Prodigal’s Prayer


Dear Father,

I would ask for nothing contrary to Thy will and know not what our merits and works deserve.
Help me to believe in my brethren’s capabilities when given into thine hands to perform that which is most meet, best and most pleasing in thy sight.
I would ask that you grant me the right in oversight and the privilege of leadership with absolute authority when necessary- knowing I only wish to see all come to fruition and find happiness in doing your will on earth as it is in heaven, or as close to as marred, often contrary vessels compromised by the flesh may come to be at least in intention if not in deed, action, and daily walk before Thee.
Keep me from presumptuous sins and constrain my courage with wisdom that it not become folly or a snare to my soul or that of another, but let justice be done as concerns our cause.
Help us to remain humble though greatly enriched and uplifted in You.
Help us discern between man and man, woman and woman, woman and man that we might know who is truly for You and who is not or is of the enemy – that we might unite as One and confound and drive out the other.
Place the keys of the storehouse in my hands for the sake of the poor and the needy, that all things might be ordered and done in wisdom and holiness without waste, vanity or pride.
Give me help concerning our home in (such and such) and with (such and such) in (so and so); that both may become havens of holiness and brotherly/sisterly unity and devotion rather than wasteful trappings of the State or Commonwealth and never again become the nightmare on Edom’s road to you know where.
Rather let them become redeeming sanctuaries of godly awareness and kindness, charity and mutual admonition that leads to edification and respect for all people.
Command all of Your creation to fear You and respect Your servants for all of creation’s sake that all might experience the same shalem shalom of knowing You and be One as You are One.
Aide me with a wise and rich benefactor whom You have endowed and prepared for this time and may it be one with whom I naturally share a special likeness, affection, wisdom, and affinity. Above all, belief, fear, and awe of You and Your working in us.
Thou knowest my longing and zeal for You.
Thou knowest my folly and love of liberty and freedom but most of all my sincere awe of the workings of the Holy Spirit in myself and others when made manifest in our actions, when the faith we have in You comes to life and does things marvelous and unsearchable, inscrutable and awe inspiring through simple observance and following through in keeping Your commandments.
Thou hast caused that it be fate’s destiny that they should be with me where I am and You with us and in us in this place which we have sworn and vowed to prepare for all peoples who love Thy Name and Thy Liberty Divine,
Cast none of us out or away from Thy Presence abiding with us and cause all who come nigh to be converted by Thy will.
Help us to gently let go of the old things and make the most and better of the new which Thou dost list to bestow upon all both young and old; that we may be no more divided by opinion and ego nor confounded by priest craft or cunning of men and women, of high or of low estate.
Help me to understand and accept peoples I don’t so that I may enjoy their company and they mine without angst and strife.
Be with me in judgment that I may wrong no man or woman nor be wronged by them,
Root out of our hearts all bitterness and strife, envy, malice and baseless hatred we may have for You and one another, Renew within us a right spirit and lead us in the Way everlasting.
I know not why strife continues among the sons of men nor its origin save what I am taught in the Holy Scriptures and why we may be against Thee, when through our allegiance and devotion to You, Thou hast delivered us time and again from age to age through our faith in You as we have plenteous evidence of and little reason to doubt, and that You will continue to do so from generation to generation as long as the earth, heaven and Thy omnipotent will remain to be fulfilled.
Help us recapture the joys of simple faith and to forget the trappings and vanity of our disgrace.
Why any man looks toward Thee with contempt or scorn as for a stranger or enemy and detests the notion of accepting Your divine counsel, in its clear-sighted and prophetic brightness I know not.
It is as though the Sun was to gaze upon the Moon and adore it, and the Moon for its part in return scorned the admiration, despised its own light and beauty. Such unwarranted self-loathing root out of all creation and replace with a humble acceptance and enjoyment of all, great and small, bright and dim alike; knowing that each carries within itself Your divine gift and talent to be enjoyed by one as by all in as many ways as there may be colors and lights and shadows and understandings and amiss in the universe; in that in each Thou hast hidden gems and jewels innumerable as the stars themselves and all one need do is uncover, polish and let shine to whatever degree one may wish to be known and if not let it be as Thou wouldst for such as would remain in shadow, enjoying what they may in that region of understanding and being through the humble acceptance of Your grace freely bestowed upon one as upon all who truly love and live for more than this world’s ephemeral and fleeting glories which are altogether briefer and more meaningless than the glory of the pasture which doth on any given day of the year outshine our best efforts to impress and outdo one another in any realm of spectacle and show.
Help us as iron sharpens iron to aid one another in bringing out the best in all, even in they who list to be an audience only and even critique without merit and the dullest of them at that.
Knowing that Thou alone art fit to be Judge of both the quick and the dead, we would be better judged by a buffoon than by the wisest of sages extant.
Therefore, help us to always do and never to judge your will, but seek to outperform one another in striving to please You without judgment or concern for what others may think or equal in worth or condemnation.
Save us from a fate worse than ourselves without You to Whom be all praise both now and forever.



“And Hashem took Abraham outside and said, gaze toward the heavens and count the stars if you are able! And He said to him, so shall your offspring be!”(Genesis:15:5) With those words, the Torah tells us G-d’s promise,”Jews will be like the stars.”

“Something is troubling. Why was is it necessary for Hashem to take a field trip with Abraham in order to impress upon him the vastness of the universe? At the time Abraham was 100 years old. Surely he knew that one cannot count the stars! Rashi, therefore, explains the verse on a deeper level.
Abraham had been told by soothsayers and astrologers that he and Sora would never bear children. Hashem however, took him outside.”Go outside of your pre-ordained destiny,”He exclaimed.”You are no longer governed by conventional predictions. I am taking you outside that realm.”
It’s quite interesting to note that Abraham’s great-grandson, Yoseph, followed literally in Abraham’s footsteps. He too ran outside. Yoseph was about to be seduced by the licentious wife of his master, Potiphar. She claimed she had a vision that a union of Yoseph and she would produce prestigious offspring. (She did not know that Yoseph would legitimately marry her daughter.) In Genesis 39:12 the Torah tells us that”Yoseph dropped his coat and ran outside”. Perhaps he was saying,”I am not governed by your visions and predictions. I must do what my faith and morality teach me. Like my forebearers Abraham and Sora, I go outside your visors.”



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