Mat 19:21-24   Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go [and] sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come [and] follow me. 
 But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions.
Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.
 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.


Poverty is something men should strive for in this life. To maintain a minimum need, a minimum store, a minimum want but above all, an abiding Faith that we will never lack what we need when we have need of it. To be made poor by the powers that be, government of men, etc., is to be made wealthy in the L-RD, and to have the best of everything a man could ever need. Friend and helpmate.


"May it be Your will…that in our lot there will dwell love and brotherhood, peace and friendship." (Talmud Brachot 16b-17a)

Zion needeth no concrete jungle, no sprawling mansions, excessive wealth or provision to be worth all the gold in the world and Kingdom of Heaven.

Zion needs lack of worldliness and selfish intent…And an abundance of faithful, contentment only had through righteous living and worship…

Wash, rinse, rest…Observance beats profession without confession, repentance and return.

A society that blusters on, heeding no wisdom or insight save that of empty promises and handouts from people who have not nor deserve from people who have not nor deserve is preposterous tyranny born of terror beating terror for terror’s sake.


D&C 88: 34-41 And again, verily I say unto you, that which is governed by law is also preserved by law and perfected and sanctified by the same. That which breaketh a law, and abideth not by law, but seeketh to become a law unto itself, and willeth to abide in sin, and altogether abideth in sin, cannot be sanctified by law, neither by mercy, justice, nor judgment. Therefore, they must remain filthy still.

All kingdoms have a law given;
And there are many kingdoms; for there is no space in the which there is no kingdom; and there is no kingdom in which there is no space, either a greater or a lesser kingdom.
And unto every kingdom is given a law; and unto every law there are certain bounds also and conditions.
All beings who abide not in those conditions are not justified.
 For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; truth embraceth truth; virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth unto light;
mercy hath compassion on mercy and claimeth her own; justice continueth its course and claimeth its own; judgment goeth before the face of him who sitteth upon the throne and governeth and executeth all things.
 He comprehendeth all things, and all things are before him, and all things are round about him; and he is above all things, and in all things, and is through all things, and is round about all things; and all things are by him, and of him, even G-d, forever and ever.




Now, what we have in the states, are a bunch of failures trying to recover and reign as if they had never failed…and the spirit of it is awful and feels it…A better generation failed and owned its failure and even gloried in it, and made it something merit worthy, and the opportunity flourished in a generation deluded but hopeful and lawfully endowed by an enduring generation that had actually succeeded to an extent by at least worldly standards at building fortunes and establishing institutions and estates worthy of enduring heritage.


It is not a terrible thing to be “filthy” still nor necessarily a damnable one…There are many who become rich in their filthiness, (“filthy rich”).

There are few that  may boast of having abided faithful in filth…

It is a hard business for an afflicted soul to find a way to remain faithful to an Holy G-d in a filthy world…


The Three Stooges are Treason, Grand Larceny and Murder who all “studied” the “Baker” that Pharaoh Impaled…perhaps his death lamented and bewailed…


You see, the world/nations have been and are now more than ever perhaps, ruled by the mentally deranged, who have always been dependent upon the masses believing in the Grand Delusion…

No one in Government or high status of wealth got there by merit or right, nor do they deserve neither respect nor anything really…

They are rats and runts, cats and …well, you can rhyme for yourself…

They have not but the right or privilege to provide people with that which may benefit no one, snares all and at a price which no one may really afford…

They have systematically murdered, defrauded, plundered and taken whatever they wish to the old fashioned way….for ages now and been a terror to the USA and nations abroad…in the name of some bogus rightwing and Constitution none have the least bit of regard nor respect for any longer, if they ever did…


D&C 38:28-29 Again, I say unto you that the enemy in the secret chambers seeketh your lives.
 Ye hear of wars in far countries, and you say that there will soon be great wars in far countries, but ye know not the hearts of men in your own land.


It was all Master minded by two of the most lecherous souls to ever pollute the United States Consciousness, George Bush and Ronald Reagan, who represent the Gadianton Robber Mob of the Book of Mormon…

They have warred for the whore and the evil one and left our nation, confused and destitute in the hands of a leader and leaders with neither right nor reason to lead and much less a Way.


Leaving all empty and hungry and discontent is the Gadianton Dynamic. Demanding that people they own act “happy” is our “hope” and their fuel for all the more perversion of justice and equity world wide…The same company that makes toys for toddlers…makes medical equipment that keeps the same alive until damned after a pointless life of striving for that which will never be fulfilled…


Heleman 13:35-39 Yea, we have hid up our treasures and they have slipped away from us, because of the curse of the land.

 O that we had repented in the day that the word of the Lord came unto us; for behold the land is cursed, and all things are become slippery, and we cannot hold them.

 But behold, your days of probation are past; ye have procrastinated the day of your salvation until it is everlastingly too late, and your destruction is made sure; yea, for ye have sought all the days of your lives for that which ye could not obtain; and ye have sought for happiness in doing iniquity, which thing is contrary to the nature of that righteousness which is in our great and Eternal Head.

O ye people of the land, that ye would hear my words! And I pray that the anger of the Lord be turned away from you, and that ye would repent and be saved.


The Grand Delusion is created by a sin the entire nation is guilty of since its foundation was lost many moons ago, claiming that which is unworthy to be of worth and that which is worthy to be unworthy.

The misrepresentation and sale of the Paulian gospel being to blame…

It begins at the House of the L-RD and ripples out, like poison dropped in a well, unto all the members of the Body…Felt by all on some level, denied by most because we have no Way to act honourably in the face of it and no choice or hope of survival otherwise but to join in Mob Rule, and call it this or that…A Donkey or Elephant, it’s all a Rat’s Boon…


In ancient times, men in charge of the Temple, or in keeping the Law and protecting holiness, may after a time, be satisfied with no more than being in charge of something, take this to the extreme and it is humanism…which is of no service to man nor G-d, but self by any and all means necessary. No matter how many see profit or gain thereby, it is counted as loss by He who keeps accurate scales…

Justice is not blind it is appalled and stands afar off waiting for someone, anyone to demand It come near…

“Let us do evil that the good may come,” however “slanderously reported” it may have been of Paul and his followers, it must be of necessity one of the few options left to an afflicted people who would be true to the L-RD despite meeting with death and failure in the world…

It is the hurt and scarred soul of Dinah, and the eternal wound that Shechem inflicted on Jacob’s only daughter; and the base individuals who saw no wrong in it. Certainly, a daughter of Israel was not to be regarded as the “unclean thing.”

It were Dinah’s disobedience or wandering that gave Shechem opportunity.

I wonder if she were not led by the evil one in curiousity.

Shechem obviously already belonged to the evil one…

I do not know that it were so much a righteous impulse in Levi and Simeon that moved them to take revenge either, but rather made opportunity to avenge some other embarrassment or wrong.

Perhaps all the men of Shechem/Hamor were like him and used all their women and any women for personal gain by raping them and turning them into “slampigs,” excuse the term…

It is the wrong minded understanding goyim get of circumcision or holiness…

At any rate, Jacob was right to abhor violence as a solution. It did not encourage Dinah to overcome, nor heal what had happened to her and probably further disturbed her understanding as a child not given the opportunity to reach womanhood unmarred, to come to a realization of who she is in G-d, unto the utter self loathing and rejection of who she was, instead of exactly what Shechem and men like him would use women for in perpetuity throughout the ages…

There is more for her and women to gain in the world by being what they are not rather than who they may really be…

So it is for every man and woman ever created, and likewise negated of their own will. Remade as they are not, thanks to the Grand Delusion, embracing an self that is not because it must be so;

the beginnings of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Mormon 2:12-14 And it came to pass that when I, Mormon, saw their lamentation and their mourning and their sorrow before the Lord, my heart did begin to rejoice within me, knowing the mercies and the long-suffering of the Lord, therefore supposing that he would be merciful unto them that they would again become a righteous people.
 But behold this my joy was vain, for their sorrowing was not unto repentance, because of the goodness of God; but it was rather the sorrowing of the damned, because the Lord would not always suffer them to take happiness in sin.
 And they did not come unto Jesus with broken hearts and contrite spirits, but they did curse God, and wish to die. Nevertheless they would struggle with the sword for their lives.


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