F.O.B.I. (FearOfBeingIncluded)


An anti-supernatural view of reality is super narrowing and confining. Is it any wonder so many Americans seem to have lost their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? We privilege ourselves only to limit ourselves seven times more than we may have intended to improve our freedom, ending with a despoiled and desperate struggle to maintain structure and order according to regulations that confine and narrow our choices ever more each day; ending up living in the same reality in our old age that we started with in our elementary years, Watson.

“When the community is in trouble…involve yourself in the community’s distress.” (Talmud Ta’anit 11a )


Escape From Vanity-Ville Horror

Putting Quacks and Bullshit artists out of the business of ruining the commonwealth and free enterprise of a Divine Republic needs to become an all out war or matter of full time employment for more than could otherwise find a dime on the street to collect on and invest in our Uncommon Wealth.


Humanism 101 and the humanities so-called have little or nothing to do with legitimate sociology or a genuine study of the human race. It is a networked strategy and decision making process of precise logic and fact omission of all that may make We The People a United populace tending alway toward money raking at the expense of said United populace and its success in anywise at anything other than a profit in idolatry that amounts to zero for all and all for zero.
At an early age, citizens born in the U.S. of A. are manipulated by a system many times destroyed and remade or redesigned to destroy the will and thought processes of the righteous which are thereby delineated and divided according to the will and want of the enemy within and without.

The wicked are very hard workers when they must be and one might even say conscientious and lawful but the dead give away or where the scheme all falls apart is when peered into or investigated by the righteous servant of G-d, who with the glance of G-d’s eye or Holy Torah magnified may discredit generations of labor done in vain and discern that it is all ever and alway to the prosperity of the wicked who employ the abominable and the outcast, or people who would not be permitted to enter the congregation of the righteous, bravest, free who founded this nation at divine liberty.


To our credit/merit, it has taken the wicked many generations of education so-called and investment willingly pilfered and wasted with much labor in vain to completely destroy all that once was beautiful, edifying, uplifting and inspiring freedom turned into a quagmire of rat and toad infestation wherein idols grant complete madmen, morons, and seven times sinful competitors the right and privilege of gambling with or otherwise negotiating with the devil’s captives over how they and We The People may be duped, robbed and invested in according to the greed for control and glory which is really the ultimate loss and shame in destroying with hateful precision and fee all that is supposed to be brave and free. One may not earn the fee unless one agrees to play a game one may not win nor fight a good fight when not but with evil may you unite.
It’s been a long war, which when the righteous gain control or at least hold sway, is at least somewhat bearable and even enjoyable for the seasons and a time all too brief. But when the wicked reign there is no space nor way for freedom to occupy and accomplish what freedom was granted We The People to accomplish-a Dream Divine, a redemption/liberation of the Creature, life from the dead, salvation for all mankind which is a strictly Jewish Phenomenon we’re chasing or are after and when we stray from the Way, we lose souls, contribute to our own economic collapse and convey distrust and rebellion in all we do and say; wasting instead of investing in probationary time always dwindling in which to labor, rest, and rejoice in a free Gift. B’H’!


The American Dream

The rebel’s game is fairly simple and easy to play but deadly and stupid in consequence alway.
The powers that be feign drama that disheartens and excites oppressive and rebellious imaginations and debases all but the lowly, wretched and bitter who they take with ease and make pawns in cages of reality’s wherein all may be infected and make contagious all the more playing space with the plague of democratic depressions, capitalistic corruption and metro political miasma…Until, one by one the once freemen fall as dominoes or bowling pins set up for to be knocked down and out. Though some may be reset, a lesson ought be learned and a pastime, waste of time left behind for all time.
Because therein, everyone’s choice is a sin unto death or else sit back and watch the devil’s entertainment.

“When an individual is no longer a true participant, when he no longer feels a sense of responsibility to his society, the content of democracy is emptied. When culture is degraded and vulgarity enthroned, when the social system does not build security but induces peril, inexorably the individual is impelled to pull away from a soulless society. This process produces alienation—perhaps the most pervasive and insidious development in contemporary society.” ~MLK

Before he knows what’s what, the righteous man intending to do good or at least no harm in a nation brave and free is surrounded by foes all knave and fee; which fee is no wage lawful and a reason awful to wage war against any man who supports the same.

Psalm 44:12 Thou sellest Amecha (Thy People) for a mere nothing, and art not enriched by their price.

Our failure is always the devil’s increase, as in Egypt…


If, however our failure means increase for the Goy, how much more shall their and our full inclusion mean or bring but life from the dead and riches for all (Romans 11:12). Foreign grafts may even merit Torah portions as reward, even unto all who aforetime knew nothing of Torah and even hold it as unnecessary and abolished. How wonderful the realization that Torah is the only key that unlocks the mysteries of G-d from the beginning to the end and that through the Gospel is opened a Way for every nation, people and tongue to partake and be persuaded to receive freely the wealth and never ceasing stream of life that flows from the same well which our Father’s Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the nobles did help to dig with their own staves and rods, (Bamidbar/Numbers21:17-20), but forgat when turned unto no-gods.


In time, the people’s own labor and success and failures therein may discover there own unique portion of Torah to carry into action or sow the seed thereof in the world, fulfilling the commandment and vow; and all at once reaping the harvest both seen and unseen and the reason they were failing or succeeded to any degree in anywise thus far.

Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest (John 4:35).

First being last and last first, with the end result or folly being few chosen, but many saved to differing extents.

Submitting, as it were, to G-d’s Righteousness, making nothing of our individual selves but very much of our citizenry in the L-RD’s Zion- pure in heart- with Heaven on Earth, we endure all things, hope all things, etc. Knowing this One Truth above all is of greatest importance:

G-d is Love.


This love is not the deluded, silly or stupid often erring and desperate passions of men but the sure and steadfast perfect peace, perfect regard, perfect comprehension and its accompanying action, thought, word and deed all flowing from One Source Eternal – Havayah.

The remarkable and total failure of We The People is ironically what brings about our Greatest Success(es). History is all the more rich because of great failures – which in too many instances, the lies, tales of woah and overcompensation of deed or monetary reward (bribe) do not equal in value or worth that overcoming and restoration of men and women (if we are to be gender equal or whatever the malignant trend, fashion and opinion of the day may be), for it truly doesn’t matter when we are all, at best, truly vile creatures, unworthy of the Gift of Life itself, which we all too often hasten to prove factual as quickly as we may, no matter how many opportunities granted nor victories won, successes enjoyed. We The People never do realize our true potential until we experience our lowest and most wretched state of humiliation and begin to ask G-d, “Why?”


Then may we be given ears to hear the seraphic strains of the Psalmist as he sings of the L-RD’s great love and tender mercies toward the vilest of sinners and most wanting of debtors. (Psalm 8:5 You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor).


It is often only in depraved states of poverty and Unity in humiliation that men realize the greatness of G-d’s condescension toward the children of men and their own heart’s wickedness unforgivable.

Yet…He forgives all this and more.


Quite frequently a man must know what it feels like to be utterly destroyed of his own sins and foolishness before HaShem may find any use for the dust and clay he may be and mold something of a man out of what may have been not but a broken and marred vessel in His Hands. I would think that whoever endures being thus humiliated and yet does not give up hope and faith, nor blame others, nor charge G-d with wrong doing; and instead finds the true enemy to be the evil inclination in himself or that which holds him captive, adding misery to his affliction, frustration to his error, hurt to his insult, etc. This is the man to whom G-d may look and use to make come off the true victor and conqueror by His Grace in the war of Good vs. Evil, Heaven vs. Hell, G-d vs. Fallen Creation and its chosen leader, Death Itself. Vanity is a stronger foe than many realize.

The deaf, dumb and blind may perceive the Way Hidden and fear the One we should fear so as to overcome the adversary much better than they with eyes, ears, a voice and skills and abilities many working and living constantly in error, heeding no warning, able to save not themselves nor others, nor produce even a breeze pleasant in due season for all the hard blowing and puffing they achieve.


Isaiah 26:18 We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth wind; we have not wrought any deliverance in the earth; neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen.

With all the wars the U.S.A. boasts of having fought and won, in its comparably short history (1776-2015?) one might think us a nation of valiant giants, whom amongst the ranks of, the feeblest and most worthless does take his daily share of the prey/spoils of the enemy.

But, unfortunately, it is very infrequently the reality we feel here in the homeland of the brave and the free, yet in the most important ways, it is fulfillment of some of the most important of scriptures.

Psalm 147:9-11 He giveth to the beast his food, and to the young ravens which cry. He delighteth not in the strength of the horse: he taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man. The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.


Isaiah 66:2For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the Lord: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.

Liberty, Unity, the privilege of citizenship do not come from acquisition and insurance, stored wealth of vaunted power; but from the humble, ennobling experiences shared, and the love of Liberty in its purest sense, even that of Divine Liberty which comes from HaShem alone. This lost, we may as well pack it in and prepare for hell, which I guess is what our emergency preparedness and even operation homeland security has been all about; all for the sake of those who lack Faith in G-d and does little to increase anyone’s security, sense of well-being and shared abundance again of those gifts and rewards G-d alone may bestow.


And so, to some extent, perhaps even a grand extent the government operations during the Gulf War, Terror War, Drug war, etc., are really only efforts to control the same and make a profit off of the people’s loss, who are not made secure nor enjoy much of anything like freedom and abundance.

Ecclesiastes 1:17-18 And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit. For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

Faith increases joy and safeguards or secures wonder and miracle that all the nations combined cannot produce and/or instill in the grateful heart of a believer whose blissful soul may be filled with the rapture of G-d within. This alone convinces even heathen to convert:

Acts 26:27-29 “Agrippa HaMelech, do you believe in the Nevi’im? I have da’as that you do believe.” And Agrippa said to Rav Sha’ul, “You think, do you, that as quick as that you can make me mekabel Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach?” But Rav Sha’ul said, “I would daven that Hashem, quickly or not, might make not only you but all listening to me today as I am, apart from these sharsherot (chains).”

Chains seem the price of citizenship today as in the Empire Romanesque, and for Americans to be thus treated or to thus treat one another is blaspheme of our right and due freedoms and liberties.

Again, as Solomon points out about, the mind, once stretched beyond its taken for granted capacity; the constitution of man or mettle of a valiant man, once tried and molded unto greater ability or capability, will never again be the same nor satisfied with the same old song and dance. Indeed, it must needs sing a new song unto the L-RD, for the realization that we are marvelously and wonderfully fashioned beyond our own capacity to understand, but not too insensible not to be ungrateful for and rejoice therein.


This newness of being as described in the gospel has never more had need for Holy Torah. For without such it may no longer appreciate the wonder and joy of Creation’s Bounty, and mutiny may ensue.

Man grows restless for more and more experiences that first induced or brought about a change, broadened a thought, increased a ‘learning muscle’, indulged a pleasing sensation, as a drug or dangerous feat or a life threatening experience overcome or survived may. The irony being, it was Torah that first made the experience possible for any or many and worthwhile for all, as unto profit and prosperity mutual, and only within the Torah’s boundaries, will a man or a woman’s ability and capacity for growth unfold without limits or lessening one’s original appreciation for Life, Joy and the Gift of Being G-d’s Child. This, if ever lost, all else becomes as dung and life is no longer worth it, and all abundance, increase and the toil thereof accounted loss or plague. And this frustration may work both ways when men become indolent and ungrateful and spurn life and love and godliness and seek to destroy the hopes of believers and the capacity for G-d to work within His own Creation, which may be the best definition of the devil’s work extant.

Psalm 78:41 Yes, again and again they tempted G-d, And limited the Holy One of Israel.

Praise G-d! We are never so far gone that we can’t return to Him.

Anyone who has no need of Him is poor, wretched and damned indeed…Zevenfold.

But for all those willing, the Kingdom is Come and there’s much work to be done. Grant us our portion in Your Torah! Even so, Dayenu…


Romans 12 ~ diametrics of a New Israel Congregation.

I’ve said before I thought the LDS Church set apart for or chosen to receive authority to baptize. I’ll reconfirm and reaffirm that opinion here and now and add that I think the SDA Church is due greater honor and reward for Her greater gifts of healing and praying for and anointing the sick, or authority in the ministry of healing.

Chassidus(t) and similar sects should combine under one head and or ‘king’ for themselves and with their gifts and portions of Torah being varied and profound in searching out the revealed and unrevealed HaShem through Sage Wisdom, Oral Torah Traditions, Talmud and Mishna study, Yeshiva, Shul and Synagogue performances and duties many; both davening for and digging up deep mysteries of HaShem in as many sources as they may produce and provide for all, HaShem willing.

The ancient sect of the Nazarene, never out of style – with more members than may ever congregate in a single assembly …School of the Prophets indulging in the study of ancient prophecies and how to nurture the gift in future and present day seers, prophets, etc.

Nephites or Neophytes for Gospel and Book of Mormon study and translation even as the above Chassidus sects may the ancient and Sacred texts, or as Jews in general would regard and learn from Holy Torah; Sacred Directions for Life (Proverbs 6:21-23; 7:2-3). Which could be considered the first school of the disciples, of whom Josephites may be pre-eminent.

Even as Abrahamic Intuition may be considered the Father of Religion/Judaism may be the real or first Head of Chassidism.

And now for the Ishmaelitish folk who desire to feel included as sons of Ishmael blessed of Abraham, who must convert to Judaism through brotherhood or because of being brothers with Isaac.

Even as Esav would be permitted to enter the congregation after so many generations.

Imagine if Esau had gained the blessing that was for Jacob? Rome would have been built in a day, so to speak because Romans would have been instantly born and forced to conquer to quell the violence and lawlessness that would have been the heartbeat of Edomite ‘civilization’ and Germanic Vandals would soon rule the world.

‘Islam’ may equal the same, as something of a way of survival of outcasts, but such does not amount to a Living Religion.

And so, all Goy must convert, including but not limited to but perhaps most importantly ‘Christians’ so-called who were never granted authority to start or claim a new religious movement. All must convert to Judaism to be ‘saved’ etc.


John 12:40 He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.

Thus, together all nations, tongues and peoples etc. may become Jews of the heart’s conversion and establish Zion or the Kingdom of HaShem through Belief or Faith in Y’shua HaMashiach, the King of the Jews.

Priest craft has taken on as many hats as the faithful may have ever created and enjoyed sporting and wearing throughout fashion’s history.


But as for Islam and Christianity – one seemeth to me an hat full of hate and the other a bag full of bait, and if these two continue to combine as or according to the popular script and current trend or fashion in society may be urging, all is lost, as neither so-called religion knows much about nor how to use the Name by which we all may be saved. Both Christianity and Islam seem mostly founded on blaspheme of the Name or at least ignorance of the Name.

Xtianity should be defined and experienced as the decision of a Gentile heart to convert to Judaism or a strong over-powering desire to become ‘Jewish.’


HaShem is not only the Name of the G-d of the Living but exclusively so, who also creates the Destroyer, Waster and Implements of Havoc to perform His strange acts and His alien Design.

Only obedience to Holy Torah, or if you have already gone astray, at the very least calling upon this Name for mercy and deliverence may save endangered souls.

As for putting souls to work, employment, making a living out of Life, a good leader should be all we need and one who leads by example best suited for …eventually. If We The People lead, leaders should become unnecessary as duct tape in the Garden of Eden.


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