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(In honour of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share another page I created on AOL that got deleted when they sacked Hometown. Please remember to urge AOL to restore this and all the works that were deleted of many members along with mine.)

John 15:26
But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

If I search my heart and G-d’s Word, I know that what they are selling in the media and Hollywood, etc., are mostly lies.

The devil uses these venues as a means of bragging about how badly he has succeeded in twisting the truth and even to blatantly brag about his and his children’s crimes. He uses drama to ensnare.

The Indians were not the victims of genocide. The blacks were not the victims of slavery. The Jews are not the victims of the holocaust. The white man is not the devil. This is all satan’s way of turning all G-d’s children against each other and saving him the work and trouble that he rightfully owns. There are good and bad in all peoples, races, colors, and creeds. But more hateful than a brother openly trying to kill you is one trying to trick you into killing yourself. Or one trying to make you feel guilty through manipulation. The Truth has been so twisted through lies and rhetoric it is hard to see unless nailed upon a cross.

The Puritans left the UK to escape the tyranny and corruption that had overtaken their brothers and sisters. And these Puritans, once welcomed to the "New World" because of the Light they brought to it are now being sold out and demonized as a curse brought upon the Americas rather than the real curse that was already here and the curses that chased the Puritans from the UK. Why would anyone in the UK want to have anything to do with them if the Truth were not with them? G-d’s Providence.

I think what is becoming clear to me now is that the Puritans and anyone who tried to help them were unstoppable because they were PURE. G-d was with them and they devoted themselves to G-d and His Way and remained pure for Him, in the same way Israel in biblical times did.

There may have been some jealousies, dissension and dissagreements among them but ultimately they knew the value of their Faith and serving G-d.

They made an agreement with the Indians who were mostly impure, but not completely. They were obviously earth bound and pagan minded. But even they had a base understanding of G-d. As Scripture states, "Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure and whether it be right." (Proverbs 20:11) It does not matter who broke the treaties or pacts made between the two races and ultimately there had to be deception used on both sides.

To assume the "White man" is to blame for genocide and theft of land must be considered absurd.

The downfall and enemy of all races is sin, and of all races and their factions, only the Puritans strove so hard and have fought so many enemies to remain pure and free of sin.
Whether their own kind and other races used this truism to their own advantage and how is certainly worth looking into. But more wortwhile and advantageous is following their example and being made useful yourself unto all peoples, races and nations. And, most importantly, unto Him.

Here was a small band of Pilgrims who risked everything to escape the tyranny of the UK, crossed the Atlantic, and made it to "America." Their "Light" must have shone brightly and made this land a "New World." While they must remain forever indebted to the Indians who helped them survive their first year when the pilgrims naive plans failed them and they were nigh unto death, that debt is more than paid off by the knowledge of G-d their "Light" made evident. And this was to fulfill the Scripture, "But the G-d of all grace, who has called you unto His enternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that you have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you," (1Peter 5:10)

It was this "Light" that made the indians want to help them and thus become part of history and His Story.

I believe the Puritans were forced to live on a reservation and were oppressed and exploited while they lived there. When their brothers who were not as righteous, but who had suffered just as greatly in their pursuit saw this injustice, they took revenge and being stronger and wiser than the indians, eventually took over the country. More important than being stronger, they were made right by Christ who was sent ahead of them to suffer. The punishments people are afflicted with are always just. An eye for an eye until you become like Christ. If you decide not to become like Christ you will ALWAYS be subject to the Law of Moses.

In order to live life as it ought to be lived in this world, one must be vigilant. There was, is and shall always be one people who were actively pursuing such a life: The Puritans. We must start to teach this form of vigilant Christainity/Judaism again in place of the weak, tolerant faith that has been taught in recent decades.

Think about the writers of the gospels and the books that followed and what the state of the world and its peoples was then. Do you know what lead to the world becoming like that? Weak religion. Acceptance of liars and false witness. Allowing our children to be raised in societies much like that of today and yesterday.

Why was the end result of the bible Revelations and not Corinthians 13? Because the faith was weakened with sin and false teaching, rather than G-dliness and true witness and faith. It is not okay to wallow in the mire or return to your old self once you are made new in Christ. You owe it to the protectors of America to make their job easier by your willingness to live under G-d’s Law. Eventually, it could make their job obselete. and that is Corinthians 13 fulfilled.

Nothing has changed. And we know G-d will never change.

Everything about modern day Christianity is weak and unfulfilling and soiled with falsehood.

We must be strong men and women who belong to G-d, or the corrosion of our Faith and our Way of life will only intensify in its rapidity and there are so many enemies willing to help the latter happen.

Get out of the "handbasket" and stand firm.

Satan loves a lukewarm witness. Nothing weakens faith quite like it.

"…strengtheniong the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. ‘We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of G-d,’ they said." (Acts 14:22)

This country’s way of life has been underhandedly corrupted by people "playing the victim." Knowing that the "Greater Man" is full of mercy, they have taken full advantage and then some.

It is insidious and unforgivable and if we who are among the "greater man" must become underhanded in our own defense, we are justified in doing so.

This is what the "War on Terror" should be all about. For the terror is a threat within America and not without.

When and if the Righteous become that which they sought to destroy or root out, the deterioration of mankind will speed up and our need for a "police state" to protect the rats that influenced the righteous man’s fall will increase and everyman will need to be ready for "war" and "crimes against humanity" will be justified and commonplace.

There will remain a chosen few in the midst of this madness who are in G-d’s Grace and therefore untouchable.

Both sides of the "war" mentioned above will hate the chosen few and may unite against them or fight to protect them and enjoy their light. All the while it must be thought that they will be at the very least jealous of that which they must protect and at worst so envious that they would consciously or unconsciously plot mutiny, suicide and ruin. Do not become envious just because your brother made the better choice, and his way seems easier. You know it is not so. Be grateful for the chance to serve him as he wishes to serve you.

Job 5:2
 Resentment kills a fool,
and envy slays the simple.

Back in the day, "The L-rd," actually took away other shepherds children so that they could have a chance at Life.
When a shepherd goes bad, it’s bad for all.

The "Shepherds" in this nation became weak through sin and allowed the "sheep" to become defiled. Then they did the unforgivable and blamed the "sheep" rather than themselves.

I have an idea that this is what Hitler saw in Germany and he too blamed the "sheep", the Jews. What will happen as the "police state" increases in this nation?

Somewhere along the line, people got the insane idea that that which kills you, sin, actually makes you better. Decay is portrayed as "cool" and indeed it does lead unto a "cool world." It causes the blood within to run cold and the air without to blow wintry.

Those in power allow for the trade of sin in so many forms it’s a miracle anyone can live a life free of sin.

It shouldn’t be hard to be G-dly. Because the Way is Easy. But after being raised in a country (and soon becoming the world) where everything is contrary to that Way, it sure is hard to break free and live rightly. Much easier to "feed the fire" and add sin to sin and commit greater sins to cover up and supress the effects of sin, than to change and repent and become a new creation in Christ.

Matthew 19:25-26
 When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved?
 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.


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