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Summer Reading List

Here’s a reading suggestion for the Summer of 5774/2014. Enjoy your Summer in the L-RD. Thanks to andrews-lamb   Have a Great Summer in The Lamb!   A Multiplicity of B;essings!   Your Dutiful Working Boy,   Barzillai dov … Continue reading

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The Hebrews Rootin’, Tootin’ Faith

When being employed may mark a citizen as an enemy or part on an apostate body in Zion, we’re in it deep and neck high unto drowning; and deep Shiite is what I am wont to swim in (D&C 127:2). … Continue reading

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The Whippoorwill Of Freedom

Till the Whippoorwill of Freedom zapped me right between the eyes…(From Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John.) If you understand what true victory and defeat mean and are, then historically and spiritually speaking, Israel has conquered every foe, and it has … Continue reading

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Happy Shavu’ot For The Church Of The Firstborn

The Presence of Shavu’ot equals presents for everyone; gifts for all mankind; Hag hey-Bikkurim (the Festival of the First Fruits). A real Christmas, the first was Shavu’ot, when G-d revealed Himself through the Holy Spirit unto worthy believers who had … Continue reading

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