Sophisticated Vagrancy-Sorry No Vacancy

vagrant mood

Revelation 9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

Sophisticated Vagrancy-Sorry No Vacancy
A Confederacy of Dunces Wage War upon the USA
Through Regulation and Lawful manipulation
That blatantly belittles, depresses and all but destroys our Nation
Once brave and free
Turned all knave and fee,
By dividing and conquering
State by State with precision and hate
Identity plus authority
Assumed by majority
And presumed above the law and beyond accountability;
Changing its faceless criminality daily,
Claiming all right without representation authentic,
Wanting in all substance and integrity,
Constitutional and due process realistic
No One claiming the same
Of what has been generations now
Of belligerent crimes and misdemeanors many, wow!
And nefarious
With zero consideration for justice, mercy, consequence or sanity, trust Us?


Proof of insurance being more important than valid I.D.
Cuz all property belongs to We?
Dawgs and hawgs are running wild and on empty in any direction that gives or lets forceful entry have its way? claim its day, etc.
At the behest of gang of bats and moles with leverage ya,
Being informed by rats and trolls as to the weakest links in the Union Army,
Confusedly fighting to recognize an ally or repulse an
Enemy within,
Reckoning skin for skin enough to justify neighbor against neighbor committing unforgivable sin
And treason for no more reason than dislike of season and location,
Winking the eye at the sty it’s made of homeland become aberration,
Keeping secure naught but Gnome land
Of larceny and perjury upheld by idolatry and increasing insurgency
Someone call emergency
While claiming to be at war against the same both home and abroad, Salting all sod and polluting all air with malaria and disease
That will, in the end, bring all to its knees
Praying to escape from Itself?


I could be more tactful and kind
But in my body, soul and mind
I’m running low of either
And patience for neither
Is found to believe Her
Temerity and heartless behavior
Not inspired by Her Savior
Beg pardon, but Truth cuts like a knife
Not like a razor that insults
What looks in the mirror
And finds abnormal behavior
The mark of the Beast;
The implement in hand
Dulling in more than just use


The sense and sensibility
Of One seduced and reduced
In thought to that of a vain animal
In need of a facemask like
Hannibal Lecter
Ought to be muzzled until it may have
Puzzled out the answers herein
To my riddling remarks about
A nation and people ripening for Sparks
That fall from the skies
Upon sloppy apple pies
Made by wives
So easy…
The thought leaves me queasy
And I vomit it out my head
Before it leave me as dead
And plagues my mind with hatred
And doubt in a people I’ve no longer any Faith in
And in any case in
Danger and jeopardy of going down
Under together not separately
With all Her hoard and

In an instant
Feels quite reminiscent
Of a biblical story
Whose end was rather gory
For those who wished to make the story
All about themselves and their elves
Building cities to the skies
Speakin’ easy…
Naught but lies
Deceiving self and other
Sister and brother
All having the same Mother of Abomination
Don’t belong to any suit, tribe or nation
Worthy of Glory fading faster every day
And pretty soon gonna all slip away
Never to return to God and country.
This land ain’t mine no more
And she’s a Whore devoted to making
Friends of enemies; pacts with devils be
Not the Way to enlighten We
And the People left in the dark
By Her tricks and trades
As memories of happiness from
One and All but fades
People pullin’ down shades
Don’t wanna see what’s happening within or without
Feels all is sin and can’t
Catch a break or moment of silence
Within Her din of violence
To mourn for Zion and Her Lion of Judah
Murdered and deleted by a computah
Labrador retriever
An errand for a Deceiver
Who believes in neither God nor man’s Right
But only its caged, enraged dawg clan’s might
Only an enemy combined could be
Of such a blasphemous mind
As to try to put an end to all Spirit led endeavors
Wishin’ instead that never nevers and whatever’s clevers
Would somehow come true
But the plan of the clan gonna done fall through
In a crevice of a sandy foundation
Get swallowed down complete
No more emancipation
The blood of those who remain,
The Righteous, will wash they feet in
Whilst singing
“Take that shit back to Texas in a Lexus,
Yo’ Houston here’s a problem
Y’all needs to correct first
Before you try to conquer what’s
Northeast and Above,
Full of Love, Truth and Harmony
Sorry, but you isn’t gonna leave
We The People
Hungry and Thirsty
As your Momma wanna be
Now sit back and watch Us correct
American History X

Stagger like a drunkard
And be Perplexed
Full of your own flesh
Die in your wasteland Y’all claimed was the basteland
Bastin’ yo’ chilluns and grillen ’em
Raisin’ your oblation to your villains and abominations
Calling the work of your hands blessed
By a dead man…umm…
What’s his name?
Laden with funny-money
Arms and conditions
Didn’t keep your word
Changed the mission without permission
Tried to make Uncle Sam
Look like a flim-flam man
Got my whole country confused about what went down
Playin’ prophet to a people when you’re more like a clown
Power went to your Head
Babel was the 1st Tower of confusion raised to the Dead
Now your family raised a second
Believing the absurd
Smoke for mirrors isn’t fulfillment
Of God’s Word
Sacrifice make Way for mercy
To strive and be
A false disguise and purse see
Is Jive’s prophecy
Don’t try to wax Imperial
It just can’t be
No matter who cut a material deal with
Sooner or later you got to get real with
HaShem and We
The People of Unity

[Psalm 133]
Sorry Uncle George fooled ya
But now Uncle Sam done schooled ya
And when Joshua fits the battle
Your people may as well be cattle
Bought for the slaughter
By idolatry’s Daughter
Babel A loan ya and own ya, see?
False Prophet makes a deal with a Beast
Is fulfillment of prophecy…

Now back to Homeland Security:
Who the heck is Hillary?
Chump for the piggies
They the peeps of immaturities and insecurities
Ruthless and Trustless
She’ll also try to lay aside Uncle Sam’s plan
Like Mr. Obama, Who Don’t Give a Damn
She’s Auntie Ham,


Fruitless, yo’ Bust this!
Leave all distressed and wait for ’em to crack
Load ’em up and feed ’em to a wolf pack, Jack?
Snaking God’s son’s rights was never Sam’s plan
Come and get your Medicare and Bennies
While y’all can?
Quacks without borders
Handed out orders
Reaching from land to land
Gotta catch ’em all
Yes We Can!
About Covenant and vows
We don’t give a hoot
Is bizness as usual
And to boot
While you may
But pretty darned soon
Y’all gonna get ‘Nay!;
For an answer
We don’t want your cancer and aids
None forget y’all took Bob Marley’s braids
So We gonna Stir it up Righteous
And we might just
Escape your evil fate
Gonna put some American Cake ‘pon my plate

american cake
[Numbers 8:11, Mosiah 7:19]
Forget your pies and your lies
Cut ties and rise above
All praise to the Lord of Love
We may all afford to grow healthy and wealthy
By obedience stealthy
Pulling down every fence
Made to trap us in
Trip up our feet
Make us dense, make no sense
I feel the entreat
To make us bow in sin
Under burden
F’ Tyler Durden and his kin!
Dumb ass movie ’bout fighting against yourself?
Like your shadow had the answer you done left behind
On some dusty shelf
Swear ever since all mankind done lost its mind!
And self!

Pardon Moi, Madame Liberty
What the problem is , Ma’am?
Why be our country rutted in
Another war like Vietnam?
Where be the liberated?
Where be the consecrated?
Seems like all we got left to
Boast about
Is Prison Incorporated;
A Nation Incarcerated
Toast, No Doubt
Pull yourself together and take your trash out
Leave it at the curbside and live without doubt
What they expect to get, they never even had
Nor does it exist
Wealth without value may not
In messing our Nation and Glory Land
Accept what’s right or cut off your hand!
That’s what Jesus meant about the hand
That sins against self and neighbor
God and Savior.
Stretch out your hand to Him
He’ll fill it with brand new pelf
No image upon it
No wealth like that in your Self
Well invested may just redeem and restore
Up and shut the door on the angel of gore.
Don’t fall asleep now
You’ll WANT to endure
For what’s in store
Much better than a product
Any could get for a dime from a whore
Lady Liberty isn’t about Mutual Insurance
She’s about We The People and Mutual Endurance
Doctrine of Christ gonna save more than our Life and Wife
Gonna save all souls and end all strife.


Nephi 31:21
And now, behold, my beloved brethren, this is the way; and there is none other way nor name given under heaven whereby man can be saved in the kingdom of God. And now, behold, this is the doctrine of Christ, and the only and true doctrine of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, which is one God, without end. Amen.


Now, Barack O’Reagan
Think your Chief Pagan?
A Gadianton Ruler you need not be
To realize the result of His calamity
Land of Opportunity to Capitalize
Fill your pockets with empty gain and tell everyone lies
Very simple plan, you see
But in the end, damned you’ll be
Give, give, says the horseleech’s daughters
Save , save says the L-RD and We oughta
Catch a camel and strain a gnat
In this instance only
Be unwise, go down like that
A one trick pony
Short be the reign,
Long the shame
Be another sucker like Nixon
Played by your own posse
Rest of your term be in a Fort Dixon
Under guard as an enemy of the U.S.A.
No one of We The People for you gonna pray
Cuz your treachery and lechery already reach skies
Everyone already heard them same old lies
Bathe your feet in the blood of our sons
To increase y’all’s funds
Gettin’ caught red-handed under the gun
Fit to be branded Public Enemy #1
Bribing everyone who shares your disgraceful ways
To lengthen your face full in a spotlight daze
Nobody in their right mind want anymore nowadays
Feds selling products in a Chinese Maze
Leaving citizens working in a Vanity Craze
Think it well nigh time to return to American Ways
My brethren, we’re commanded to love not kill
For the thrill of push come to shove; you know the drill
Gotta find a better way to give a Nation
On permanent vacation another new and improved sensation
Under substance control rules you think to reach your goal
Of world thought domination? Without zero consideration
For freedoms of any or many nor the rights of all?
You think you a leader ’cause you grant
Rights to some and then take the same away?
Behold, Weeder, ’tis written, Crime don’t pay
And them drugs y’all prescribe be just a gateway
As sure as you hide in the dark and hate the light of day
We The Patients and Prisoners bound to find a way
Or seek something more effective in an ‘illegal’ way

Like I say
Easy as planting weeds and waiting on May Day
“May Day! May Day! What’s going down?”
Hay day! It’s Pay Day all over town!
Drop it like it’s hot!
And flee from the spot
In a New York Minute
Your prize is in it
Your Lot
Lurk underground
Come from underneath and
May be found
‘Pon every Cult member’s door
Like an X-mas wreath and
Like the history of war,
We go round and round
Ratt tell you why
They don’t have wings and
Cannot fly
But crawl, creep and peep
And always squeak
When told to ‘tell a lie’

Like Georgie-Porgie who loved Cherry Pie
Know he never lopped no tree
But had a pretty
Garden full of Ganja Of which I warn you
If you get caught with, they’ll adorn you
With cuffs and links to an
Underground World Wide Web
Rastafarian Mary Jane How Now Cow

Run this Corps de Bread and Circus
From down below Zero
And She work us
Until our hearts done froze
And as ye might suppose
Died waiting for that Hero
Who spun this web so One
Would never come nor arrive
Nevertheless, reliable witness still strive
Kept digging until they hit rock bottom where we find
Our Faith does keep Us alive
Though a righteous man fall seven times
He still won’t Jive
Only turncoats drop dimes
And so We The People Dive
In deep and Cry out to the L-RD
With all our heart, mind and strengths
Who be quick to answer them what Believe and Give Thanks
For what We receive
The sensation
Of Elation
Instantly, Our heart and soul’s burden
The L-RD doth relieve quite certain
Makin’ all Light as a Feather
Blown through fair weather
And we floats as Hopes in a Day Star
Rise in our hearts

All in boats and even Popes see a May Star
As drawn in carts
We reach our desired haven
No need to cave in
To a five star General with an illicit cravin’
For insuring his lot will never go to pot
And be forced to join those who have not
But here’s what’s really queer

He done started getting ill-y there
And oughta know better a heart in despair
React rightly to a Knightly Affair

Hear how it work for an NOI
Nigger Of Ingratitude
Near berserk to share attitude
“We don’t give no thanks
You know what I’m saying?
Keep dirty money in your banks
Dope interest be paying
For my Uzi and my skanks
You know they be braying
NOI come straight outta
The Pit with no delaying
Ain’t got no call to repent
No need for praying
We be Hell sent and exact our way in
Your society, which been good to me
Even hire me to cause more straying
In prison all my homies sick of staying
No we break out like a fire
Snake out and build an Empire
Burn up your Day Star and leave
Every Knave gent in a dark, dark night
Of a Cave Just for spite
None lay in bed
But instead
Kissing pavement
Hark, hark! Right?
Know what your shave meant
I slaughter like a cave sent ghoul
Now that your bones be fraying the
Edges of your mind
I know your Jones be saying give another
Wedge of your Kind
Never know at what instant I arrives
With none at all of that old school Jives
But you’ll know for sho’ why I thrives
Annihilate your country, colors and lives
We of mind dark as Murder Incorporated
Used to be emancipated, then we was segregated but now we aggravated
And it all your fault
You all let me in
When you made a covenant with sin
Ha! what you know? We win!
‘We in the White House!’
With Old Mickey Might Mouse
And whether we losing or winning
That ain’t my point
We just mad hella bent to get
Niggers out of your Joint
Dumb white ass cops
Think they better than we
We done raise more crops
Than anyone in the country
Wusses wear more armor than the military
Hypocrisy the grave y’all dug
Don’t blame me, I’s straight up Thug!”


“A riot is the language of the unheard.” MLK Jr.

Who planted them tares, then set them snares, To plunder from under? Well, gee, I wunder?

If the Law don’t make equal, it’s just a sequel of that which ought not be repeated, If We Saw our Lot made equal, it must Be a prequel of that thought ought to Be Reseeded.


“Troddin’ through San Juan in the arms of America..” Bob Marley


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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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