Grand Dio’s Thoughts and Behaviours

America’s Conundrum, Liberty in Jeopardy, Fools Faltering Freedom, Hater’s Paradise.


She knows what is happening to Her children, She is just not free to say or speak up for them. Though there are a myriad of voices all babbling in different courses, meeting perhaps, for moments of agreement and flowing together, though independent of country and true union on to nowhere, we’ve been there and done that. The chasm is fixed and none can cross over, nor enter in as through an eye of a needle being a thirsty camel.
It is not free government that decides the fate of We The People, much less We The People who decide anymore. Men and women, considering themselves ‘leaders’ are not but those who seek counsel together in the dark and barely understand one another much less ‘see’ each other for what they may be in light of Truth, Justice and the American Way She has lost. Off course of course, we cannot fulfill our mission and destiny as a nation to the nations and as a people to ourselves and our progeny.
‘Tis a pity indeed and more a despairing calamity, which the wicked make better use of than the righteous may know what to do with. It is a wreck of different parties and interests laying in wait to take advantage of a generation they cannot allow to be born much less born again, for want of a generous, truthful Spirit uniting them as One.
Only those who have no voice, who have suffered through these trying years without much hope or faith, have much idea what has come to pass and what yet needs be done to survive the worst and make best of the better. We The People must stand faithful to one another in G-d trusting, He will see Us through and safely bring us to our desired Haven and Promised Land.

This is no time for self sufficiency and self confidence much less self preservation. Though we must labor and act faithfully so as to make all secure the opportunity and trustworthy the company, so that freedom may abound and prosper; the time is not yet, and we have much to overcome and struggle through. We are not returning conquerors of war and much less heroes in our own nation. We are survivors of some of the worst governing our nation has suffered through since Jews suffered a holocaust at the hands of their foes all over the world in WWII. But just as at that time and to G-d’s praise and His alone, we shall overcome the present age’s ills and birth better times and occasions for gathering in worship and thanksgiving than we have ever enjoyed in our nation’s history. It is up to We The People to overcome ourselves and win the battle against corruptions within and fears without. We can only do this as One, United in destiny as in purpose of heart, mind and will.
This is no time to take pride in self and nation, but to restore and build up the generations we have failed and that right miserably to uphold in faith and in deed.
Where there is no will, there is no way, and our wills have been divided and/or absent for generations, and it is only a delusional string of ties mostly avoided that are binding the people together now and the future is as justice blinded by light it shuns lest it be seen to be what it was, is but shall not be, divided by tyranny. We shall overcome and unite as One to fulfill our promise to G-d and fellowman. Restoration slows the pace of a mad man’s race and we may then meet face to face and not look away nor miss the countenance of a cheering comrade and like minded soul made in the image of no less than G-d Himself, no matter how marred by sin and battle weary we may feel.
Let’s call spades, spades; there is no shame in it. A House full of animals, though loyal and friendly, are what we are and must be guided by something above us that behooves us in nature and in deed. It is becoming and ennobling to be shamed for our sins, the worst of which and most deadly is pride.
The system is still largely to blame for setting men at variance with one another and pitting them as enemies against neighbors both long enduring and newly arrived as strangers in a strange land none may nor should call his own, but must share and share alike if She is to fulfill Her destiny as the New Promised Land, which will enable the Old Promised Land to do likewise by way of restoration proper, mutually edifying for one as for all tribes, nations and peoples, making of the whole an One instead of a mixed diversity of strangers all clamoring for rights and privileges due none of We The People but to be expected in due time for all who are faithfully concerned for One as for all.
Get off the Internet, if it is marring your ability to think in right terms and sane contemplation. It is better to be cut off from the world of gadgets and their creators than to be cut off from the Tree of Life and forsaken in a world lost, though connected by way of ingenuity. Take no pride in the fact, because without true unity it will prove the worst curse we have yet inherited as We The People.
The System corrupted became and still for the larger part is a sea of alcoholics and excuse making con artists. It’s entertaining at best but not redeeming as a functional entity of life giving and fostering care takers, debtors and lovers of our essential value and worth as free men.
I own my faults and call out for help when I need it most. That’s all the credit I will give myself or feel I deserve as a citizen of a nation of greater worth than most realize or appreciate. I’ve a child’s trust in G-d which is more important on the whole than legions that may war for a single prize or Medal of Honor and which is cumbersome to faithful men and women whom our nation’s most profligate limelight seekers may never understand the glory and story of.
Everything is in the L-RD’s Hands and I leave all judgment to Him…the remainder is Sanhedrin business and nothing I wish to know or be part of, a necessary evil.
I have been a captive in recent years, kept relatively free compared to those around me by my willingness to give myself to HaShem’s will be done and be devoted to Torah and prayer, endeavoring to make intercession for all, both my captors and fellow captives.
NOTHING is what it seems to be and what we’ve been through as We The People has been the cost of freeing captives and saving souls, winning a holy war and ending a hidden agenda’s tyranny and all too long reign of chaos and evil inclination run amok.
One really cannot know until brought low, very low by affliction and destitution what makes for business as usual and the kind of depravities the families may practice when once the righteous have put forth their hands to do evil and forsaken the Way Holy.
I would have to blame both higher and lower judges for becoming scoundrels within the bounds of Torah.
It is a dangerous game to play, with the enemy, destroyer and the avenger to face if and when they catch on and up. There is no mercy and only judgment, and rightly so as far as I am concerned, for those who would abuse authority and anyone’s trust and loyalty.
I’ve never betrayed anyone, nor hurt, harmed or spoke ill of anyone, I’ve only called spades, spades; which they know full well they are, and as I’ve said there is no shame in being; more reason to be proud of than of the manor born these days.
Clubs must do what they do too, and diamonds shine for a reason. Hearts are like pure gold, but once they are changed, for better or worse, are better off considered of a different suit altogether and must do what they do for less than heartfelt reasons, accusing and excusing one another for precisely the same reasoning.
Apples and Oranges,
Foxes and Lions,
Angels and Demons,
Lawyers, hookers and thieves with authority are not soldiers to thank for liberty or freedom. And everyone is afraid of liabilities and being sued rather than of not being able to help and heal Zion and We The People. It’s as blasphemous as it is infamous.
Be not deceived, he who does righteously, the same is righteous.
Thank goodness an ego ends with a trip or we should never know what brought us so low.


HaShem is in Christ unto salvation. There is no other Way than that of Judaism which is in Mashiach or which is to follow Him and walk in His steps. The first step is belief/faith, the second step is confirmation of said faith by baptism and circumcision of the heart and flesh. The Holy Spirit descends in the form of a dove and fire from heaven. My right hand is my Puritan faith, my left is my Jewish faith; together they are One Faith in One G-d. It is the same Faith just deeper or more in depth when you begin to learn as a Jew should desire to. Simple Faith on the Lord Y’shua HaMashiach/Jesus Christ does save, if you understand it, if not the same is a stumbling block and rock of offense to those who err in faith, not discerning the G-d head, the Son, Yes, He is the Word of G-d made flesh. But again for many who claim faith he is the lord whom they call lord but do not do what he says or hear him. They just claim him, feed upon him use him abuse him and cast him away as any other idol; betrayed by the old, for silver and for gold.

3 Nephi 27:32
But behold, it sorroweth me because of the fourth generation from this generation, for they are led away captive by him even as was the son of perdition; for they will sell me for silver and for gold and for that which moth doth corrupt and which thieves can break through and steal. And in that day will I visit them, even in turning their works upon their own heads.

I know the L-RD is with me, that is precisely why I have suffered so much abuse and affliction, and I find joy in them, but we are also called to be doers and to help each other through our trials and afflictions; to find safe pasture and enjoy the Faith together. Don’t let disputations in doctrine divide the body of HaShem. G-d is One and cannot be divided. Even demons believe and shudder.
Whoever you are or may be, I can say that I understand where you’re at and coming from, probably been there myself. My experience has made me grow maybe in a different way but in the same Way, as there can be only One. I am afflicted very much and my boasting is in my weakness and in the same affliction which are killing this mortal/carnal wretch of a man that I am or may be. But I am saved, and thanks be to G-d through Y’shua HaMashiach; Yisrael, the servant of HaShem of Hosts and His work in creation, namely the sacrifice of his own flesh and blood, which renewed the Covenant Everlasting with Abraham and his offspring the world over, his death upon the cross and resurrection by the power of HaShem of Hosts, who is the very eternal Father, being One G-d, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
I think we all share the same faith. G-d is judge of any of our sincerity.
I do need help and appreciate it when received. Being locked in many an unclean GeriPsych unit is not helpful but it is what the world does with its unwanted, sad to experience.
I am very much left alone, but am not alone because the Father is with me, and comforts me in and at my lowest. The many mighty works and miracles he performed with me attest to the truth that He is with me. If you believe not me, believe for the work’s sake because it was all G-d working in a fallen creature raised to new life in Christ to perform a work which I believe I completed only by His grace, condescension and power irresistible and immutable and judgments unsearchable. I know nothing but the power of His resurrection and what the Scriptures teach me. I know the sufferings of many believers because of what I’ve been through and continue to suffer at the hands of the enemy. He is very crafty and heartless, his devices fairly obvious and to be locked in with the afflicted for the destruction of my flesh is probably the hardest part of salvation but if it be His will that I thus suffer, amen to it, His will be done not mine as saith Jesus Christ. I feel I may be able to help people in these situations because of my experience however unpleasant it may have been for a time, and help them have a safe place to dwell for my trouble in the meantime, though it is hazardous and difficult to manage my affairs, many suffer the same at this time and I believe suffering with the afflicted helps and means more than prospering by destroying the State and Country through misuse and abuse of its Commonwealth and ability to be equitably charitable and helpful to the less advantaged in society. It is still rough goes it and the way it does not work, sets everyone against everyone else involved and really prospers none who are actually involved in anyway effectual. The Government is at its lowest and most delusional in its day to day workings, and it’s felt most painfully in places like this where people are more likely to cheat just to survive than anywhere else. So that few are helped and many are endeavoring to help themselves just by being employed or employing for a system that is broke and corrupt, no matter how much new funding they pour into it or how much loss they excuse and write off…
In the long run, it just keeps people going in circles that don’t make much sense, and traps others in employment that doesn’t do any work.
Glad to be a physician among souls that need saving however and perhaps I may yet save a few of my hearers, as Paul suggests we may do for our Lord’s sake.
I just wish, as ever I have, that restoration were the goal and that all were working to establish and build up G-d’s Zion on earth as it may be in heaven.
When the system is permitted to wallow and flounder like this, everyone escapes accountability oddly enough because we just go on excusing everyone and floating in no particular route to no particular destination, (keep on truckin’) and all at least have hope, but little trust in one another if not in G-d.
But upon Him I have set my hope and all my trust and I know that whatever else may happen in the flesh, it is the Spirit that matters and flesh will profit no man who knows what true worth is and values the same above and beyond the transient gifts of lifestyles gone far astray from the Way eternal.
Anyway, most regard me as a delusional product of grandiose thoughts and odd behaviors. So I may empathize with the worst of dementia victims.
I am back at it, praying daily and have my head stuck in the Scriptures. Life is good!
But could be a heck of a lot better!
I pray for justice everyday but perhaps this is justice in some way and the best that mortal man can do without G-d.
If we’re going to do anything differently, we’re going to have to approach the Beast with more caution and discretion. I think everyone wants to be better off and united as a people and nation and that starts with little stuff, like finding everyone a place to live, whatever their past may be or not be and not permit the system to clog itself for poor witnesses within the system trying to survive off it by any means necessary and cling to their jobs desperately for want of any integrity personal. That has been my experience in the past and it has been very depressing because I have dealt with some people in seats of judgment and honor that did not deserve either and are to blame for the mess that the State and system were in, in the past. However, G-d be praised, He has done a lot of cleaning up with me as a vessel of grace and empathy I believe. We must plod on against the dying of the light and kindle within a new flame of hope and trust in one another throughout the nation and world. Let’s start by helping each other here or wherever we may find ourselves and others here or there with us as best as we possibly may, and think of our own needs and wants as last of all in respect to what we are expected to accomplish for others. Serve as though expecting no reward and love as though dearly loved ourselves which I will remind you we are.

Jeremiah 50:20
In those days, and in that time, saith the L-rd, the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for, and there shall be none; and the sins of Judah, and they shall not be found: for I will pardon them whom I reserve.

1 John 1:8-10 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

Good evening all…

“The dove came in to him in the evening.”—Genesis 8:11.
“BLESSED be the L-rd for another day of mercy, even though I am now weary with its toils. Unto the preserver of men lift I my song of gratitude. The dove found no rest out of the ark, and therefore returned to it; and my soul has learned yet more fully than ever, this day, that there is no satisfaction to be found in earthly things—G-d alone can give rest to my spirit. As to my business, my possessions, my family, my attainments, these are all well enough in their way, but they cannot fulfill the desires of my immortal nature. “Return unto thy rest, O my soul, for the L-rd hath dealt bountifully with thee.” It was at the still hour, when the gates of the day were closing, that with weary wing the dove came back to the master: O L-rd, enable me this evening thus to return to You. She could not endure to spend a night hovering over the restless waste, nor can I bear to be even for another hour away from HaShem, the rest of my heart, the home of my spirit. She did not merely alight upon the roof of the ark, she “came in to him;” even so would my longing spirit look into the secret of the L-rd, pierce to the interior of truth, enter into that which is within the veil, and reach to my Beloved in very deed. To HaShem must I come: short of the nearest and dearest intercourse with Him my panting spirit cannot stay. Blessed L-rd, be with me, reveal Thyself, and abide with me all night, so that when I awake I may be still with thee. I note that the dove brought in her mouth an olive branch plucked off, the memorial of the past day, and a prophecy of the future. Have I no pleasing record to bring home? No pledge and earnest of loving kindness yet to come? Yes, my L-rd, I present Thee my grateful acknowledgments for tender mercies which have been new every morning and fresh every evening; and now, I pray Thee, put forth Thy hand and take Thy dove into Thy bosom.”

CH Spurgeon~Prince of Preachers


Erev tov, Shabbat shalom, Rosh Chodesh Adar Tov

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