Between a Flock and a Dying Disgrace

Compound In One


Yechezkel 34:17-24
And as for you, O My tzon (flock), thus saith Ad’ni HaShem; Hineni, I judge between seh and seh, between the rams and the goats.
Seemeth it a small thing unto you to have eaten up the mireh hatov (good pasture), that ye must also trample down with your raglayim what is left of your mirim (pastures)? And to have drunk of the clear mayim, but ye must also foul the rest with your raglayim?
And as for My tzon, they feed on that which ye have trampled with your raglayim; and they drink that which ye have fouled with your raglayim.
Therefore thus saith Ad’ni HaShem unto them; Hineni, I, even I, will act as shofet (judge) between the seh biryah (fat lamb) and between the seh razah (emaciated lamb).
Because ye have thrust with flank and with shoulder, and butted all the weak emaciated ones with your karnayim, till ye have scattered them abroad;
Therefore will I save My tzon, and they shall no more be a prey; and I will act as shofet between seh and seh.
And I will set up Ro’eh Echad over them, He shall tend them as ro’eh, even Avdi Dovid; He shall feed them. He shall be their Ro’eh.
And I HaShem will be their Elohim, and Avdi Dovid [Moshiach] a Nasi among them; I, HaShem have spoken.


What may any of us say, but that G-d is gracious, long-suffering, merciful, and exceedingly patient with we unworthy creatures (Mosiah 4:11) deserving anything but His benevolence and blessing.
Whatever the cost personal, my time in captivity of mine enemies, has been a series of miraculous mercies extended toward me, all of which defied the ill-intentions of the damned snare laying, grossly hardened, enemies of freedom and common sense that through claiming authority in any space in anywise have brought more trouble upon the American people than any enemy imagined or delusion entertained may have ever threatened to.
My fellow despoiled captives, ill-used employees, resident, patient, neighbor, friend and fellow-citizens whose situations are all as equally desperate, and for whom I have had nothing but pity and compassion, and whom I wish nothing but the best of freedoms and good fortune, if not, health and happiness restored to One and all, for as many as may be healed of all infirmity and unfairness the enemy tends to unleash as a plague amongst us and bid work all manner of hurtful practices all witchcraft and derision of felicity and faith. For those amongst us brought very low, I wish consolations many and compassionate regard be shown them whose capacity to choose wisely or at all has been stolen away or denied by the inconsiderate and often just as captive souls of an unseen but bitterly known enemy of life and liberty that might otherwise lead to happiness sustained more easily, when charity and equanimity are shown all who may, in any degree, choose life and blessing rather than death and cursings. The main point being, to keep We The People Free to choose for ourselves and prove our merit and worth, deservingness and willingness daily by mutual impact winning, and if not, quietly considering how to make sure others will have the opportunities to do so in our future, which may make most of us feel like unwanted burdens and baggage superfluous?
Rather may the same, with no small or little amount of healthy pride know that they are chosen to fulfill an honorable place amongst us as the L-RD would have them know.
For G-d has chosen the base things…

IndividualismKehillah in Corinth I 1: 24- Yet, to those whom HaShem has given the kri’ah (1C 1:1-2) and summoned, to HaKeru’im (to the Called Ones), both to Yehudim and to Yevanim Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, the Gevurat HaShem and the Chochmat HaShem.
For the so-called “sichlut” (foolishness) of HaShem has more chochmah than Bnei Adam, and the “weakness” of G-d has more koach (power) than Bnei Adam (1:18).
For you see your kri’ah (call), Achim b’Moshiach, what you were, that not many of you were chachamim (wise ones) by the standards of Bnei Adam, not many ba’alei hashpa’ah (people of influence), not many ba’alei zchus (privileged).
But HaShem in His bechirah (wise-selection) chose the things of sichlut (foolishness), that He might bring the chachamim to bushah (shame); and HaShem in His bechirah (selection) chose the things of weakness that He might bring the strong to bushah (shame).
And those of the Olam Hazeh without mishpochah atzilah (noble birth) and those which are hanivzim (the despised, Isa 53:3) HaShem chose, choosing the things that are not, in order to bring to naught the things that are.
His tachlis (purpose) is that no basar (fallen humanity sold under the power of slave master Chet Kadmon, Original Sin, Rom. 7:14) may boast before HaShem.
But you are of HaShem in Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Y’shua who became to us chochmah (wisdom) from HaShem, our Tzidkanut (Righteousness) and our Kedushah (Holiness) and our Geulah LaOlam (Redemption to the world), [Jer 23:5,6; 33:16]
Al menat (in order that), as it has been written, YITHALLEL HAMITHALLEL B’HASHEM (“The one boasting let him boast in the L-rd” YIRMEYAH 9:23).[TEHILLIM 34:2; 44:8]

giantslayerI am deeply grieved and ashamed at much of the hard-heartedness and ill-consideration showed lives that come to a tragic end at the ‘end of the rainbow’ or ‘somewhere over’ it, but chiefly, thereunder, where many a leper con has made his pot of gold grow full by making merchandise of generations of children young and old, shipwrecked, dashed upon the rocks of a Babylonianish abomination in translation, the very shores of hell, strewn at the mouth of its grave, and kept captive in caves by working stiffs as guilty as devils and seven times as unfeeling, militantly unaware, and often selfishly cruel people dying in complete denial of truth, goodness, and mutual concern that should be led by a common sense effort, Zionistic, in seeking and making possible if not commonplace the freedom otherwise boasted of in vain which affords the many with Torah awareness more than the opportunity, but the solemn duty to seek the best welfare of neighbor, friend, unfortunate stranger, family member or comrade by the simple observance of fulfilling the simplest of commandments given; to love one another and G-d with all our might, mind and strength, never gone to waste or to pot of satanic elves collecting wages at We The People’s Commonwealth’s mutual ruination and misfortune quite telling of an abhorrent history in a Zion forsaken and fled from, for, and by many generations and counting upon as many more as may bring the very worst calamities upon States not at all in agreement with a Way of Life, nor held accountable for the least reckless, stupid, ass-led poverty train that ever rolled out of Station Nevermind, and completely veered off track into no man’s land, in which everyone claims madness and blame are none of our own, and perhaps rightly so; if we could claim the enemy had done these things to us, but we are wont to claim the right of our Creator to bless us, never mind the curse of the enemy of all created.
lifelinkdeathAnd death will be chosen in place of life by all this wicked family, etc. (Yirmeyah 8:3)
Nevertheless, in agreeing to change and fulfill the simplest of commandments to do unto others as we would have done unto us, or at least not doing what is hateful to ourselves and others in like circumstances, and, at the very least, not being completely inconsiderate of the next generation’s odds of escaping our own magnificent failure and hateful regard for life and all the joys it may have at one time brought to our hearts and souls; which is, of course, the stuff that American Dreams are made of and ought to come true, rather than in derisive ridicule of all that is the power of a fearless, sound mind and body making decisions worthy of that miraculous power that created this world and everything in it. (Timotiyos II 1:7)
I am terrified of a life in a soulless society soon become what is left of what may have once been an enduringly brave and free nation.

treesopposedBecause, with lies, you have made sad the souls of the righteous whom I have not made sad, etc. (Yechezkel 13:22)
I am, in part, very grateful for what became my unavoidable lot in surviving in several places of latter-day captivity to endure the same amongst fellow despoiled and ill-treated men and women made merchandise of, perhaps more to be blamed upon ourselves than our captors or others, suffering the same otherwise minded delusion grand and epic in proportions, yet equally ignored and violently denied in every whit by everyone, telling plainly what is the real source of their captivity and whom it is that holds them captive, but is still no excuse for anyone so treating or using, mistreating or abusing another as so much unwanted garbage, thrown away and left curbside as so many Xmas trees midwinter’s season of idolatry prevailing and winning out amongst the truly wicked and their traditional feasts of gluttony and deeds darker than the abyss they’re barely kept out of from day to day for agreeing to do the unforgivable on the same basis.
Such is the sad but telling end of an age whose centerpiece and source of pride ill-begotten is a perpetually crucified and idolized savior never-heeded and unwanted by the majority dead to Life in Wisdom’s Ways, scattered amongst so many strays begging for the opportunity to own by territorial urination and work for what amounts to sheer mockery turned madness of what labor authentic and talent wisely used may be when it is at its’ best, but at its’ worst, is not but Gibeonitish foolery and vagabondish pan-handling on streets where the sidewalk ends.

sidewalkendAll this being our unfortunate reality to overcome, may I suggest we make full use of the Season of Passover now at hand, to cleanse the inside of the cup that the outside may be made clean indeed and not just a surface whitewash clothing an inward depravity that may never again afflict the sons of Zion nor Her daughters made wise by both the rhyme and reason (Helaman 7:26-19) to enjoy a brand new season of integrity made new by a life set at Liberty Divine’s pace all enhancing and empowering none Babel towering in the creature’s fallen pride unworthy and unwanted as a malicious cloak of liberty hiding licentiousness and lawlessness of such an ingrained ignoramus’ kind that it should be easy and a no-brainer for all to forgive and try our best to forget as we seek to recover what it means to be a people brave and free.
Why should beings fashioned in the express image of G-d continue to suffer as witless animals and caged beasts, when even a lamb and lion, calf and leopard, foal and wolf may, under G-d’s Grace, and Heaven’s providential care, lie down together in peaceful concord and truly live and thrive together as beasts behooved and peoples subdued by a heavenly inspired nature and strength renewed in devotion to love, life and liberty of a conscious covenant kept by We who overcome through faith (Hisgalus 12:11) and rise above all difference and alienation destined to destroy all whom the thought of Unity and Brotherhood annoy?
Perhaps it may be hard for some held back and kept down by strong cords of iniquity and carnal want to appreciate the ills they take for granted and use as sources of gainful employ – but the reality is that the same harbor a grand amount of responsibility for destroying our land of opportunity through feigned charity coupled with practices covetous and speech feigned begetting fruits harvested of thorns and briars whose consequences combative reasoning must destroy for treason all who trust in such ventures as ill-natured beasts should be held accountable and punished for creating as trespass unforgivable by legion made some good use of after all?

legionsendI lament indeed over a generation’s chances and opportunities gone with the wind; whose rights and privileges abused instead of refused for restoration and reformation’s sake leaves them in the unfortunate position of being found wanting and guilty of the unforgivable sin once again and anon through following and keeping the traditions of their fathers which amounts to the unforgivable sin times four generations of the same, leaving them without an olive branch extended toward even an undeserving and unworthy two-fold son of hell and anarchy incorporated; whom, for G-d and Country’s sake, I entreat take hold of for all the love G-d may have for His wayward children to receive and that, not in vain, all may be restored to their right mind for dutiful Spirit abiding faithful one toward another in mutual good will and honor reconciled to the honorable and noble-minded souls who from Whence all blessings flow do know and in grateful, peaceful regard for the Same, in His Name, humbly receive such condescending compassion and merciful munificence as all Heaven waits to bestow upon a Creature worthy of Its Creator’s continued consideration for a Covenant constant and complete, made strong by more than compliant, but ardent allegiance unwavering in brotherhood, family and wedded Union Eternal, whose vows are everlasting as our G-d in the Heavens and in the earth beneath is – Omnipotent and without end of days or beginning of years – He who inhabits Eternity is ever willing and more than able to intercede and plead with and on behalf of His own spiritually begotten children and if spurned, must, I need not remind any, avenge Himself upon His adversaries and poor out His wrathful recompense upon the unwilling, impenitent and blood guilty without mercy or pity for any who have so abused His Name and Gift to their shame and rift of trespass chasm creating and abyss awaiting.

deadsandyendAs they have sown deception and that derisively and sparingly, and even in mock of providence abundant which has created such an enormity of want for all things meaningful and life-sustaining and enriching for generations of spiteful apostasy run hog wild, so they shall reap sparingly and in vain their eventual and certain destruction.
And, I suppose as up until now, they have resisted the Spirit of Grace and continually hardened themselves and spurned His Word and Way, even so I may be sure, they will continue to do so until it be everlastingly too late and their destruction is made sure (Helaman 13:38) as shooting used to be as commonplace in our nation ridding itself of a like kindred disgrace infamous and I need not remind any of the bloody reality of a war more necessary than any since and more honorable and noble of intention and outcome than all put together as we shall have to put together as many arms and willing hearts as may give themselves to the Cause of Zion in the Latter-days of America made great again in restoring a better fate again than the obvious and unavoidable one wrought in wickedness never to be lived down by all those who have always been more dead than alive from the womb, unto whom I am sure a peace offering would be in vain and so must needs withdraw itself and leave these impenitent ones to perish in their pride and unreasonable hatred of all that is good and right, worthy and enjoyable for all of Creation despite His long-suffering nature must become as unrelated as Edom always wished he and Jacob were and their share divided rather than reconcile and enjoy all things Jacob was given instead of enough that Esau was more gratified with having in his lonesome selfishness and spiteful disregard for a womb shared and father spared a fate worse than no birthright to bestow from above or below. As a consequence, there shall no tie binding this people together at all anymore remain and no Spirit abiding within anyone throughout the world once blessed to be alive and alike reasoned with and concerned for as in every age hitherto. Instead, there shall be only a grave difference between the blessed and the accursed until the One shall be separated from the other and the latter completely destroyed and rid of forevermore.

nevermoreWe shan’t be able to reason together as in times of old when men were willing to lay down their lives for the sake of brotherhood but the dearth shall be complete and all-encompassing, commonplace or misplaced for want of a brother good.
The individual to be held accountable is too spoiled and used to having his own way for a Father to stay His Hand and suffer the cries of blood spilled upon His Chosen Land any longer. Already the Spirit has ceased to strive with the greater majority and they are as if there had been no redemption made nor reconciliation offered the sons of men (Alma 11:41; 12:18). One may no longer hide oneself in comfortable delusion and seclusion but must with G-d and G-d’s chosen people’s help, I trust, to fulfill His Word, Will, and Way to save the Day marked and sealed in the most ancient of documents for good reasons, season’s and their consummate pleasuns’. (Yeshayah 8:16}


I am aware that most or a greater number than is wisdom agreed to be quite guilty of an unforgivable trespass against He and We, but We must hold ourselves accountable for the Grand Delusion set at wildfire pace in confusion of face led far astray from mainstay and place, our only real Home away from. It may seem fine to play G-d to those who profess not to believe in G-d, and if they had any real right to do so in a Nation under G-d, I might excuse the same, but we and they don’t possess such a right, and do on the contrary owe Him what every Jew shows Him – exacting allegiance, and I know many consider their’s equal if not greater than, but it isn’t and the price is a people made feeble and lamed by a Weeble who thought he ought never fall down, but did (Yeshayah 14). G-d could claim this fulfillment of His Word, but for us to come together and agree in society we must claim idea absurd not to heed His advice and not leap for a thrice condemned priesthood not the least good and their knotty-headed way of think twice and then not at all nor make mention again of a fall of an evil-headed brother who shuns all civility with its rewards and acheivements, instead to be satisfied with whores providing instant bereavements as sacrifices for demons and wannabe gods, who won’t find forgiveness when eternity plods on without them and leaves them behind to burn and to discern too late not to hate, bait and mate with any Johnnie come late. Get and stay with He and we’ll reach Heaven’s Gate, our destiny’s fate.


Now, having heard all, let’s have a ball keeping His Way bright by the bright Light of day and night! Happy Pesach!

Let’s all convert and follow the Jew who knew what to do when all mankind’s plans fell through. Up! and let us be doing, our Faith needs renewing not more home-still brewing and bone’s dug up chewing.
passoverexodus“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants.”
(Leviticus 25:10)


More to come, G-d willing, after the Festival. Chag Pesach Sameach & Shavua Tov!

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