Deter Dramatic Delirious Daisies Dancing Delightfully and Defiantly Through Depression and Distress Unto Destruction.


Sing with me now…a nigun…April Fools!

“Rabbi Yossi used to say, ‘When did the Inauguration of the Mishkan occur? It began on the twenty-third of Adar and concluded on the first of Nisan.”
(Bamidbar Rabbah 13)

Oh, Pig-Dog nation, give me a vacation, I’ll do whatever you say under sedation. Give me more stuff, I’m feeling so old and so rough, spare me some bacon, no fakun’. I’ll do as I’m told, forget what was bold; is, was or shall be, the land of Misery sounds just fine by me, better even than to be brave and be free…It’s warm in this mire, fun to expire, full of and in shit and by this spit fire, feels quite legit to quit?

You can’t make new wine with old muck, nor raise a generation new with threats of the flu they can’t duck.

“Rabbi Joshua said, ‘Be a good friend.'”
(Pirkei Avot 2:13)

The Pepsi Generation got caught in stagnation for want of a bloke who made Coke a sensation with wisdom that came from pure trial and error, with Torah as guide and guard from the vile and from terror.

The Pope is a Dope (excuse our entrope) and Obama no king (well maybe of bling culture); what’s more they’ve no hope to cope, no Osama to sing for their Shiite endeavor our Union would sever and bring shame and contempt on our American Circus quite clever…They would not but work us to graves for faux bling or whatever.

“They have got possession of the city of Zarahemla; they have appointed a king over them, and he hath written unto the king of the Lamanites. In the which he has joined an alliance with them; in the which alliance he hath agreed to maintain the city of Zarahemla, which maintenance he supposseth will enable the Lamanites to conquer the remainder of the land, and he shall be placed king over this people when they shall be conquered under the Lamanites.”
Alma 61:8

“When religion is properly understood, justice and worship can never be separated from each other,” my brother. ~EHC

In case you missed the point, it’s the Joint (Prison House/Skool.)

“G-d commands Moshe to show his greatness of character and his love for his brother by anointing Aaron’s sons in the same wholehearted fashion as he had anointed their father. We show true love when we can rejoice at the good fortune of another, even though it is an experience that we ourselves will never know.”

~The Visible/Tangibull (sic) need…Frum Misery and Oppression 2 Confidence and Hope.


“As the people move away from the mountain of Revelation, they need a visible, tangible symbol of God’s abiding presence in their midst.

“The book of Exodus, which opened with misery and oppression, closes on a note of confidence and hope. Israel is assured that, day and night, the divine spirit hovers over it, guiding and controlling its destiny” (Num. 6:15-23).~EHC

Led out of the Way – the enemy may neglect and infect at its pleasure and leisure, not even having to exert much effort to do so, which is of course a hog’s dream come true…They like to snort drugs, sit in cars and chase each other and dogs about like their own tails, how ever long, or short and squiggly they may be…

Kept in the Way, none may approach or reproach an Israelite without sacrificing his own life for the trouble.

Immediately after three sons and Judah were born to Jacob through Leah, ‘illegitimate’ children were born in a fourfold flourish of concubine usage…The breach was a string (red) of illegitimate children, Dan, Naphtali, Gad and Asher. Then Issachar came because of a sort of ceasefire and reconciliation between Jacob’s wives brought on by an unexpected act of kindness and innocence reminder brought by Reuben to a mother in Israel and shared with a sister mother; the first such of its kind in biblical history; innocence birthed hope and consideration, understanding between two previously feuding sisters who really had no reason to compete in the first place except that Jacob was ignorant of Leah’s beauty and Rachel’s ugliness. Rachel had yet to bear a legitimate son, which may have been to her merit and may be why the L-RD opened her womb at that time to bear after Leah’s final son and exaltation in the sight of Jacob/Israel, Zebulun, and as an after wonder and for closure came Dinah.

“Acts of kindness are among those things that have no limits.”
(Mishnah Peah 1)

Rachel’s act of good will or new born capacity to see Leah in a different light, realize love for her, and no longer treat her as competition, reaped Joseph, the ‘fruitful bough.’
Leah, seemed to be the wiser, healthier, perhaps more naive, good natured, and stronger of the two.
Rachel seems the bad girl of the two which is probably what attracted Jacob to her in the first place, as opposites attract.
I wonder if Rachel had been abused by Laban and her brothers prior to the meeting of Jacob and whether her past was one of abortive misfortune turned family idolatry due to Laban’s ignorance of G-d’s ways and belief in the Nehor way of reasoning. When she stole Laban’s idols, I wonder if they were reminders of former would be heirs, children had through incest or harlotry, children sacrificed in some way made popular in latter-day America among families who consider themselves of noble lineage!

Wisdom of Solomon 14:12-31
For the idea of making idols was the beginning of fornication, and the invention of them was the corruption of life, for neither have they existed from the beginning nor will they exist for ever.
For through the vanity of men they entered the world, and therefore their speedy end has been planned.
For a father, consumed with grief at an untimely bereavement, made an image of his child, who had been suddenly taken from him; and he now honored as a god what was once a dead human being, and handed on to his dependents secret rites and initiations.
Then the ungodly custom, grown strong with
time, was kept as a law, and at the command of monarchs graven images were worshiped.
When men could not honor monarchs in their
presence, since they lived at a distance,
they imagined their appearance far away,
and made a visible image of the king whom they honored, so that by their zeal they might flatter the
absent one as though present.
Then the ambition of the craftsman impelled
even those who did not know the king to intensify
their worship.
For he, perhaps wishing to please his ruler,
skilfully forced the likeness to take more beautiful form, and the multitude, attracted by the charm of his work, now regarded as an object of worship the one
whom shortly before they had honored as a man.
And this became a hidden trap for mankind,
because men, in bondage to misfortune or to royal authority, bestowed on objects of stone or wood the name that ought not to be shared.
Afterward it was not enough for them to err
about the knowledge of God, but they live in great strife due to ignorance, and they call such great evils peace.
For whether they kill children in their initiations,
or celebrate secret mysteries, or hold frenzied revels with strange customs, they no longer keep either their lives or their marriages pure, but they either treacherously kill one another, or grieve one another by adultery, and all is a raging riot of blood and murder, theft and deceit, corruption, faithlessness, tumult, perjury, confusion over what is good, forgetfulness of favors, pollution of souls, sex perversion, disorder in marriage, adultery, and debauchery.
For the worship of idols not to be named
is the beginning and cause and end of every evil.
For their worshipers either rave in exultation,
or prophesy lies, or live unrighteously, or readily commit perjury; for because they trust in lifeless idols they swear wicked oaths and expect to suffer no harm.
But just penalties will overtake them on two counts:
because they thought wickedly of God in devoting
themselves to idols, and because in deceit they swore unrighteously through contempt for holiness.
For it is not the power of the things by which men swear, but the just penalty for those who sin,
that always pursues the transgression of the unrighteous.

To this very hour Solomon’s wisdom remains true- a good wife is not only hard but impossible to find! Better to have a few that may bear male children and birth an opportunity to find the one in ten thousand who may be a trustworthy man or friend. One true friend is better than twelve false admirers.


At any rate, each birth requires a significant redemption price be paid; an offering of purification of sheep and/or pigeons and turtledoves, and a number of days for blood purification for the woman, longer for a girl than for a male child. Quite expensive and nothing like the delusive magic bean eater, we came to consider children to be in the latter-day Walt Disney World America.

Though all G-d’s creations may be considered blessings, for the greater part, having children is a problematic affair to say the least! Full of pitfalls and snares that bind us down rather than uplift. In Christ however, are born more blessings than otherwise as long as they remain His spiritual offspring and strive to become wise Jews/Hebrews; Saints and Sages.

Rachel was a strange bird/beast who sat upon her father’s idols and pretended to have her period. Obviously suffering from some deep seated issues in her psyche, that she had never faced and dealt with in her lifetime, save in her own bizarre fashion only.
All in all, Leah had six legitimate children and outlived Rachel who died having her last of three sons, all of whom were vastly different from Jacob’s other children, each more of a blessing in a lot of ways. One has to wonder what kind of drawbacks the illegitimate children were or how they became a blessing as well? Jacob’s brood, like his flocks were very diverse and different from one another; very mixed up, sometimes separated and confused; ultimately special and blessed beyond reason, for G-d’s hand upon them.

But Rachel seemed destined to sacrifice herself for her children from the start rather than be a mother figure to them…Benjamin would be the first son of a ramblin’ man.

And now things are further complicated by the only daughter of Jacob- the over protected and much misunderstood Dinah.

Dinah, the daughter of the Righteous; first treated as a harlot by Shechem who in sooth does love her madly, wants to meet her daddy, loves her ways, tell me what you say? don’t he love her as she’s walking out the door…

But badly does he love her, as Satan deceived Eve, so Shechem appeared to her as conniving, yet worldly wise and strong. Knowing little at that time of the wages of iniquity however, proves very wily herself for a girl of such young years and learns rapidly the ropes and snares of the wicked, and how to manipulate all the men within her sphere against one another, to their shame and confusion of face perhaps G-d’s way of letting them know they were just men and he alone had sovereign right to direct their lives as He pleased and saw best suited each individual for their own spiritual progress in HaShem of Hosts. Dinah brings upon Shechem for his folly such immediate and lasting retribution and destruction by the hands of Levi and Simeon, legitimate sons of Israel, shewing early on why they were legitimate but perhaps flawed in their lack of compassion or mercy, probably played by Dinah like instruments of havoc, misunderstanding the offense and grievously exaggerating the recompense due, so much so, Jacob fears for them and does not want to know anything about what happened, finding violence so alien to his soul’s understanding of G-d’s Ways, he had rather tolerate Shechem and receive him as a son, than set the stage for generations of conflict that had no real basis for existing between two peoples who should have been instant comrades and lasting friends. Not that rape should be tolerated, but I see in Dinah a rare spirit, one who revels in upset and being the center of attention and disruption. I think she may have even enjoyed the idea of disrupting Jacob’s peace of mind and was trouble to him from day one; maybe the only way of counteracting the inevitable time of Jacob’s Trouble, and the history that would repeat itself throughout the same.
And in another age and time with the help of a wanna be king sought to destroy the L-RD’s anointed, Saul and infect his spirit with bitterness and an evil inclination Saul found it hard if not impossible to shake off as fetters most suitable to his crimes. The same spirit of disruption and deception would infect the kingdom of David and tear it away from Solomon after only a short time established.
Dinah represents to me the spirit of envy and discord.
And from age to age, and generation to generation, the tides have swept back and forth before the moon and the players have been either captives mutinous and in complete revolt against the L-RD, cherishing enmity like that of Edom for Jacob- an undying and wickedly perverse conspiratorial amusement to all the sons of Perdition. Leading all as One far from the path of life, liberty and happiness.


The Daughter of Zion should use her beauty, intellect, instinct and know how to glorify Creator and exalt created, and never to, by base inclination and knowledge of things unspeakable, glorify herself and prostitute herself to all the nations round about her.

It appeareth not so much as hatred for G-d and certainly not an abhorrence of G-d’s wisdom, but a clever means of survival in a world Shechem first taught her about, by exciting her pulse in a fearful, raw expression or carnal sensuality, probably more desperate, clumsy and oafish than dark, brooding and inflictive of enduring trauma in anywise. But for a young girl with an active imagination and desire to be known among her contemporaries and even outdo them in one performance both flattering and insulting at once, she expressed more of the female psyche in one attempt than a hundredfold may have before her in earnest effort to do so and make themselves known to their other halves. A passionate experience she at once both hates and loves- passion, even alien to self, will often lead astray of the same the strongest of warrior like men, and how much more an uninitiated little girl who was but a moment before just that an unknown little girl wandering far from home to find a real playmate in the girls who were her neighbors and not rivals or enemies. And all of a sudden, she is the very center or the most intriguing, passionate, upsetting drama yet to happen in Jacob’s short life which was full of much drama and outdone by this little wandering daughter…
Now, she would despise Jacob who wished to protect her purity and chastity, be excited and drawn to Shechem, who was just a schmuck and rapist, shamed by the same little girl who was more than he could handle for the love she brought out in him was real and made the evil inclination that prompted the evil act shameful even in his eyes. He wanted to make things right, and probably never before in his lifetime had had to think of anything as being wrong or right. He discovered his conscience and was stung to his core by what was, in all likelihood, no more than sport to him before this encounter. Further, Dinah is emboldened by Levi and Simeon to make much more of the matter than it was and blow everything way out of proportion as a young girl’s imagination could and would just to be heard, seen and known, center stage at last, in the spotlight with everyone’s attention and passion affixed upon her! What rapturous joy! And what a terrible force she now wielded, she could have men killed! Men! Her betters and oppressors! What luck! What fate! What an interesting place the world is of a sudden….I was just going to bother some girls like me who probably wouldn’t even like me and reject my friendship because there is nothing that interesting about me, but now! I’m a Queen of a nation with guards willing to kill whomever I wish them to…Levi and Simeon, devoted to sport and strength to fight and defend Jacob rather than wisdom to make peace. She could kick at every male figure and threaten violence on anyone she wished whether or not they wish to rape her and fall into her trap. She knew nothing and wished to know less of love and find her true helpmate, which for all we know was probably Edom! But probably would, for Edom’s blessings unimpressive miss the match and fall for a lout of a rich, astute man like unto Lot or similar leader in Israel which has as many to choose from as men have egos but truly has only One King – The Torah Itself which became the only means of telling fools from wise men and profited scoundrels and noble men alike, promising in the end to undo the former and establish the latter enduringly as it has throughout history.

Proverbs 12:7
The wicked are overthrown and are no more,
But the house of the righteous will stand.

Solomon truly was the first and only ‘child-like’ King; little experienced in warfare but wise as a spirit could become fed upon pure Torah without seeking conflict and only devoted to pure communion with G-d’s Spirit – the first to ‘eat the flesh and drink the blood’ of the Torah, or word made flesh, his own, receiving such pure revelation as the Living Word may impart. Foolish and envious men would attribute his wisdom to him being the “wisest man ever born,” but, in truth, all his words and ways were a flawless manifestation of G-d at work in a man immersed in the ways of Torah, it was as if ‘the word was made flesh and dwelt among men’. He had an uncanny ability to let G-d work through him and the affect was ‘magic’ that countered all the ‘black arts of the evil one’ and granted this king the ability to seal upon earth as he wished as in heaven it were the same.
He was the first to be like Messiah Y’shua Himself in every way except for being a worldly king, deprived of greater spiritual attainments because of involvement in Kingdom politics and business, jeopardizing the true gift within him as within us all, although in him it lived on through Scripture for all time. He could not, in his lifetime, shortened through the folly of being a king, reverse the damage done the kingdom by warfare previous to his taking the throne, but was able to use the riches and strength gained from the same to establish an everlasting throne and a True and Eternal Kingdom and Temple on earth as it may be in heaven that is still and forever the blueprint of salvationary, Messianic Judaism around the world.

As Joseph being sold as a slave into Egypt proved part of G-d’s plan to save Israel, so too the Kingdom torn from Solomon was likewise a plan to establish a Kingdom still better and save all mankind, so that in the final Age of mankind we, who are Spiritual Israel may build up the final Kingdom and Temple as it was in Solomon’s time and at its Zenith enjoy the same wonder, miracle and glory as we enjoyed before the Unity that built the Temple was destroyed by baseless hatred and vanity – envy’s boon which Solomon himself could not tolerate nor see any good in which caused him to lament all he had done for HaShem in so little an amount of time, by comparison to how long it took to create sufficient Unity to get her done.

The end of the matter truly was better than its beginnings. All we need do now is eliminate the curse everlastingly and establish the blessing forever.

Thus Solomon is deemed the true heir of Moses as well as David (1Kings 8:10-11).


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