Grants 4 Graces (Part II)


K, Let’s recap with a bit of a personal history preamble for the sake of coincidences telling…
My journey with HaShem of Hosts has been an impossible One to follow; very difficult, full of miracle and wonder; very costly and rewarding to many in as many ways as One may make possible; at the end of days should prove worth it in more ways than I may even realize at that time and certainly haven’t the understanding to comprehend now.

The Good News is I have experienced a lot of Scriptural fulfillment that the world around me seemed completely ignorant of but which the whole of humanity stands to gain from being a part of; meaning by way of restoring a Way of Redemption and Atonement for a lot more people than may be aware of the need of, cost of and/or possess an desire for; such would receive the benefits as a gift – free of charge which may fulfill the Will of a Compassionate and Merciful, Loving Creator for all mankind.

Exodus 33

Exodus 33

Even now it seems an otherworldly, ethereal experience that seems impossible to retrace, and that just as well except for certain moments and revelations.

I had no religious instruction when I was being raised or growing up as a child. In fact, I had very little parental guidance at all.
From an early age, I was left to myself and the result was often embarrassing and fruitless. As a plant not nurtured or cared for, I nevertheless grew to great stature in height anyway. But their was very little evidence of any growth spiritual and zero good fruit to show for it.
In 1994 I discovered G-d through Scripture by pure and random coincidence; a chance meeting when I came across an old Bible on a shelf of books that had apparently belonged to my mother but which she had all but discarded and all but left behind. Near the bookshelf in question was a cage in which we kept two white doves as pets that were with our family all our lives long and I had no idea why or wherefore we had them nor when we may have acquired them. They were always just there, taken for granted by me in my ignorance. Pets that later I mused may have been purchased as a redemption price for I or one of my siblings but never used in the ritual and thus of no avail or may have been kept in spite of the requirement or as a statement of witchcraft or Catholicism conversion. As a result, they lived very long lives in captivity and died of old age I think. Last I saw them was in 2004 when I was baptized by the LDS Church and excommunicated by many family, neighbors and friends, having to forfeit my home or place therein at the demand of a court order filed against me by someone who remains a mystery to me to this day and for reasons still wanting in justification.

At any rate, at the time I came across the Bible, I had already suffered from a suicide attempt and recovery, including three months in a comatose state from which I was raised as a new creation but just as ignorant of Scripture and G-d as I had been hitherto.

The Scriptures spoke very vibrantly to me; possessing a Life force I had not encountered before and presented Itself as a mystery within a mystery that could never be solved and seemed to have no end or beginning, and so without end of days nor beginning of years; defied my understanding and for a long time I would turn away and back again, pouring over and over the pages thereof for years after, as a struggle for my soul was waged by unseen forces as well as seen and beheld players in my life.
In 2004, thanks to some visiting missionaries from Utah mostly who spent several months convincing me to be baptized, in July of that year I was and after baptism gave myself over completely to the L-RD’s keeping; studying Torah and Judaism, fulfilling the requirements and rites thereof to the best of my ability wherever I found myself residing, mostly homeless after losing my home to the wiles of an enemy who still remains a mystery to me.

What I realized during this time is that the Spirit of G-d has very few friends and countless enemies in the world, although in a lot of cases it’s much the same story as my own and a case of ignorance rather than enmity I would like to believe. But there exist many haters of G-d to be sure!


As a student of Judaism, I reached the point of complete conversion I felt when I kept my fifth or sixth Sukkot or Festival of Booths or Tabernacles in the Autumn of 2009-2010 and realized that the Spirit is mostly rejected because Its misunderstood and people are not sufficiently taught how to rejoice in G-d, whether the fault be laid upon Jews, or Gentiles, or HaShem Himself, it is We The People who have turned away from Him and gone far astray after vanity and lies, cherishing in a lot of cases baseless hatred rather than agape love. Finding consolation and indemnity in things that separate us as a people rather than identifying with Him who created us all in His image, after His own likeness; male and female He created Us.
The Spirit reveals all truth about G-d and the Way or Holy Torah which is the only Guide into the mystery of His Being.
I also came to realize why the Jews are such a hated people, if not universally despised because their very Way of life reveals that they are G-d’s Chosen People and all others only use and abuse Him for their own worldly gain, advantage and power. But even this rebellion G-d uses to bring all nations to the realization of their lost and fallen state and that those who have helped them escape the calamity of death and hell to any degree have been the very people they have despised and hated, mistreated and all but destroyed from age to age for the incapacity to love others as G-d loves all.
Most of life is a selfish show of idiocy and stubborn, hardened ignorance in iniquity and its rewards forced upon babes in the womb of life which equals a Covenant with Death.


Isaiah 28

After that Sukkot, I have done my best to keep all of Torah, adding more and more unto my knowledge daily through life’s many experiences through an eye single unto His Glory. It is wonderful feeling yourself to be part of that fulfillment of the ‘Desire of the Ages’ at what may be nearer the end thereof than many realize. It is the best or only Way to live toward G-d.

When you realize these things and fully accept Him, it is very hard if not impossible to be angry with anyone, as it seems unfair if not tyrannical to be angry with anyone who is caught in an unfair situation, whether professed child of G-d, servant or rebel; none are very well suited or trained for this life of fulfillment and most meet with disappointment and sorrow as the result of the disaffection and hardening of soul that ensues as many try to escape to Life from Death, and as many as may are to be wondered at and marveled over. G-d must and does save in every situation and circumstance for His own Name’s sake and eternal purposes unknowable and unsearchable.

That is really the Jew’s only advantage and all else disadvantage to the same, with the exception of Gentiles who have saving Faith. But then, it is an erring Faith in need of instruction and deeds to become a perfect thing, requiring Jewish insight to solve the matter of mystery before us all.


If you experience a good day in life – praise G-d; if a bad day – praise G-d all the more! He has not yet utterly destroyed and cast off so there is always hope, faith and charity remaining to One as to all. Fear him who may destroy body and soul in hell, our current residence.

Doing things our own way, or the wrong way – even though we think or believe we act in faith – nevertheless, gives the enemy or satan a lot of power and influence in G-d’s Creation. Everyone needs to realize that HaShem of Hosts alone is Sovereign and no one else. Even satan has to play by rules and in order to frustrate him as we ought to, we must needs be exactly obedient and correct or at least authentically humble and penitent; admitting faults and praying with intent void of self for self and others to receive and experience G-d’s mercy and saving power.

Our enemy turns the world upside down otherwise which is the oldest trick in the Scriptures. The subtlest of all G-d’s creatures knows it all too well! To combat this trick and administer the anti-venom the ancients, sages, etc. devised what is known as the Oral Torah, thousands of years in the making and creating of, along with the proper use of G-d’s Name as a safe guard and test that overcomes in all cases and scenarios.

It is how the Jews, a tribe of desert nomads successfully built the first and second kingdoms in Jerusalem and first conquered satan and their enemies by studying Torah and the prophets and permitting the Holly Spirit to inspire and direct worship accordingly; which acts at One and the same time as weapon invincible and shield impenetrable unto victory most certain and assured.

It’s what I imagine the apostle Paul meant by “Let everything be done decently and in order…”  which is not but testing everything by the testimony sealed among the disciples or those who entered into a Covenant by sacrifice unto whom the Torah is a lamp and the mitzvah a Light shining in a dark place,  holding fast to every good thing they may find thereby.

There is a Spiritual science to it unknown to the world but very rewarding to those willing to learn; an exacting science worth more than gold or silver in riches mined throughout the generations. And its a growing experience that never ends for which the Spirit must needs have room and freedom to interpret Itself.


Otherwise, We The People, frustrate the Spirit and ‘limit the Holy One of Israel’ – satan’s chief trick.

The Spirit rightly known and experienced is intuitive and creative, but there exist an order to Its revelation; Its study and learning, school of the prophets, etc. The Oracles of G-d delivered unto the Fathers or Ancients from whom comes the structure of the Oral Torah and the science of instruction by revelation unto the sons and daughters of G-d.

In Light of the above revelation I have concluded that the very best part of my life was during my worst years of affliction and conflict, through which I studied Torah most earnestly, as my life depended on it and the fulfillment of, observance of rites and commandments beginning with Baptism in July of 2004 bringing me through impossible times and very much affliction and woe to the present hour, during yet another blessed Sukkot season following another High Holy Days observance most rewarding of all I have experienced to date because of the feeling of absolution for all souls involved and the hope that restoration and reconciliation may not be far from Us in this Sabbatical Year of 5775.

For the record, I believe salvation is of the Jews exclusively and all else is priest craft without exception, but that there exist many disciples outside the fold of Israel and the Twelve Tribes it is true.

For instance, though baptized by Mormons, I do not believe in Mormonism though I hold to a lot of their scripture, doctrine and covenant as holy writ. I believe the Saints have authority to baptize unto repentance as a portion of Torah specially set apart for them, over which they have been given particular authority through the merits of Ephraim and Joseph, as representing the greater of two priesthoods, Melchizedek and Levitical or Aaronic respectively. The latter enjoying the honor or enduring the indignation of carrying on the sacrificial system of priest work which the L-RD, in His wrath caused to continue even until and for the sake of the Third and Final Temple yet to be built where sacrifices may again be offered in righteousness.

Divisions, contentions, dissensions, and disputes etc., have led to loss of homeland, peace of mind and Spirit and Unity of Body, and bitterness over personal injury and loss may do a lot of harm collectively. Bitter roots may be quite the plague to those around them but may be the perfect method of dealing with infighting that can lengthen wars duration indefinitely and which no one enjoys the ramifications of nor wishes the responsibility of dealing with. Hard for everyone involved to deal with, and I think we do an exemplary job of it in America but there is always room for improvement and in this case the room is vast but jeopardizing and desolate for travel. There remains a great deal of corruption within the body politic which may benefit from a grand amount of down sizing; for the bigger the government is, the more opportunity it finds for milking itself dry and the Commonwealth is backhandedly served improper service void of justice for any much less all parties concerned. I think it is time we United as a One Party System and that of a Divine Right that has always shaped whatever we perceive our reality to be on the surface underneath or behind the scenes. G-d doesn’t change; and for the most part, though not to our merit, neither do we.

I should never have lost my home for example and still hope to someday be restored, but restored or no, by the same method of emptying out and laying on of afflictions many He has wrought a good work in me which I have faith He will bring to completion according to His Will, which I would never have been privy to otherwise. His Plan, though hard to figure most of the time, is the only plan worth considering and my faith in the same is rock solid. unchanging, immovable and a perfect thing in practice. By suffering much loss and affliction I’ve gained so much more than I ever imagined I would have otherwise in experience and wisdom, the greatest gift of all. All things really do work together for the good of those who love Him and whose numbers seem to be increasing daily, HaShem be praised!

I hate when noble or loving souls have to jeopardize their integrity  in order to survive, wage war, or make a living in this world, but the parable of the unwise steward should remind us how we ought and may help one another through hard times and out of them while having to answer to less than understanding, austere men who only care about the numbers = $$$.

One must endeavor to understand complete and utter insanity in order to do so these days. Hard times for the poor but their consolation is being rich in faith. When wealth and authority are put into the hands of unreasonable men and We The People are all as unclean, unwise stewards – the burden of creating a new economy is shared and wonderful things may follow as an outcome if we as a nation harken unto biblical precept and wisdom.

There is no debt we cannot overcome and no problem we cannot solve but that of the unwillingness to do so.

And so, in conclusion, I should like to state our three point mission as a nation under G-d indivisible:

1. Restore the Republic of America (Divine Right Party).

2. Build a Third Temple in the U.S.A. (while also restoring the old in Jerusalem).

3. Save the world’s souls from total destruction or complete annihilation and live happily ever after with Liberty and Justice for all…Kingdom Come.

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Grants for graces is like money for merits; a way of obtaining fresh mercy and strength from the L-RD for the graces and merits of renewed dedication in humility and contrition proper; even the contrite and broken heart of a truly penitent believer. People who put their trust in wealth or idols are truly worthless no matter what they may be able to do, perform, provide or obtain. If all our labor and talent, value and virtue are not spent upon the building up of Zion; G-d’s Kingdom for the redemption of mankind during the time remaining unto Spiritual Israel and the Nations being saved from the fall we may as well have never been born.

Whoever you are and whatever you may have the opportunity to do for others, add a consciousness of G-d to your thoughts and deeds and you will be part of accomplishing far more than you may ask for or imagine possible otherwise for both yourself and others in HaShem of Hosts.

Grow in Grace


Endeavoring to make too much possible for too many people is an American Handicap not a virtue or accomplishment listing to be obtained. Virtue remains with being satisfied with what you have or your portion in this life in whatever situation or circumstances you may have to endure and may only improve upon in the same context.

2 Nephi 26:30 For behold, thus saith the L-RD thy God: blessed are those who hearken unto my precepts, and lend an ear unto my counsel, for they shall learn wisdom; for unto him that receiveth I will give more; and from them that shall say, We have enough, from them shall be taken away even that which they have.

Presidential Prerogative = Performance Possible.

Anything that draws the individual away from self-ambition, satisfaction and esteem etc., is a positive rather than negative influence, no matter how absurd the outcome may seem at any given moment. To diminish self sufficiency, dependence and worth is the point. When all of self is emptied in the service of G-d through authentic care and service to others, the self is carried unto greater heights of exaltation unwittingly and must continue in the same or therein, shunning all reward, recognition, acknowledgement or even gratitude on the Way to perfection, glory and exaltation of the One Whole in which the least is greatest and the greatest the least, etc.

When leaders so-called have no idea what the poor and the needy, the afflicted and the bereaved, lost and lonely, etc. are experiencing they may in nowise lead said people out of the shambles and dire straits of poverty unto Glory of Nation in Common Affluence and shared Sacred Exaltation of Experience United.

The righteous suffer many afflictions because G-d cares for them and their Unity is His Prerogative.

Fulfillment of Scripture is more important than our life’s vanity. Few people realize this and as a consequence make a grand mess or ado about nothing, and give less and are grateful for even less of a Wonderful Gift imparted to all as One. Unity under G-d is not the desire of many Americans today and thus the pledge of allegiance and duty toward nation is lost and the content of our Constitution emptied out and wasted on people undeserving of freedom and right.

running fire

Atonement and forgiveness of sins is not really accomplished until the will to overcome the evil inclination is granted. Only you and G-d know the reasons behind why you transgress and it may not be evil at all in many cases that requires men and women to transgress in today’s world.

On the contrary, we owe much scriptural fulfillment to intentional transgressors warring against an even more perverse and corrupt humanity than might be born if all were to transgress all the time, and for the greater majority, that is just what the case is.

Nevertheless, all sin is lawlessness and requires atonement be made on behalf of the people which requires a Temple and Priesthood.

Temple and Priesthood

Yom Kippur is known as Judgment Day but I believe the time is extended unto Simchat Torah – when Israel celebrates the receiving of the Law of Moses or the Holy Torah in favor of lax transgressors who may be ignorant or remiss. Until then, and while we are celebrating Sukkot and rejoicing over the prospects of our newly found or granted freedom, clean slate and new opportunity undeserved and the Testimony that seals and guards the same against corruption and malfeasance or encroachment unlawful, the Heavenly Books remain open and the gods sit in Judgment or Court with HaShem of Hosts over them making the final judgments concerning the unfolding new year and the future of Israel of G-d’s Chosen on earth as it may be recorded in heaven and rewarded in the earth until Kingdom Come which it is our responsibility as His Chosen to bring to pass or fulfillment.

If there will even be a coming year and continuance of G-d’s Grace poured out for any and thus all in place of wrath.

It is to our shame that intentional transgression is often more to thank for accomplishing this end than is rigorous adherence to the Law but such is the case and G-d’s Ways and Thoughts are not as our own.

One never knows when the end may be but we are ripening for destruction.

I pray constantly for Salvation but one thing affects the other and there must needs be a final separation of the just from the unjust or the righteous from the wicked and that will not involve much of man’s agency or the powers that are at war in this world one with another but with the power of the Heavenlier interceding and interrupting men’s lives, bringing a sudden and final end to the drama we are dependent upon and all scheming and malignant willfulness of mankind likened unto Pharaoh’s permanently hardened or closed heart shall be disappointed.

And although satan will yet be granted his own dominion, it is one that has an end and wherein nothing is really allegiant to him, but just full of souls choosing other than allegiance to G-d. His kingdom will not stand nor will the wicked be permitted to ensnare the righteous at will anymore unto the confusion of face of all mankind.

Isaiah 29:20 For the terrible one is brought to nought, and the scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off:

It is not revealed precisely how G-d will extract the righteous from amongst the wicked, but it is enough for now that He exercises His power to protect the same in whatever circumstances they may be in.

I trust He will act when and how He intends to.

The wicked are not very smart or courageous, but are very cagey, manipulative, playful in a sadistic manner (carnal, sensual, devilish, etc.) and full of snares that confuse matters and frustrate methods just; mixing without regard for proper judgment the clean and unclean, confining righteous and wicked souls together for the purpose of undoing even the possibility of justice and destroying the affect of mercy. Boneheads and buttheads are in control at the moment so that it is a mess from head to tail and back again. But I trust HaShem.

My life has been sufficiently ruined by State and Healthcare interference and mismanagement of the Creature or Beast. Although, admittedly, under the circumstances, I’ve made choices that didn’t help matters. It is impossible to judge fairly and that is what the Creature favors because it may whitewash, hide intentions, and excuse illegitimacy at all levels, and many an abuse needful and necessary but entirely wanting in justification and proved unwise, wasteful and ill-concerned if not barbaric at times.

It’s a bully’s system that doesn’t really care about anyone. And for the record, some ‘bullies’ do care.

Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

While the powers that be make a grand charade of terrorism and heroism so-called; the wicked drag the righteous through one disaster area after another which their own covetous nature and wrong judgment and stupid counsels have created in the first place.

In the end, they quit all honorable and noble means to an end justifiable, tolerable and equitable, accept a bribe and relinquish control over whatever is no longer a viable investment for them anyway, claim it costs too much and abandon We The People to struggle and wallow in a mire they still plan to get paid for creating but are unwilling to accept blame or accountability for.

What they underhandedly took from we The People and themselves is the real cost and loss. They were broke to begin with, invested nothing of their own and made a killing which they try to justify by deluding all under the pretense of law and order that has no foundational structure nor Constitutional Right, just a Bill unpaid for and a People to blame for or therefore.

It is time and past due for our Lady Liberty to defend Her huddled masses and take up Her own torch of Liberty and makes some changes which involve employing some divinely appointed and ordained heads and bodies to restore and build up from foundation to crown a nation worth fighting, living and dying for.

Heaven smiles upon Her when She may employ the righteous and prosper thereby.

Our Nation’s True Glory does not have to Fade into oblivion and the system failing is not anyone’s fault really as much as it is everyone’s; which may make it difficult to judge and turn over a new leaf.

Fortunately for everyone involved there exists a rich history in America yet to be discovered and a richer Kingdom yet to be reared and established.

If the majority could be convinced to sacrifice a little imagination vain upon the altar of their own egos, we all might create the utopian society longed for by a minority perhaps that could bring the same to fruition for the whole and thus none would have to be cut off necessarily unless they chose to be of their own free will.

Isaiah 58:6 Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?

I like it when good people caught in bad situations prosper through endurance and wisdom shared that saves not only those trapped in the same system but may salvage, repair, and rebuild the same system itself by intently putting to work those G-d granted graces and talents that often result in miracle and meaning, adding to the Gift that much more of the same in as many ways as there are possibilities in G-d’s Creation. We (my generation) should have become the Generation that dismantled and eradicated corruption, demolished prisons and institutions like them and become as One a society of healing and reintegration into society members gone astray after false promises and empty dreams. Correction should be a simple matter exact and lasting for the reward of returning rather than straying still further off course. Punishment should always fit crime rather than enrich a system that has no interest in humanity’s recovery and rehabilitation. The way too many judge tends to clog the system unnecessarily with problems, finger pointing or shifting of blame.


There are ways to correct this – simple solutions that are immediate and long lasting in result, affect and reward, but it is up to We The People to embrace mercy effectual and justice apropos so as to make either accomplish the desired end rather than become illegitimate in methodology; enriching only the tyrant and the scoundrel, while rats war with rats within the framework betrayed and void of meaningful reward.

Let our so-called nation’s “heroes” be part of solving and obliterating these age-old dysfunctional institutional lairs of snares a-plenty and innumerable before they claim any victories or liberations abroad. There are too many captives and prisoners within America waiting and praying to be liberated and set free.

What is the point of going to war to presumptuously liberate a nation in the grip of Tyranny and Terror if the same is quickly become the norm in our homeland insecure.

The problem is an ancient one. The system and all Her Institutions, whether of correction, governmental work, or humanistic education, training and endeavor, and even the realm of sport and art should work very well; adding joy and satisfaction to freedom and secure advantage.

But all too often some shifty and unnecessary scoundrels betray the system for personal gain and destroy the opportunities of many for a fleeting and empty reward of the few.

“Therefore, Ezra, empty things are for the empty, and full things are for the full” (2 Esdras 7:25).

Nearly always at the cost of the ‘problem’ so-labeled are the same motives arrayed against mankind since the fall of our first parents in the Garden of Eden; kingdoms of vices, amongst whom are ignorance, deception, self-will, and militant denial followed closely by fear, mistrust, baseless hatred, and a slow but sure loss of freedom just as slowly sought, fought for and striven mightily to preserve by merit worthy members of the human family.


Personally, envy and the desire for control within my own household and family was probably what cost us our mutual home and living or well being.

But at the root, I find everywhere the same culprit, breaking Faith and reliance upon the Holy Torah is what gave the enemy all the opportunity he may have needed to despoil and empty me (Us) out and gain control over an estate that never would have been left to or lost in the first or second place.

Family members and friends of may have been forced or eager to take part in witnessing falsely against me in a court of heathen law out of envy for what I had accomplished and they failed to previously only because they didn’t strive in the same Spirit but were themselves led astray by deceptive spirits as surely as I was by an enemy betrayed so that in neither case were we capable of redeeming home and family from the power of the enemy so as to regain the right to claim the same rather than work with the enemy to gain temporary control and sell the property for whatever personal gain they might get away with using the general chaos, panic, and greed of the hour that generally epitomized the USA during the short few years after Y2K and the 9/11 debacle to their advantage.

After family had already wasted a veritable fortune which my grandfather had in wisdom built up and had willed to us to save us from just such an inevitable circumstance foreseeing the foolishness inherent in our generation’s judgment and which had come upon us, was intended one would like to believe to support us for our mutual endurance to overcome at just the right time had we chosen to unite as a family and build one another up rather than give place in our hearts to the enemy and permit him to destroy much good and work evil without having to expend much energy and at no cost to him personal.

I thought with an eye single to G-d’s glory was the best way to invest what remained of what we had and was endeavoring to do just that.

My Dad, an English Master at a private school in Cambridge and Stepdad, a WWII Veteran of the famous 442nd regiment of all Japanese soldiers and a Samurai/Bushido code keeper, neither of whom would ever have betrayed me, had both recently passed on and the enemy knew it was time to strike and use my mother’s own sorrow and bitterness to influence and heighten whatever feelings of abandonment and distrust she may have been feeling toward G-d at the time of her mourning; I can’t speak for her., but I knew her frustration and pride had been pricked at the time and she was choosing the wrong ways to cope and carry on…

Whoever it was that took out a court order against me to remove me from my premises using a more than willing judge and my own mother and sister and mother’s friends to witness falsely against me in court was a bit of genius that still cuts deeply at my heart and soul.

Very personal injury was the object.


It followed years of personal struggles to gain my own sense of self and sanity – having been recently baptized and completely turned my life around for the good of all concerned. The last thing I was expecting was betrayal in the home.

I had begun to prepare our land for plantings and agricultural use and had cleansed the house of idols and evil influences and had made it a home for all who might be considered family and friend. My motivation was my sister’s newly begotten children, three but from that good intention it had grown into something greater and promising more and greater returns than I had imagined possible when the L-RD had begun a good work in me. I had reversed generations of evil intent in a year’s time and would have continued the work unto completion. But HaShem works in mysterious ways and the enemy is granted control sometimes -as with Job- which G-d permits for His own unsearchable reasons. I remain steadfast in the hope of restoration, reconciliation, repletion and redemption.

Matthew 12:37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

The extremes I have been pushed to, the afflictions I have had to bear, etc. have all been worth it. I only want to fulfill G-d’s will and word concerning His children. I never wished to break any laws or rules man made or G-d instituted and heavenly ordained. Nor do I wish to tell anyone how to do their job or live their life unless I am saving any from a greater danger or bereavement than they may be aware of the very real danger of facing or threat of fleeing from in a day of visitation.

We The People should all as One endeavor to be healers, peacemakers, and enablers, fellow-laborers with G-d who may help one another move on toward a goal United in G-d with whom all things are possible.

Confining and limiting citizens tends to harm everyone involved and the Establishment, Republic and Nation suffer most of all and the system gets clogged like so many over-worked toilets in need of a visiting plumber. Likewise or similarly, sick people and sinners need a Physician and everyone benefits from even a single soul saved and as many reminders of the fact that the Whole of Humanity and mankind may be redeemed as day to day life and death may afford us opportunity.

I’ve been in a lot of places over the past few years plagued with illness, sickness and problems not a few. In every case and scenario I’ve tried to be an advantage and help by way of intercessory prayer and advisement and where the same has been heard and heeded, to G-d’s praise, much good came out of an otherwise hopeless and defeated situation and people fulfilling in some small beginnings sort of way a 9/11 to be proud of and rejoice over:

Amos 9:11 In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old:

Tehillim 67

Elohim be channun (gracious) unto us, and put a brocha upon us; and may He make His face to shine upon us. Selah. That Thy Derech may be known upon HaAretz, Thy Yeshuah (salvation) among kol Goyim. Let the Amim praise Thee, O Elohim; let kol Amim praise Thee. O let the peoples be glad and sing for joy, for Thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the peoples upon HaAretz. Selah. Let the people praise Thee, O Elohim; let kol Amim praise Thee. Then shall eretz yield her yevul (increase, produce, harvest); and Elohim, even Eloheinu, shall put a brocha upon us. Elohim shall bless us; and kol afsei aretz (all the ends of the earth) shall fear Him.


Isaiah 60&61&62

Isaiah 60&61

Wishing all a very happy and holy Simchat Torah and New Year!Lechayim, Lechaim, to life!

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