Shabbat Shalom


I am working on a new entry and hope to have it up soon for readers to enjoy!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very good Shabbos rest this Holy Day and ask for prayers and comments, advisement and insights into what I am doing for the L-RD.
I plan to spend some time this Shabbos praying about everything He would to do with me and Us, and seek correction where I am erring, and encouragement in whatever I may be doing right.
I tend to get caught up in the work and the world and I wish to devote more time to the former and none at all to the latter.
I feel myself to be a mass of folly, as Charles Spurgeon might say and I need strengthening and health in body and mind, spirit and soul. Refua schlema for all.

I most of all want to be in another place, free from the anxiety and threats to my well-being where I am now. But His Will be done not mine and His Grace has been more than sufficient help in my troubles and infirmities, afflictions and trials! Praise Him!
A little hint on what I am working on and hope to have for you all soon as my next entry I may derive from a study guide I’m reading right now for which I’d like to thank a certain someone for bringing me as a gift for the New Year! You know who you are and have been so kind and helpful to me, I hope some day I may repay the favors many and sincere kindness you have brought into my world through your devotion to our One God!
Thank you, thank you, todah rabah! May you always be blessed in Him!

A good Shabbos I wish you!
And now for that hint…
In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve tried to justify their sins. Why is that so easy to do? What are ways that we may seek to do the same in our own walk with HaShem? That is, how often do we claim heredity, environment, or other people as being the causes of our mistakes? How may we get out of this dangerous mind-set and own up to our responsibility for our actions? I pray the L-RD hold us accountable but also provide atonement that we may return to Him with full purpose of heart and let Him lead and guide us into a Golden Future as we seek the restoration of our Zion in America the Beautiful. Amen


Good Shabbos 27/28 Tevet 5776 Enjoy Parshas Vaera!

About barzdovg666

I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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