On With The Show, This Is It…


The Good Pharaoh’s Way ~ Restoration By Relocation.

2Nephi 21: 19 And it shall come to pass that all lyings, and deceivings, and envyings, and strifes, and priestcrafts, and whoredoms, shall be done away.


Social service as a means of terrorism was a deeply rooted problem in the United States ever since civil liberties were won and granted to all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons. What grew from root work and small beginnings became a huge disaster of social experimentation gone woefully wrong unto a field of weeds.

Virtually every arm of social service or branch within America’s State and therefore National Government was quickly corrupted with the ease of taking candy from a baby, and it wasn’t until recently and as a matter of better business rather than mercy or justice being served that it has begun to improve in anywise, but that is the fault of We The People as a whole becoming otherwise caught up in delusions many and troubles just as few, and none new (sic) about it.

As a result of the law so-called inhibiting servants from performing a greater purpose, we became a very afflictive society; afflicting still more those whom G-d had afflicted and working no justice for the sons of men who inherited quite a mess due to the lax sort of government that prevailed in Congress and The White House during Reagan and Bush years.

Mr. Obama has done a genuine amount of real labor with an administration that I would otherwise not approve of for my own biases and prejudices which I still struggle with daily to overcome; so as to judge people fairly on the merit of their character and performance instead of the color of their skin and origin of nation.


An underneath of prejudice has prevailed in America, and the rights granted to foreigners were mostly granted in vain, and not with the intent of treating any and all equally, but for disingenuous reasons of treacherous pathology, and socio-economic balderdash.

Sociopaths and psychopaths having the greater success in obtaining and maintaining employment within the context of ‘social service’ thinly veiling their racist or criminal intentions and motivations with educated skills professed but not always accompanying their work.

It created a ghetto hell, that they dramatized as the fault of the foreigner and made worse by suggesting the ones who were lucky enough to escape, did so by educating themselves or outperforming their competitors in sports and other mostly useless arts, grandly coveted by a society of vain and ungenerous souls loving themselves and their idolatry in lifestyle.


Bringing up the rear, with the castaways in the past so many years, during the tail end of the War on Terror (or error) has been a fascinating and humbling experience and exercise not wholly in futility but because of the amount of bureaucracy and paper pushing drones who do and can do or are willing to do very little for their fellow man and therefore nation has been a snail’s race won by a cheater. I don’t want to harp on any people in particular but it is sorrowful how many people are easily corrupted by involvement in social service and find tributes and bribes all too available in this arena of government so-called; abused from head to tail without a trail that couldn’t be shredded at the behest of an email unexpected and ignored for the most part, though it basically saved them from detection and penalty due. Mercy is not always appropriate and especially so when dealing with people who corrupted this much-needed area or arm of service without regard for mercy or even respect shown poor and needy trusting souls, placed in a servant’s trust for care and consideration equitable and just that was never shown or bestowed upon them. Business, as usual, must be stopped in its tracks and its’ participants or guilty practitioners flogged severely unto correction lasting if ever this should transpire again. Let the damage done either party be considered due comeuppance for now as we improve together and escape the chronicle that should not have lasted as long as it did, for both were at fault and maybe ignorance wasn’t claimed when it ought to have been by petitioners whose pride pricked their hearts to move them to be less than humble in seeking help or assistance.

A flatterer never be, but woe unto him who feigns humility of person unto harm of self or others.

What is happening is, mayhap, for the best, and perhaps the best way to keep it rolling is to forgive and forget the abuse and affliction many were victimized by due to their own ignorance and selfish programming. If any were guilty, all were guilty and so on with the show with a more enlightened conviction.

of splendors past

But, at its worst social services were of little or no use to the population at large, and excused of grand abuses by so-called educated individuals making some of the most boneheaded decisions you will never know the damage extension of thanks to greater individuals of lesser education overcoming in a time of dire need, who acted on behalf of fellow citizens suffering, in calamity, not of their own making, yet nevertheless perhaps, there own fault to some extent. These were true heroes acting during a time of distrust and delusion for the sake of humanity when the same was on the brink of extinction due to the blasphemous pride of the educated upper crust, flailing away in a mire of their own psychopathic intent run amok and out of control.

It is more than a worthwhile task, to attempt to persuade a branch of government that otherwise performed no service legal to any citizen in any state nationwide to change its ways for their own sake and that of many citizens in due and dire need of lawful assistance in being evaluated fairly and as the situation dictates, restored, relocated or placed in situations and circumstances safe, healthy and reasonably affordable through the means of services offered otherwise entirely in vain and whose purpose dark and disturbing – I have found to be deeply corrupted, if not afflictive by design cruel and inhumane; a veritable menace to a nation of would be otherwise happy citizens well served in the State of Massachusetts, one of the first of our Founding Fathers’ Thirteen Blessed Colonies, and of these, what became our 50 United States of America.


Disappointed and distraught does not begin to describe the feeling I lament when considering or looking back on what a segment of We The People have suffered at the hands of mostly random, crackpot, civil servants so-called doing anything at all rather than perform their assumed sworn duty for the benefit of their fellow citizens, neighbors and countrymen; by performing the simplest of tasks allotted them in a proper and timely fashion when requested of them, following through with the very least bit of labor required of them in performing the sacred duties of the offices to which they have been entrusted and the opportunities they otherwise abuse; or following through with the least responsibility imparted to them as golden talents to be invested or reinvested wisely through a system not to be blamed but which they are woefully at fault or guilty of misrepresenting for want of the least iota of knowledge of Constitutional Rights due all Citizens of this Commonwealth and Nation they have defrauded treacherously through lax work or an absence of a work ethic dignified and due the very least of We The People – both to and from, excusing none, not to mention a greater love due your fellow man in G-d; belief being the sole right and plausible excuse one may refuse or embrace that may matter either way.

Sloth and corruption are not and never to be tolerated in anyone entrusted with safe-guarding the welfare and freedoms of a society of freemen, set at Divine Liberty – much less, heirs to the same Liberty hard won and much sacrificed for by generations of Americans much betrayed and despoiled by the tares of our society infiltrating and doing naught but much and lasting damage to a system pillaged and ransacked by rat-like behavior and instinct unbecoming and unredeemable, whose time has come for concision and destruction without mercy or consideration which they themselves failed to have for the least or greatest, poorest or richest, weakest or strongest of citizens fellow among We The People; but were instead invested all and everyone among themselves and for themselves, by themselves and of themselves set at variance against We The People, as enemies most cunning, ruthless and without decency or kindred affection toward anyone; these were spots and blemishes sporting themselves as they feasted with you, and working not but hateful mockery with grievous, disingenuous consideration for not but their own greed and gluttonous hunger for power and vain-glory or at least vanity and that which profits none and costs all more than any may afford in the long and short of it.


And here, I break for a moment hoping to let my point sink in, winning the One favor of my fellow and family members of Cause greater than blood may speak or Spirit sanctify or speech convict.


“Only when people live by the values of Torah, do they embody what G-d stands for and make G-d manifest in the world which obligates us to build a just and compassionate society throughout the world and especially in the land of America where we may teach by both personal and collective example what it means to be a covenant people; a light to the nations (Emet Ve Emunah).” ~Etz Hayim

Bitter fools are worse than bitter roots because they could choose to repent and bring forth fruit for repentance but remain like selfish children bent on hurting others and standing in the way of progress they feel they will be excluded from anyway in the long run. If the world is hell and there will be no reward in the hereafter or world to come, why should they even care? This is where concision must do some work unfortunate in a free land, and it’s no one’s fault but these bitter fools who have ceased to care about anything greater than the day’s selfish exploits. They seek employment as a matter of survival only but not to do any job well or to better the world in which they live and should pass on to their children and children’s children as a better and improved place, if they weren’t so selfishly programmed to self-destruct or sabotage their own and other’s lives.

They make me sick as an unclean thing makes unclean.

They find their impetus and reason for action or inaction in a perverse hunger in hatred for nation, their fellow man, G-d and His judgments wise and prosperous when carried out and His commandments obeyed.

They afflict judges and make them bitter like Israel did to Moses in the wilderness, so as to anger him and destroy the spirit of prophecy and goodwill toward man.

SS Avarice

It is as the Book of Mormon states – Judges are no better than anyone else. Most are captives trying to work their way out of a debtor’s prison of their own making and fault, but over which ultimately HaShem is Sovereign and ha-satan keeper of those who do not wish to go free or repent of whatever evil landed them in hell and seek only to infect and inflict their disease and ill ease on others by any means necessary. But judges make money according to their employ and therefore justice is a matter of investment rather than right. Justice is not their goal and rarely the effect of their efforts, knowledge so-called and expertise. In debtor’s prison, you cannot get out until you have paid the last penny and the real judge who may be a devil has judged these debtors to be particularly unsavory fellows, undeserving of mercy which they did not show forth unto others when they had the chance or opportunity to do so. And he would know! In both a quest to free themselves and destroy justice that made them prisoners they willingly study law and suffer the rigors of something like discipline but without respect or interest for the real purpose and fruits of discipline which in their cases would make them instruments in the hands of G-d, making righteous judgment in cases brought before them. But since they only and chiefly want to buy their way out of prison themselves they more often abuse the system, take a bribe to help the unlawful escape justice, when creating evil schemes and fruit that will snare more souls who may eventually come before the same judges for judgment and be condemned although their cases most likely deserve mercy rather than judgment – These judges and lords so-called desire no good for society – are without mercy toward freemen who are really their betters and condemn the court, system and judge so-called every time they suffer an unjust ruling concerning their affairs and livelihood which the kingdom or State ought to be more concerned with aiding and assisting so as to escape whatever folly an heir may have stumbled at or fallen into, but instead by judgment without mercy- guarantee a worsening case of repeat offenses because they drag people who would have turned from their sin due to mercy shown them and not become hardened due to what most endure in suffering prison time and not only what they endure but what they learn from a system that is all wormwood and none justice. The whole of it, as I stated, being controlled and directed by bitter fools, bastards and bitter roots and the tares they begot and employed who overwhelmed the wheat and good fruits of the kingdom by sheer tenacity and perversity of will never abating nor repenting of the evil they do and engender in others.

“Thus, they wrap it up…”


And we’re back to guilt by association that makes the whole situation hopelessly self-serving and near impossible to escape nor impact positively to promote change real and redeeming that may in time overcome the bad and restore a system that freemen who may endeavor to become judges of, for and by We The People’s election, whom will not abuse the system or use it to escape their own self-willed, self-made prison; but instead, by being legitimate freemen indeed may enjoy the fruits of labor honest and redeeming both their own time and that of others they either work for or with; acting with mercy and intelligent wisdom that may in due time reverse the damage done by generations of bitter roots embittering the society they misjudged and disserved, overcoming and outlasting by eventually overrunning and overruling until; the bad are plucked out of the system and the system itself, never really to blame except where affected by these lawmakers and corrupt judges may at the last become a Hall of Justice wherein a Mercy Seat is affixed for One as for all, restoring justice and mercy of lordly magnitude and Kingdom begetting of the same measure unto the establishment of the same everlasting thereafter which will in turn restore, renew, reinvigorate and rebuild a Kingdom godly in doctrine and principle, covenant and justification perfect and emancipating in effect and lasting in happiness, restore toward one and all in their proper order and due frame of consciousness or mindfulness of Kingdom lifestyle, the greatest show on earth that everyone participates in, and none are cast out of save it be those most bitter who will not repent of their evil nor take hold upon mercy offered in a Kingdom that may again bring forth the natural fruit most precious and inspiring for both creature and Creator, though of a necessity entirely new, though still and ever reflecting and restoring all that is eternal and was best and most endearing, beloved and worthy in the Old, losing neither but reinvesting either and both or the one in the other and making the most or utmost of the twain or whole in and of the Final Kingdom on earth as it may be in heaven. Zion’s long lost but long longed-for destiny manifestly fulfilled by all who love Her and belong to Her:


Psalm 87
His foundation is in the holy mountains. The L-rd loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of G-d. Selah. I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know me: behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia; this man was born there. And of Zion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her: and the highest himself shall establish her. The L-rd shall count, when he writeth up the people, that this man was born there. Selah. As well the singers as the players on instruments shall be there: all my springs are in thee.

Psalm 87

With none to fear exclusion from national rights and privileges equitably maintained and rightly provisioned, eventually making all essential and none expendable or unworthy of consideration and inclusion.

“For the sincere individual, life often does offer second chances for spiritual fulfillment that may have been missed when the opportunities first presented themselves. Such [persons] need not feel permanently exiled.” EHC

And so maybe Clint Eastwood was not so crazy as everyone made him out to be when talking to an empty chair, it may have represented an unbiased judge or mercy seat to him, though when he placed a certain personage in the chair and talked to that person the seat’s meaning changed. Ultimately, it does matter who we seat and unseat or who decides who will sit where and why. Remember even Pilate could not keep himself from speaking the Truth from the seat of judgment, ‘I have written what I have written.’ (It can’t be changed, it’s of HaShem). It is G-d who sets up and pulls down; overrules and overturns judgments until at last that which He intends comes to pass…and as history shows, it may take ages for the greatest and the least of men to get it right and please G-d, which ought to be all our intention and inspiration and can be as easy as waiting for a couple of loaves to rise for baking but may also be as costly as a yoke and more of oxen sacrificed for as many sins or sinners.

“The function of religion is often to intrude a cloud on our bright days reminding us of suffering in the world and to send light into the darkest nights keeping us from despair.”

When in despair, talk to the chair and you’ll get the answer you need in that moment, only be believing that G-d Himself is seated before you or whomever you wish to reason with and reach an agreement mutually satisfactory.

“There is a need in today’s community for people who express their religious faith by caring for the left behind.” EHC

But to leave bitter fools to look after bitter roots making bitter judgments in bitterness of soul and thereby frustrating and corrupting the State of the Union from Head to Tail is not Zion’s business nor Pharaoh’s right to impose upon a populace no matter how willing to corrupt itself and selfishly strive for nothing more or better than vanity and entertainment’s brief assuagement of bitterness firmly rooted.

D&C 90:36 Verily, I say unto you, that I the L-RD will contend with Zion; and plead with Her strong ones, and chasten Her until She overcomes and is clean before me.

2 Nephi 30:2 Turn, all ye Gentiles, from your wicked ways; and repent of your evil doings, of your lyings and deceivings, and of your whoredoms, and of your secret abominations, and your idolatries, and of your murders, and your priestcrafts, and your envyings, and your strifes, and from all your wickedness and abominations, and come unto me, and be baptized in my name, that ye may receive a remission of your sins, and be filled with the Holy Ghost, that ye may be numbered with my people who are of the house of Israel.

Helaman 37



Who Are You? Tell Me, Who Are You…?

We The People = You Who Are (Numbers 10:36).

(Important things to remember, as we march ahead, leaving the past behind and embracing the unknown future of We The People of the United States of America)

“The ancient Sages take this to mean that just as the Divine Presence rules above with many thousands of myriads; so the Divine Presence rules below.

“’myriads of thousands’ = An astronomically large number. The Hebrew word elef (construct form: alfei) involves a play on words; it means both ‘thousands’ and ‘clans.’


“Anyone who hates the Jewish people because we strive to do the will of G-d, is an enemy of G-d (Sifrei).” EHC

“If I tell you the truth, why then am I become your enemy?” Saul of Tarsus

“’The god of Aristotle is the unmoved mover. The G-d of Israel is the Moved Mover’ (Heschel) Moved to anger by human cruelty, corruption, disloyalty, and ingratitude.

“’outskirts of the camp’. One Sage takes this to mean that the complainers were marginal Israelites, the ones least enthusiastic from the outset about the prospects of freedom and a life based on Torah. Another Sage connects ‘katzeh’ (outskirts) with katzin (leader), commenting that it was the leader’s attitude that caused the people’s sullen mood (Sifrei).

“’the fish we used to eat free in Egypt’ This is the trick the memory plays to make life bearable. We remember the good and forget the painful (N. Leibowitz). The Midrash doubts whether the Egyptians really gave them free food. It understands ‘free’ to mean ‘free of moral obligations’ as an infant is led without anything being expected in return (Sifrei). In the view of the Sages, it was not the physical discomfort of the wilderness that really provoked Israel’s complaints. It was the burden of morality, to which they had not yet become accustomed, that left them nostalgic for the [the past] days in Egypt.

ole rusty

“This grumbling is perceived not as a comment about the food but as a rebellion against G-d’s providence.
“The craving for meat expresses a disguised desire to return to Egypt and is tantamount to a rejection of G-d.
“’flocks and herds’ They had enough meat on hand, but they were looking for a pretext to complain.
“’I will come down’ Given the mood of the people, I don’t expect them to rise toward Me. I will come down to shorten the distance between us (Hirsch).
“’what I have said’ Hebrew: d’vari: literally, ‘my word.’ G-d’s word, once spoken, must be fulfilled.

“Moses…shows that he is a leader not to feed his own ego but to serve G-d’s needs and the needs of the people.
“The quail fell without the camp, whereas G-d’s food, the manna, fell within the camp.
“Miriam initiated the rebellion against Moses…Nevertheless, what she is punished for is speaking to others about Moses rather than confronting him directly.
“’My household’ This may refer to the divine court to which Moses and other prophets had access (see 1 Kings 22:10ff.)
“One gives praise only partially in one’s presence but utters all the praise in his or her absence (Gen. R. 32:3).
“[We end on a positive note] with Miriam’s reintegration into the camp. However the vision of a harmonized people inspired at Mount Sinai to follow G-d through the wilderness has been compromised and it will be even further diminished in subsequent chapters.

snuff it

Next up: “Reconnaissance of Canaan.”

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