The Reconnaissance Of Canaan


The greatest tragedy the USA has had to overcome from generation to generation and genesis to genesis is precisely that, being stuck in Genesis with no Exodus or emancipation real unto liberation lasting and kingdom enduring or Zion’s establishment.

Since and before Lincoln was shot we’ve been a people with zero history and zero future.

Dad’s barely able to recognize themselves are completely unable to relate to their children honestly because it is against the law to tell the truth and the psychological damage felt and done We The People by this unfortunate circumstance is turned into massive business controlled by madmen in captivity reigning in iniquity over unlawful enforcement of tyranny run hog wild.

Madmen who could not care less about their own sons than they do for themselves or the children they have zero investment in and less interested in having and raising up unto exaltation in the afore-mentioned context of perplexity unto perfidy or else, that keeps them from doing anything at all.

The threat of excommunication or worse for not being a liar or false witness or silent standby is paralyzing and most are forced to  grin and bear it.

Escape unto Being through I Am. The Shema opens the Gate and Psalm 101 guards the Pasture most safe.

Judaism practiced, daily, undoes all the tricks, and snares; traps and lies the devil and whore would have We The People bound down by as the chains of Hell itself; a heavy yoke and burden law enforcement officers may teach you much about but do little to help you escape, for they themselves are its captives.

Freedom is an impossibility without the L-RD claimed and lived unto in every place circumstance and context; all else is tyranny pretending otherwise.

There is a sort of perverse scoundrel’s ‘wisdom’ in surviving in the madman’s reality created by otherwise minded lifestyle choices, both in the U.S.A. and abroad. More cruel and unusual abroad for the trouble of trying to imitate an island of rats that We The People have become to a greater extent than I wish were true; but fools who know what they are are wiser than those who perceive them to be otherwise and ‘all is fair in love and war.’

But the means that justify the ends must as a matter of covenant promise or vows kept sacred, eventually bring about those Ends, fulfill that Dream and bring to pass that Reality which has been longed for for over two thousand years by those who know the price of freedom in folly, by golly, Egad!


To proclaim freedom to captives who don’t want to face the fact that they are captives is hard to do, but for their own sake and the sake of their children and children’s children who will otherwise be victimized without mercy or justice, we must free ourselves from these chains we wear and Exodus unto Mt. Sinai and receive the Torah and our Passport to Liberty for the sake of the Everlasting Gospel’s Covenant Promise.

By returning to G-d, through Gospel and Torah living, we escape, if only in theory; and we at least begin the long sojourn from Egyptian delusive lifestyle and corruption of soul to something greater than Israel of old, even the New in America, the Home of the Free and land of the Brave or vice versa, who because of a filthy eagle working abomination and murder worldwide became as dross and refuse, reprobate keeping unclean captives of an unclean beast’s making.

But when it’s whole filthy carcass and all its filthy wings are destroyed, the Lion of Judah shall raise itself up as King of the Jungle and the Lamb as King of the Kingdom of We The People no more led astray as dumb asses and instead would plant us in a land of The Good Shepherd’s Care where theory shall become practice, word and very deed.

Equity, real and lasting, shall be established both in the Way it protects and births opportunity for the brave and the free to truly be so and not just say so.

Otherwise, are fools running from fools, dogs chasing their own tails and pigs laughing in shit at themselves and the havoc they create.

The only solution therefore and therein being Zero’s math, nil work ethic, and destruction by intervention cruel and unreasonable the only sound policy.

A mad frenzy of work, math and policy making is a guilty nation’s unsound governance by constitution crumbling at its foundations. The ease with which correction may save and restore is rejected by those who have rejected the same responsibility for so long while collecting tribute and flattery for criminal enforcement at criminal request taking the form of court order or legal pretension and extension of a lawless brood of filth and reprobate in uniform order out of pure malice and hatred for the freedoms enjoyed by citizens lawful and upright with more integrity of person and nobility of character than these thugs will ever dream of possessing. They don’t care to or dare to tell the difference between what they have become and what may be holy and just, right and true, noble and Law-fulfilling, Covenant Keeping, Kingdom Zealous members of the Founding Family of We The People.

They only face facts they may invent to excuse their tyranny and manipulate and otherwise promote the delirious stupor that negates reality but otherwise supports their vanity and egoism; an kaotic control of mass manipulated consciousness perverted and never to be free to be all that we may be for want of representation of He who made us so and may not remake us in His own image until we turn from our iniquity and selfishness and flee the devil. In the image of G-d He created them, We The People, male and female, He created Us.

Genesis to Genesis, ready for Exodus, Shavous, Jubilee, Kingdom Come, His Will is done on earth as it may be in Heaven.

2 Esdras 11&12

The Eagle/Lion thing is a biblical matter and must be fulfilled. I do not intend to stir up strife or contention, but to put an end to it by fulfilling the Scriptures and thereby righting the kingdom and mayhap grant the Eagle an opportunity to raise up worthy eaglets to inherit what their father may have been anointed and chosen to care for and lost the love of because of his own errors in judgment that should have been awarded another scripturally destined to the seat of mercy aforementioned and never won by the covetous but rewarded to the right servant for G-d’s unsearchable purposes and Kingdom’s establishment. These are not matters that may be argued over or debated about. G-d’s will is not to be questioned but fulfilled, sticking to and not varying from the Torah and Gospel Way revealed through HaShem’s servants the prophets and laborers few in the vineyard being cultivated for the last time in our generation most blest and standing to prosper and enjoy such abundance as only Heaven knows is possible and due all the family of G-d on earth as it may be in Heaven. Let’s do this.

Be Scripturally fed, led and motivated in everything you say, do and think, and you will be enabled to do so much more than you may ask or imagine otherwise.
Unless you are born again, you are legally blind and we’ve enough blind men leading people off of cliffs and into pits than I may throw a stick at or bone to and hasten their inevitable end of their own free will and choice, but perhaps save those innocent seers who could not see for the blind men leading them into darkness and out of light. Blessed be he who shines in the darkness and makes the distinction evident and practical.

We The People went from a segregated populace to a segmented society, of which there is a segment that is overwhelmingly lazy and idolatrous whose motto is ‘It is what it is, don’t bother me with it or otherwise; I am sated with enough.’

But there is another segment which saith, ‘It is what it may be because we have an interest and own it to be all it may be and more than with We The People’s help and as a result of the former’s or our own concision if necessary in the worst case scenario. That is sacrifice for freedom, which is our due and reasonable service to our fellows and G-d.

We The People have reached a point in our history where we must hearken back to foundational truths in building up and become as servants who each from this point on or from the Festival of Shavuot and Jubilee year must serve out our seven year’s service to our nation and Brethren of the Union, to win our freedom lost for the cost of taking the same for granted and the price of the treachery worked to keep us from making and fulfilling vows that uphold and enrich any decent society on earth with riches and benefits no other nation has ever enjoyed the equal of nor ever showed an decent respect for the value and worth invested in We The People. G-d has a lot invested in Us and We owe Him much back pay and many returns on His investment. He may not be rejected as an unwanted boss or employer may. Our lives and soul’s welfare depend upon our fulfillment of vows made and promises kept sacred thereby precisely because He has already done His part and more in granting Us Liberty as a Gift bestowed upon a much treasured and cherished people who ought to shine forth as jewels equal to stars in Heaven. Our love and zeal have been lacking for so long because of absence of awareness and knowledge but in order to prove our ignorance and absence of malice toward Our Heavenly Father, we ought to turn to Him with all our might, mind, and strength and serve Him and one another all the remainder of our days as befits our high and lofty calling. It is no small matter of confidence He has placed upon Us, and no small matter of consequence our ignorance willful and militant has cost us in injury to our relationships with one another and G-d.

The insult of the madmen to society is that what once was the very life spring and stream of life flowing as a river most blessed out of the heart of America, We The People are being labeled as the ‘kooky’ idealists and dreamers who saw Light in darkness and wished to make the most of Hay Day while it would last and that we did and to our merit and fruit evident.


Houston had a problem and it was destroying all of Texas; but the problem has been dealt with and Texas may again join the Union and be part and parcel to the Purpose of madness which was to make an enemy a friend and combine to overcome a common foe and enemy within our borders if not our hearts.

Houston’s problem was always a heart problem compromised by infidelity. We must reclaim the land lost in segmentation which was an inevitability of a hard heart and a segregated longing for homeland far away.

Three’s a Crowd, Onesimus.

Excuse my pun.

‘Twas the Skipper charted the course who blamed his little buddy for their being stuck on a deserted island. But, truth be told, it was the choice of the entire cast and crew to remain uncharted and lost in a paradise found and coveted for them alone. Despite the Professor’s many vain attempts to reason with them, they were content to remain off course and off the map, so to speak.

In the long run, perhaps they aren’t really to blame. Dumb luck is of the best quality and wonders are hard to come by when a people come to buy and sell or else naught much else. Knotty Nauticals may have saved their crew a worse fate than being rescued would have certainly been at that time.

In time, they may even outdo and bring down an illegal eagle the people revered and even worshipped as a god but was no more than a vulture with talents lent him for the purpose of investment in We The People, to be used wisely or else lost and given to another more worthy of trust and more skilled indeed.

Although destined by G-d to fulfill its times, as was Saul to fulfill his and in much the same way ultimately rejected and destroyed of itself for arrogance and treachery or disloyalty or unbelief and sin of disobedience, witchcraft and idolatry.

The ushering in of something better and eternal is the point. As is often the case, retirement is a hard choice to manage when you’ve been a chosen vessel feared by all, and fearing none, having endured and fought off many an enemy to date because G-d appointed the same self-end to be your inheritance and duty to Nation and G-d. But the time must come for all good things to end or give place to better and let go of what has become a disaster area appointed for another ruler’s takeover.

To put it off as long as one may would be any entity’s will, but the one who would serve his purpose best must be willing and more; having a faithful knowledge of the end of its times.

Adieu, over and out. And thank you very much for what good you may have accomplished. We The People have got it from here on out and will not fail to make you proud to have protected so worthy a colony chosen from before the foundation of the world for this Glorious come to pass.

The true tale to be retold, is really more of an astronaut than a skipper anyway, who wanted to visit the earth more than the moon. They called him Moon Breaker. He needed and obtained a reservoir and enough ammo to last a time, and times and half a time to reach his destination unknown but perceived in prophecy and Seer’s visions. He knew from the outset his journey would be full of extreme adventure, glory and season’s otherworldly and hard to endure; interspersed with visitations of aliens who afforded him relief and no little anxiety of mind, soul, and body altering psychosis that was hard to endure but ultimately worth it. Having the heart of a Lion – he knew the psychology of mad dogs and such as he would never fear but must often fight off because G-d had anointed him for a greater work and glory than that of the Eagle he often saw flying in the heavens and even envied a bit for such lofty heights and talents he could only dream of and whom he would one day outdo and bring down as an abominable idol revered of the peoples as a god but was no more to him than a scavenging pigeon, which might at least be worth a sacrifice offering to a G-d more Holy than the entire World could comprehend and who had in condescension most gracious made him, the Lion, King of Beasts and worthy to usher in the final age of HaShem of Host’s Kingdom upon earth as it may be in heaven.

Said he, as he bowed his Lion’s Mane in worship most heartfelt and pure, thy Kingdom Come, thy Will Be Done, send Thy servant whither Thou wilt and I will be faithful unto death and unto the end of times.

Now with the Skipper and His fearless crew the Lion wist not what to do, but out of his gracious heart kept them on board and apportioned them various duties and rewards accordingly and entrusted them with ship recovery and restoration to do faithfully what they had endeavored to do quite blindly and without guide for what felt like ages to them, but seemed in memory but a brief moment lost at sea they were sad if not reluctant to say goodbye to and return to a people alien but familiar and soon befriended and become common enough so as to have been known all their lives long, as though they had never spent a single day on any uncharted island, but had only been away on a three hour tour and returned just in time to celebrate a much beloved Festival of Three they were all accustomed to keeping before they had set out on their three hour journey into the unknown and now fleeting in memory as a navy of ships may have proved useless to an aforementioned guardian in excess of We The People now restored to our right mind and proper frame of Faith, One Body, Under G-d, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

“Passover freed us physically from bondage, but the giving of the Torah on Shavu’ot redeemed us spiritually from our bondage to idolatry and immorality.

“It is noteworthy that the holiday is called the time of the giving of the Torah, rather than the time of the receiving of the Torah. The sages point out that we are constantly in the process of receiving the Torah; that we receive it every day, but it was first given at this time. Thus, it is the giving, not the receiving, that makes this holiday significant.” EHC

We The People may be distinguished for our long-suffering, forbearance and mercy shown an ignorant segment that has forever been a part of Israel and a burden in most cases, they represent the generation that left Egypt and had to die in the wilderness before Israel could inherit The Promised Land.

Scouting is a bird thing and the initiative to scout the land originated with the people, not G-d.

But how does G-d deal with His doubtful Chosen? Even thus, ‘Sh’lah L’kha’ ‘Go to yourself.’ For your own purposes [Not Mine]. He seems to be saying, ‘I have told you already that the land is good and that I will give it to you. If you need human confirmation of that, go ahead and send scouts.’

Eagles seem, by nature, very treacherous and untrusting, as majestic and powerful as they may appear, skilled and masterful as they may be, they seem uncertain of Providence Holy probably because they are unclean.

We are all, in a sense, as Abraham was, ahead of ourselves in more ways than one, and so it is very important the Way in which we travel, and relate to G-d’s world. Some Sages regard the Ruach Hakodesh or Holy Spirit as ascending from within the creation. Most Saints regard it as a Gift coming down out of Heaven most pure and life altering.
In the case of understanding the kingdoms of the world or gentiles, the first interpretation is more worthwhile of consideration, especially if you believe and consider yourself part of the second and as coming from a Kingdom above. As Mosiach Ben Dovid said, make ye friends of the unrighteous mammon, that when ye fail they may invite you into internal habitations.

The Eagle was chosen for his foresight, and perhaps overcome and replaced by the Lion for the latter’s bolder faith in hindsight which is more often regarded as seeing 20/20 or perfect vision which is what we need if our purer eyes are to behold G-d at any time on earth or in heaven.

‘Caleb was able to see the land not only as it is at the moment but as what it had meant and would mean in terms of G-d’s promise to the patriarchs.

‘Canaan was Egypt’s Asian province, ruled by Egyptian governors and local princes. It’s boundaries matched closely those of the Promised Land. Canaanite refers to ‘merchant class’. It’s equivalent in Akkadian kinahhu also means ‘red-purple.’

‘Caleb – The name from ‘kelev’ (dog), is probably part of a longer name with a meaning like ‘the obedient servant of the god so-and-so.’ The term ‘dog’ as a metaphor for an obsequious servant is found often in the literature of the ancient Near East.

‘Joshua changed from Hoshe’a to Y’hoshu’a (God will save.) Rashi interprets to mean ‘May G-d save you from the malign influence of the scouts.

“The country that we traversed is one that devours its settlers. Num. 13:32b.

“Caleb does not contradict the account of the other scouts only their conclusion. [Believing G-d will conquer every foe in their way or path and nothing is impossible for Him].” EHC

Joshua agrees with Caleb but the scouts are sabotaging the deal and casting doubts throughout the camp of the Israelites, bypassing Moses and Aaron to speak directly with whoever they could…The scouts, as eagle minded foes to Liberty wanted to ensure Freedom to some extent but that they might treacherously get the best portions of land for themselves and cheat their brethren, fathers, and countrymen. It’s the way gentiles are and it is wisdom when you consider the above teaching of Y’shua HaMashiach.

It is a common tragedy among people that we believe the worst rather than the best, or doubt rather than believe; it’s an inherited trait and one used by one generation against another throughout the ages.

The L-RD, of course, is certain always and ensures the people of success with the warning, ‘only do not rebel against the L-RD. Have no fear of the people of the country; for they are our prey.’

The people react woefully and wish they had died and prove my point about common tragedies.

‘In contrast, a sense of hope in the possibility of a brighter future; a belief that G-d can help us to do what we find hard to do unaided, can banish that sense of futility and restore the will to live.
‘Joshua and Caleb risk their lives by acting with integrity and standing up to a misguided majority. In the end, it is the majority who will die in the wilderness and the people of integrity and courage who survive to see their dreams realized.’” EHC


Shabbat Shalom & Yom Rosh Chodesh Sivan

Next up…Shavu’ot Arrives and It’s ‘Right On!’ Time…

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