HaShem’s Servant


Many the smile that seduced Him

Down many a mile that’s reduced Him

Few are the scribes that’s deduced Him

Tho’ many’s the wive’s tale that reclused Him

Few be the fellows that’s produced Him

And none the martyr’s that’s induced Him

To follow a way that’s refused Him

I’d rather be blind than see in your world

I’d rather be kind than part of your fold

I’d rather be broke than made in your mold

The Saviour’s true tale has yet to be told

Though many’s the time it’s come to pass and unfold

The teller’s tongue and the writer’s quill were both bought with gold

And even all they who stood forth bold and retold, were naught but for the buyer and seller resold

And when any came to know Him, all were too old

To care or to dare to be part of His fold

And thus stood only Pilate, a judge who stood and said, “Lo and behold; No greater sin did he commit than anyone else and before or since none’s returned to his G-d for what else? I’m no Jew, but you do what you like with this thing-some call him criminal, others call him King. He wears no crown, but this thorn made ring.”

And all at once, all the murderer’s sing,

“Crucify! Crucify; Away with this lie!”

And so away He did go

In shackles and chains

Bearing the people’s hatred and disdain

Though it never did leave them not when He were dead nor risen…

The curse remained forever in prison

And may never escape till they return

His cloak, coat and crown

And agree to live peaceful in the world’s only Hometown

Zion will be blest when the best and the worst

Have confessed what they’ve done

Throughout all time and ages

To all saints and all sages

They cannot escape otherwise

Remain fallen angels that lost first estate

There’s no freedom in Hell

Tho’ many’s the privilege they take

They are without all true Unity

And their divinity’s fake

How long will it be

They’re advised by a snake?

If they’d turn to the L-RD

The whole world He’d remake

He hath plead and hath bled

He will not forsake

The Way or His Chosen


They all remain frozen

Unable to make

A free choice or decision

Their claim is derision

Of all that makes free

They absolutely refuse Divine Liberty

All the world’s a ruse

A stage for nothing but gore

Any day of the week

One’s better off to ignore

It’s boasts, threats, opinions and promises


It’s not but an old wretched, bleeding dead whore

At its best poised to kill for the thrill it’s undue

At its worst filled with swill which is nothing new

It’s all such as they are and may contribute and do

Out of files, out of ranks

Crocodiles building banks

Taking blood, ‘stead of money

They don’t even give thanks

But laugh, think it’s funny

Of these we must rid

Our whole nation and bid

Them an everlasting farewell and adieu

Return to the L-RD and build up something new

This was, is and shall be

The only reason

Divine Liberty is bestowed

And by HaShem finally

Help His servant’s true story be told

When one as all His true glory behold

Granting liberty for a price

Is like taking bad advice

But Divinity’s what’s true

Imparts freedom- its essence and hue

Bright and precious, Bold and True

Shall imbue every member of the vine

Because of the Way which is purely divine

Though it seem to wax old in a world in decline

Never lacks insight and foresight

A Guide bright by day and by night

What never may be wrong

Nor ever make a nation so strong

Last long and prolong

Days of merry dance and song

Is Divine Right

Enjoy Your Torah This Night!

And heed HaShem’s servant

He’s Outta sight!


About barzdovg666

I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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