The Meggid’s Mazal Restored by the Paschalian Cycle of Victor-y


“Each formation of self and world collapses because of a mismatch between self-conception and how that self conceives of the larger world. We can see how history has been driven by misshapen forms of life which the self-understanding of agents and the worldly practices they participate in fail to correspond…[leading to a] highway of despair.
“The knight of virtue thinks we are intrinsically good and that acting in a nasty, individualist market world requires the sacrifice of natural goodness; the banker believes that only raw self-interest, the profit motive, ever leads to successful actions.” -Hegel
‘Aileh v’aileh divrei Elokim Chaim’
The Butler Did It!
Both are wrong and right because not motives but actions finally matter. Yet without intentions, actions would never be dreamed of or performed in the first or last place, which makes the race mindset of little avail and without a point. In the long or short of it, only the King’s Highway matters, not whether you travel the low or high road or a road less traveled to get where all are going or not.
It is all whom you may meet upon the road and how you regard each fellow traveler that matters most. If everyone is going in his or her own way and direction, therefore, nothing will ever be accomplished, but on the other hand, when all decide upon one task they may build a tower of babel which has no purpose save that of self-destruction.

A Way or Torah imparted to mankind from G-d, has no need of a path, house or road to be built, seen or recognized by signpost or road marker for It, and It keeps all safe and sound by reliance upon a doctrine within the heart (Psalm 40:8; Proverbs 3:3; 7:3; Jeremiah 31:33; Hebrews 8:10) that maintains actions worthy by intention or motive completely selfless, yet not non-expectant of reward for performance willing. The applause unheard is all One need to hear, and the thanksgiving is from within for the opportunity to fulfill any G-d given commandment.

“Taking an impartial element in ethical reasoning to its logical conclusion means, first, accepting that we ought to have equal concern for all human beings.” -Peter Singer
“If you’d been born in Saudi Arabia, don’t you think you’d be a Muslim?”-Gary Cutting
Samuel Beckett claimed that he preferred writing in French because it allowed him to write ‘without style.’ Yet writing ‘without style’ is one of the writing styles most difficult to accomplish; you really need to be well equipped to do it.
In other words, unless it is pure, knowledge is nothing. Tainted wisdom produces critique. “Faith without works is dead.” The Apostle James

SamaritanA seething pit of judges has the American people become in captivity pointless, senseless and stupidly hateful as a Sanhedrin bachelorette party.
The only options a mad-capped society makes available and inevitable to its citizens broadly regarded as ‘human beings’ of all walks of life what regard all members as no more worthy to receive any reward that may be voiced as other than ‘quiet desperation’ which is the result of supply and demand dietary generating a stomach-level sadness which fails to recognize the potentially lofty and ennobling abilities as choices inspired by religion, ethnic heritage, biblically inspired miltitary service and labor force goal oriented as guard and stay of all other pursuits of happiness and its fulfilllment within borders sacredly blessed thereby in revolutionary restoration of a life style One finds through dedication to G-d, wife, hearth, home, horse, and country which never bid us lower the conceit of attainable felicity and devotion undefiled by wayward ideation or guidance guileful on every hand. Our united result a status quo poetically cultured birthright shared in the merry May-day gods of old, livingly and lovingly enthroned upon the loveseat of the everyman’s humble abode adored.
While pride and prejudice may find countless ways of representing themselves, humility and honor find only One, if either is true blue and rid of red guile’s bloodguilt washed away through Covenant renewal in Latter-day.
Slay the Ego upon the Id’s altar of wonder and allow yourself to be completely vulnerable.
A broken cistern may only hide among the broken fragments of humanity for so long before it is uncovered and revealed to be the sole source of its own ruination by feigned obligation and concern for no one and nothing but itself. You can’t hide from yourself.
Alma 41:15 For that which ye do send out shall return unto you again, and be restored; therefore, the word restoration more fully condemneth the sinner, and justifieth him not at all.
It is a very liberating concept few take advantage of in the latter-days – to confess sins and forsake them and find that He is faithful and just in forgiving them and cleansing us from all unrighteousness. The Word of Y’shua cleanses from all sin.
Mattityahu 12:37
For by your dvarim, you will be pronounced tzodek (righteous), and by your dvarim, you will be charged with guilt.


“Wherever the real imposes itself, it tends to dissipate the fogs of irony.” -Robert Pogue Harrison

Rosh Chodesh Nissan Tov!



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