A Fourth of July Shower Celebration Of Emancipation


The Point of a New Age is not for giving birth to new ideas and concepts or soothsayings, or discovering other cultures or new forms of psychology and knowledge so-called, but to birth a renewed opportunity to serve G-d and establish Zion, or G-d’s Kingdom on earth as it may be in Heaven. In other words, Torah awareness and Temple lifestyle, so that men may atone for ages of rebellion and living in such gross darkness and sin as has never been known and has become accepted as moral relativity; nor to pretend these acts of rebellion and apostasy and sin never happened but rather, to bring to light all the hidden acts and works of darkness and the many dirty deeds done therein and repent so as to atone and find forgiveness; as this may be our only means of escaping our own bloated sense of self-importance in denying our relationship to HaShem of Host, G-d Almighty.

Revelations 22:14-15 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city; For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

The Grand Delusion is mostly created and supported by professionals in fields of vanity and excess of idle time on our hands and are in most cases an insult to Wisdom authentic in the extreme; especially prevalent among those drowning in bloodguilt, which none of these so-called sciences or troves of knowledge may atone for nor assuage the conscience in earnest so as to redeem the man and behoove the creature in imagination, word, and very deed.


Philippians 4:7-9.
And the peace of G-d, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the G-d of peace shall be with you.

For example, if unclean animals are not redeemed according to the Law, they may be and ought to be hunted to extinction perhaps. And when redeemed, are of more use than abuse would inspire otherwise. A creature that does not recognize its Creator, is a Beast indeed! But one that does, is a blessing to both man and creature, a comfort to either and both.

the diggy diggy donk yal

I mean, to be fair to the kosher and clean animals whom the adversary otherwise preys and gluts upon without restraint or any defender defending the meek and the sheepish that aren’t redeemed and may not be without a working Temple, Priesthood, or Tent of Meeting to assemble at as One and seek or inquire of the L-RD.

Why has America been worse than the after lifer’s Sheol for so many generations of confusion of face and humiliation of political framework gone to the rats and the moles, or trolls in holes?

The Declaration of Independence became one of self-reliance and competition first healthy and fair, but gradually over time becoming unhealthy and unfair that in mere formality paid off-handed regard to Christ and more oft made a game out of a tradition of holiness gone a bit awry or astray so as to suit the tables of men too many and of G-d not at all; or at least much less infrequently and without acceptable intention, which I don’t think was the strict intention of the Founding Fathers, but just the inevitability of frustration in meeting His demands from on High when feeling down low and despised if not insignificant in His Creation, and so to create a realm of equality for men to strive and compete at least somewhat fairly with one another and for one another, not necessarily apart from all consideration for G-d but more precisely with the hope of eventually coming to a time of renewed Jubilee Faith which begets Charity and renews the Fount of all Righteousness, shifting the whole creature by divine will back toward Zion and the long or short road to redemption made possible only because of an intentional straying so far away that it becomes not only a worthy goal but an unavoidable and necessary course of action and will of We His People, reunited and it feels quite good to be understood.


“Kook taught that the holiness of the fire pans (Numbers 17:2-3) symbolizes the necessary role played out by skeptics and agnostics in keeping religion honest and healthy. Challenges to tradition, he taught, are necessary because they stand as perpetual reminders of the danger that religion can sink into in complacency and corruption.” EHC

How much more a life void of religious duty and consideration for holiness?!

The reason the L-RD took Israel out of Egypt, other than that they cried out to Him under the yoke of bondage; was because they had become so complacent and corrupt they had mostly converted and assimilated to the Egyptian cult of the dead. And their children would never have had the opportunity to start fresh.

There would have never been any transition of generational change; the older would have consumed the younger until all would have become extinct and none redeemed.

What a sacrifice on the part of the paschal lamb flock! We have a flock to thank for an entire nation escaping bondage and death, just as we have HaShem and His servants to thank for our ultimate redemption and liberation from a world of sin and death.

Another example may be the red cow sacrifice as equal to a righteous person being sacrificed for the good of the nation or for the Kingdom of G-d in We His People.

A singing community needs something to sing about, something to be grateful for that switches on the impulse to spontaneously sing for joy at being redeemed from the curse of the fall.

Amazing Grace gives wings to our inner angel and we are transported to heights of praise and spiritual revelation.

He that made the ear, shall He not hear? He that gave parents a love to their children, will He not listen to the cries of His own sons and daughters!?!

Yes, He will! And then, as Mr. Obama may have coined, “Yes, we can!” First things first, however, if then.

Am I asking way too early and too soon for too much?
Probably, but sometimes G-d will move great mountains out of our way in a moment’s time and we shall find ourselves propelled into a wondrous Kingdom whose fruit is enjoyed by all and in whose midst every man, woman, and child finds equal and suitable lodgings, employ, and success the reward of citizenship.


Yes, I am boorishly optimistic and grant my fellow man entirely too much credit, if not merit imputed, only because I hope to receive the same in return and a grand amount from my Ad’ni and Maker, both in this world and in the One to come.

Anyway, enough sermonizing and surmising, but it’s surprising how many revelations come according to United Devotional Celebratory Assemblies rather than not and I only aim to discover the why and wherefore to give the American people a better understanding and appreciation for our wonderful nation of free and brave people, devoted to Unity in the Spirit even when divided in as many ways as we wish we weren’t but is the inevitability of an experiment in sociology that may just work wonders in the end rather than war, strife, contentions many that may be Scripturally foretold, but hopefully avoided and cancelled as decrees of heaven may be by a United penitential plea to the Almighty, both We in He and He in We, One in HaShem’s Love everlasting.

Exodus 32:14 And HaShem repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people

“Four virtues refresh the world: charity, justice, truth, and peace.”

“Four things cancel the decrees of Heaven:–Alms, prayer, change of name, and reformation of conduct. Alms, as it is written (Prov. x. 2), “But alms (more correctly, righteousness) delivereth from death.” Prayer as it is written (Ps. cvii. 6), “Then they cried unto HaShem in their trouble, and He delivered them out of their distresses.” Change of name, as it is said (Gen. xvii. 15, 16), “As for Sarai thy wife, thou shalt not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name.” And after this change of name it is written, “And I will bless her, and give thee a son of her.” Reformation of conduct, as it is written (Jonah iii. 10), “And G-d saw their works,” and “G-d repented of the evil,” etc. Some say also change of residence has the effect of turning back the decree of Heaven (Gen. xii. 1), “And HaShem said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country;” and then it is said, “I will make of thee a great nation.”


It’s a lovely afternoon, though the blessing of rain has replaced the awe of fireworks, there is more reason to rejoice than not and celebrate the day in a new fashion, in humility rather than overmuch pride and confidence in the flesh; giving thanks unto the L-RD for His continued fidelity and compassion overflowing. Lechayim!

Some things we rely upon keep us from progressing and utilizing the new; like some old fashions, forms, and formalities do or may? I wish all paperwork could be done away with and all our business be done online with a few email advisements and background checks, etc., as the business requires or connotes. So much for the fax, shred, and ticker-tape parades! Good riddance!

Although, depending on the case, circumstance and observation of, I am not sure that would reveal anything truthful or meaningful either, I do think all things ought to be simpler and far more convenient for all than we could imagine them being by now in the history of our great nation on this the Day of the 4th of July, the Day of our supposed independence from tyranny and oppression gained, lest We The People become the oppressors we fought so valiantly and won the great and lasting victory over for We His People’s sake and prosperity, abundance, and overcoming all sources of want and division and instead of multiplying problems and excess of waste, we should be enjoying a multiplicity of blessings and a lack of sundry sources of proofs and such lacking honest witness or right intention. Our intentions are proved by outcome more than by show of pomp and circumstance that has led more oft to pride and prejudice than Unity in Brotherhood.
I had high hopes and grand visions of success in innovations that seemed tailored to suit a generation that would be able to save a generation sinking in a mire of pollutions and contributions unnecessary and unwarranted by implementation wise and thoroughly purging of congestible reasoning of a government whose hand has been put forth for illicit purposes rather than genuine reform and reinvigoration of imagination and dream worthy of all acceptation and support of We His People to faithfully maintain at whatever the cost personal or otherwise. Sacrifice being the very backbone and mainstay of a nation of heroes who have not necessarily proved their worth in combat or warfare, so much as rightly and lawfully maintaining dignity and peace at home during the duration of the same.

Exodus 14:14 HaShem shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.


I’m getting old and I don’t much like it!
It is not quite as I expected or hoped it would be or even made ready and planned for.

I had a home and family and little ones all of which I lost or were repossessed when began my trail of woe and hardship through the Massachusetts Commonwealth’s trail of misery, mostly created and sustained by keep[ing up with appearances and old formalities that did more damage and ruined more lives than otherwise may have helped anyone become independently free from the constraints of a tyrannical force overreaching; namely, We The People.

I do hope it has not all been in vain but as I say, I am not finding aging a joy or a pleasure as I thought or imagined it may be; and truth be told, I don’t know why I should imagine myself worthy to grow old happily, when I am daily reminded of the sufferings of others who had probably hoped for better and received far less and endured much affliction instead for the assistance they did probably not even ask for from their fellow man but was forced upon each as a matter of cruel council and wayward government, or management of the creature so-called.

As I was telling the good woman in charge of the evening watch last night, “deception is its own undoing” and we do never prosper less than when we do count on it for our wages.

I should never have lost my home nor been evicted so I don’t count my own recent witness as not being evicted as deception so much as my own telling or the truth of what transpired. If one does not force it upon people these days, they assume they may railroad you anywhere they wish without your consent and have done so with me for more years than I care to recall, and during which I have become an old man, who was enjoying a renewed creature’s new world through baptism and belief and new thoughts and emancipated actions of soul edification overcoming this world. All that ended that fateful day, oh so few years ago, when it all fell apart and I was ordered to leave my own property and leave my home behind to be bulldozed by some buffoon who doesn’t know the worth or value of this great nation’s true history and could care less what truly transpired that day and days that followed or precipitated. It has had my heart broken and my soul weeping daily ever since. Cheer up I must for it has all worked out for the best and better! And my sin of covetousness (Isaiah 57:17) has been purged so as to free me to embrace a new opportunity for One and all that would never have been born if we had not held on loosely and known when to let go. A home is just a tent in a wilderness after all, and men should never imagine theirs will somehow last through ages (Psalm 49:11). Tent dwellers gather no dust.

I find the Scriptures only hauntingly too true, that the world has no place for newness of life or being, and thus we remain rutted and remorseful in the land and its circumstances unchanging; no longer a home for the brave or a land for the free; falling backwards or headed in that direction for want of the ability to even welcome the new and improved save in product purchasable only, or citizen illegal, easily duped and misled, ill-used and exploited.

Nevertheless, I’ll cease and desist; for HaShem Himself giveth and it is He that taketh away, blessed be His Name.

I have seen His Hand at work in all my troubles and afflictions and of those about me, who He has by miraculous intercession delivered in each and every circumstance many more and made a way to save even more from getting ensnared or falling through the cracks and getting lost in our nation’s not altogether on the up and up system of government oversight, become overbearing and dysfunctional through lawlessness and inattentiveness to Constitutional checks and balances.


Woe to our formalities, heresy, and officialism! Paperwork and such have done much to clog and corrupt and not much to confirm or verify truths or advantage a system stymied by those who created it unto waste of time and opportunity may have otherwise by inetntion never straying birthed the new nation it claimed to be!

Such progress some may feel to have made while leaving others in the dust to envy and admire them from behind if they’ve allowed us to remain involved at all, it has been a miracle of His saving grace and intercessional mediators and negotiators!

Old and broken, abandoned and left to die in an overheated car like so much dog meat I’ve often felt like over the past decade.

It takes so much tact and precision of intent to overcome the guile of those who lie in wait to deceive and glut by reason of an insincere helping hand, always outstretched to overreach rather than meet the need and procure the solution meet and due citizenship. The only thing I have in common with my adversary is a certain love for putting on airs and enjoying the drama of life itself played out unto the tragic, comedic, or loving and happy ending it may turn out to be for One as for all concerned when we truly live by the maxim of All for One and One for All. And as iron sharpens iron, I do appreciate a merry warfare and uplifting love affair whether either end in victory and lasting peace or heartbreak and loss, or renewed passion and fidelity in the raptures of celestial fireworks sans all the pomp and vain glory. I like my warfare quick and brutal and my love affairs long and chaste, with marriage bed undefiled by reason of fidelity or what is said to be all fair, whether in love or in war. I appreciate sacrifice with the intention of saving that which is worth all the sacrifice in the world and beyond, or as Buzz Light Year would say, “To Infinity and Beyond!” Lechayim, lechaim, to life! Cheers!

So as to be found acceptable, is what we ought to aim for as our mark of perfection and success, yes?

Somehow, in a cosmic disorder type of way, I must deserve no better than that which I have received; but then, if I do not share my own sympathies concerning my own welfare, how should I suppose others may?!

At any rate, have a very Happy Fourth of July and get out and enjoy yourselves while it lasts, but be safe and reserved, don’t go splashing into the mud mire headlong and first in or even backing in comfortably so from behind at last; for just as it is not easy for a man to find forgiveness once he has trespassed and offended, even so it is not easy for a soul mired to escape the same and enjoy an authentic holiday for the sake of the same celebratory privilege hard won and preserved only by fidelity and allegiance to nation and G-d.

Once again, Happy Fourth of July and the same to all of those round about Us!
I hope at least some still enjoy the true meaning behind the holiday and have not entirely got lost in the ham consuming fest of swill it has become to the greater majority or lesser minority. It never was about them or us anyhow, but only those of we who may enjoy and employ it’s true meaning in our lives and live free and happy or die trying.


I am feeling old, rejected, and forgotten, but still carrying myself as one who would never treat others with the same disdain or cruelty of intent as is the day’s fashionable trend setter’s, jet-set mode of reasoning. Better to be left in a past, bygone age one may enjoy living in than to join the hell bound, and throw off all restraint and character of personal responsibility and accountability to ourselves and our fellow countrymen, whether or not they have abandoned the same is not for us to judge or worry about, but only react as unwilling to do evil for evil’s sake, for wickedness never was happiness (2 Nephi 28:8, Alma 41:10).

Hoping you’ll enjoy a day of fond remembrances and loving embraces of the Spirit.

I hope you’ll always find the day a liberating experience at least in Spirit and enjoy some welcome company and good cheer with those you care for and about most in life!

I’ll, by choice, be on my own again this year as in years previous and feeling all but a few to have passed in vain but eagerly trying to recapture the true meaning behind the holiday and Spirit of our nation’s Liberty sacred and cherished by whom it may.

I believe in all my acquaintances and friends who may appreciate and understand that more than most.

May I never have anything but fond memories of our day’s gone by, especially those all too few years when we were close neighbors and friends enjoying what the promise of this Day is all about if not more than and in excess of, for our honest regard for the same; I hope to always be thinking of you in a redeeming light and that I’ll find forgiveness when I fail to. May our future be ever more winsome day to day than our past may have been difficult to enjoy for lack of the means to meet it with a glad and grateful heart and soul.
Afflictions are good for the soul as well and do not come upon us without good reason and prior warning.

And unto my fantasy bride-For my fantasy’s sake remain clean, chaste, and well cultured, as well as intriguingly beyond my ability to capture and enrapture.


All the best of them do.



Give a shout out to our mutual acquaintances and friends about you.

May our hearts live on forever!

I beg pardon if in any of this entry I entirely offended any because of my seeming impudent regard and accusatory speech; I mean only to mine out jewels of refreshment and signs of divine faithfulness.

Please, I beg pardon. Merely feeling the confines of my situation and sharing what may sometimes seem an otherwise minded and unwelcome words few with those I should never wish to share anything but love baby with…

Therefore, in the true Spirit of Liberty and the Day at hand shortly coming to a close and giving way to the Holy Day of Sabbath, as it may arrive with the setting sun, may I wish you a very Happy Fourth of July and in the same Spirit of Liberty and Independence from tyrannical forces about us aiming to divide our solidarity and faithfulness to each other, may our celebration mutual though apart smite our enemies on the cheek with the reminder of what scorning and wasting the blessings liberty does cost one and all.

Cheers and the merriest of celebrations I bid you enjoy with all those round about you and closest to your heart of hearts.

In the words of Lenny Kravitz…

Let Love Rule.



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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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