All over the United States during the past couple of wars there has been an increased and widespread amount of corruption and robbery.

The problem is this: Tribes that went out of Jerusalem at the time of Christ or before at the Tower of Babel, have long used American Law and the corruption thereof and mob rule, to rob heirs and sons, Israelites indeed and others who would naturally join in building up Zion in the USA, and instead work steadily to promote a never-ending Pauline kingdom that never shouold have been established, defying God quite easily by keeping the Christ in all caged and the enemies of God enthroned through churches that bear His or His servant’s name. but have zero interest in seeing his kingdom come or his will be done.

The problem is again Pauline delusion, but therein also lies the solution, but it takes an eye of Faith to see it and know how to implement it.. As he said, we must go through much tribulation to enter the kingdom of God. But if we are not collectively and singularly working toward that goal, we are more likely to just become more and more mired in a mire of thuggery and theft, where spots and blemishes thrive but sons and heirs suffer, being sold out and sucker punched by their own families, nation and kindred.

Jewish Piety is a challenge that takes strength and intelligence otherworldly and creates a reality in which the miraculous is the norm.

Goyim pride is a disease and abomination; no challenge at all, but takes a lot of hard work for grunts who enjoy doing things they should not be permitted to do.

Building up Zion saves. Building up otherwise, damns.

Templeton and the surrounding cities have been a swamp of corruption in the past, and it has taken a lot of collective suffering and unrest to overcome any of the mess made by the  agencies listed below. I don’t see how they can permit the people who created the problems to remain in seats of authority and confound all newcomers and worthy candidates from taking jobs that ought to go to new and worthy candidates who might further the process of restoration. I don’t know much about who has done what or how the corruption started, but it is Scriptural in proportion and ought to be combated wisely, not with contention and strong arming…I have been through the system the hard way and found out how it works the same way…It’s very sleazy and unclean at its worst, and not much to speak of at its best. They will not change the problem by borrowing money to pay one another off and commit the same crimes again…There must be a clean sweep throughout the town’s/city’s/State’s government. No one need be punished but all must be replaced and a new Head given a chance to straighten out the political turmoil and corruption. The old guys know they can rely on one another and the misuse of force but they don’t know what to do as far as legitimate, lawful changes are due.

Put simply, they “whitewash.”

I am not running for office, don’t want any reward un due me. I do believe I am chosen of God as a seer and son, but this is just my advisement. I can be of very much help and assistance if needed and called upon. I am an honest witness/citizen who has lost much to this town and it’s corrupt ways. I don’t care about my losses. I am a religious man and consider all loss gain, but I don’t like seeing innocent people bullied and hurt by the powers that ought not to be… I was prompted to put in my two cents by someone who I believe also has the city/town’s best interest at heart. May God help us all to overcome this period of difficult transition and change.

Of course, if the local housing authority and court has its way, I wont even be a resident of this town much longer. But my defense speaks volumes in describing how the system works to cheats the average citizen, and the way it divides neighbor against neighbor is despicible in a nation claiming Unity under God.

I believe God chose this State and place I live in to be the Seat of the Soul of the World, but indeed Zion fled when it became mostly owned and operated by the enemies of the same.

People are blind without Scripture and savage without the Holy Spirit.

(Originally hand written letters to Courts in Gardner and Worcester MA before and during Passover 2012/5772)

Letter I

To whom it may concern::

On Saturday, Shabbos, March 10, 2012, someone did forcibly enter my apartment while I was unawares or outside thereof and did leave a “summons and complaint” upon a bench in my apartment which stated that the tenancy of my lease was terminated according to a prior thirty day notice to quit.
I had requested a grievance hearing and was present at the same hearing at which (name withheld) and (name withheld) for reasons of envy and discrimination, both sexual and religious, did mock and jeer my every attempt to defend myself against (name withheld)’s, as representative of the THA, slanderous and untrue accusations or reasons for eviction.
They have attempted this on several occasions while I have been a resident of this Town.
They are without shame and have used their employment as representatives of the State of Massachusetts as scoundrels may or as someone using them as a scoundrel may; abusing the authority granted them and the laws of the land perversely and contrarily to harm people they hold a bias against or whom they are afraid may witness to the truth- that they do not perform the duties of the offices they hold with any right or fair regard for self or others.
During our most recent meeting, Ms (name withheld) was so base as to blame the entire affair on my having “mental issues” which I believe both (name withheld) and (name withheld) may suffer from themselves, for they have used the system of Massachusetts law as sociopaths may, hurting people they dislike and helping any who may be of an advantage to them.
Knowing the times we live in, I feel very badly for them and have defended their right to employment even though it is against my better judgment that they should be employed by the Commonwealth, having through guile and misrepresentation and perfidy reeked havoc on the THA and with the court’s authority claimed right to all manner of wrong done mostly aged and disabled people of all walks of life.
They wish me out of the way because through the labors of others, hired independently, the Court or Apartment complex has been somewhat improved as a space for living and they wish to get back to ‘business as usual’ as though no wrong had been done anyone, and so they may manipulate the Constitutional rights of both citizen and foreigner, wise and unwise, bond and free, etc., without any merit or right due either of them for the authority they wish to wield or continue to wield.
Most of the cases they ‘try’ or ‘hear’ as if judges themselves, do not, I assume make it to court before a judge, and that is precisely how they intended to keep it; because, I believe, unless the judge is also corrupt and bias, they would not get away with half the criminal activity they do or have up until now.
Further, I believe that the THA, COA and BOS of Templeton work together to have done more harm than good to all and use the funds they receive from the Commonwealth for their own survival rather than to build up the places of employment in which they are called to serve as civic employees and that long ago they turned their ‘work’ into a game to please and suit their own demented, devilish wills at perhaps the behest of the same evil inclination they are or have been overcome by, being slaves to the same, without inner strength or integrity of person, as ungrateful beasts, only wishing to gain profit and hurt people, whom, if I were not here, would have no helper or witness that they were in danger of the same.
Jer 6:7 As a fountain casteth out her waters, so she casteth out her wickedness: violence and spoil is heard in her; before me continually is grief and wounds.
I have done most of the work a good steward might for the community and residents I live with.
(name withheld) does nothing, deserves less and is an obstruction of justice and an instigator of chaos and unrest at the Court.
Originally, I felt overwhelmed with pity for her because I saw that she was trapped in her position of employment by the powers that be or wish to be in this Town, and was/is more victim than otherwise, but the amount of suffering she has endured has hardened her heart toward that which is right and just and she is willing to do anything just to keep her job, even commit perjury.
(name withheld), on the other hand,. Is a mystery to me, except for the feminine bigotry she practices or personifies; I think she is otherwise a good person or would to be so, if she were not caught in the middle of a dispute that should not exist.
For reasons of envy and shame, some of the members of the THA, COA, and BOS want me out of the way from a love of greed, and getting their way in corruption.
In my opinion, most, if not all the employees of all of the above ought to have been replaced and refreshed by right and due warrant of necessity, if not law and rule lacking or wanting.
When a State or Commonwealth leaves an authority figure in a place for too long or our of apathy leaves anyone to perform functions for which they are entirely unsuited to perform, you get a kind of anarchist syndrome that spreads from agent to agent and once the same become firmly establish without anyone stirring him or herself to act on behalf of justice and right, all is lost and no one cares.
If they do, and speak up, they will be immediately drowned out by a cacophony of blind, lying witnesses and apathetic leeches that do no more than act as parasitic agents of an unclean beast or bureaucracy full of guile and lechery for which our forefathers and their sons did not lay down their lives to build up, support or defend, much less serve and protect.  Against whom every man ought to take up arms until their ilk and kine are but an unwanted memory of a blemish to our Commonwealth tolerated far too long and done for too much damage to claim any authority whatsoever much less request the eviction of a law abiding, God fearing gentleman of these United States and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in particular, whose Faith and Religion once upon a time established the same and in our days has striven mightily to redeem the same to our enemy’s everlasting shame and condemnation; and from whom they have already dispossessed of home and inheritance lawful and due according to Scriptural Law, which everlastingly supersedes manmade law in His and my Book .

I owe the THA exactly $0.00 and have wronged no one and done nothing but be an exemplary citizen, neighbor and resident at the Court during my seven odd years living here. While for the majority of the first few years was a victim of terrorism, bullying and discrimination for which I have not sought to take legal action nor sought restitution or reimbursement for losses, great though they may be and I have every right to do so.
I have wished to move since day one and have been on a Section 8 waiting list for years.
I seek nothing but the State, Commonwealth, and People’s good and better welfare. The only reason I may imagine for the THA seeking my eviction would be to hide their own crimes and misdemeanors and that of the Township as well, or to black mark my reputation and frustrate any further assistance I may be due when I do move from this residence as I plan to when accepted.
It is not my job to investigate the town or State’s corruption. I leave that in other more capable hands than mine, but as a blind man I may be, it was hard not to witness to the obvious and be outraged with the same. I am glad much has seemed to improve at the last, and I hope affairs continue in the same light. I had lost faith and am and will forever be skeptical and suspicious of my fellow Massachusettians.
Beg pardon, but it seems quite obvious the persons involved in seeking to evict me are to blame for wasting mine, the court’s and the State’s time and money on top of all that they may have already done and or are guilty of.
Thank you very much. I’ve nothing further to say unless you wish to see other, similar letters I’ve writ in my defense at previous attempts to evict me by the THA.

Letter II

Dear Ms (name withheld),
Greetings and Happy Passover
I am writing to request that you send me a copy of all pertinent paperwork, complaints, summonses, legal briefs, list of witnesses the Plaintiff intends to use, etc., to the end that I may be made fully knowledgeable of your intentions in court beforehand and that my attorney which I intend to hire may have the same. Please use the enclosed SASE. I have contacted an institution in Boston that provides C.A.R.T. reporters and other aides for the deaf and peoples with disabilities.
I have not heard back from them as yet.
The moment I know I can let you know as well and the Court.
If you have email addresses and telephone numbers to share with me, all of this could be made easier and faster, but I recognize and sympathize with all who do not have access to these methods. Corruption and corrupt people often tend to get left behind, caught in their own schemes and trappings and are held back by their own pride and inability to act with justice, equity and honest regard for others and self.
I am sorry for your loss of time and enjoyment of life, but believe it is your own pride that robbed you of these freedoms and gifts.
I do not think you should be punished any more than you have already punished yourself. However, for the safety of others and the good of the Commonwealth I believe you should be removed from the office you hold and rewarded with a more meaningful, though less glamorous position in menial labor of the sort that does not feed one’s pride nor harm one’s neighbors, self, or others out of spite and hate.
These attributes which you so well exude must be bridled and changed to better suit and an enable you to fulfill a better purpose in life.
I honestly think you have some likable qualities about you but fear bitterness has all but killed them.
And so, for your own good and welfare, I suggest you leave the world of legal practice and find something more soul enriching and useful to do for the community in which you find yourself.
You are still relatively young and whatever God intended you for you may still find opportunity to fulfill.
I sincerely wish the very best for you, and I perceive that it is and will not be possible for you where you are now to achieve much more reward in life than the same as those you find yourself joined with and among on a day to day basis.
On the other hand, I have personally found that sometimes God places us in bad situations such as my own to work some good for Him, ourselves and others. God be praised we have the freewill to use every opportunity to bring glory to His name and some of His love to His people and strangers alike.
I don’t know why you are taking it upon yourself to persecute and innocent victim but that has to do with freewill also and I cannot choose the right for you.
I am personally overwhelmed with sadness at the mostly false allegations you typed out for the court to read. There was some perverse humor to some of the things you accuse me of, but humor aside I find no worth in hurting others simply because it is in your power to do so.
I don’t think hate is a strong enough word for what I feel from you in this case and if you cannot contain your hatred so as to perform your duty and not compromise your situation nor join with the majority to carry out injustice, I pray some other means force you to admit to perjury and misuse of the justice system to which you are sworn to serve. Whether that means be the Spirit of God driving out the evil inclination in you or your own better conscience turning away from evil, I pray God grant you the strength to do so.


It’s the Families-land&business owners, etc. and their influence on the courts and authorities in this town and country that have so corrupted it. But it was not always so, and a lot of righteous minded ppl live in this town/country and a lot of faithful ppl as well. Greed, fear, pride and envy are subject to judgment. This kind of stuff happens when a ppl don’t repent of sins but whitewash and cover their tracks. If we are a community, we are guilty all as one and need to collectively repent and atone for the past by making better decisions about the future, and choosing people of humility and sacrifice to lead the way further out of darkness and error into a new age eager to live and thrive. It’s going to take an inter-generational agreement and collective effort to make the final push and succeed. If the Head is sick then whole body will likewise be ill. But accusing anyone of being mentally unstable is about as useful as persecuting them in the first place.
Argue the issues and stick to the truth rather than trying to play the legalese game, because they will beat you with experience….the statutes and laws of this state are akin to witchcraft born of rebellion and greed and the enforcers use them as spellbound drones who do as they are told. You cannot blame them for doing their jobs. But you may correct them by rising above and countering their efforts with efforts of your own that negate their power.
Go looking for a fight and you play right into their hands and feed the fire…

Go to the root of the problem and clean up around it if that is the best you may do for now, justice will follow and God will avenge His own.

 I am a religious person who believes religion also has the answers we need.
The corruption and conspiracy in Templeton is insane in its depths and darkness. The BOS works with the COA and THA, and what I have been through and witnessed as a resident of an aparment complex owned and neglected by the THA is insane and beyond nightmarish…And at it’s root it is biblical discrimination against believers and faithful ppl.
“All who will live a life godly will suffer persecutions.” It’s a very Gentile dominated place, Templeton, and what it needs is some Jewish wisdom to redeem and restore. What we need to remember is that the founding fathers were Zionist and most settlers of Faith in Christ and Religion.
Pride is a tough one to overcome, speaking of sins to repent of, and I believe we are better off as fools and failures in Christ than without any religion. But when a lot of ppl get taken in their foolishness and failure and victimized because of it, things rapidly spiral out of control and scoundrels become rich, powerful and well established. Only for a time however and so as to fufill Scripture. I have complete faith in God and believe His Zeal and His Spirit will continue to thrive in the neccessary members of the Body to rid this land of corruptions and see that justice and equity are restored.
A mercy seat is what we need as far as someone to judge and grant forgiveness. A seer is what we need to know what God may do for us when we fail Him. The Grand Delusion mentioned in Scripture is what led to a lot of scoundrels gaining power and staying in power for many generations in Templeton and the surrounding cities.
But when the reapers overtake the sowers and so forth, justice has a way of working itself out even when the laws and enforcers themsleves may be opposed. Be patient the Lord will avenge His own.
But don’t give up fighting the good fight in as many ways as you may.
1Ti 6:12a Fight the good fight of faith.

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