Stethoscopes and Wayward Dopes, Isotopes Have No Popes


D&C 58: 27-33 Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; For the power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves.
And inasmuch as men do good they shall in nowise lose their reward.
But he that doeth not anything until he is commanded, and receiveth a commandment with doubtful heart, and keepeth it with slothfulness, the same is damned.
Who am I that made man, saith the L-rd, that will hold him guiltless that obeys not my commandments?
Who am I, saith the L-rd, that have promised and have not fulfilled?
I command and men obey not; I revoke and they receive not the blessing.
Then they say in their hearts: This is not the work of the L-rd, for his promises are not fulfilled. But wo unto such, for their reward lurketh beneath, and not from above.

Heroes and Saints don’t really exist. If anyone claims to be either, you may be sure they are the exact opposite.
Things like soldiers, emergency workers, doctors, etc. come from beneath and work for what lies beneath where they expect their reward to come from.
If it were not for the righteous who come from above and look for a reward from above, these secondary American citizens would be about as important to America as third world citizen and beggars made useful only through factory work and the like.
Their agenda and game plan comes to them straight from the bowels of hell and it is mostly laziness, talent acquired in idleness and overeager reactions to situations that should have been handled differently if at all by them.
G-d made man upright but they have sought out many contrivances, devices and inventions that in the heat of battle or panic of emergency turn out to be as useful as a third leg over which they stumble and create more problems than they solve.
Doctors, lawyers, psychiatrist and psychologist are mostly in the same boat and may start out in earnest seeking to better themselves and their world, but soon find the game they are in to be madness and they become puppets to the most hateful creatures under heaven rather than helpful instruments of healing and wellness which come not to mankind in any other way than obedience to the gospel or torah and the works thereof, which require a Temple to perform in or towards and for.
People who are in darkness like all of the above mentioned workers of iniquity could do more to prevent accident, war, emergency, and suicide or mental aberrations than they do but don’t or cannot if they want to create these problems and they do because without them they don’t have a reason to suck off as much as a nation of beggars would if they could from a righteous people living quietly, peaceably and lawfully in any nation.
They work together 24/7 to create havoc and mayhem, encourage suicide and war in order to intervene and play the hero or mental experts when the plan pays off and the people turn to panic and do what is actually right but seems wrong. A knee jerk reaction to a confining situation or threat to freedom and liberty proper is what these often bring about in the populace at large, yet because they have badges, gear, authority, and licenses (dog tags) etc., they are entrusted with the privilege of caring for people they really don’t care about at all. It’s the craft of a dumb enemy within themselves whom they heed as if it were a god and their reward is idolatrous and spreads terror and lawlessness rather than order and peace because at its root it is decay and wants not life and prosperity, much less joy and abundance. The business side of it all is unrelenting and unmerciful which makes its fruit evil and its workers those of iniquity, hell’s hordes of demoniacs claiming to have the power and ability to save and heal everything from world war to depression to a simple paper cut which by the way wouldn’t exist and be the least of our problems if they were dismantled as a legion and put to work as the debtors they really are, dogs and such unworthy of crumbs from their master’s table, and only becoming more and more guilty of the fire and wrath of G-d with every enterprise they undertake, business they make, act of heroism they fake and Way they forsake for personal gain and glory of a world that is more insane than the solutions they offer which are of batshit. It’s all counterproductive, anti progress, wrong direction, anti abundance which leads to want like a robber and armed man upon a populace that thanks to trusting in the same no longer has any way of prospering as we the people ought to.
When keeping one’s day job becomes a dark affair, it’s all a graveyard shift.
“Today’s society has many ways of humiliating poor people even while ostensibly helping them..” Etz Hayim

Kind of an evil wicked sport so to speak has broken out like a fire in America and it shall soon burn all her increase even to the foundations.
Creative Christianity or Catholicism which is idolatry, has her roots in the most perverse of congregations on earth, all abomination and iniquity which may no longer claim ignorance as an excuse for working evil, because it has forsaken its Head and damned its body to slavery and scorn.

Jeepers Peepers where’d you get those Creepers, Jeepers Creepers, all your trolls tell lies!

As I’ve said in the past, in a manner of speaking, King Solomon was incorrect in his assertion that the dead know nothing. On the contrary, they make up a Sanhedrin which ought not to be but was instituted because of too much warfare and abomination/demonology among the people. Sages are whom we should all strive to be and look to for judgment and course of action as the body of Christ or HaShem whose wisdom flows from the living head rather than the dead ass, wolf’s head or serpent’s seed.
“A living dog is better than a dead lion, for he who is joined to the living has hope but the dead know nothing.”

Indeed, the dead may know very little in comparison to the living but now that they are the majority and as such have the rule through manipulation of the whole’s consciousness and rely upon ignorance of the majority of the minority it is a wonder that anyone lives to the age of accountability and may choose life or death or even know the difference!
Despite pomp and circumstance, the American way is a people who have had the ways of cattle and her heads are the lowest denomination of bitter roots ever to transplant and be fed on the blood of innocents by the management of the creature which is their glory and claim on eternal damnation.

Choosing life has always had its price few may afford and it has never been a popular choice in many an age among the majority who forsook the L-RD and code of holiness peculiar and bestowed upon the Jews as the only people gifted with the wisdom and insight to maintain the same in a world of chaos and baseless hatred full of endless traps and tricks of an enemy few may overcome and claim victory over without the help of the Jews and Judaism.

Jhn 4:22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.

Luk 12:5 But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.

Service in any occupation should never be a matter of pride and G-d chose the Jews because they were not a haughty or strong or wise people, but because they had faith and understanding and a willingness to follow Him through the worst and most uncertain and trying of circumstances for little worldly reward but great spiritual gains and attainments eternal in worth and unmatched in blessing.

Likewise they knew how to fear and why the commandments safeguarded against the real enemy of all.
On the other paw, most gentiles serve for the wrong reasons and are easily ensnared by the enemy of their souls and turn to the worship of idols, the host of heaven, vain things of the world and riches which were all created by G-d whom they turn away from for lack of guidance and encouragement in a good thing.
As G-d or wisdom says, “Those who hate me, love death.”
Relying on the creature or mankind for the maintenance of our lives and the building up of our livelihood may be a hazardous experience and does not often lead to life, liberty and happiness and abundance in all things, but to want and distrust and an eager anticipation for more disappointment rather than success. Because success doesn’t have to work, but finds rest its reward for faithfulness and loyalty; certainly not idle but not anxious or disaster expecting much less prepared.
Often the only ones who attain to much in this world are they who get low, stay low and remain low until the people be lifted up by the Highest, which is what I imagine the Sanhedrin’s course is all about, but it is not the wisest of choices; it is just a necessary evil in times of apostasy and exile.
It’s not putting yourself in a place that is going to make you happy but a place that may make you of use or guidance to others who are going to find the vows of men often fail and their promises are empty and beguiling- not to be trusted in the wisest of kings or rulers on earth.

Luke 18:19 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, G-d.

Life may be particularly sadistic and unfair to most walks of life and the older we get the more hardness of heart we experience both in ourselves and others, and can be cruel indeed for the uninitiated observer, wall flower, flame authentic, etc.

Kind of stuck myself where I am at the moment, trying to convince the world to let me live somewhere in the State of Mass., but no luck since 2004 or so. I guess G-d has done some marvelous things with me that has made being a pilgrim and wanderer worth it more often than not but I’m getting tired and worn out…Need a rest, but there will probably come more work to do too. Some stability in living space and privacy would be nice to enjoy if not solitude for a time to recover some strength and serenity.
But these are no longer privileges that Americans may enjoy.
It’s time to return to G-d no matter where we may be and that means being Jews.
My Hebrew name change, for example, just seemed to be G-d willed. I searched for the Hebrew equivalent to my birth name and it seemed a perfect fit. I started looking up the Hebrew names of everyone I knew after that and in every case, the names and their meanings made more sense to me in Hebrew and fit the people I knew better than their birth names, no matter what their ethnicity, background or beliefs. Maybe we have to earn them, but they are waiting for everyone to realize, I think. Like being Jewish, it’s like becoming wise, once you do, it just seems the best choice, if not the only one. But many rebel against the Spirit or don’t trust G-d for whatever reason. HaShem’s ways are unsearchable, impossible to find out and inscrutably beyond our capacity to understand, but when He has you, you just can’t say no, if you know what I mean, or that makes any sense at all. And you do have to Know. My life, particularly during the past year was a huge Jonah story type thing. I tried to run and get away from Him and myself and almost did myself in numerous times, but he just kept raising me up and never letting me rest until I did what I had to which brings me and us to now.
My reasons for disappointment or feeling down are constantly with me. They are, for the most part, the institutions and professionals of humanity set in place to ‘help’ others. Too often places of refuge, hospitals, psych wards, halfway houses, shelters, nursing and rest homes, etc., become haunts of abomination and witchcraft.
I use prescribed drugs only for sleep now and I occasionally drink. Drinking is actually one of the good things a person may do to cheer the heart and ease communication and fellowship with others. To relate to people I would not otherwise even tolerate. Only problem is it wears off and the problems are still here.
In all honesty, I could do a better job drunk off my ass caring for others and know how to comfort and succor them precisely because of it.
Otherwise, executives and professionals treat people like caged beasts whom they keep that way while they milk people’s pension, savings, social security and Medicare/caid.
It’s a long trail of criminal associations and dislocations of persons and property that ruins the Commonwealth and eventually the nation.
Those in charge don’t care about anything but being caught and losing their ability to act like parasites and claim they’ve worked hard for grosser vanities than the one’s those they pretend to care for lost in assimilating into the same culture that deprived them of the same promises as first attracted them and made them want to be part of said culture and society.
It’s a Cult of Individuality.
Drinking/Imbibing is a big part of the rhyme and reason for religion and reality after the fall which makes it essential in understanding judgment and mercy, how and why they work at all. Everyone wants to justify themselves and believe their labors and time are worth the trouble or wages they hope to earn and invest in making themselves happy but ironically that may be precisely why they don’t. The system went bust literally caring for broken cisterns and such as may not have deserved the care and privilege of being part of the problem. On the whole, it is an evil wicked bird likened unto an eagle with filthy wings which represent unclean birds that willingly lodge in places of employ and care taking so-called, and whether patient or care giver, all become snared and caught and once in on it, willingly slum it out out of hatred for each other and the State that caught them in a net. It’s witchcraft and rebellion long entrenched within American society. The solution is the lion head who comes to rebuke the eagle and get rid of its entire, worthless body.
May it be soon or transformed by our enlightened awareness of the reality of our situation precarious and now deadly. Mercy cannot rob justice.
We like to be deceived.
Intention reveals men’s hearts. No one with an heart of gold, given to G-d, would work for men’s tables much less eagle’s nests. The Lion head is most likely Judah. Hosea 13:4-8; 2 Esdras chapters 11 through 16.
I don’t tend to feel down or depressed too often. There is too much reward and reason to be grateful for as a Jew.
People who built the system they are now at war trying to defend against an imaginary enemy delight in making others miserable by misusing power and authority and then blaming their victims when they finally succumb to depression or overuse alcohol or drugs. Quick to judge, intervene and do more harm than good.
I use alcohol for spiritual reasons in service to G-d and to enjoy fellowship with others who may too, which experts and authorities have no concept or intelligence of or about. They use it strictly as a snare in a game they know how to play. I don’t see alcohol use as a problem but as a solution.
Sobriety is fine and wonderful if one may afford the freedom to enjoy it, but when I tried to live my life completely sober with religious intent, the same people invested in the above mentioned system started making the most trouble for me. They don’t care about the well being of others. They are dependent upon the system for their wages and often break their own rules to make it work. Because they have been successful for so long they don’t think their sin can be found out and hated.
He who labors for Zion, his reward is with him whether he labor or not. He who labors for the world will never be satisfied no matter how much he may gain or own in the world. The world’s hunger is the grave, and all who labor for her never invest much of themselves in their work.
Hence the more you have the poorer you are, but the prouder you may become and the worse your end and final fall may be no matter how long you reign as king in your imaginary kingdom. Thus they love to make trouble for wanderers and homeless people who have enough no matter how poor they may be made. They wish to take away all spiritual enjoyment in Christ or HaShem through mostly psychological warfare. Be sure you are on the right side if you intend to help those most frequently made victim.
The right to remain silent may be an American oath of criminal genius and disregard for justice in the long run.
It is what turns people into snares laid in plain sight of any bird previously mentioned.
Alma 42, which is all about justice and mercy may explain why our justice system displays and accomplishes neither.
Drinking at all when I was at war with my enemies wasn’t the best idea. Psychiatrists and psychologist on the whole, should be publicly impaled, but drugs are useful and tinkering with them for better living might not be all error. I think it depends on the person and should be a choice and not a baited scheme or trick of the trade. It’s bloody murder at worst, and just kind of futile and tragic at best. Live and learn. I hope the next generation will do better and escape the traps and depressions that come with leaving the right way. In the long run, the price is upsetting and result tragic beyond imagining. A little honesty would help the world escape much, but then we’d have to face a lot more than most are willing…demons and spirits exist and when they find a way in they destroy lives…Judaism would do more to protect against the wiles of medicine than medicine will ever cure or save… As they say,
“The Jews and the Irish don’t share a nation, they share a psychosis.”
That pretty much explains alcoholics run amok and witch craft selling out to Egypt for the final solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, except in the imaginations of devils.
As the Scripture says, “By whom do your children drive out unclean spirits? They shall be your judges therefore.”
The Internet is a wonderful thing for some reasons, but because serpents exist and can’t always find a legitimate way into your reality, they may use it for just such eventualities and you know how they are…fiery in nature and none too merciful.
Ours was a generation born on its own. Our parents are heroes in some ways. We had a fortunate reality to grow up in but the price we paid was the price we paid and it is still the price that must be paid that matters to most people.
If we had known that our lives had to be redeemed at the shedding of another’s blood perhaps we would have been more wise and not so easily taken advantage of by the crafts and wiles of humanity so-called. What’s the saying from the play by Satre? “Hell is-other people.” It can be very true!
I have one of these heads that refuses to forget what matters about people but has its disappointments mostly in me. But then G-d does something wonderful with me or others and I have to bow the head and amen His work, no matter what the outcome or cost personal or otherwise. It’s all so much “worth it” to me, and very little why or wherefore? Wasn’t always so, but live and learn, suffer and discern. “He learned through the things which he suffered.” If the one likened unto perfection must how much more would I/we/us?
Argh! Pirates abound! That’s why I don’t cling to my works, but just perform and let the chips fall where they may and G-d sorts it out….I have had most if not all my works online pilfered. I’ve learned to just let them be or go. I know there are books in heaven kept safe and that is the only real place I want to be translated. But here on earth, I have found, most of what we see as historical or modern works are all mostly false or stolen or tainted in some way. This has been so since ancient biblical history and scripture first started to be produced/expounded by the Holy Spirit. That is why the Torah is eternally Holy and just about the only work under heaven that can’t be wrested except to one’s destruction. It’s a game to a lot of people but it’s serious business to others. Just as many pirates as there are honest scribes seeking the kingdom and strangely enough even the devil has rules he must abide by. Never use religion as a crutch, but as a vehicle to get where G-d wants you to be. He’ll never desert you as people will. Professionals are all quacks, they have no integrity and are swayed by more interests than their patients may be afflicted by demons or spirits or evil thoughts or whatever. Drugs work randomly and have side effects , it’s just trial and error with medicines. Most doctors I know are complete whack jobs! They are out of their gourds, but they work for a survival and drug companies and medicare is a fat tit to suck on, but its going dry too. Don’t take life seriously. Most people are entirely full of shit and don’t give a damn one way or the other, sad to say; especially professionals. It’s the most nightmarish truth anyone must learn. You can’t trust anyone but G-d and yourself. But if you walk in the Way, though you may have many enemies, you have an almighty friend. You may be afflicted and oppressed by whomever and your own mind may seem an enemy, but you’ll get through bad times better than any one else around you, and you’ll have your integrity intact at the end of the road.
I just read this short story a few days ago and it seems fitting.
“When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving much advise, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a gentle and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.” ~Henri Nouwen
Pretty good theory, better and more helpful/useful than Einstein’s…reminds me of the book of Job…when his friends saw how depressed he was they just sat there with him for seven days…and then were no help to him anyway, but G-d never left him and He won’t leave Us either. We know what we want or need, we just can’t always have it or get it, but G-d knows too and for whatever reasons he causes us to have or lack, suffer or prosper, fail or triumph.
The evil inclination can be hard to overcome and not many win the battle. Most give in and call it life or whatever. It’s not necessarily a failure; it just is what it is. I wish all strength to overcome and know the difference between need and want, good and evil, etc. and to make the most of our choices and opportunities for His sake if not our own. Nullifying yourself can be a strange and dangerous part of overcoming, which may be what a “mid-life crisis” is all about, but calling and considering it such defeats the purpose and puffs up in a humanitarian/humanistic understanding which accomplishes no good end for the soul or humanity, but lengthens the duration of psychosis and dependency upon people you cannot depend upon. There is light and joy at the end of the tunnel and road. Stay strong and blessed.

May we all enjoy a sweet and prosperous and entirely new year 5774!

Pile of Stones

L’shanah tovah tikatev v’taihatem or L’shanah tovah tikatevi v’taihatemi!

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1 Response to Stethoscopes and Wayward Dopes, Isotopes Have No Popes

  1. barzdovg666 says:

    I still agree with me! Randomly came back to me today on Saint Patrick’s Day 5776/2016.
    I’m still in yet another nursing/rehab situation of residency that keeps fouling up the nation’s business for One and all. It is funny, I thought of it today, those who want to make America Hate again are never going to permit those who want to make America Great again do so! It’s a civil war we’re all caught up in and in denial of. We can win with HaShem!
    I have striven faithfully in a few facilities and institutions like this and brought about much change and success in and for them, but ultimately a lot of bad people remain entrenched as terrorists within our own nation, slowly changing the culture of our American Dream into an assured Nightmare that the so-called terrorists would be overjoyed to find is our shared reality!
    I think we lost the War on Terror, but it remains to be seen who shall ultimately triumph!
    The command is to ‘save’ as many as we may in the meantime…Losers drive me to wrath…because they are really just lazy children who never were encouraged to grow up and get over the delusions of Americana…Funny it is not, that after all these years, We The People have been trained as monkeys by the dramatic theatrics of Hollywood, television, media, etc.
    Remember the rule however, be angry but sin not, don’t let the sun go down upon your anger, for that is what the devil wants…anger is a step away from a sin it can’t recover from; likewise, pride and all such foolish and selfish sins as the truly wicked commit on a daily basis without flinching…
    Belligerence is not bravery…Be smart and stay cool…Leave Victory in the L-RD’s hands…
    Yom tov! Have a good holiday! L’chaim!
    I’m going back to work…
    Your Dutiful Working Lad,

    Barzi G.

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