Deo Volente Part I


Since my brethren worldwide and the few of like mind and caliber, including but not limited to, elected officials in both high and low places of officiousness seem perplexed and much moved to offer their opinions and ideas about the dilemma of lack or want of any definite and concrete immigration policy and any solution thereto largely from standpoints and situations unfamiliar and unaware of the impact and damage already done and suffered by an mostly unknown and unrepresented majority of our nation’s citizens, who for generations have both nobly and ignobly, through impatience and patience, long-suffering and much complaining and murmur sometimes leading to inappropriate lashings out against the powers that seem to be oppressing We The People and in many cases may in ignorance be said to be doing precisely that; I thought it not presumptuous nor unwarranted to suppress my opinions and delineate some important truths and facts upon the subject at hand deemed suggestively, “the problem of immigration” which if rightly addressed and construed might be better said to be the solution of immigration as it may always have been.

At the earliest stages of our nation’s growth and prosperity, immigration lawful and rightly managed became the very life spring of necessity to be grateful for and an opportunity lasting and likewise to be thankful for in helping a nation of strangers find an safe haven beloved in which to labor, live, prosper and discover the joys of belonging to a theocracy bent on maintaining a way of life that offered more chances for success, happiness and harmony to take hold and inspire a united populace dedicated to upholding and enabling a united Republic whose foundations, based in Holy Torah awareness were immovable and steadfast; whose fruit manifested itself in the resultant life, liberty and justice for all deserving sons and daughters of the kingdom of G-d on earth as it may be in heaven – even extending unto the heathen nations opportunities and privileges such as they should never have known but may have dreamed of one day enjoying even in a vicarious way or from a spectator’s point of view; this being more than many or all may be worthy to receive- Citizenship in Zion.


Unfortunately, the Republic did not stand the test of time and for lack of trust, faith, and the lack of self-governance proper within the members of the party, it became subject to blame, ridicule, criminality, selfish service, covetous representation and ultimately a Democratic takeover due to its own sins and trespasses against We The People ensued, yet not necessarily eradication of the problems and weak links within the framework that preceded or was born, or rearranged and added or subtracted thereunto thereafter.


I suppose, in truth, the Great Republic was doomed from the outset, choosing for its mascot and representative figure the unclean bird of prey or eagle as its emblem of strength and longevity, whose power when rightly construed as biblically inspired, might be said to be legitimate, but left to its own devices, when as Scripture wrested for the purpose of serving or even representing beast or man, looses all significance and connection with the meaning and measure of Holy Writ and Its power to save, unite and protect a people convinced and comparable in every way to the People of the Book.

In other words, G-d’s own peculiar possession, the proverbial and covenanted We The People of the United States of America.


Furthermore, let me just put forth the notion to be held in revulsion or admiration, that when it comes to matters of such import as governing an entire nation or people so as to influence in a positive manner the entire world, I choose as a matter of necessity to be an elitist and perfectionist of otherworldly inspiration divine and hold to the principle that it is never permissible for myself or others striving to enter the kingdom to fail to meet or be held accountable for any such failure that turns to the right or to the left of the Way imparted to all nations, with an eye single and particular on those who received willingly and adamantly that Same, or the Chosen and Beloved Jewish nation of G-d’s own creating for the purpose of inspirationally representing Him among the nations as a Light and Standard bearer of whose chosen congregation certain among the nations and most importantly an accursed thing, person, or nation was never to be permitted to enter nor represent in any way fashion or form without having met certain and numerable convert obligations and continued therein thereafter.


Accordingly, restoring the Republic was, is and shall forever be the only legitimate course of action and agreement for We The People to abide and support. Democratic ideas, notions, aspirations and implemented solutions have their right and due place but it is never at the Head of government because they represent for the greater part the either body willing or in apostate rebellion against the Head of We The People, chosen of G-d and not of man, much less of beast; especially when in majority rule.


More to the exact point and issue at hand, to keep from getting out of hand; that of immigration choices, solutions, laws, etc.; let me state, for the record, that I believe the very notion of reformation in any given context, to be a lie and that no lie is of the Truth it has been written by inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

On the other foot, I believe very much in the necessity or better said duty of restoration and that without the same of, for and by We The People United’s consent there can be no progressive movement that isn’t a blind leading the blind scenario, a veritable clamoring after a train wreck or last fateful launch of lemmings agreed and thereby doomed to suffer the consequences of so hateful a conspiracy’s cultish covenant with death may prove.

Anything worth our mutual respect, admiration, allegiance, blood, sweat and tears at the small beginnings of our new nation is the same and only thing which shall prove worthy at the end or renewal and at every point throughout every generation and era We The People may bleed, perspire and cry over and work through each and every G-d granted and created day we may enjoy under the sun and employ toward and until Kingdom Come.


The point I am deftly (?) avoiding getting to is an important one I assure you, but because it is likely to be misunderstood and misconstrued as bigoted, biased, racist, chauvinistic, etc., is one I am Scripturally taught and instructed to introduce as humbly and meekly as I may. The only thing that keeps me from being entirely so is the amount of opposed treachery and feigned political correct nonsense as has all but destroyed the Soul of America during the past few administrations swaying between bribes and for the most part standing miredly fixed or still for G-d knows how long in our Nation’s Capitol, House and Senate, Pentagon’s Pandering, Halls of Justice or injustice, and Courts of law or treasonous agreement and ill-decision making across our Great and Storied Nation of heroes and heroines; the greatest and least of which have never joined in armed enforcement of any sort nor considered oppression or fellows and countrymen a due means to an end popular but seven times as presumptuous and pompous as proud self-serving men and women may be especially if and when they have to suffer a single day’s selfless service toward others or sacrifice a moment’s time doing anything they don’t agree with much less enjoy, being wholeheartedly envious and hateful toward any they are at the very least called to love even as themselves, their neighbors and even strangers alike; all to enjoy One rule of Law and Way of Life- fair, equitable, just and enjoyable for One as for all.


All else seems to me envy, delusion, bigotry, hate, revenge, confusion and chaos veiled as tolerant rights seeking for privileges and things; to express ideas that do not or should not exist except for our mutual love of being lied to and escaping reality through fantasy. Harmless until it becomes powerful enough to be of great harm, such as Hollywood or Spiritual Babylon may be at its Zenith; which uses delusion, its supposed cure or solution in psychology or psychiatry, the illicit use of law and regulation ordered and set in motion by treason and trespass multiplied by economic unfairness or better termed lunacy to despoil and disown citizens who were in truth doing all they may and more to cope and abide as lawfully as possible in a context in which law enforcement agencies have more or greater respect unto criminals hardened by experience than they may have ever had possessed the capacity to enjoy making any space safe and secure for patriotic, law abiding citizens slowly but surely losing all hope in obtaining and maintaining the Promise of the American Dream fulfilled for One and all.


And whereas the majority of Americans have no interest in even observing much less participating in our world from a sane, much less godly point of view or perspective, it’s important to note that those striving to have a hand in or control whatever stance America finally decides to take on immigration are likely for the greater part capitalistic oppressors with an interest in slave management, rights and rewards for the benefit of the rich, idolatrous, lazy consumers the majority have become. It’s mob rule as usual and the great idealistic dream of becoming a beacon of Hope and Liberty unto every nation, tribe and people is swept further under a carpet pulled out from underneath One and all, with a last and most tragic “ta-dah and toodle-oo”.

Perhaps it is no more than a necessary passage of time we must endure while the evil and equally stupid mob of miscreants hold sway for a final season of desperate and cowardly criminal reasoning and activity on both side of a coin worthless.

Time, another fantastic, mostly unrealistic notion, shall have to tell. Meanwhile, the Mission Statement of We The People changeth not-

“Save We The World.”


More to come…

Deo Volente

deo volente

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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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