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Mitzrayim -Assyria-Yisroel

Yeshayah 19:19-25
In that day shall there be a mizbe’ach to Hashem in the midst of Eretz Mitzrayim, and a matzevah at the border thereof to Hashem.
And it shall be for an ot (sign) and for an ed (witness) unto Hashem Tzva’os in Eretz Mitzrayim; for they shall cry out unto Hashem because of the oppressors, and He shall send them a Moshi’a, and a Rav (leader), and he shall save them.
And Hashem shall make Himself known to Mitzrayim, and Mitzrayim shall know Hashem in that day, and shall worship and make zevach and minchah; indeed, they shall vow a neder unto Hashem, and perform it.
And Hashem shall strike Mitzrayim; He shall strike and heal it; and they shall make teshuvah even to Hashem, and He shall be entreated of them and shall heal them.
In that day shall there be a mesillah (highway) out of Mitzrayim to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Mitzrayim, and the Mitzrayim into Assyria, and the Mitzrayim shall worship with the Assyrians.
In that day shall Yisroel be the third with Mitzrayim and with Assyria, even a brocha in the midst of ha’aretz;
Whom Hashem Tzva’os shall bless, saying, Baruch Ami Mitzrayim, Ma’aseh Yadai Assyria, and Yisroel Mine nachalah.


“There is no rest for the wicked.”


“The land is personified. It too tires and requires rest (see Exod.23:10-11). “



“At the heart of this parashah is the visionary concept of returning the land to its original owner at the end of a 50 year cycle. This prevents the polarization of society into classes; wealthy powerful landowners of the one hand and permanently impoverished people on the other. In an agrarian society, a farmer who sold off the land to pay debts had no prospect for ever being anything other than a servant. Nor would a servant’s sons ever rise above that level. Anticipating the human misery and social instability this would lead to, the Torah provides a plan. In the 50th year, families would reclaim the land they held originally and later sold. Behind this plan are two religious assumptions. Because all the earth and all of its inhabitants belong to God, human beings cannot possess the land or human beings in perpetuity. And no human being should be condemned to permanent servitude. Some critics have seen this as a Utopian plan that never was put into practice, but there exists evidence of deeds with references to the number of years remaining until the jubilee year.
“Kook taught that the purpose of the jubilee year was primarily spiritual, not economic. It came to restore the sense of Unity that once prevailed in Israel and to restore self respect in the person who had sunk into poverty and a sense of failure. Even as the weekly Shabbat enables people to define themselves in economic terms; the sabbatical year and the jubilee enable an entire society to put aside economic competition and the practice of defining a person on economic terms alone.

“It is easier to propose a visionary system of equality when all start out equal.” EHC


Why Israel did not endure in Israel

“Even the Israelites are but God’s tenants, resident aliens in the Land. Only if they live up to the terms of the Covenant will they endure there.”

Don’t blame Muslims or Palestinians for failings on Israel’s part.

“If the people Israel do not live by G-d’s ways, the land will be devastated by enemies and make up for its sabbatical years.

“Sometimes the wealthy don’t believe that the poor people are actually suffering, suggesting that they are just too lazy to provide for themselves. Let the wealthy undergo the experience of not knowing whether there will be enough to eat, and their attitudes will change.” EHC

net fishing in the brook

An ounce of prevention…”It is easier to support a person and hold him or her up when the person first begins to stumble than it is to pick that person up after she or he has fallen (Sifra). It is easier to prevent poverty than to cure it.” EHC

Don’t blame Americans for failings on American leadership’s part. We are mostly believers taken advantage of and despoiled by fellow Americans with more power and authority than any of us ought rightly to have according to the Constitution of the United States.

The biggest problem Americans have faced for generations is poverty of a sort that cuts off but does not cut out citizens who become squatters or captives in and on properties that are no more than places of refuge that murderers and killers may flee to to avoid vengeance due them by the avenger of blood guilt or a destroying angel. The thing they do is roost in public housing authorities, nursing homes, rest homes, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals and threaten staff and employees or make deals with them in iniquity to live there as patients/tenants/residents who use these facilities/subsidiaries/authorities as cities of refuge which used to be for the manslayer who might slay someone accidentally and flee to any of these for asylum until the Kohen Gadol or High Priest would die and his head would no longer be in jeopardy. It is much worse in America…These individuals become made men of mob mentality and business who lurk in these places and hunt from them, in iniquitous combination and agreements with government and police agencies; like untouchable secret service men who do their country and government no service but subsist as leeches within places they have no right being. And they live quite comfortably, as hidden outcasts not to be betrayed according to the old code of protecting people in need of protection, but that code is not to protect the guilty from justice but only to protect the innocent from being harmed by an avenger hungry to perform a deed that feeds his need and survival.

These places also become full of trolls, moles, bats, rats and all manner of leeches quite unwilling or unable to find any other place to live or way to finagle a living out of the American dream which they have turned into a nightmare. They lurk and commit treasonous acts as informants against innocent but healthy individuals whom the devil likes more often to take and devour than he would an old, diseased bugger that would be hard to swallow and hell to digest. This is the pestilence that stalks in darkness and afflicts the unwary, wanderer, whom the Scriptures refer to as the “hapless.” If they don’t commit the welfare of their being to the L-RD of hosts they are as prey to be hunted, and hunting cripple creek has been the devil’s most profitable business in the States in the Latter-days.

Anyone with property needs to be especially wary and cover all basis of upkeep of their property because the laws and statutes of the land are concerned not with protecting citizens rights to property but with by any means necessary taking away as much property as they may accrue ‘lawfully’ and make gains off of. I experienced this personally in the following way:

“To allow a fellow Israelite/[American] to remain indentured to a gentile would be a cruel humiliation. One was not permitted to remain indifferent in such a situation, which could lead to the forfeiture of land that had been mortgaged in debts and its seizure by non-Israelites.”

Rather than help me as I had helped them; my family, friends and neighbors mostly gathered together against me to witness falsely and relish in the enjoyment of my hard times, despoilment and loss of heritage and birthright. There was much to gain, they imagined at the time and not much to lose by perjury. But their lasting gain never did materialize and our mutual loss was quite traumatic. By not being there for one another to defend our lands and homes, we sabotaged the same and only the worst and most cunning of betrayers among us gained any advantage or grew rich off of destroying his fellows’ reputation and right to privilege and ownership lawful and equal. Mismanagement of lands and properties is so widespread in America now with so many citizens bargaining a way out of a bad situation into a worse without thinking of long term consequences, because our way of business is completely lawless and inconsiderate of reality, indifferent to the creature’s fate. When all was said and done, every man, from judge to lowly bystanding witness had all broken their vows and compromised their souls and lost their integrity of person. I alone came away with my person, integrity and reputation intact, but slandered grievously and misrepresented by a state eager to misrepresent me in a combined effort to line pockets of oppressors and have some fun with what did not belong to them in the meantime, duping as many takers as came to believe that integrity and birthright, and property may be had for the price of idols combined and misspent in a place not their own in an effort conscious or unconscious of intently despoiling the same and thereby; cheapening all worth and value, if not making worthless the only place on earth worth its historic lore and legend. Not to mention its virginal pristine, sacred space unblemished by the greed and over development of mankind’s ever overreaching drive to build and despoil that which should not even be entered into without the utmost respect and holy consideration for G-d’s handiwork. Treachery became as much a part of preserving this land as it did in finally selling it out if it could and for what? Zero reward for those who came to collect and found no one willing to lay claim on an inheritance much like a second estate due a prodigal son, mistreated and driven out of his own by tenants found not only unworthy but violently seditious and rotten to the core. A wolf making agreements with three little pigs or more to defraud the State and Commonwealth by duping and robbing everyone within the bounds of the playing field, not intending a monopoly thereby but just everlasting confusion and chaos they might prosper from, knowing the worth of the land and inheritance they control but by no means using it for the purpose intended by its heirs and their Lord and HaShem of Hosts.


It’s a tragic tale of wasted time and investment and disunity making mockery of a holy covenant and vows to uphold one another as fellow countrymen and fellow heirs to the same kingdom avowed to uphold and promulgate the virtues and noble design of the same with liberal-minded consideration for the most holy vows kept holy by way of following through in the name of brotherhood and priesthood and kingdom without end.
Instead we find such longtime strongholds and holy places sold for a pittance and stolen back through misuse of authority and the act perpetrated again and again as a game without end or reason for becoming anything greater than a game for lack of kingdom interest and holy regard for G-d and man alike.

The individuals involved are the very first and worst of the angels who left their first estate and failed to keep holy their second estate, whose marriage beds are defiled and children are children of a harlot and sorceress most unmerciful among ladies of dishonor in waiting and wanting as a horse leeches daughter may ever be.

Glorified shrine prostitutes and vessels set aside for pollution playing the part of devoted Mum and wife, but whose only husband is the devil and whose brood is a devil’s spawn.

All parties involved most blasphemously and infamously guilty of breaking vows most holy and sacred before G-d.

I care not for the opinions and virtueless authority claimed by mankind at it’s highest or lowest level of claim from now on until forever, and may G-d forgive them not because He may not if He be a G-d of Justice and Equity. If He were to forgive them, He would cease to be G-d.


The only mission we had as a nation that required completion was upholding G-d’s Word and in keeping holy His sanctuary and Temple built without hands, the members of our citizenship and populace devoted, and responsible for the inhabitants of Zion, answerable to the Doctrines and Covenants of a Church, holy priesthood under G-d.

“Instead of worshiping improperly, Israelites/Americans should attend G-d’s legitimate sanctuary.” EHC

During Diaspora a kind of delusional spirituality prevailed and overcame former believers in Christ and HaShem who came to worship the works of their hands, the thoughts of their own minds and the gods of their own making and polluted themselves among the nations whom they were strictly warned against mixing with and being destroyed by or with.

The Good News and purpose of the curse are inseparable, as are Church and State or Body Politick.

“The curses are spelled out at length in hopes that they will put fear into the hearts of those who cannot be persuaded to do what is right by any other means…to say something aloud is halfway to making it happen.”

“The laws that I Myself follow.” ~G-d.


“…blessings emphasize the idea that God is not only a God of liberation and hope but also a God of peace and prosperity.”

On Leviticus on the whole: “Although these passages may be the word of God; they need not be God’s last word on the subject(s).” EHC

They represent Israelite growing pains, rules and admonishments given to a still immature nation, one who for the greater part and to their shame and preferred ignorance of G-d’s ways; suffering consequences they could give their own reasons for, no matter how illogical their conclusions may be. i.e., karma, etc., mikreh, “chance” calculated without passion.
These curses will occur not only if the people violate God’s laws but even if they obey them in a spirit that drains them of religious value. If the people Israel follow the commands without love, in a calculating manner, God says, ‘I will act toward you coldly (b’keri) without the love that makes forgiveness for misbehavior possible.” EHC

I call these people, collectively, Ahmed-Elmo-Chester-Hamady, who spell team I-I-I-I. Ay-yi-yi-yi and oy gevalt!

People who need to learn share and share alike

When God turns toward His people they are blessed with victory and prosperity; but when God turns away from them, He turns against them, the result is disaster.

Ultimately then, the question of whether our society will be blessed with peace or cursed with violence depends on how we share our resources.

Otherwise Consequences: “The land which was the pride of the people will be destroyed.”

“I Myself will make the land desolate.”


They will resent people who do study and practice (religion) and who make them feel guilty for not doing so. They will try to stop others from fulfilling the commandments (again what happened to me in many places) so they will feel less guilty themselves.

Worst Punishment Possible = Zero Unity.

Covenant- “As living in the presence of God as a distinctive people was the reward for following God’s ways, so exile and living far from God’s sanctuary, becoming a number of unconnected individuals instead of a special people, will be the worst punishment imaginable.”
“…even God’s curses contain within them the possibility of being turned into a blessing. Israel’s being scattered among the nations [is] a good thing.”
“Some universally minded 19th-century thinkers saw the Diaspora as God’s plan to have the people Israel bring its message to all humanity by being scattered to so many different countries.
“Rashi took this as an implicit promise that, once the land has been laid waste, it would not return to life for any of its gentile occupiers. It would wait for the Jewish people to return and reclaim it. Only then would it yield its blessings.” EHC
Worst case scenario, and this may apply to our American Dreamland as well..”Not only will the Israelite be defeated in battle, they will not care enough about their people’s fate even to put up a fight on its behalf.” EHC

Cure for Apathy is Inspiration, we may also look there for someone to blame although ultimately every individual stands or falls by his own merits or lack thereof; Israelites may always plead the merits of the Rishonin, “the former ones” and G-d will be merciful in the here and now when He thinks upon the everlasting covenant and the former ones who pleased Him and brought salvation to the ends of the world through their patient endurance and faithfulness to Him.

If this generation lacks anything in abundance it is inspiration holy and ennobling. A sense of worth before G-d who created all and has compassion on the lowliest of His created beings but is often far off and stands aloof of the proud and mighty of the day and age’s boastful ones. As a matter of Covenant proof, He spares the meek and the afflicted while His anger burns fiercely against the proud and deceitful masses who have destroyed the character of His Creation and despoiling through law and statue man made His inheritance and that of His chosen.

However G-d works with those He may and “does not impose repentance on an unwilling people. “

“Jews will; strive for a life of holiness not because it brings them rewards and comfort but because it brings them into the presence of God.”

“True holiness sanctifies the seemingly mundane activities of running a household. One who behaves in an elevated manner in one’s own house is truly a holy person. “ (Another reason my enemy evicted me).

An example of this generation’s lawlessness on both sides of the coin is the current struggle between the Feds and Clive Bundy….I was hoping Mr. Bundy would turn out to be a righteous man with a legitimate claim, but he is just a gambling thief fighting off thieves thicker and stronger than he, with some success we may marvel at! But his claim is that of most of America’s populace these days, lazy idolatrous citizens caught in their own illicit dealings with one another and the enemy of all righteousness. It’s an unfortunate and hateful way of fulfilling the worst of the gospel’s truths, by turning on one another and fighting over that which neither party have a lawful claim to. From President to lowly public social service worker, all are feeding off of the system that went broke back mountain state years before the Gulf War began…Infighting will be our undoing and the pride of blind men will lead all into the Pit we at one time helped others escape by granting citizenship to…Mr. Bundy and Mr. Obama are the same creature and agree to disagree and dishonor one another, playing the old race card and social injustice nonsense created by the same in a thinly veiled ploy to destroy themselves and the government they represent which is committing suicide for lack of options any better or meaningful. It has to happen to fulfill scripture but I wish it were being played out by men of greater character and love of country.

If they had eyes to see with, they might look to Leviticus 27:30-33 and find a solution, instead, they’re turning prisons into part-time rodeos and the whole of government into the worst rodeo clown act I’ve ever witnessed. Thank goodness the clowns were armed and shot the penned bulls before anything got out of range of a shooter who probably couldn’t hit the side of a barn from point blank. My last question, did he fire six shots or only five? And no doubt, in all the confusion, the shooter lost track himself, and the bull’s too dead to tell the tale of whether or not ‘He gotsta know..’ or found out.

But anyway, as for the section of Leviticus I refer to, it “speaks of two kinds of tithes; 1/10th of the yield of the land and 1/10th of the flocks and herds. The consecration of the land by the one who had purchased it from its original owner does not affect the primary rights of the original owner.”

I don’t know how we figure in the turtle worth…Don’t even think they are kosher!


All jokes aside, a Government of, for and by we the people may demand no more nor less than a collection for the Commonwealth/Storehouse and that being no more than 1/10th of the yield of land or livestock…Anything more would be up to the rancher/husbandman to bring to the storehouse of his own freewill and concern for the country and people he would be proud to be a part of, as a member of the Tribe of America.

Selfishness is the way of dead men, and that’s a dead give away, their blood guilt is upon them…

Next, I would expand the point and elucidate on the subject of Baptism Vs. Consecration, and the point is that Catholics teach blasphemy in baptizing infants instead of consecrating youths who have come to the age of accountability and are able to make a choice, unless their parents. prompted or inspired by God choose to consecrate the youth to the L-RD from the womb.

Otherwise I agree with LDS doctrine that states that baptism of infants is solemn mockery and wickedness.

And so the challenge is not to Jews here but to Gentiles who often outshine in zeal where they lack knowledge in the head and have hearts which are upside down and beat irregularly for the L-RD.

We all stood at Mount Sinai, no exceptions. “Sinai is not a geographic location. It is a symbol of Israel’s awareness of having stood in the presence of God and having come to understand what God requires of them.”EHC

2 Timothy 2:4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

And so onward Nazarene soldier…

Hinnie, hinnie, hinnie…’With ironic concision (which is my advice for the above parties) , the divine promise is posed as an unexpected challenge to religious faith.

The redemption has come and the people will again build up and plant in their homeland.

Ha-el ha-gadol ha-gabbor v’ha-nora! (Deuteronomy 10:17).

Idols undone…


“Sin occurs in the open and in the hiddenness of the human heart

“They serve no-gods hoping for fertility and success, not realizing that they rely on objects ‘futile and worthless’,
“They act with deception and stealth hoping to increase unjust gain, not realizing the God who probes the heart undoes injustice and deceit.

“There is no escape, God knows the inner heart and the outward acts of all.

“[The righteous] withstand oppression by being rooted in divine reality.

“Only through trust in God may this folly (self-reliance/deceptive blindness) be transcended and transformed.

“No aspect of life is immune to divine judgment. Inner deception yields external results that destroy one’s life on the Land and outward behavior affects a person’s inner strength and spiritual resilience to life.”EHC

To Reach The Impossible Dream

m’nasi (My Refuge)


Inner deception’s yields = a tangle of weeds…


“Their guilt is upon their altars and not the blood of the expunging sacrifice.

Guilt not purged but multiplied by disdainful sacrifice.

The L-RD’s sole beneficiary is one who studies Torah.

Whatever is not of Faith is sin.

Hope Of Israel Jeremiah 17:13
“The L-RD is the mikveh (ritual pool) of Israel, Just as the mikveh purifies the impure so the Holy One purifies Israel.”


The solution to our own individual problems in life and those on a greater scale with the authorities wrangling with the public, with problems daily etc, are One and the same -Jewbulleee-at least on a small scale and then by increments; if not on a broad scale and all at once- restoration and return to law-abiding contentment with one’s lot in life.
A lawless monstrosity of federal strong arming is neither wisdom nor necessary; nor is drama induced revolution of We The People rising up to demand anything we haven’t already received and ought to be grateful for and happy with. Less is more, loss is gain, the glory of being Americans is lost and wasted on most and is not in material possessions or hedonistic highs and lows but in the simple pleasures available to One as to all concerned with protecting and safe guarding her foundations of Life, Liberty and Happiness.
Selfishness must be rooted out of our hearts and sabotage driven out of our thoughts.
We must intently strive for kingdom ends met by sacrificing rights and privileges that aim to destroy our Unity of Spirit, Grace of Character and Nobility of Purpose.
Our enemy is still the same; and beating it is as simple as agreeing not to dishonor our duty to love one another by keeping sacred our highest hope and aim.
Rise above and overcome all petty differences of class and race and nonsense that only makes any difference, if anyone, on a personal level can’t overcome and rise above the same.
Unity is the imperative duty we owe to our forefathers and our children and theirs, and anything that threatens this unity must of a matter of fate be close at hand and easy to convince of otherwise or cast out and cut off.
Only egoists and self-centered, gainsaying liars are anymore about division and competition unhealthy and vain and ultimately unnecessary. There are a profound number of ways a healthy body and mind may be of use to a striving society of intently concerned citizens to be of use and absolutely no reason for anyone to use a talent self-serving or for vain glory.
We need to focus all our best energies on recapturing all that makes our nation the wonder of the world, the fascination of the nations and the grateful gift of the globe. The Crown Jewel of humanistic endeavor; divinely ordained to become the Spiritual and Sociological Success of the Cooperative Miracle Workers of the Nations.
Not because of a useless a posturing United Nations conglomeration of fools, nor because of an unbeatable beast of war owning the world by armed force, but because of the Love, Kindness, Ingenuity and Generosity of We The People who actually enjoy being part of something uniquely greater than all these combined and undone by a still small voice of an Omnipotent Creator greater than all to whom we must all come to bow the knee and because of Us, all these and more besides will be blessed with at least a portion of the L-RD’s blessing which rests upon Us; We The People of the United States of America. To fail America is to fail the world and is not an option We The People have nor are willing to suffer to come to pass.
Debts can be forgiven; failure to perform vows and keep promises cannot.
Our purpose must supersede all price of sacrifice; Our worth must outdo our values; Our Unity, our differences, etc.
No one is expendable but neither is anyone more important than anyone else.
What we need is a Sanctuary with scales divine to save us from the meritless estimations and evaluations of mankind’s sin.


Kehillah in Rome 8:6 For the way of thinking of the basar is mavet (death), whereas the way of thinking of the Ruach Hakodesh is Chayyim and Shalom.

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