The United Stakes of HaShem


The Collective Consciousness may be separated or divided into two parties or modes of thought and consequential behavior and therein defined and refined: 1) Those who remember what happened in history personal and collective and, 2) Those who are told what to remember whether it happened or not, may be supported by evidence or witness or not, in truth or falsehood and delusion prevailing or more exactly, whether the Spirit of Truth confirms it as meaningful and essential or not.


Sadly, the majority often outweighs the minority and are of the latter mold and hold these falsehoods as self evident with militant ignorance and baseless hatred for all opposed.

These two groups are obviously opposed to one another and contrary, yet I believe God intended them to be otherwise and rather complimentary and cohesive or cooperative, as in priesthood service, one hand washes the other. And when, in better historical proofs, such as the Bible, men are commanded to take heed to their ways and walk in obedience, we are able to rise above petty differences and the carnal, fallen self, overcoming differences and contentions by way of Unity and Accord found in and through Faith in the Divine and in Devotion thereto as heirs or as debtors, which makes space for the absurd and irrational to be entertained and/or entertaining, through which we may find some semblance of harmony even in chaotic, less than favorable circumstances and atmospheres plaguish or confining.


As The Band and The Little Drummer Boy that dropped dead beats, We The People follow the beat of a different drummer so as to bring joy out of sorrow and solace out of weariness and confusion of heart.


Whereas birdsong may be trusted and distinctly telling, as well as consoling and oft times beautiful to the ear; in the other ear,  the music created by mankind can destroy the heart and soul of a divine being, annihilating its sense of harmony with the world within and without – both a harmony one may create and one may not, yet nevertheless play a part in with all the skill and purpose of the grandest composer or conductor ever lauded and loved by Creation Itself for the gift of a graceful harmony that unifies, reconciles and accords peace. In the same ear, music can lead or mislead the foolish and unlearned to homicidal  and suicidal certainty and turn a good note into the sourest, permanently scaring conscience, altering mindset, depressing spirit, body and soul, creating a cacophony of noise as meaningless as it may be toxic and tragic or deadly.


To my amazement and sorrow many turn up the volume in the latter case so as to drown out the meaning of life and its blissful, soul enhancing sounds. Destroying the soul of rhyme and reason simply because one couldn’t keep the beat or harmonize with the living music of Creation. In death there is only silence, but in dying there may be a lot of miserable, depressing – deadly in its affects – so-called music written and composed that may be equated with the murmuring of the perishing Israelites of the wilderness generation who, because misery loves company, would have done anything to discourage, infect and destroy the will of their fellow Israelites yet to be born even and keep them from entering into the Promised Land and Rest Glorious.

1 Chronicles 6:31b

1 Nephi 24:3-7

Isaiah 14


So it was and has been  from Age to Age, Generation to Generation, Heaven to Hell and back again as many times as Christ may have been crucified from the foundation of the world.

Worth it?

In the long run, probably not. Often those who have the ability to hear have no idea what a blessing it may be and how cautiously it ought to be guarded against evil influences.

A beautiful voice may lead many into a trap and snare most hateful in consequence without leaving a trace of the evil intention stirring it to give utterance to beguiling melodies. And so, in all cases, it is necessary to “try the spirits”(1 John 4:1).


The most subtle creature used nothing but its voice and the power of suggestion and doubt to destroy the entire creation and curse the land unto Adam’s seed forever.


Only the Word of God may deliver anyone from captivity, oppression and death. The still small voice (1 Kings 19:12) is the only voice we should be willing if not eager and ardently devoted to hear. But mankind in our arrogance and pride, shut our ears and shake our fists at the Heavens because God interrupts our day with a voice of love and warning?


Perhaps the most instructive sounds or words we may hear on the subject begin with the Psalmist who was wont to sing the songs that at one time thrilled his heart with Holy Ardor (Psalm 137), unto a profusion of thanksgiving and praise, inspiring meditation most solemn, blissful and altogether lovely, Heavenward and in Harmony both beneath and above and yet distinctly Jewish though Universal in consolation and reward; The One L-RD and His Servant. Israel by fulfilling the Scriptures, making all things One in Rapture (Psalm 22:28).


But now more than ever, the Spirit of the L-RD has ceased to strive with many, both Jew and non-Jew, and Israel is overwhelmed by enemies multifarious, both within and without, until the Faithful ones are taken captive and led away from homeland beloved, causing all, at one and the same time to reunite with their nomadic ancestors and way of survival because this is no homecoming to rejoice over yet nevertheless has its consolations.


The Spirit has ceased to strive with all but the very few and we may once again find no resting place or city of refuge, and all things fail us so that we have no options left but to sit in the dust and lament our loss, finding no consolation in the things that usually brought some semblance of joy and renewed confidence. God seems to have forsaken and rejected us and this is the only idea we must contemplate until we realize why and wherefore and receive the correction of chastisement we must, for the duration, continue to suffer. This in itself is rewarding but the pay off will not be immediately gratifying.


Long ages may seem to pass before we get the Point and discover the Message which we swore we had already understood and discovered and knew full well, even as the man in the mirror, but it may be that all are only guilty of adding sin to sin and the Great Transgression and have wrested the Scriptures to our own destruction, and have truly learned very little of the L-RD’s ways, thoughts and judgments which we may never be able to comprehend along with our predestined fate and end which we’ve striven so hard to coerce into doing our own wills.


Oh, my garments! I would to rend ye! But shall forbear and shed a tear for the pretender. May the L-RD make him Be; HaShem make him Be!

In other words, The L-RD uses every situation and circumstance, every trifling little detail and nuance to shape His Creation as He sees fit and none may resist His Spirit or overrule His Will. The things that stir up Almighty devouring wrath may seem small and inconsequential indeed to the understandings of men, but every trespass counts, every heart matters, every broken vessel deserves its season of mourning and every lost soul its Redeemer and day of recompense and reckoning  – even if the Way of Salvation be ‘hid’ from our senses, the Savior sees all and the Spirit searches all and not one of His Chosen will be lost in the final aftermath.

All who call upon the Name of the L-RD will be saved (Joel 2:32).


Pesach is coming, let Us prepare ourselves to celebrate Freedom!


About barzdovg666

I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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