A Jew’s Life in the City of Judas and Thomas


2 Nephi 25

“Human failure to understand [something] does not make it any less true.”

To go backward as a nation and people is to fail, fall further, flounder and flip-flop.
To restore through equanimity and equality promised and fulfilled rather than denied; actively and purposely bridging generations of lost and found souls with resolve to renew our trust and brotherly unity through remission of debts and forgiveness of trespass and if not able to restore lands, homes, and properties to original occupiers, etc., at least make good on our promise as a nation to grant life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the status quo to all citizens wary of the founding father’s Zionistic intentions and endeavors proper; through Judaism as a religious norm and order; peace and reconciliation through Messianic understanding of the growth mindset of all true believers in mankind’s mission in bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth, and likewise, we the people to heavenly understanding and eventually to heaven itself.
To move forward as we are at present, bullying our way through manipulation of property and right, privilege and occupation or lifestyle choices is but to agree to lie, cheat and steal; turn away from and deny ourselves and our humanity and the Author of the same, G-d our Father.
To renew all vows and thereby restore our personal accountability and the integrity of every man is how we ought to proceed, even if it slow us down to a stand still for a moment, to acknowledge the need for this change, it will be more worth it in the end to all parties concerned than all the ill got gain may have been to those who were desirous and scheming to the same end which is no new beginning but a disastrous choice for all, worse even than nuclear warfare may have been. But to not only avert further conflicts worldwide and to fulfill the promises, vows, and declarations of our Fathers are what We The People have dreamed of for generations and owe the world for whatever trouble and cost we have exacted of our own citizens or foreigners whether in times of war or peace, present or past.
And the only price and that a very small one indeed, and which is actually gain to those who may lose this insignificant claim is our pride in falsehood and misrepresentation; a result of our mismanagement and mischievousness in chaotic times, when what seemed needful and most important couldn’t have been less so if we were really a nation under attack or a people of a profound lack of alternatives and opportunities to escape our own folly. Honesty is not our enemy much less is it a terrorist plot seeking to destroy our freedoms and our dream, but it is the very trait upon which we founded and built up the same and in better times experienced as a wonder making dreamland and reality kindred.

Thanksgiving – Lev. 7:12

“In time to come there will be no sacrifices except for the offering of thanksgiving and there will be no prayers except for the prayer of thanksgiving (Lev. R9:7).”

The Torah leads some people to rise higher in consciousness or exaltation which should lead to generosity and compassion. Other people will experience feelings of guilt which leads to a longing for restoration or atonement – integrity of a person and will – wholeness from brokenness. Understanding that all is One makes more sense and failure reveals what is great about men rather than accomplishment, which leads to greater and greater awareness of what it is to labor for We The People, Zion and G-d.
A sanctified heart, will, and soul may perform greater and greater deeds and actions with more ease and less hubris and anxiety about the outcome and demand upon the laborer. The result will be joy and satisfaction in both success and failure; realizing the latter to be as much the will of G-d as the former, and often more intrinsically necessary to the work than completion or perfection.
Unhewn stones.
Shalom- Peace- The ultimate blessing must be with you in work and rest. ~Zen
“Anointed One” means a person consecrated for a special responsibility. Like the Son of Man or “O mortal.” Life for such was never one of a worldly king or priest or person of status. More often it meant everyone would be against him because he was obliged to be ‘holy’ – a good and benevolent teacher who would earn peace and prosperity for the people by serving G-d wholeheartedly – his reward from the people would be crucifixion or hatred baseless; because there was nothing really special about him except G-d’s anointment and appointment, protection, and blessing. Most would deny him.
On the other hand, the existence of a Tabernacle and its capacity to atone for human sinfulness and imperfection make it possible for an imperfect world to exist in the presence or sight of a just G-d, where an anointed official is not but the servant of the people seeking G-d’s forgiveness and protection, approval, etc. for the people’s sake.
The life was rich in meaning and intoxicating in matter but was not like a king or monarch or government official that demands anything of the people aside from devotion to the One G-d.
He did what he did out of concern for the people’s welfare, not for pay or by compulsion of reward.
“Once sacrifice is restricted to a single sanctuary, the Levites living in the settlements around the country will lose the income they earned from officiating there. They had no tribal lands from which to earn a living, and the single chosen sanctuary could not possibly support all of them. Hence Deuteronomy urges solicitude for them and establishes a special tithe for them, along with the poor every three years.
Burden of the Leasers
Peep and squeal,
Rock and reel,
Stalk and steal,
Dock and deal…
The United States, and I should speak from what I know and have experienced about the State and Commonwealth of Massachusetts in particular- was, is and intends to remain a mass of corruption covered by a delusion of prosperity that is sucking the life out of the dream and reality we all should share and enjoy.
The war that lasted two decades came to little and we have only started to reap some improvements and new opportunities for the trouble, but improvement doesn’t necessarily mean justice was, is or will be done.
Business, as usual, is an evasion of justice and the worst enemies to our national security and welfare are they who are eager to get back to business as usual.
But this business hasn’t been of, for, and by we the people for a long time now, and they are destroying an opportunity to restore that dream and fulfill that promise by claiming otherwise and embracing a great forsaking in the land for profit that can’t last nor satisfy.

Isa 6:11-13 Then said I, Ad’ni, how long? And he answered, Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man and the land be utterly desolate,
And HaShem has removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land.
But yet in it shall be a tenth, and it shall return, and shall be eaten: as a teil-tree, and as an oak, whose substance is in them, when they cast their leaves: so the holy seed shall be the substance thereof.

What we need to do to avoid this inevitability is harder than going to war to justify iniquitously, unfaithful living and we have become a people hardened toward faith and life and more apt to run to shed blood than seek and pursue justice and peace through facing facts and dealing with them, however, we must.

2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

The government has become a big part of the problem because it accuses and blames we the people, pits neighbor against neighbor and those who try to do right are more often than not victimized for doing so.
Meanwhile, the workforce is hogtied in employment and snared in striving unlawfully according to a law that doesn’t suit the needs and realities or the nation and its inhabitants any longer…It is sticking to the rules but the rules aren’t laws, they are stratagem and scheme.
It’s like trying to milk a countryside of cows by telepathy without doing any labor that isn’t just paperwork. And those who do or want to labor are held back by the same bureaucracy that is telling them to get to work and make bricks without straw.

Resilience, humor, patience, ingenuity, creativity multiplied by charity and compassion is what made America abound at any period in Her storied history but there has always been corruption to combat and greediness to ward off. Very few are ever satisfied with their lot in life and sometimes it is an error to be so; for though the Way be easy it is not for the idle but for the doing who are made able because they keep the Way.

The War on Terror will never be understood until it is too late, and the history being created over it now is entirely without merit and false for the grander part. Generations from now, we the people may be more ashamed to associate ourselves with it than at present but time will tell.
Meanwhile, there is the present to overcome every hour and a virtual war against error to be fought in every heart, mind, and soul throughout our homeland.


It is a national shame, the manner in which we do business; wherein our national history and worth diminish with little gained because of bad or vain investments and those caught up in the same now trapped within a system not to be blamed so much as reinvested in sans a delusional propensity to satisfy vanity and justify needful force.
If an heir or citizen be satisfied with his lot and seek to lawfully build up inheritance or allotted portion in life, he is going to find a nation of enemies against him in his own nation.
This has been true since Cain slew Abel.
In my own case, as I have written of previously, I lost my home and land to the wiles of the law and the courts and family disputes.
Ultimately it was not hard to do since I was completely ignorant at the time and totally trusting in my fellow man.
Courts, judges, all the appendages thereof NEED to be in business…without some kind of upset, calamity or crime and person to pass judgment on they wouldn’t exist.
Anyone who has an inheritance that may be worth getting at is going to be victimized.
But as soon as they complete the mission of pauperizing one former heir, they have moved on to selling and making something off of whoever is ignorant enough to invest in the same stolen property…
Meanwhile, they continue to milk the original victim step by step through a system of nullifying non-justice that builds up none and jeopardizes itself.
For me, my home was the first asset they wanted.
After that was taken, they provided the worst situation through a housing authority that claimed no allegiance to the state but is dependent upon the state for all its victims or tenants. Thus they get at what they may, social security and milk citizens until they go bad and then often times the problem is worse for the trouble and they must break you or claim responsibility.
In my case, they were unable to break me and luck or chance fortuned me even while they were busy trying to break me and I was established quite well in the place where they expected me to fail, and so they evicted which cost me what I had gained while trying to overcome the loss I had already incurred, more than most could, I should think, without some help or blessing from above.
Then it was “no room in the inn” wherever I went except at a great financial cost.
Eviction is a black mark they claim against you wherever you go thereafter whether it was justified or not and they don’t check because they don’t care. Their job is to say “no”. End story.
So, you’re homeless or whatever, spending what you may have on whatever you may need or on a panic bid to escape reality until at last there is no option but a shelter or hospital, institution, nursing home what have you, and there you are only good as long as Medicare will foot the bill, when that tit runs dry you are out again but have hopefully lost everything and will do something stupid so they can throw what’s left of you in prison and excuse themselves for not granting you any man’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (Devarim 15:11).
It starts with discrimination of any kind they may pin on a person, whether race, gender, religion, disability or mental capacity and ends with slavery or imprisonment.
I have learned to see it all as a test and expect to be vindicated in due time. It is hard emotionally, psychically, and physically but we must endure all things with faith and patience.
I am sure my story is not an uncommon one. It’s only our ignorance of the fundamental principals of war that does not unite us as a people anymore. Divide and conquer is easy when vanity and delusion abound.
The thing is, just enduring the plague of a generation past left to one that followed in folly is the stuff of heroes and conquerors.
Someone had to wade through the plague and mess of a nation of gainsaying ignoramuses even as the same to get to the overcomer’s victory and triumph for all as for One.
As for the system of injustice, it is very complicated but simple in its treachery – keep your friends close and your enemies closer; which leaves us with a delicate situation for those who would restore our nation. On the one hand, we have a lot of resources and places of refuge for to help afflicted souls and wayward minds. On the third hand, it shouldn’t be our business to imprison or coop-up people permanently no matter how bad off for lack of an alternative.
And this should never be used as an excuse to abuse the system and siphon funds out of it that are used inappropriately, if at all. And many institutions and hospitals, nursing homes, etc, have used instances of ghost patients, and I mean just ridiculously bold theft of Medicare and Social Security by billing it for patients that don’t exist. It was as easy as credit card fraud for a time and just a no-brainer to execs with no brains and all balls.
Strange, off grid institutions that should have upgraded apace and become ever more efficient, effective, and useful to we the people rather than the opposite were often people’s lifeboats in which they would drift aimlessly at sea never sure of a haven eventual much less desirable. Paperwork is a telltale sign of increased corruption rather than its opposite; easier to destroy evidence that matters only for profit.
It comes down to personal accountability which is completely absent without religious intent and devotion.
With computers, it could become worse rather than better, but should prove a saving invention in the long run…Harder to destroy evidence but not impossible and as we have seen in recent times easier to produce false shreds of evidence and catalog misinformation than a library and set of encyclopedias may have at one time.
I appreciate being forced to endure much affliction through the places I’ve been in and would to reward those who sought to do me evil with the good that they may gain the opportunity to atone and work righteousness. I think it is what G-d wanted to happen to me that matters most and from Him I expect my vindication to come, from Whom I’ve received all reward until now. My reward was always with me, I just needed an opportunity for proof of it and if the enemy provides as much he is due to his reward as well. Every conflict has its reward and the improvements forced upon a system that may otherwise have remained entrenched and unconcerned, help lessen the burden of affliction for one as for all.
No one should be afflicted for seeking care. Medicare and Social Security should not be used to get away with neglect and abuse.
But that was the status quo economic reality everywhere; abuse and fraud in every sector and reach of humanity.
It was so messed up it seemed beyond repair and it is no wonder so many just ignore it and bully on until someone points it out and then go all psychotic about it, deny everything and try to make it look like the fault of those they were entrusted with the care of, which is their stewardship, however small or great.
Thank goodness the United Kingdom recently discovered that psychotics have an empathy switch!
In trying to cover up the mess, good comes of it, something gets done which is better than nothing or worse.
Same story all over the country I imagine, and like a disease needs cure which is found in the very problem they ignore, fortunately enough.
When fraud is rampant those caught in the meshwork will try to flee from the association or find ways to support their delusive communities without faith or belief in G-d and I can’t say which is more prudent or due reward or penalty.
The oldest hands in the game may survive but in the long run, it will cost them much more than the gain they might otherwise enjoy by being truly lawful, honest, and just about what they may do to restore and recapture what the American Dream is all about before She goes bankrupt spiritually. She is already bankrupt financially and protecting those who have agreed again to corrupt themselves in order to grow rich is not really an enriching experience for anyone involved.
Without a fresh start from scratch or by way of remission of debt everyone involved is really just becoming poorer and less likely to work together for the good of the Commonwealth and welfare of the State.
Zion is just a definition of holy space and We The People are what make up that space. We are holy because He is holy. It defines the pure in heart whether their bodies are enduring affliction and their hearts are broken, it is who We The People are destined to be.
Error and consequent terror were everyone’s fault if it was anyone’s fault.
The solution is a comparatively easy one, which could not be seen as long as we had a scapegoat or enemy to blame and fight against or exterminate as with the Holocaust.

“To justify their cruel treatment of us, they proclaimed that we were evil and deserving of persecution.”

The problem is even small decisions are difficult to make when there are felt great differences of worth between peoples.
The hardest thing to overcome as a nation may be our pride. G-d has His own reasons for creating the world the way He did and for making things happen the way He has and He doesn’t need ours.

Deuteronomy 10

Mic 6:8 He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth HaShem require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy G-d?
(continue reading chapter to end and the problem revealed)

Selfishness is not kingdom foundation, nor a foundation for Liberty to thrive upon, without which no man may secure life and happiness.

Disaster over-preparedness and security measures are costing us too much freedom and policing society has become too business-oriented to be justified by law.
It’s no longer about keeping the law, securing the common peace, and protecting the innocent by educating the ignorant but has somehow in the confusion created by the melee of war become its opposite.

Fulfilling the American Dream will keep us from killing the American Dream.

Luke 5:39 No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better.

The only Way to honor the old or to keep sacred the eternal is by renewal and right regard and investment. Restoration takes courage and Unity not to be achieved by war and heroism so-called.

There is very little honorable and holy in the land of dreams and opportunity so-called except among the wicked and violent who make a game out of despoiling their brethren and fellow countrymen and a mock of dreams come to nothing or the absurd.

Among the righteous, there are examples of dreams fulfilled to an extent but the price has been steep and dire and unfair to the majority as well as minorities and as long as the righteous keep the law of G-d and fulfill vows to Him they have zero obligation to uphold the least of oaths made toward a country fundamentally divided and rebellious of course, cruel in structure, and obstinate toward justice and law so-called, framed by men who have forsaken the One who once made just men perfect.

Men’s whims are not G-d’s thoughts much less His laws.

As I’ve witnessed in the past, His justice is clean, often unsearchable, and His ways unknowable.

The very best men MAY do is strive to fulfill His will by submitting to Him and is rarely a matter of force of arms or cunning of men.

It has more to do with a resolve holy and free of angst or worry. Complete trust and deeds or works fashioned by the constraints of wisdom’s paths.

Psa 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

Men make laws fully intent on breaking them or entreating others to do so with complete disregard for justice and all concern for personal gain. Men are not born with a judicious nature and do not learn to be so by studying the ways of other men. Only G-d can create a just man and none of them with the exception of King David and Solomon his son was ever seated upon a throne of grace or mercy seat legitimate.

It’s a trick played upon the minds and spirits of men by the very suggestion of authority and employment privileges to men for a reward idolatrous in conception.
For instance, Patriotism in the United States is madness and dementia/psychosis in the greater majority’s consciousness. Most citizens have little or no idea what the real history of the States may be and therefore no idea what they may be proud of, happy about, or united for.

And this suits the enemy of the United States and paradoxically the foundation of Liberty very well indeed. Their influence can go almost undetected by scheming to affect or control virtually anything they may through supply and demand, charity or tyranny, spiritual confusion or clarity. To our own shame it is not foreigners who have suffered most or even enemies but citizens and fellow heirs to greater promises than those proffered in the declaration of independence who have suffered greater hardships and losses and sustained more lasting traumatic consequences than people in third world countries with no idea what those promises may even hold out to the faithful and covenanted heirs of Zion.

The right way to regard the aged is a provocation to mitzvoth more worthy on the whole to Kingdom entry than newborn princes of feigned royal families.

A Kingdom United nothing may stand against.

In the midst of a people divided nothing may endure, newborn or age-ripened.

2 Nephi 26:1
And after Christ shall have risen from the dead…the words which he shall speak unto you shall be the law which ye shall do.


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