp it is written (Judges iv. 6), “And she sent and called Barak,” whereas she ought to have gone to him. Concerning the weasel it is written (2 Kings xxii. 15), “Tell the man that sent you,” whereas she should have said, “Tell the king.” Meggillah, fol. 14, col. 2.


“By the term witch,” the Rabbis say, “we are to understand either male or female.” “If so,” it is asked, “why the term ‘witch,’ in Exod. xxii. 18, in the Hebrew verse 17, is in the feminine gender?” “Because,” it is answered, “most women are witches.”
Ibid., fol. 67, col. 1.

I need to get out of place where I am now mostly because it is now beginning to sabotage the work I have to do for G-d and that must take precedence and means more to country and Commonwealth which places like these may be or have been seeking to destroy for grand delusion’s sake for as many generations as they may have already. It is and has been the intent of my enemy ever since taking my home and land from me to break up, confuse, confound and/or destroy the work He has been doing through me and others like me for many generations now seeking rightly or in anywise to establish Zion for the sake of the Pure in Heart who make the world and America go round.

angel_wisdomWomen, excuse me, I don’t mean to insult anyone personally, but for the greater part, enjoy hurting other people (Melachim Alef 3:16-28); it is just the way they are refashioned mostly due to having unworthy helpmates or husbands (Jacob 2:28-35), and they should NEVER be employed as they are nor trusted with medical care and oversight, much less lead or govern a nation! G-d forbid! They injure always and for spite’s sake bully-on like things worse than harlots and whores may be. At least the latter doesn’t seek to destroy souls, but only to gain their daily bread. These wenches abysmal are like adulterous adventurous’ who hunt souls and ploy to bait and switch, hag and snag, etc.

solomonsjudgmentI need to be freed from this nazi concentration camp experience in America to enjoy living with people who are of a different mindset and religion altogether. American Freemen. Scoundrels are captives of the enemy or satan and I would love to see them freed too, but the enemy may have claim upon them I have no right to overturn, though I would have all made free and happy as they could be, many have chosen captivity as a means of survival and they just don’t care anymore, about anything. So it is a dangerous place for one trying to be made well and recover health to be in. Especially because I am or may be accomplishing a work for G-d and country.
And all’s well that ends well. As long as I get out of where I’d rather not be, or if I stay, things change dramatically! I don’t see as they are capable of positive changes here that could last but who to blame is of less importance than why and wherefore that is? So when they figure it out, they’ll work it out and all may end on a good note. Meanwhile, nothing changes my orders from the L-RD. Save as many as I may! No one loves sense as much as they love madness, which, oddly enough, makes a lot of sense! We will survive but should thrive! And this is my only bereavement of heart which I have for all. When survival makes it absolutely essential, choose the right! In due course of restoration, the left will be recovered and made of better use to the whole. Rebels are thinking they have a sworn duty to rebel because the current government is whacko and they are not necessarily in rebellion, therefore, so much as remaining true to covenant and oath, whatever the cost; which is what they must do when the right is not right, or few and less are choosing it. When the opportunity doesn’t knock or present itself, the left represents desperation, and is in need of the right’s intercession now more than ever, but pride keeps all from uniting in truth. Keep acting intelligently, but know madness has its essential part to play. It’s all about convincing a leopard to change its spots. Can be done, but must be the Hand of G-d upon the Creature (3 Nephi 9:20). Miracles happen, we must let them rather than force our own way and destroy what good and opportunity may be left on either hand. Unity, unity, unity. Our daily mantra until it becomes reality, then shall we laugh and rejoice in our mutual good fortune!

Tehillim 126 When HaShem brought the return of the captivity of Tziyon, we were like the cholemim (them that dream). Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and leshoneinu (our tongue) with rinnah (Shir HaMa’alot, [Song of (joyful song); then said they among the Goyim, HaShem hath done great things for them. HaShem hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. Return our captivity and restore our fortunes, HaShem, like torrents in the Negev. They that sow in dimah (tears) shall reap in rinnah (joyful song). He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing meshek hazara (seed to be sown) shall doubtless come again with rinnah, bearing his alummot (sheaves [of harvest]).


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