The Whippoorwill Of Freedom

Till the Whippoorwill of Freedom zapped me right between the eyes…(From Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John.)


If you understand what true victory and defeat mean and are, then historically and spiritually speaking, Israel has conquered every foe, and it has nothing to do with their own power or might, sophistication or advancement in any art or science, acquirement of allies, agreement compromising, treaty or accruement of riches or sophisticated weaponry. There is nothing Israel may boast of but having been saved at all times and in all places by the Almighty G-d who chose them from the foundation of the world to be His own special possession and people of His pasture. There is none greater than the Father and none may snatch anything/one out of His hands, nor afflict, chasten or otherwise bother any of His people without it being His own Sovereign Will to exercise such for the salvation, edification, and upbuild of His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

And with what ease of omnipotence does He convince the nations and kings and great men of the world to bow the knee or suffer the consequences of a proud beast raising itself up against its Creator/Maker. What is troubling to Him and especially hard to bear is or are the sins of His own people that drive them into troubles and calamities many that He need save them out of again and again, but this He will do, though grieved at heart by our complete disdain for He who creates and loves us freely, for His own Name’s sake and to show forth the power and might of His own everlasting arm and righteous Personage and Holy Spirit, affecting all in the Way unsearchable and unknowable. He is truly an awesome G-d and worthy of all praise, glory, and majestic awe we may as dust of the earth offer such a gracious and compassionate Being who by His own omnipotence, raised us to life, wrapped in flesh and strengthen our sinews, put breath in our nostrils, and made us to abound in good works and rejoice in seasons of gladness and holy consideration for His handiwork and immaculate will and manner.

It is not beasts but erring believers that vex the Almighty and cause Him to despair of having made and chosen a people for Himself, when beasts and such may be easier to care for! And certainly less trouble for the taxing.

Woe to our ungratefulness at times and forgetfulness and unbelief that brings us many sorrows and grievous times to endure! Praised be He who brings us through the worst into Promised Lands and renews seasons of joy and gladness.

Oy, but we do grieve our Father!


Yeshayah 3:8-12
For Yerushalayim is ruined, and Yehudah fallen; because their leshon and their deeds are against Hashem, to provoke the eyes of His kavod. The show of their countenance doth testify against them; and they make known their chet like S’dom; they conceal it not. Oy to their nefesh! For they do ra’ah unto themselves. Say ye to the tzaddik, that it shall be tov with him; for they shall eat the p’ri of their deeds. Oy to the rasha! It shall be rah with him; for what his hands have wrought will be done to him. As for My people, children are their nogesim (taskmasters), and nashim rule over them. O My people, they which lead thee cause thee to go astray, misleading and swallowing up the Derech Orkhot (way of paths) of thee.

We have all become as one unclean and all our righteousness is as filthy rags or garments spattered with the vomit of our doings.

And killing or shooting people for being unclean hardly helps the heart of stone from growing harder still – in those whose business it may be to destroy such as may be nothing more than miserable, without purpose or direction. This G-d can heal, but we must show them the Way and Faith that brings this to pass.

Psalm 50:23 Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me, and to the blameless I will show my salvation.

A peculiar thing that when we’ve reached a point where we feel there is no return, return is indeed the only option left, rather than hopelessly pressing on in no man’s land, return and make the land G-d’s for all mankind and our restoration and redemption.

Despair may impair but you’re by no means trapped in a lair or den of thieves and wild beasts that can’t be overcome and won over by reason and omnipotent influence inescapable. If the Supreme Creator of the Universe and worlds beyond worlds is clothed with His Omnipotent Intelligence, splendor, and majesty; certainly there is no creature so base or so ungrateful that it will not be moved by Divine intervention and love.

Stop at once to seek your own selfish gain and way in the world and be One with your fellow earthlings who must be One if HaShem of hosts is to be realized and exalted in anywise. Unity among brethren is a blessing from Heaven, for we all seek the same Kingdom in HaShem’s Zion and to make this our reality shared on earth is the longing of the ages and the Dream American.

When there is a Temple to HaShem and a Kingdom that recognizes Him in our every dealing with one another and our daily goings and comings, there may be no room for envy or strife, for all are equal and no one is any more important than anyone else. That is the gift and wonder of the Torah; It does not discriminate but treats all the same, both rich and poor, slave and free, Jew and Ger.

We earned our dues once in Egypt and shall do so again, until Egyptian style oppression be a moot point and advantage unsought and no longer imposed because the Supreme Being is able to teach even the hardest of hearts the futility in tyranny so that the gift of freedom shared will win the day and spread like a plague averted and G-d our hearts Unite to bring forth that which is Divine Liberty at work effortlessly in a people United in Brotherly love and devotion.

“Early Jewish interpretations looked upon those spoils (taken from Egypt), as well deserved compensation to the Israelites for their centuries of unpaid forced labor (see Deut. 15:13).”~EHC

The spoils were nothing compared with the fact that G-d deemed it time for the Israelites to enjoy unparalleled miracles, wonders, the stuff that dreams are made of, and real history recorded almost as it were in stone or upon gold plates, and the time was near at hand to receive the greatest gift of all, their own sovereignty restored and a promised land enjoyed, at ease and in pleasures many for a people filled with delights otherworldly for generations of Kingdom living to come.

If all to brief in our world’s demented memories, it is well documented for our reminding and teaching us to uphold such things as will recapture and further the Kingdom’s interest in the people’s Liberty Divine, lived by Faith on the promises and power of the Almighty.

“God wanted the Israelites to go through the experience of slavery and redemption, to teach them compassion for the oppressed and gratitude for their freedom.

In the Bible itself and among the rabbis of the Talmud and Midrash, there are signs that people who lived more than 3000 years ago were often as troubled by these passages as we are today and strove to understand or reinterpret in ways that sustained the more evolved moral view of a later age without in anyway diminishing their reverence for Torah.” ~EHC


Not just anyone who understands the Law should be Judge. It is he who brings forth the secrets and rightly perceives the Spirit’s searching of Itself through Us in seeking to do justice in our world thereby that is granted the most success as a rabbi, teacher, judge, etc. Through employing such lowly and otherwise insignificant but profoundly wise men and women; imbued with character most like unto G-d Himself through immersing themselves in the Torah and learning what it is or may be to be a tzadik or a mensch or both! These blessed souls may guide the entire congregation of Israel and the Nations into all of Wisdom’s Paths and bring forth fruits desirable from the most unlikely of students caught unaware by the brilliance and inescapable Spirit of the Torah Itself that makes lifelong devotees to Its study and Practice flourish like well-planted trees by streams of living water in the heart of Zion’s Kingdom worldwide in its reach and Universal in its affect thanks to our modern gifts of technology and diplomacy rightly maintained instead of wasted upon the vain and absurd who seek for no more than personal power, self-glory, and the vain and fleeting frivolities of the flattering world and society too proud to be taken seriously and too useless to affect any lasting and meaningful change in the long run, and soon coming to an unceremonious and embarrassing end as a Confederacy of Dunces must surely for their own folly and pride unwarranted and reward undeserved presumptuously taken.

“They have received their reward” Matthew 6.

We have been led by the tails of beasts and boys being dragged hither and yon by them long enough to know the price of following such foolery is madness and desolation at road’s end like unto Roman destruction by egos unbearable, rather than hearkening to the heads well educated and trained in Torah into a Kingdom most blessed and assuredly flourishing with fruits pleasing to the eye and taste and to enjoy Liberty of such Divine Rapture it makes every man, woman, and citizen of the Kingdom a poet and laureate, craftsman and noble artisan of fabled dream stuff brought to real life on the stage of a Kingdom every citizen thereof feels him or herself to be no less than a god enjoying every attribute and worldview akin to G-d their Father who dwells in them and prompts and imbues them with divine sense in which every action, deed, and thought which does enter and edify their souls and make rich their world, no matter whether they be pauper or rich man, saint or sinner is manifest in their outward living and manner of speech and regal bearing.

For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance. (Matthew 13:12)

Alba Otto Dix

All are One in HaShem of Hosts and their desire is to please their Maker that thereby Redemption and Salvation and Exaltation may come to every creature in a Universe made to rest solely in the Faith of our Father’s, fulfilled in We His People, formerly known as We The People.

And when there is no labor to be done, no responsibility otherwise acknowledged, nor motivation entreating us to act nor duty to one another pressing, no daily observance of G-d’s meaning in our lives; no recognition of the same toward one another and we dwindle in unbelief or worse rise up in rebellion and put on the shackles of unreasonable thinking and action. When, in the due process of time, we diminish little by little our soul’s value, chipping away, shekel by shekel at our own worth for worthless vanity and sinfulness and find ourselves in dire straits or upon skid row, what a saving grace it is to have brothers and sisters who thinking themselves no better than we but having chosen the better part, consider us no less brethren than had we never gone astray, welcoming us back with open arms and hearts – Why this is reconciliation most bittersweet and tender to behold, no less than rapture itself, with no one left behind; an experience that may explain away all our previous loathing, hateful misunderstanding and lack of Faith in one another and G-d, G-d forbid! But knowing the reasons why and agreeing to put the past behind us is more than half the battle and way home we have already won and crossed a gulf of misery and woe in traversing the Meridian pf time, leaving few and easy steps remaining to our eternal abode and happiness restored in Spirit and Truth renewed in our Faith and Hope, and we may prime together the pump of a well or fountain of all righteousness which is charity and love unfeigned as we in all our days grow brighter and brighter unto the perfect day in Him who creates the days we may rejoice and be glad in for all the days of our lives, lechaim!


Eschew and fear not affliction, it need not rise up a second time, and if it does G-d promises to act most speedily, and even violently to bring it to an end; that no unclean thing or oppressor may strike terror in the earth anymore forever (Psalm 10).

People with guns are never very bright or mature save they that keep them holstered with safeties on for the greater part of their career as peace keepers or peace makers; blessed for their efforts to be called sons of G-d.

Guns, as weapons of war/havoc were instituted of G-d for destroying people who had become so unclean, disagreeable, and unapproachable; they had to be destroyed from a distance in order to avoid becoming unclean or infected by contact as with a dead, torn or unclean beast or carcass of. But G-d would change His mind about destroying such as well, since given time, affliction and uncleanness can work a change by humbling the afflicted, creating a change in their broken hearts, turning them from their uncleanness or wickedness and instead inspiring and enabling them to become clean through ritual and belief upon His healing miracles and gracious nature. Healing their uncleanness may take time however and ‘shutting in’ was among the first measures taken to ensure they may heal and reenter the community whole and pure or sanctified by sacrifice.

The prophet above laments over the entire bloody nation and prays G-d bring the solution.

Enter heroes – men of uncompromising integrity who may rebirth the nation’s political structure, reorienting with virtue, charity, and righteous judgment for One and for all from foundation to capstone the entire edifice and Hall of Justice, Mercy and Equity, We His People once sought to resemble if not precisely mirror the liberal nobility of in our mutual pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness for One as for all.

As for the old or young and present racketeers, pirates, criminals, shysters, scoundrels, gluttons and the like and the few righteous within their ranks who have just past their prime and age of usefulness, vainly trying to create some sort of change in a thing that must be dismantled and recreated with just men and principles of a Constitution not necessarily sound but nevertheless suffered to be formed for the good of our nation’s lasting chances at birthing something better than a ‘new nation’ once did and is the reason we fought, bled, and shed tears to establish and perhaps overcome with too much confidence in the same no matter what filth was handling the proceedings of, we are to be excused. It’s Scriptural fulfillment and We His People are now more confident in He than in We and trust Him to work out what we may not for ourselves in restoring just men to be our judges; removing the current regime to safe pasture to mutter and mull over failures many and grievous and perhaps offer suggestions when they have realized the reasons and price cost the entire nation for their failure to uphold the least of our Constitutional guidelines in practice of law and politics.

A Grand Failure under a Grand Delusion may become a Grand Opportunity to those who may see it for what it is and correct its countless flaws and errors most speedily and promote the change that will keep the many wrongs done We The People from ever happening again. Mazel tov to them! Sayonara, Dosvidanya, Arrivederci, Adios, etc. It was a good college try but perhaps your diplomas ought to be revoked along with your license to drive and carry concealed weapons. Go fish or something, retire not your automobiles but your lives. Enter into your rest, if you may, ill at ease for the trouble you’ve caused a nation that depended upon you for much more than you were able to provide for even yourselves. May you be safeguarded and comfortable in the rest homes you in nowise deserve.

Good riddance. Moving on as U.N. avoid-A-Bull it were.

Heads ought to have rolled for the loss of life they caused and the embarrassing amount of corruption and harm they have done our once Great Nation in the few decades they have acted as pricks without merit and obstacles to legitimate and lasting prosperity and restoration of a Nation they have not cared for in the least; rarely taking the time to wash their hands of the much evil they have done or permitted and incited to be done, only wishing ever to please a Beast and its well plumed ego, demented by its exercise or endeavor to serve two masters, and itself most importantly. It is guilty of killing the American Dream and Promise to uphold a New Nation, conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal – in status, reward, and gift of purpose on purpose with freedom of choice and right to abound as no other nation on earth may have or ever has during Her worst or at Her best; entirely worth the highs and lows of peoples diverse and yet unified in the belief that all may come to a knowledge of the Truth and therein be set free from sin, death, and corruption if only reborn and given new life to a wonderful extent in the manifest sons of G-d.

While caught in Death’s many snares, we may still die daily and that quite comfortably supported by the integrity that comes from living not unto ourselves but only to encourage our progeny’s extreme and unlimited success and exaltation, which results, by and by, in our shared redemption and escape from the confines of a miserable place like unto hell itself, they themselves created by agreeing to delude, defy, and discredit the public trust and criminalize a system otherwise holy and just at its foundations when entrusted to holy and just individuals and when lived fairly and maintained equitably means happiness and justice for all (Psalm 11).

Term limits need to be shortened to an extremely short term in all manner of occupation both governmental and civil. Age limits also radically changed to keep the old from being the corrupt pricks they are and know themselves to be and give new life and young blood the opportunity to inspire the new and young to abound in glory unprecedented and unknown, mostly wasted and destroyed by the ill-handlings of the affairs of the American people by scoundrels in both high and low places seeking and obtaining authority to commit the worst crimes against humanity. Terms set and agreed to beforehand regardless of education, pomp, and circumstance unworthy of consideration in a government that should run itself as smoothly as a naptime period in preschool, but because it is run by restless monsters past the age of accountability’s opportunity to perform that which was due from them, namely labor and trustworthiness or even shelf life, rotten from the womb and to the core; a congress of never-should-have-been baboons belligerently demanding their littleness of soul be considered greatness of authority from nowhere legitimate. It’s troubling indeed that they persisted in their wickedness for so long without anyone saying anything to the contrary of the empty rants and promises made in the darkest abyss.


Every soul so moved to step forward and participate out of the honest longing to help and better this nation’s reputation and future glory, is due his chance regardless of age or upbringing, Our best President to date was a self educated hick from the woods! If any one blows his chance, sobeit! If not, someone else is bound to blow his brains out sooner or later! But I’d prefer more chances for more applicants rather than less for all.

Your guaranteed place of retirement awaits you all with ample opportunity to redeem the time remaining to One as to all. I am not insinuating anything like prison time or concision, simply exclusion from that which you have failed miserably to perform as part of and time given to advise from an outside realm via Internet or whatever, but absolutely not from the seats and offices you must now vacate at your own leisure, but please do make a bit of haste, eh? Time is of the essence! This is perhaps the greatest achievement you will ever accomplish for our Nation, and We His People thank you. We’ll even send you off with parting gifts, turtle wax and such!

More seriously, with all kidding aside, Unity and Dignity ought to be the bearing and sacred feeling of every American citizen and the longing of those who may only dream of inclusion, which should by actualization bring every foreigner happiness and security at having finally made it to and in America! Mazel tov and long live!

People like to blame others rather than bear the load of accountability and quilt ourselves, while the rare few step up in order to take upon themselves all the guilt and accountability for themselves and their fellows. The only way to redeem and restore America or the United States is through much repentance, faithfulness, and charity without any limits, ties or hidden agendas working behind a facade of lawfulness and bogus pride in nation undeserving.

The crooked must be made straight – an impossibility must become possible if not commonplace through a change easy, so that they and we may join together and hold fast to whatever dignity of person one may feel in the context of fair play which is impossible once you join the majority in folly that irks all and what is worse desires no good remedy.

Without judging anyone involved, the change must come to pass and the good overwhelm the evil until it is removed out of its place and put in a place where it and those afflicted by it, may do no harm.

The remedy that fits all cases and scenarios is to replace all man made rules and regulations to fit Torah guidelines and restorative genius and even then there exists a grand chance for corruption but it is easier to point out and keep in check when constrained in fidelity to Covenant and fellow by an Everlasting Gospel Promise that the worst may be saved.


The proud jeopardize the whole more than any enemy of State may be considered or even proved by evidentiary profession otherwise-minded. A new Head or Leader on an entirely different or fresh and legitimate political platform or structure based on making the standing government legit with the infusion of the new blood of a Torah inspired party, even the Divine Right Party would speedily heal and or fix all the corruption and wrongs of a government whose foundations have become mostly delusional and entirely illegal according to halachic law rightly understood.

Politicians cannot and don’t care to keep their words so long as their words are heard and they get what they do want – something for nothing. They are satisfied being the majority corrupt and don’t care if their guidance corrupts others, in fact they are dependent upon it corrupting others to put still others more corrupt than they to work.

That’s a completely Failed Government Experiment from head to tail.

One, We His People, pay for every day in a million ways we ought not even be coerced into much less forced to labor for.

Noble minds create noble plans and bring them to pass and in these they stand and prosper.

The knaveries of the knave are brutish and stupid and require much law enforcement with little or no peace keeping.

The best things in life are still free but when you’re blind to them, you may be convinced to work for something that is going to leave the whole nation for generations to come with naught but desolations widespread. A Depression would do more to help recover our nation’s glory and happiness in the long run than would the current excuses, recuses, and enforcement of tyrants of the most ignoble cut and mold. I cannot possibly express in words my loathing of their character and persons!

Let’s have a little history lesson to wrap things up for this entry; a little experiment in reality’s charms and some current events warped to fit that reality that may just be a bit shocking to you if not entirely unbelievable. But then nothing but your future depends on your belief or unbelief.


The States Independence void of allegiance to G-d and G-d’s Chosen is no more than a pact made and agreed to by the enemies of G-d and His Chosen by deluded men serving their own tables; pledging fortune, fame, strength, industry, and fidelity to one another in hell or the world (Idumea) in order to survive the price of departing from the True and Living G-d and the Right and Only Way to Him, for the incapacity to maintain so much as a iota or farthing’s worth of dignity and integrity when sunken in the realm of dream, or shall we say stupor, void of any foothold in HaShem’s reality and Creation or remembrance of what integrity may be fashioned out of – Solid Rock.

“…the independent incapacity of the human spirit to return faithfully to G-d or at least a strong feeling that without divine initiative true repentance could not take place.” ~EHC

True healing would never ensue and the marred spirit, soul, and body of mankind would cease to possess any value according to the Divine Shekel or Sanctuary Weights and Balances.

The ease with which scoundrels and their ilk may defraud and despoil faithful, honest men and women simply by claiming authority due or not due them for worldly effort, knowledge, and acquiesce of law and statute man made and enforced to thereby become rich in idolatry to an absurd degree to which the rich and famous may, with little or no effort or merit, in a clownish circus of injustice and authority wasted on unjust men whether knowingly or unknowingly upholding such as a bogus and unfair system of injustice, flattery unto bondage perpetual, and miscarriage of every child of G-d ever born or unborn, and never born again.


Without a legitimate restoration, The United States, through foreign buyout and excuse undue and perhaps criminal to the utmost, She only continues to sink in a mire growing deeper and more treacherous and troublesome than worth the trouble for the rewards lacking even those willing to be part of its hellish business.

With only vanity and treachery at work in the imaginations and psyche of humanity, the road to despair and desolation grows shorter every day.

In contrast, the Way to Zion, leads to G-d’s Dwelling Place and “the Temple as the Sanctuary of G-d opens its doors for collective worship thus transcending the private histories of its worshipers” (EHC) canceling out vanity if not uprooting ages of treachery out of the very heart and soul of humanity and obliterating generations of lawlessness run amok – restoring and rekindling a fire put out by apostasy and rebellion in the hearts of believers in true freedom, the very essence, rhyme, and reason Divine Liberty is bestowed upon any nation, tongue, and people worldwide; blessing its outgoings and incomings because of its united dedication and devotion to Truth, Justice, and Equity toward One as all concerned for the American Way (Ezekiel 46:18).

“Hope lies in repentance and observance of Torah…Presumably; a crisis of trust in G-d’s just providence has perverted the people’s soul, leading to callous indifference in the moral and cultic realms. Actions have consequences. [Nevertheless] divine wrath will be forestalled by intergenerational reconciliation.” ~EHC

One of mankind’s gifts to G-d, perhaps the most important of all, is our trust and faith in Him.

We His People need to remember that G-d is not man and does not willingly tolerate any man oppressing another through treachery, sorcery, or force outright. He exults to intercede on behalf of a people who love one another and hunger for the opportunity to show forth such love as they profess, thereby proving its value and efficacy greater and more powerful than otherwise and able to restore a worst case scenario outcome of a people gone astray and become corrupt in body, soul, and mind, especially toward G-d.

“Refreshing comes from the Holy Spirit spread abroad [in] our believing hearts.”

Now the cost of unbelief is well documented for our learning and the learning of our children and children’s children. We have been victimized and brought upon ourselves much folly and affliction through error, unbelief, and ignorance.

As our teacher from this past week’s Shabbat Parashat Shelach – our 1 in 10,000; Caleb is the only Israelite to come to the right conclusion and put his trust in G-d; the consequences of not trusting Him was the death of all doubters day in the wilderness. Only Caleb and Joshua would enter the Promised Land after forty years wandering in the wilderness, also in consequence, and only the children of those who died would inherit the land.

There are no (Zero) enemies that may stand before the L-RD. “Have no fear of them-they are our prey; their protection has departed from them, but the L-RD is with us. Have no fear of them!” Numbers 14:9. What do the Israelites decide to do? Stone the good news heralds! D’oh!
~The Presence Appears~
…and rebukes all.
…yet they still spurn the L-RD, before whom Moses alone stands up to defend the riff-raff causing trouble, and pleads with the L-RD to make Divine Forbearance great.

But the people nevertheless procure a curse upon themselves rather than seek a blessing, and they must die out in the wilderness. The L-RD’s compassion comes instead to rescue their children and they enter and possess the Promised Land. Numbers 14”:20 “I pardon…I will do to the wicked just as they have urged me…Thus all shall know what it means to thwart the L-RD. The wicked band that has been banded against Me in this very wilderness shall die in it- to the last man.”

Could these represent some, if not all, of the pro-independence muckrakers in America? Is the Declaration of Independence truly an Oath of Combined Wickedness?

That depends upon several factors, outcomes, and consequences; the greatest of which is psychological – a grand and all encompassing delusion only the truly wicked scoundrels aim to profit from and in doing so, seek their own folly and destruction, which seems more worth it to them, the more souls they may drag down with them; and as true cowards and betrayers of We His People they are, would remain hidden and anonymous for generations of blasphemous iniquity done in secret and in darkness, their element.

Nevertheless, the lasting affects are felt broadly and touch the lives of the righteous as well and sadly many an innocent, saintly soul is murdered or held captive by this blackening hand of murder and plunder veiled by pride and gross boastful vanity in the extreme. And though G-d is still keeping score and plans to avenge the blood of His servants and destroy all the rest…the where, when, why, and how is entirely up to Him, and time is only lengthened to give the wicked opportunity to repent of all their evil deeds done in pride and obstinacy of obdurate heart and stone cold soul.

Whether We His People shall be part of our own restoration and vindication by laying hold of our Justification is entirely up to us, or as many of us as remain free to choose or decide for ourselves. We know we are a nation divided, despoiled, and plundered by the misuse and abuse of manmade law and statute; we are just not sure how to fight for our right without starting WWIII or Z (Which was truly terrible, btw, Brad Pitt barely breathed out a performance that seemed as if he was elsewhere during the entire film and just plain bored with his role).

Ether chapter 8 explains much of what happened among factions and segments of our society because of wicked combinations and secret oaths “kept up by the power of the devil to administer these oaths unto the people, to keep them in darkness, to help such as sought for power to gain power and to murder and to plunder and to commit all manner of wickedness and whoredoms” (Ether 8:16).

Started by a Jezebel wannabe oversea; “a secret combination, even as they of old, which combination is most abominable and wicked in sight of G-d” (Ether 8:18-19) For the L-RD God worketh not in darkness, neither doth He will that men should shed blood, but in all things he has forbidden it from the beginning of man.”

John 10 sheds light on the importance of having One Shepherd and the Book of Ether like the Books of Samuel on the importance of having no king, ruler, or leader whatsoever over the people of G-d. I would not have my fellow countrymen, citizens, friends, or brethren ignorant about some of the sloppy turds, spots, and blemishes satan grants power and authority to through secret combination and chain of command erring because of these weakest of links in the human chain of fools. These self-serving defilers and murderers that have for generations enjoyed anonymous and insipidly evil thrones of disgrace in cities of refuge unmarked to the unwary eye all over the U.S. of A. At whose behest, throngs of able men are sent into wars corrupt in organization and murderous in imposition, fruitless in toil, and barren in outcome.

Dick Nixon served them best like a lazy, stupid dog, and Mr Obama is setting himself up to be their last patsy.

They are otherwise running out of time and hiding places as the Gadianton Empire crumbles and the Church of the Whore or Mother of Abominations likewise tumbles to the earth, all of whose members ought to pay for their crimes against G-d’s Creation and We His People who represent the G-d of Creation, HaShem of Hosts.

D&C 45:54,59 And then shall the heathen nations be redeemed and they that knew no Law/Torah shall have part in the first resurrection and it shall be tolerable for them.
For the L-rd shall be in their midst and his glory shall be upon them and he will be their king and their lawgiver.



Very lastly, if you aren’t Jewish, we have a different understanding of who Jesus/Y’shua is and what he did for the Jews and everybody else by extension of our chosen status and work among the children of men. We believe HaShem was in Jesus unto salvation but that it takes more than turning Jesus into someone he isn’t and creating a bogus religion around that to save all mankind.

We His People believe he is the Messiah who is eternal and is with us now and has been throughout the generations, and ages so-called. He is one all Jews follow closely but not so closely as to give him away and crucify him afresh as most Christians so-called ignorantly do in their religion (rebellion) every day and suffer much for in ignorance of HaShem of Hosts.

It takes complete faith in HaShem and His unfinished work among the sons of men through Jesus the Messiah who is eternal as all souls may be in HaShem.

Study Torah and Judaism as well as the Gospel and you will discover the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. Jesus of Nazareth and the entire world are a lot more than King James may authorize him and we to be.

Jesus exposed a corrupt priesthood and paid the price fully for doing so, and so we all must if we are to be true to the G-d of Jesus, HaShem of Hosts. I would say I have perfect faith in Jesus but more so in the Religion he practiced and the G-d he worshiped. Once more, I believe Christianity is mostly priestcraft and shrine prostitute manipulation by satan. Hell’s a bloody place and I wouldn’t want anyone ending up there for believing a lie or truth stretched too far…Remember what Jesus said about those who convert people and cross the ocean and go around the world to do so…making them two-fold the sons of hell they themselves already are…Faith and Grace may save, but why not add knowledge and works to them and become perfect in HaShem of Hosts?

Yes, he does teach us to preach the gospel to every creature but that did not require conversion or anyone to create a new religion formed by men however faithful or unfaithful they may have been to Y’shua HaMaShiach, son of Dovid HaMelech and HaShem of Hosts.

Zechariah chapters 10-14 is about more than Mosiach but every son of G-d whom they crucified was as if they looked upon HaShem crucified. Y’shua just represents the rosh or head of the body of believers, we are all One in HaShem, with no part or member any greater or lesser than another.

The earth may undergo several renewals, which Christians have come to misunderstand as G-d’s Kingdom without end, but in the end is to be destroyed and replaced with a new heaven and a new earth wherein righteousness dwells.


Yaakov 2
My Achim b’Moshiach, you do not with your acts of maso panim (favoritism) hold to the [orthodox Jewish] emunah of the glorious Adoneinu Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua. [DEVARIM 1:17; VAYIKRA 19:15; MISHLE 24:23] For if there enter into your Beit HaKnesset (House of Assembly, shul, synagogue, shtibel) a man with gold rings on his fingers in expensive bekeshe (kaftan) and shtreimel, and there enters also an underpriviledged nebach, a kabtzen (poor person) in shmattes (rags), and you pay special attention to the takif [influential man] wearing the bekeshe and shtreimel and say, “You sit here in the seat of kibbud (respect, honor), and to the kabtzen (pauper) you say, “You stand there.” Or “You sit at my feet,” did you not among yourselves differentiate with prejudice and became shofetim (judges) with machshavot re’sha (evil thoughts)? Hinei! My beloved Achim b’Moshiach, did not Der Oybershter make the Aniyim of the Olam Hazeh in fact Bechirim of Hashem to be rich in emunah and also yoreshim of the Malchut Hashem, which Adoshem gave as a havtachah (promise) to those with Ahavas Hashem? [IYOV 34:19] But you dishonored the ish evyon (poor man, pauper). Do not the oishirim (rich ones) oppress you and they drag you into the Batei Din (Bet Din courts)? Do they not commit Chillul Hashem gidduf (blasphemy) against the Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach’s Shem Tov that has been named upon you? If indeed you are shomer regarding the Dat HaMalkhut (Royal Decree), as it is written in the Kitvei Hakodesh, “V’AHAVTAH L’REI’ACHA KAMOCHA” (“And thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” [VAYIKRA 19:18]) you do well. But if you show maso panim (favoritism), you are chote’im (sinners) committing averos (transgressions) against the Torah. [DEVARIM 1:17] For whoever is shomer over kol haTorah but stumbles in one mitzvah, such is condemned as ashem (guilty) of averoh (transgression) of kol mitzvot. For the One having said, LO TINAF (“You shall not commit adultery”) said also LO TIRTZACH (“You shall not murder”). Now if you do not commit adultery but you do murder, you have become a Poshei’a al mitzvot HaTorah (Transgressor of the Torah). [SHEMOT 20:13,14; DEVARIM 5:17,18] So let your dvarim (words) be and so let your ma’asim (deeds) be as those who are about to come under the judgment of the Torah HaCherut [1:25]. For the Din (Judgment) will be without rachamim (mercy) to the one not having shown rachamim. Rachamim wins the nitzachon (victory) over HaDin. What is the revach (gain, profit), my Achim b’Moshiach, if anyone claims to have emunah but does not have ma’asim (deeds)? Surely not such “emunah” is able to bring him to Yeshu’at Eloheinu? If an Ach b’Moshiach or an Achot b’Moshiach is dressed in shmattes (tatters) and lacking “lechem chukeinu” (“our daily bread,” Mt.6:11) and anyone of you says to them, “Go in shalom! Be warmed and fed!” but you do not give to them the physical necessities, what is the revach (profit)? So also Emunah, if alongside it there is not in its company Ma’asim, is by itself niftar (deceased, dead). But someone will say, “You have emunah and I have ma’asim.” You make known to me the Hisgalus haSod (the revelation of the mystery) of your emunah without your ma’asim, and I’ll show you, Chaver, from my ma’asim, the Emunah. So you’re impressed with yourselves that with your emunah you can recite the kri’at Shema, nu? O you do so well…why, even the shedim have your da’as and emunah! But they shudder! [DEVARIM 6:4] Are you willing to have da’as, O hollow man, that Emunah unharnessed to Ma’asim, stands idle? Avraham Avinu, was he not YITZDAK IM HASHEM (justified with G-d) by his ma’asim when he performed the akedah (binding) and offered up Yitzchak Bno (Isaac his son) upon the mizbe’ach? [BERESHIS 22:9,12] Hinei! While Avraham Avinu’s Emunah was working, working right alongside was Avraham Avinu’s Ma’asim, and by Ma’asim the emunah was made shleimah! And the Kitvei Hakodesh was fulfilled, Avraham Avinu V’HE’EMIN BA’HASHEM VAYACHSHEVE’HA LO TZEDAKAH (“believed Hashem and it was accounted to him for righteousness,” BERESHIS 15:6). He was even called “Ohev Hashem” (“Friend of G-d”). [BERESHIS 15:6; YESHAYAH 41:8; DIVREY HAYOMIM BAIS 20:7] You see that from Ma’asim [of Emunah] a man is YITZDAK IM HASHEM and not from [sterilely unpartnered] “Emunah” alone. [i.e., mere intellectual assent] And likewise also Rachav the Zonah—was she not made YITZDAK IM HASHEM from Ma’asim, having received the messengers and having sent them out a different way? For just as the guf (body) without the neshamah is niftar (deceased, dead), so also is Emunah without Ma’asim.


Have a Blessed and Believing Summer One and All. Lechaim, lechaim, to Life!

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