Anticipate The Hate


America’s Virtuous Pathway To Freedom


The virtues of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must come by way of G-d’s path.

Presuming to offer and obtain any or the same or a similitude without adherence to it or offering the same otherwise or in any other way, ensures that lawlessness will be an inevitability, for all else is wickedness prevailing over the majority or because of it, for “wickedness never was happiness.” Alma 41:10b


Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.


The Liberty Bell, since cracked, has been but perfidy by placation, promoting pessimal presumption in reasoning to dominate the thinking masses better known as the popular opinion or collective consciousness, prevailing paradigm shift; and high handed perversion in politick ensue, in me and in you or We The People.

The solution being high priestly accordance within the body politick to keep in check the part of Us that is “inclined to be selfish, to take advantage of others….Because verbal regrets do not strike us as adequate, we must give up something to show our remorse (Seifer Ha-Hinnukh).
It is possible for the entire community to be misled or swept away by prejudice or emotion.” ~Et Hayim Commentary


To acknowledge a Kingdom means to forsake all selfishness, self reliance and sufficiency and unite to do a Will above and beyond our own; to become ‘Epic’. Not necessarily setting anyone as King or High Priest over We The People, but at the very least, acknowledging a need to be Kingdom oriented for the sake of the Republic or Country United of, by, and for We The People who have no need of leaders as our mission is One and the Same.

As the Way first enjoined upon you when you first realized your lost and fallen state, but as wise enough to rejoice in the same and strive from that point on to return.
Do not stay or wallow so long in the valley of indecision or humiliation that you allow your circumstances to rob you of time and opportunity to serve and serve as though expecting no reward for we are certainly due none such and less, but less has always been more. It was hard believing in leaders who asked We the People to ask the same of ourselves while the same leaders enjoyed or seemed to enjoy all the vanity and redundancy in resort and refuge a soulless son of advantage may have enjoyed on his road of ease and primping for the stage set before him.


We forgot all about leaders who came from obscurity and littleness and struggled mightily; and only much later, as tale may tell, famously with not but opposition to overcome on every hand and did so for the sake of the Kingdom within and won the day against all odds for the sake of the privilege of representing We The People as a servant bowed down much with precisely the same service and homage to a great nation as we ought and could ourselves relate to, hope for and be part of. We have lost much of ability to recognize the character and nobility of a servant striving to be the best servant he could be for the sake of all, and if we would win it back we must return as One man unto G-d our Father.

America, even if She is found to be wrong or wanting in some fashion or way, or many; the correction brought upon Herself is as immediate and long lasting or as short and inconsequential as the error or breach of confidence, fracture in Unity inspired by a flaw that suits Her well and worn as gold woven into fabric of garments made too holy to be worn by anyone living anyway to worry much about.

2 Esdras 7:49-58
He answered me and said, “Listen to me, Ezra, and I will instruct you, and will admonish you once more. For this reason the Most High has made not one world but two. Inasmuch as you have said that the righteous are not many but few, while the ungodly abound, hear the explanation for this. “If you have just a few precious stones, will you add to them lead and clay?” I said, “Lord, how could that be?” And he said to me, “Not only that, but ask the earth and she will tell you; defer to her, and she will declare it to you. Say to her, ‘You produce gold and silver and bronze, and also iron and lead and clay; but silver is more abundant than gold, and bronze than silver, and iron than bronze, and lead than iron, and clay than lead.’
Judge therefore which things are precious and desirable, those that are abundant or those that are rare?” I said, “O sovereign Lord, what is plentiful is of less worth, for what is more rare is more precious.”

Life without a Temple is distressing in many ways but the enduring hope that someday it will stand in our midst as the singular affection of all our hearts united is enough to bide the time of disgrace, disunity, delusion, and whatever else we may suffer from as we struggle for strength to return to G-d and be His Chosen possession through much trial and tribulation and, as servants serve single-mindedly which makes the Only Way to G-d all the much more wonderful and awe-inspiring whether traveled by few or by many to the Holy City yet to be revealed and all flesh shall see together. Though, I dare say, many have known of Her whereabouts for many generations.

Because that which enchants you about religious life or a valiant man’s crusade, or slave’s struggle for freedom, whatever it takes, whatever draws you nearer to G-d and away from otherwise, no matter how alienated and unworthy we may feel and ought to feel is worth it. All the good things you once believed about country, kith and kin are real and good and worth it; they are simply harder to come by or achieve given our straying in the valley or disappointments and disagreement, therefore become as one who agrees quickly with his adversary and do all you may to reconcile an offended friend or compatriot to avoid concision in body or mind, will and strength.


Helaman 7:23 For behold, thus saith the L-rd: I will not show unto the wicked of my strength, to one more than the other, save it be unto those who repent of their sins, and hearken unto my words. Now therefore, I would that ye should behold, my brethren, that it shall be better for the Lamanites than for you except ye shall repent.

It would and could by contrast make everything and everyone that labors or works- succeed and follow through unto perfection, salvation, restoration divinely manifest; eager but not overly so to manifest destiny personal but by no means sabotage the same or be an enemy of self, state and or humanity so-called; which is really a stretching of an advantage entirely undue but suffered for our sake to be, to be. So that when the question arises of to be or not to be, there is no sabotaging of destiny and thereby become of service to the devil who is the master of all sin and disappointment.

G-d acknowledgment is all the labor required of mankind besides gratefulness, thanks and praise, etc., which are the fruits of the Tree of Life Knowledge, a shrub set ablaze between Tree(forbidden) and Tree(free), revealing or directing as a compass in the wilderness, G-d’s experiential mission among the sons of men, revealed unto chosen men from generation to generation in the world in which we live and breathe and have our being.

Otherwise minded everything and everyone and everywhere manifests in our daily walk and to ourselves our hypocrisy – and when we thus walk we can’t even be trusted to show the least iota of respect or love for our fellowman, neighbor; never mind strangers.


The first step toward loving others may be slighting them for G-d’s sake, standing firm in the Faith and in G-d, knowing otherwise every step is a stumble and blocks not only our own Way but our neighbors as well, and is as to lay stumbling blocks in the Way of the blind and obstacles in the Way of the lame.

A Society of bums are our butlers. Heed their giving and misgivings, and know the difference or you may suffer wrath inexplicable, for upon their hearts are the roadways to Zion.

I am for an unemployed America for the greater majority at any rate. A society of servants hath all creative license, freedom, happiness and life that those who won’t or refuse to serve fellow, foe or G-d with equal zeal and ardor lack and may never enjoy. It is the very root and life spring of virtue spiritual. Only know to Whom thou belongest and Whom thou servest first and foremost, lest thou be served by a host in a most grievous manner and order officious and duly offensive.

The brilliance of the 9/11 fiasco, no matter how you perceive it, is not that it was a tool that made many a fool turn tail and hide from an ‘American Oppressor’, but that there never were any such thing and offensive combat is just that offensive, but in no way and by no means out of the line of duty whether you are for America or against Her. Once you understand that, you’ll understand who We The People are, have been and may be.

If a man joins the military to serve his nation, a Nation under G-d in particular, he is assured of a final outcome winning and justified whether the beginnings were a trick of horse play over birth right – in matters of warfare both horse shoes and hand grenades prove ‘close enough’ and are bound to hit whatever mark needed striking whether or not there were a first strike or offense justifying the strike preemptive- war was declared, terms of peace were both offered and declined or despised and therefore everything that followed – kismet.


The lingering depression is over the same old story, song and dance. Let it go. Why or why not what remains of the forces that good may have accomplished noble ends by praiseworthy combat and due display of overwhelming force never to be reckoned with again nor roused to anger as a force proved unconquerable and all enduring, immutably unsearchable in obtaining prize by right and precision in inflicting due justice upon the wicked worldwide, there is no partiality or respect of persons with G-d, the righteous martyrs by their very martyrdom proving or accounted as most holy by their nearness to G-d at the time of their sacrifice for G-d and country decides or makes evident.

Debates about fallen towers, and innocent people dying in any war are pointless and unfruitful. The call of the righteous is to mourn and gird on renewed strength in defense of what remains to be done with right regard for Whom it is to be done for.

Nothing really ever changes under the sun except decision making capabilities which if we were in any wise righteous before war’s necessity, proved part of Scriptural fulfillment, are only wiser and more effective for the trouble, loss or gain what have you; the nature of war’s natural outcome.

It is an American Phenomenon and blessed conciliatory benefaction that those who truly profit from times of conflict and war here at home, as women who stay among the sheepfolds and divide the spoils, may act as peacemakers and who gain all manner of opportunity for proving the doctrine of Christ and the Constitution of the United States both sound and enduringly worthy of our appreciation and support, whether we agree with the so-called Beast’s stratagems and sensibilities or not; the fact is that the Constitution is sound and G-d ordained for the good of We The People; inspired by the leaders of the same at our foundation and birth as a nation, so that whether you agree with the war mongering tactics of a few entities hereafter and forever nameless that become involved, you may not reject the fact that all are kept in check and chained down with a single chain of obedience to a Superior Unity in Destiny, Progressive in Spirit that is determined and promised renewal in strength for all who fight to defend Her Right to which we all must pay due or sacrifice our all for the sake of citizenship, right and privilege holy and consecrated by the blood, sweat and tears of as many generation as have made Her Lady Liberty.

Truly that is the point, that we have reason to rejoice, whether wronged for the right reasons or right for the wrong and found to be in want either way; as a son or daughter or servant; and truly to be a servant is sevenfold better than to be a son, in my opinion.

After all, whoever you are or may be, and wherever you come from or believe you are going, it’s not against your beliefs, but has a lot to do with what you believe in.

“May your offerings be like those of Adam; belonging to you and not stolen, offered solely to express your love of G-d and not to impress your neighbors.” (Lev. R. 2:7

“In a sense, only a good person may recognize having sinned and be motivated to return to G-d’s Path.” ~EHC


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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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