Happy Shavu’ot For The Church Of The Firstborn


The Presence of Shavu’ot equals presents for everyone;
gifts for all mankind; Hag hey-Bikkurim (the Festival of the First

A real Christmas, the first was Shavu’ot, when G-d revealed Himself
through the Holy Spirit unto worthy believers who had no doubt
nor reason to when they witnessed the mighty spectacle of Hag
Matan Torateinu (the Festival of the Giving of Our Torah); that
forever shamed mankind’s pagan ridicule of a Christmas of a
different and more hateful and wicked sort – the Anti-Christmas is what it ought to be called; when all Christians rejected the Christ and Torah and celebrated trampling the
Holy One of Israel under their feet, burning the Yule be sorry ashen
faggots in infamy.

In Hell, everyone’s deaf. Float above…


Luke7:28 For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist: but he that is least in the kingdom of G-d is greater than he. And all the people that heard him, and the publicans, justified G-d, being baptized with the baptism of John. But the Pharisees and lawyers rejected the counsel of G-d against themselves, being not baptized of him. And Moshiach Tzidkeinu said, Whereunto then shall I liken the men of this generation? and to what are they like? They are like unto children sitting in the marketplace, and calling one to another, and saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned to you, and ye have not wept. For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine, and ye say, He hath a devil. The Son of man is come eating and drinking, and ye say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners! But wisdom is justified of all her children.

Of course, Spring; the month of Sivan is at least a better season for burning unwanted dead or brushwood and such but it celebrates the life of the Christ, instead of glorying in his crucifixion again and again and again, etc.

Yes, He did come to lay down his life for his chosen and to redeem all who would thereafter believe in the work of atonement and covenant renewal and partake of Fruits of the same religion as he practiced, Judaism; and thereafter offer right sacrifices in a Temple according to the renewed Holy Order of G-d, and there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends, but for the most or greater part Christians turn their own religion into revelry in murder and plunder and works of such abominable madness they put anything that may have happened in ancient Israel to shame, and that
they do annually, daily and quite rabidly, as frozen animals waiting out a season un-
changing for the right to kill and commit deicide. Their love waxes cold
because it’s winter all year round in their hearts! They don’t just hate G-d and His servant with a passion, they ‘revile the L-RD’ with an exquisite longing to repeat bloody murder as often as they may, brazenly violating every commandment. They must be punished and there is nothing they desire more than punishment. It was how Israel of old dealt with the frustration of serving a Holy G-d. It is not easy for anyone in the flesh to do that which the Holy Spirit directs, and like an angry child who wants its own way, Israel would kick against G-d, not having been trained up sufficiently in the Way in which a child should go, there is little hope for a future exaltation and rapturous experience of salvation unto eternal life and glory.


It is all too easy to join the world’s psychosis of mind, body, and soul and hearken unto false prophets and soothsayers who will make you feel justified in making all the wrong decisions and choices in life as it is not in heaven. It’s imperceptible as you gradually separate from G-d and lose every good gift for convenience and carnal security that will in no wise make you secure and eventually cuts you off from life’s joys and happiness, till in the end, you become something you hate and lose all you may have loved about life in G-d’s creation as a created being yourself.

In Divine contrast, HaShem’s festivals make Divine sense and His real servant, messenger and judge, most likely in response to HaShem’s holy desire to make Israel great among the nations, Moshe asks instead for G-d to make Divine forbearance great, and in thus granting, mankind received the greatest blessing and Xmas or Shavu’ot Gift of all time. Thirteen in number, One in effect, attributes of compassion and mercy, etc., shown the rebellious and just children of Israel alike.

Human beans swear by G-d because there is no superior bean, so legume. (forgive pun).

The Wisdom of Solomon in book 17 explains what happens to souls who
become two-fold sons of Hell, while the world and life goes on for some, these
souls alone are trapped, taken and shut in by divine decree inescapable or if they
may escape it is only by doing more evil than that which cut them off in the first place from the presence and providence of G-d. Psychology and Technology combine and create a reality of knowledge heaped up in vain, that is mostly if not entirely a work of lies and misgivings that aim to trap people who are driven mad by and in a world without divine direction, discretion and meaning. It’s a very meaningless life for those who create these lying sciences so-called and misuse gifts that otherwise would solve the issues and problems many that ensue when the majority of the world abandons G-d and His Way of Life in deed, word, and unbelief. Of course dementia and mental psychosis would ensue and devils are they who treat it as self-created and as a problem the patient has in his psyche and may be treated by therapy for a long time cruel and more insane than the original psychosis may have seemed to the patient afflicted by voices of devils and spirits that long to exist but only gradually work their way into a victim’s head and consciousness by the Yetzer Hara or evil inclination leading the person astray into sins never atoned for and reasoned away as if they were not sins at all. Gradually, the problem has come to be treated more humanely if not kindly, simply because it is easier to get more souls into hell in a hand basket than bucket listed.

The entirety of Christianity is priest craft, if not idolatry and psychology and some branches of science are no better nor worse. All is for idol gain in idle time spent creating ways of escaping what you’re running from, and the more horsepower you obtain, while fleeing, the faster you may flee, but G-d promises your pursuers are just as swift and you’ll be caught in due time. Not only so, but these spirits are with you while you flee, leading you on to your own destruction; anything other than advising you to repent of whatever sin is causing the schism your mind, body, and soul are experiencing or suffering from and to return to G-d for healing and pardon, cleansing and reentry into the community as the blessing to the whole you ought to have been from the beginning and continue faithful unto the end, and thereafter rewarded with divine rest and eternal life. Those who return, even if there is no way evident and only a single witness shouting in the wilderness to make straight the ways of the L-RD; those who are on the run, are going to remain running until they run out of room and are overtaken by the justice of HaShem. At which point, most may claim ignorance because that is what they are, but they must also prove said ignorance and no longer may they claim it and the craft of those who are in no wise ignorant is broken and people are on equal grounds again, or even the afflicted soul is raised above the physician practicing witchcraft under the pretense of education earned and puffed up therein, where he or she becomes foolish though there may be of a consequence some fruit to their labor, it is mostly manipulated fruit of the tree or patient they are treating with contempt for wisdom and honesty wanting; yet still may claim no fault for – we like to be lied to. A meeting point is what we need, where no man is any better or more important than his fellow and a Physician worth his salt would most likely count on that meeting point to heal the afflicted or diseased patient in his care, just as a Rabbi would use the same to teach his students about HaShem and not his own craft. Rabbinical Judaism is more of a holy art form than craft otherwise minded. Once you experience even a peripheral knowledge of Judaism, you would have to come to the conclusion that all of Christianity and religion otherwise is priest craft bordering on the insane and quite definitely vain and of man rather than of G-d and/or holy influence. Not being G-d authorized or ordained it does a considerable amount of damage to the Body of Christ, which is divided and conquered by the antichrist forces feigning representation.


2 Corinthians 2:11,17 Lest satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of G-d: but as of sincerity, but as of G-d, in the sight of G-d speak we in Christ.

Wisdom is different from knowledge in that it affects the entire constitution of Its seeker and changes workings of the soul, body, and mind of Its adherent to that of an exalted personage in an exalted realm, and if misconstrued as emanating from the self and changing the reality around that self, it could easily become something it is not and dissipate into self-aggrandizement or the belief that man is G-d or on the same level, but if the disciple or seeker see it as an inevitable gift of attaining to or understanding the Holy Order of the Most High, then he is made godlike or priest like and his knowledge is edified by Wisdom revealed to him according to his merit worthy longing for Her and the gifts She freely bestows upon one and all worthy seekers, She meets them in every thought, and guides them in every deed.


And so we’re back to what it means to remain faithful and see prophecy fulfilled as a result of our faithfulness, which has been hard tried indeed! Joshua and Caleb entered into the Promised Land as leaders and holy seers who believed what G-d told them and have reaped a thousand fold of all that Israel lacked as they grumbled their way through the wilderness having no faith in His promises and providence.

To the self-willed, wicked and the arrogant; faith, patience and integrity mean nothing. Getting what you crave when you crave it, is all that matters, and slowly your soul is diminished and you become no better than a beast of burden you now relate better to than your brethren and community. Selfishness reaps want like armed populace feels for safety and trust. Secure in your own little cave, fighting off enemies real and imagined is a far cry from the Liberty Divine upon which our founding fathers were suffered to create a constitutional government to ensure its lasting enjoyment.

But let’s get back to the characters worthy at the time of the grand entering in; Caleb is like the first Dad, rather than a patriarch, a more humble character than the personages of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. Granted his right and privilege to enter the Promised Land and with Joshua to allot tribal portions and inheritances to their sons and daughters, fellow brothers and sisters. This was happiness fulfilled and enjoyed by all.

In contrast, the wicked community, the unbelieving and fearful scouts should have to atone for their treachery and sin by becoming the inspiration and first practicing minyan, praying to heal the breach of confidence and real harm their lack of faith and insincerity did to the collective consciousness of Israel.

When the Israelites banded together to stone Caleb and Joshua, they were entirely under satan’s control and their real intention was to rebel against G-d. Even then they wanted to crucify or stone someone they had never seen nor met in person. But they had Caleb and Joshua at a stone throw’s distance and it is easier to hurt the innocent than to deal with the Yetzer Hara or evil inclination that is gnawing at your insides and convincing you that wrong will make you feel right or that violence will be an outlet that solves the pent up anger felt by your frustration in not getting your own way. To this day and many generations and ages later we have not overcome or solved the age old problem of governing our creature to our satisfaction and still deal treacherously and dishonestly with one another and strangers in particular. Being light years ahead of those times has not filled us with light and spirit edifying and we are ever unsatisfied with our lot in life, which is the result of our own waywardness. The world doesn’t tell us so and even encourages us to remain wayward as if we were on track and justified; but the entire world has gone backward and not forward for so may generations, we don’t know the difference and can’t tell our right hand from our left, but grab for all we may clutch in our greedy, grubby paws with each at each and every opportunity. Patience, the last of our human virtues lies dead, trampled under our feet as an enemy unwanted and now destroyed we don’t even have the capacity to mourn over it, because without it, there is no time to care.

Numbers 14:40 And they rose up early in the boker, and went up into the height of the hill country, saying, Behold, we are here, and will go up unto the place which Hashem hath promised: for we have sinned.

“The remorse here is too late and wrongly intended. For, in reality, they still refused to admit that they were wrong; and sullenly, reluctantly, go off to battle. (At least they’ll be able to vent some pent up aggression.)

“When you enter the land I Am giving you.”

“The words affirm that G-d still communicates with the people; that G-d has not written them off permanently, although it will be their children who enter and put these laws into practice.
All righteous individuals are considered equal and One in HaShem.
The stranger is placed on equal footing with the Israelite citizen in matters of civil laws but there are differences between them in religious law.

The laws given through Moses are valid for all time.

Even the products of human creation are to be considered gifts from G-d. No boasting.

“Why does a person who sins unintentionally have to bring an offering? It is needed to cleanse the soul of the guilt felt over having done wrong. Rambam says this refers to a person who was raised without knowledge of the Torah, who only later in life discovers that many things he or she was accustomed to doing are forbidden. This procedure enables such a person to cleanse the soul of the embarrassment of having done wrong.” EHC


Why biblical feasts are superior and holy – and pagan ritual inferior and unholy. Traditions help us to remember things we care about, but in the case of pagan traditions it is usually the opposite; they gather at times to induce and enjoy forgetfulness, and do all they may to bury the past deep in their subconscious, things we are ashamed of and atone for, they excuse and sometimes even receive reward for doing.

While G-d’s festivals may be to remind us of things we may be proud of; the purpose of remembering is not to share our belief, but to guide our behavior – making both present, past, and future more meaningful and infinitely more cherished as memory sheds light on who we are to G-d and how much He loves us. They also bring closure, fulfilling hopes and prophecies from the very beginnings of national memory. Whereas, in America, mixed in with the heathen of all kinds we favor forgetfulness, living in the moment as pliable to our will and self-serving as reality may be in that context, completely free of moral obligations and completely nomadic as creators of whatever history suits our present mood and agenda. We can just make up stuff as we go along, in the broad way which leads to destruction sealed since the advent of Y’shua Ben Dovid HaMoshiach our Ad’ni and Redeemer.


It is interesting to note spies learned faith from Rahab, who although being a harlot had complete faith in the Jewish people and the G-d of the Jews. Of course these weren’t scouts, but their need to be taught faith was as evident and there mission as important to our nation’s identity as was any miracle or deliverance wrought by the hand of the L-RD within the context of a majority dwindling in unbelief and zeal lacking if not completely absent as it is in this day and time in the history of the world part last and lost.

Unbelief is as strange to me as is the worship of idols. But we must not judge for since the very beginning, sons of Aaron, Aaron himself, Moshe, the Levites, etc. had to be warned about the Way and manner in which they handled holy things, approach holiness itself and guarded its encroachment by foreigners. To enter in within the veil, uninitiated and unprepared, Spirit may bail and leave your soul impaired, marred and despairing.

“Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet believe.” Y’shua


All other nations, peoples and tongues abuse the very notion of faith to take advantage of their own people and family. ONLY Israel and their Descendents have the singular virtue of using their knowledge of holiness and the Creator of the universe to enlighten their own nation and then all others, though of course, in every nation, including Israel there will be instances of the opposite proved true and the probability of abuse is greater the closer you get to the Real Thing, which is also what is wonderful about the Real Thing. No matter how far one may be from Its chosen People, Habitation, and Temple, there is no substitute or equal to the Real Thing. Experientially, everyone knows this to differing extents with reciprocal respect or awe differing as well, but only Israel made it their Life’s work to search out the Torah and Word of G-d so as to know Him as He would to be known and reveal Him as He would be revealed. An intimate and loving relationship, no other nation or people enjoy quite as Israel does, with the same amount of respect and grateful fidelity, as G-d Himself says of His Chosen, “I love them with an irrational love” that cannot be understood nor fathomed in the human heart.


And as Y’shua would say of men, “he would not trust himself to them because he knew all men and needed no one to bear witness of man, for he himself knew what was in man” (John 2:24).

And so the proper frame of any man at any time, is one of entire lowliness and loathing no matter how great one’s accomplishments in life may be or how many lives we may have touched or felt to have improved in some way, we are as worms, and less than the dust of the earth to be considered and in the balances go up as worthless sanctuary coins have been made in the trust of mankind. The greatest thing anyone ever did apart from worshiping G-d in purity and innocence was to nullify the self completely and become as though we are not. For truly nothing we are or may be is fit to dwell in the Kingdom of G-d, being unclean from our inception. Who shall deliver us from this mass of folly, this body of death? Thanks be to HaShem of Hosts, through His servant Y’shua Ben David, Hamashiach. Where is boasting? It is excluded…

Helaman 12

There are many spirits it is true, but they are not equal to the Spirit of HaShem of Hosts.
Righteous people tend to believe themselves to be of like mind and even in some cases of spirit; and the best partake of the same Spirit because they recognize the Spirit of G-d for its superiority and holiness, its otherworldliness and behooved nature. Lesser spirits are no less important to G-d but may infrequently claim to be aligned with or obedient to HaShem of Hosts and may even be lead astray by one another and lead astray the people from the right Way enjoined upon them by the Spirit of G-d.

The Yiddish proverb comes to mind of, “People make plans and HaShem laughs!”
He laughs because He delights in His children even when they err from the Path and make mistakes. He delights to save! To bring back a child to the Right Way is His Business. He does not delight in the destruction of anyone but that all might come to Him by His Way and find themselves in Him.

The Body has many parts and must needs work together to achieve exaltation of souls, all.

As breathing exercises may help one center oneself in the self; so to be centered in G-d may just take your breath away, leaving you filled with an inexplicable awe and gratitude of an out of body sort, that catches you up into realms of spirit that the breathing world may not comprehend or appreciate as the life is swallowed up in pure HaShem and all thoughts of maintaining some sort of connection through our own efforts and discipline fade away, though we have never yet been as we are in that moment, it puts to shame all presupposed ideas of exaltation or spiritual enlightenment, and none of it happened because we intended it to or worked for it, it was entirely G-d’s will or gift for which we are in that moment of indescribable ecstasy beyond grateful to be treated so unexpectedly kind and as a child loved by its Father in Heaven to be in the very bosom of said Father, carried away unto rapture by such a gracious Being who condescends to treat anyone as a son or daughter or friend.


Prayer may establish a link, but it is a faltering and weak one on our end, even in our most sure moments of faith and bliss, there is no understanding nor explaining how this lights a light in both speaker and Hearer; it does aid all who hear to think more clearly and the moment is crystallized and purity emanates from the center of the supplicant, desiring more light and experience of that which is beyond our capacity to put into words, through edifying of the mind and bringing the body into subjection to know nothing but His will which is hard to discern or even impossible to discern otherwise, and even in these moments, the flesh so weighs us down that we cannot do as perfectly as we feel we ought, until we entirely release ourselves from the confines of this flesh and are parted from this world and His Spirit enters in and takes over the vessel of our flesh and blood and does that which we cannot fathom the Way of. This is all entirely possible and I speak from experience but the best of my explanations would fail miserably to explain how the Spirit works. We nullify the self to become as gods and the desire to be known flees or is just absent and when the Spirit discovers what to do with us It may reinvent us as a potter the clay in His image, which no man has ever seen; and we can enjoy the most intimate relationship with Him and other believers. The Body Of Christ- at its best- represents perfect order within the context of chaos. By making the least important or useless-seeming member the greater we cause an equilibrium that maintains humility in nobility which strengthens the whole thus making every member indispensable and necessary, when the least is the greatest and the greatest a far cry from that which is considered great in heaven then we have brought the Kingdom near in this world of abomination and otherwise minded futility of purpose and direction, and that moment of clarity and divine takeover is worth all the pain and suffering we may have to go through to get to that point in time, time being only allotted unto men, for with G-d it is of no use and one day may be equal to a thousand years, and vice versa…

This is what you get from following the precept that we do not live by bread alone but by every word which proceeds from the mouth of G-d.

When you reach that as an ability and gift received from HaShem, there is not much to compare or worry about besides, it’s like entering within the veil and surviving the moment without offending G-d or compromising his Holiness by any unbelief or curiosity wandering of our own. We become like Moses, speaking with G-d face to face and enjoying His companionship.

There is no greater gift and this is what He gives us on each Shavu’ot and throughout the year inasmuch as time may matter to true disciples of the Way.


There is no Higher Attainment for a man born to sorrow and trial and woe as sure as sparks fly upward than to experience even a moment where we believe we made G-d proud of us or did anything He smiled upon and may have said ‘Amen’ to.

“Herein is love, not that we loved G-d, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if G-d so loved us, we ought also to love one another.”

1 John 4

D&C 50

D&C 76

Happy Shavu’ot, Feast of Weeks For the Church Of The Firstborn

Lechaim, lechaim! To Life!

Luke 20:38 For he is not a G-d of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him.


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