Happy Thanksgiving

For Country & Quill


In November each day makes me
Late the next morning
As the world my L-RD seems
Lavished with majesty remiss
to retire
An Majesty for which all souls
Do aspire


What joys untold are about
To unfold as in Winter our loves
and joys do slumber


O Promise of Spring yield desire
Lay down Her head full and retire
Wheel awaken dreams without number
When all Springs anew every Wonder


For Country and Quill
All are under
One Covenant, One Dream, One Night
One People, One Right, One Fight


And when ye strive for any height
Ye must strive with all thine might
Yet heart and soul remain contrite
‘Tis the L-RD for thee
Thy Battles doth fight
While ye hold thine peace in bliss delight


Young Merry Gentlemen
Be very gentle when
To the Priesthood…Priesthood
Of Londonshire
Shalt thy soul
Shalt thy soul
Alone aspire
For in none but She
Doth Our L-RD Retire
Ye, in none but She
Doth Our L-RD Retire
All ye, all ye of Olde Israel’s Fount
Arise, Climb, Ascend Olde Israel’s Mount


Bring full amount
And account
For all thine years abroad
Return and relearn
The Ways Of G-d
Return and Enrich Olde Israel’s Sod
Bring no bull
Yet be full
‘Ere ye arrive
Be legit, it is writ
“With the L-RD
Ye shall not strive”
And if ye bring a bull or what amount
Pay in full
Let thine heart
Not be grieved

14 - 1
Yea, be a cheerful giver
He’ll thine soul deliver
Thine Heart He’ll releave
Of all burden, worry and strife
Unto Him thou owest all thine life
To the L-RD and His Christ
Evermore thou shalt cleave
And receive what
This mind cannot conceive
Nor eyes believe or see
A soul set free as
thine shall Be!


Glory, Glory His Majesty!
Settest at Perfect Liberty!
From sin!
From Pain!
From Misery!
By the Sweet and Blissful touch
Of Divinity!


When all thy ways
Sanctified with an Holy Kiss
Shall prosper ye in He
In Him ye are most certainly
With Purest Affinity
As Chaste
Full of Grace
As a soul may be


Welcome Home
Ye may roam
Both far and wide
As your Guide
You’ll Abide
In Peaceful Abode

old bridge

As part of the
Greatest Story Ever Told


About the
L-RD’s Only Begotten Fold
It is Finished!
It is Done!
We Are One!




About barzdovg666

I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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