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Here’s a reading suggestion for the Summer of 5774/2014. Enjoy your Summer in the L-RD. Thanks to




Have a Great Summer in The Lamb!



A Multiplicity of B;essings!


Your Dutiful Working Boy,


Barzillai dov Ganya


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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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  1. barzdovg666 says:

    A Warning About this Group who call themselves the “TwelveTribes”.
    I had the pleasure of visiting a group home in Plymouth, MA. Very near the Plymouth Plantation of historical lore and legend. They are a bit “cultish” and hyper-anxious and not a little bit lost in time zones unequal and unfair to their own members. They are outwardly clean and appear confidently conscientious. But they have many interests that don’t include God’s Zion, the Pure in Heart, or their professed reverence for a name they misuse and misunderstand.
    To put it as plainly as I may without intending to insult or speak evil (lashon hara) of, they are the goats which need separating from the lambs of HaShem’s flock. Their leader, at least in this one location, resembles a ’60-’70’s hippy, spiritual guru on an ego trip, and though they decide things in group and counsel as ‘brethren,’ this leader casts the deciding votes and rules much like a shepherd of goats would be expected to; with a highhanded pomposity that demands any would be investigators submit themselves absolutely to the gospel of Paul and its’ authority unquestionable. They take in strangers and loot them (Though I admit, I left my own personal belongings with them as a gift I do not regret imparting). They come off as kind and too good to be true from the very outset, and prove the same at the last. Very cagey, very caught in a way of life that is of their own fashioning and reasoning. They use the locale to reap quite a large sum by monopolizing the local businesses and government to suit very old handed Oligarchical Collectivist Craft.
    It suits a flock and fold, penned in and lost in a time gone by, and a hope given up on. They are satisfied with their reward in this world and do not seek the welfare of others or of Zion, Jews or outsiders.
    There are many members who are good people, and they are safe in their own way for now and run business so as to avoid trouble in their future. Kind of like the cult of Mormonism, except more earthy, crunchy, hippie style.
    I expected much and to join them when I visited a few summers back…but I am ultimately glad was not welcomed to stay.
    They are satisfied with their portion and very anxious to ensure that it remains theirs exclusively.
    As such, they deny much of Christ’s Work and Labor for the lost and are only concerned with retaining what they have found so that it be not taken from them. Smart! But not wisdom necessarily…
    They pretend to share all things, but covetousness of their sort is perhaps the worst sort of covetousness a people may be guilty of. They are very much like the world around them but come off as being set apart and chosen. A holier than thou presumption that covers an otherwise minded intention they want very much to hide.
    We are all erring mortals. You may experience a different conclusion and if you are a member or believe in the CTT, I wish you no evil and all prosperity in the L-RD.
    I came to love and be loved by many members but ultimately the decision of whether or not I might stay with them was out of our hands and HaShem willed a separation for His own unsearchable reasons, I hope that they too will realize this truth and discover just what they may do for Him in this world so as to merit a part in the world to come. Olam Haba.
    Thank you very much for having me as a guest. I hope I may return sometime in the future and have no hard feelings about the come to pass whatsoever.

    Proverbs 16:23 The heart of the wise instructs his mouth and adds persuasiveness to his lips.

    Barz dov G. 29 Shevat 5776

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