American PsycheClique Corruption

Psalms 2 & 59

I have stated Amalek represents more than just an enemy without that wants to do us harm. It is also corruption within our own members; people willing to work deception and crime to get ahead in the world or at least not be left behind.
The latter thought is blasphemy for anyone who truly trusts in God. But it is a natural inclination in mankind to panic when we ought to be sure and steadfast because of the faith we share. Too often it is lacking when we need it most and absent when it ought to be our mainstay.
The devil preys upon people who panic and loves those who betray each other when they do.
No one is as willing to suffer wrong without harming others as people void of faith are.
There are very few heroes in the world, and none of them fought in wars for this country.
There is no greater delusion America must overcome than the belief that war and conflict makes heroes of men and much less women. It only marks a grave measure of corruption within the nation making war on others and a capacity for excusing sin unlike any that abides in hell.
It is the zeroes that save the world, but you never hear of them nor find out what they suffered at the hands of their fellow countrymen – a reward for believing in the same.
Your enemy is always closer than your friend, and as beguiling always as the snake in Eden was…Women are taken with ease in his trappings. Men not so easily but once taken are just as base in result or worse for the trouble, especially when they try to work out their own vengeance or overcome the fall in their own way, by means of relying upon other captives made rulers, bosses, and king men, and their pawns, etc.
This is not the America one reads about in the history books nor hears about in the daily news. It is the one you have to survive in daily and probably have no chance of making it out of alive and unharmed.
There is very little of value much less worthy of praise in today’s America.
But once your bubble is burst, you may scratch out a living and make America worthy of praise by rising above the Sheol of daily life and bring to pass the miraculous that is always possible for the sons of God within her. She has ceased to care for the same and it is a very grievous sin she is now guilty of.
That is why the government is doing all they may to redirect the people’s attention in any direction at all rather than focus on the here and now, which not many people have the right nor ability to make use of.
Barack Obama is like Pharaoh of old- a necessary evil in times of denial and apathy, trouble and laxity in government and corruption in society, working with shirkers who blame the people they are to thank for making a problem for the agency they are prevailing to be because we the people make it so.
The leaders lead the people further astray and his counselors give stupid counsel and depend upon perversity and guile to get their way.
Never has there been a more full of crap egoist in the white house since JFK filled it with refuse and abomination years ago.
He represents all the failed kings of the world and their despondent, last ditch effort, knee jerk reaction to God’s displeasure with their works.
But America is not Egypt and on a historical basis, her people are free from any tyrant or king, monarch or dynasty, etc., they don’t place upon a throne delusional to reign over them that isn’t a sometimes morbidly facetious drama played out for the sake of liars and thieves we ought to know better than to trust.
What puts America at risk is the idolatry which built the imaginations of as many generations as have risen and fallen within her borders coupled with an ignorance for the unjust price paid without her borders by a burdened third world monopolistic reality, which breeds treacherous foreign relations within that threaten to destroy us in as many ways as there may exist breaches in her borders.
Idolatry paved the way for bosses to take the reigns from noble men.
In a quaint age gone by it was called ‘out stealing horses.’ Nowadays, it is men and women who get involved on a seemingly legitimate basis within the ranks of her working class and system of government at any and all levels, stealing teams of horses at a time but they call it ‘out switching license plates.’
It is a little less poetic and far less rewarding because the competition is robber den thick, but it is basically cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians. Boys and girls who never tried to grow up because the rewards for not doing so were greater and more satisfying to the ego and id than otherwise seemed to be.
What this did to the American Dream however was very costly.
While fulfilling the Scriptures at a more rapid pace and in a more effectually dire manner, it is nevertheless to our shame and despoilment and ultimate demise, albeit, not very surprising.
The redeeming quality remaining is the three words, “We The People.” We make or break, sink or float, overcome or fail to together and divided we fall. This is gospel initiative and grace, when we may not rely upon each other or anyone else, we may still rely upon our God to save us from ourselves if necessary. But why should it be so? Or rather, why shouldn’t it be so? Our Faith founded the nation, provided for her colonies, made rich and fat her pastures and will yet save our members.
Perhaps there was no other way then to suffer the disgrace which we earned through our own pride and rebellion?
But, having done so, it is unlikely We The People will give glory to God and humble ourselves at His Mercy Seat, seeking restoration at His Hands, rather than to build up our own devious scheme to escape accountability, and bully on in contempt of a higher court.
The Amalek within the heart of every citizen of our nation is and has always been the greatest enemy We The People suffer threat from. It is our national tragedy that the majority may be bought off and criminally converted with the ease of a child at play with marbles who may win or lose all for his willingness to play the game.
“Freud wrote that everyone is jealous of another’s success. The Talmud states that everyone is jealous of another’s success except a father of his child and a teacher of his pupil (BT Sanh. 105b).
Moses was a leader who did not feed nor need to feed his own ego, but to serve God’s needs and the needs of God’s people.
There is a need in today’s community for people who express their religious faith by caring for the left behind. “
Problems arise within this context because others see it as an opportunity to prosper at the calamity of others. They don’t care for the left behind. They only use them as stepping stones, in order to get ahead.
“Only when Jews live by the values of the Torah do they embody what God stands for and make God manifest in the world.
The six branches of the m’norah, according to Isaac Luria, represent the several scientific and academic disciplines, whereas the center stalk represents the light of Torah. Secular learning and faith are not rivals, each has its own concerns and addresses its own set of questions. They shed light on each other and together they illumine the world.” ~Etz Hayim Commentary
America, during the years of the G.W. Bush debacle envisioned by Reagan and put in motion by the evil one were years of severe plague in America if anyone could be honest about it, as everyone involved sought to trample on one another, cheat the system, and survive by any means necessary during an end of the world panic that ensued and gripped the world at the Y2K advent. But it was a system of worldwide fraud and deception long before these men came into power. It is a “right hand of falsehood” strong arming any and all opposed to deception and violence.
I think the entire country is guilty of malingering right now and it is the fault of her leaders. Presidents past and present seem to have been malingering in office, most especially Reagan, whose dementia charmed a nation into a permanent siesta.
“Plague is God’s angry response to idolatry and rebellion; moved to anger by human cruelty, corruption, disloyalty and ingratitude. ‘They fled the mountain like a child running from school’ lest God give them any more commandments or prohibitions. A midrash doubts whether the Egyptians really gave (the Israelites) free food. It understands ‘free’ to mean ‘free from moral obligations,’ as an infant is fed without expecting anything in return (Sifrei). In the view of the Sages it was not the physical discomfort of the wilderness that really provoked Israel’s complaints. It was the burden of morality to which they had not yet become accustomed that left them nostalgic for the days of Egypt. (Numbers 11:4-6). This grumbling is perceived not as a comment about the food but a rebellion against God’s Providence. “ ~Etz Hayim Commentary
No more were they concerned with being excluded from national rites of festival and worship, but ‘to the sincere individual, life often offer second chances for spiritual fulfillment that may have been missed when the opportunities first presented themselves. Such a person need not feel permanently exiled.’ ~EHC
Even wicked people may return to God with full purpose of heart and be rewarded with as many opportunities to serve God as there may be days in a week, though we will still find ourselves opposed by the majority.
“Anyone who hates the Jewish people because we strive to do God’s will is an enemy of God (Sifrei).“ ~EHC
Americans were punished because of their false faith and rampant idolatry which amounts to Miriam’s sin run hog wild in the wilderness and neigh boar hood.
Lashon hara, bearing false witness (even against the L-RD), uttering lying words from the heart, etc; she (Miryam) was punished for closet confidences, Catholic collusion, speaking about others to others rather than confronting Moshe or whomever directly. It’s a sin that tends to snowball in its effect, and when widespread, creates a snowstorm-blizzard-whitewash mentality that has its sandstorm opposite in no man’s land.
It’s an institutional error.
Both Catholicism and Mormonism share a similar rite that is or was a very sacred sacrifice shared by very few. But, when shared with many, with little discernment and accountability tends toward plague. Sacrament quickly became sacrilegious because it was not supposed to be an everlasting yoke and obligation, but renewed an everlasting covenant with Him who is not obliged nor yoked by anything He created in His likeness or otherwise.
Communicating holiness to gentiles is like sharing bread with dogs or casting pearls before swine for the most part, if you are unwilling or unable to teach them what the religion demands or pretend that it demands nothing at all.
Paschal Offering is acceptable on man’s behalf toward God because it is mostly just using what God has provided for Israel to fulfill all righteousness and atone for sin.
The wilderness clan was wont to use what God had provided, they were selfish and self-centered; as it says, they had flocks and herds but nevertheless tempted God-demanding meat to eat, looking for a pretext to complain.
Sacrament was never meant to become human sacrifice to idols in the guise of God or His servant.
It has to do with ‘d’vari,’ literally, ‘my word.’ God’s word (davar) once uttered, must be fulfilled. (Moses 4:30).
“The Israelites craving for meat expresses a disguised desire to return to Egypt and is tantamount to a rejection of God.” ~EHC
Note Y’shua says, ‘Do this in remembrance of me.’ God says ‘all who eat of –the Jewish people- will be held guilty.
The most obvious point of the Doctrine of Christ within the gospel points to the fact that he intended/spoke so as to renew the covenant and Jewish Way of life, where he instructs a believer and all who were present, ‘If you would enter into life, keep the commandments,” adding only one detail, shun all worldliness, covetousness, ownership of property, etc. For what you have or own is a gift from God, and what you do with it, a gift to God. Nullify yourself and you will find your self in God and be able to complete or fulfill His will for you.

Exd 19:5 Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:

True, Messiah laid down his life, as did many other Jews and disciples in obedience to HaShem, but all who ate human flesh or mingled their blood with wine in sacrifice to idols, the Jewish people in particular, were held guilty and were not justified, much less forgiven or blessed. What they partook of, they did so as dumb or evil animals, either not knowing any better or knowing and doing so with evil intent, without faith, or thinking of the price paid for their survival.
Nevertheless, the L-RD was suffering that something like sacramental rites be instituted for a time among the sanctified that we might accomplish Kingdom ends met by godly devotion and sacrifice holy of holies.

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Who are his friends?

Psa 50:5 Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.

Such was a dramatic measure for the healing of the nations, but God was willing and no man may boast nor beast glut.
“By means of the Paschal/Lamb Offering and meal, the people became ‘holy’, -kinship ties are strengthened, family and neighborly solidarity is promoted and Communion with God is established.” ~EHC
If unmindfulness and disregard for God and His Covenant so moved God to sacrifice His only son to bring us back to Him, what might a people who are so base and wicked as to put Him to an open shame and drink damnation to themselves be capable of and what might it take to ‘correct’ them?
“Given the mood of the people, I don’t expect them to rise toward Me. I will come down and shorten the distance between us (Hirsch). Numbers 11:17

“Share one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Exodus 18:23 If thou shalt do this thing, and God command thee so, then thou shalt be able to endure, and all this people shall also go to their place in peace.

A very real and serious problem we need to deal with as a nation, is lost sheep and what to do with them…It is important that for lack of viability in an unfair world they are not rounded up as malingerers and mistreated as criminals or worse, driven out to become meat for wild dogs and beasts of the wilderness.
Again, most solutions implemented tend toward plague rather than freedom’s pasture.
The most famous malingerer of all time was perhaps King David who feigned madness before king Achish of Gath.
One of the more amusing lines in all of Scripture is 1 Samuel 21:15,
‘Have I need of madmen; that ye have brought this fellow to play the mad man in my presence? Shall this fellow come into my house? And David escaped and departed.’
In Isaiah God says to Israel not to betray the outcast of Moab and to help hide them from the destroyer, and in another place in Scripture to treat Edom as a brother even though he was perhaps unworthy because he cherished enmity against Israel. We are to be peacemakers first, warriors second.
Our national history is one of feigned madness and hidden genius. It would probably save the system a lot of wasted time, energy and resources in cases where judgment is necessary to assume ‘all men are liars’ and work from there rather than ‘innocent until proved guilty’ which is really a devil’s snare, for he has already decided and only means to put the accused at ease while gathering evidence damning, usually false witnesses bribed.
Rather, as all men are liars, to figure out whether or not people and criminals in particular may be feigning madness for any reason.
I think all mental illness is bullshit but the reasons for it may be good or bad, valid or not so. I have seen more wasted lives concerned with treating mental illness than there may seem lives wasted because of mental illness.
Study in mental disorders seems an exercise in Nazi like futility.
The books written about the majority of these cases seem written by madmen concerned more with aiding lunatics than with diagnosing and treating anyone thus afflicted.

Proverbs 20:5-6
Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.
Most men will proclaim everyone his own goodness, but a faithful man who can find?

Wisdom may be easy to those who love her, but those who don’t seek to mar or destroy her work in the heart of creation.
Madmen, intellectuals, and philosophers, etc., are after all, only a stone’s throw away from one another.
If the point of medical diagnoses and competency assessment is to unclog the system of justice and government, plumbers are more useful than doctors and know more about the secrets of men’s hearts than they who are raised in academies, schools and houses of study.
Point in fact: It is a mad man’s world whenever one strays from Torah.
The ONLY sane people are likely Jews who study nothing but God’s word and law.
It is when they wander into the world of distractions that madness strikes, takes captive and tries to destroy God’s workmanship mid-stride.
In that context, the only sane people would be those who aptly feign madness and get away with it, but it is only because they realize too late they are sheep in the midst of wolves.
Men and women thrive on outwitting one another and especially an enemy. But does either case make men competent, sane or trustworthy?
I think all such studies are irrelevant because the human psyche keeps growing and the process of evaluation is therefore counterproductive and may only result in stalling for time, redirecting attention, or finagling justice whose course ought to be arrow straight and swift where mercy has no claim on a penitent subject.
I should say our court houses are full of genuinely incompetent, bitter judges and lawyers caught in their own system of insanity and injustice.
A man may be just as easily bribed to pass sentence on a competent or incompetent offender or non-offender of the law. But the laws and statues of men are to blame for creating inequity in the first place, though justice does eventually work its way through. There is no reason to trust any man as judge or juror of his fellow man, especially where competency comes into play. It’s just one fox trying to outdo another and both are spoiling the vineyard in the meantime.
Why should an incompetent NOT be tried? Has mercy a different claim or justice either upon a malingerer but not a genuine offender or vice versa?
Endeavoring to diagnose according to the standard of an evaluator who him or herself may be a raging sociopath is the very definition of madness.
In the end, the poor are going to struggle to be either found competent or else feign useful symptoms of disability/insanity and the rich are going to seek to herd them as cattle according to whatever may make them richer by way of intervention.
Correctional facilities, mental institutions, etc., are signs of a failed or corrupt legal system and government not of a concerned society.
The root cause of all this evil and inequity is the same in every circumstance – idolatry.
It all stems from the same sin of envy first felt and proved ‘psychotic’ in the Garden of Eden.
Personally, I have met a lot of malingerers within the system of man’s agency in the world.
Most of them are far more competent than any evaluator may be.
It’s a mad and angry world that sometimes finds respite and seasons of comfort and rest due to the apt management capabilities of those the creature is seeking to manage not the other way round.
‘There is no king without a people.’
The very idea of captivating a people whose founding fathers enjoyed the advantage of divine liberty when they sought to form the nation’s Constitution is to be considered an act of rebellion and lawlessness-a crime against humanity indeed!
That said, psychiatric evaluations and psychological assessments, while entertaining and interesting, are perhaps only useful in a society or nation whose members were or are observant adherents, diligently seeking to authentically preserve their own freedoms by striving to fulfill or invest divine attributes and talents within the context of free speech, will and expression of self in God according to a pattern of behavior completely winsome!
Anything contrary would not be considered aberrant but rather creative license so long as it does not turn ‘criminal’.
I don’t know if anyone deserves to be corrected or punished until they are found to be genuinely rebellious and impenitent.
Isaiah 59 goes into detail about what happens to a people prone to lying and deceiving, excusing themselves of working villainy. The whole nation becomes so corrupt that anyone who chooses to do what is right becomes a prey of the wicked. In that context only would madmen be commonplace and judgment impossible.
Justice should be clean even as the effect of righteousness is peace.
There are save but two judges only in all of creation and man ought to be judged by the one he lists to serve and obey as a matter of course and allegiance.

Romans 6

Psalm 124


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