(Part III) Glorious Liberty



By observing the Torah, festivals and all, we or G-d imposes sane restrictions on our

behaviour and more important upon our misbehaviour. Feast and merrymaking are for appointed times and seasons, and there is time to recover from the same, if one should go overboard…There is also the added benefit of all our cheerfulness being attributed to G-d’s goodness and love. There is very little forgetfulness, even when drunk with wine…

An expected norm is or was the rule of thumb, and all of humanity’s love, romance and drama blossomed from this. We were not naturally born grateful and loving, we became so because G-d taught us to be so, and when we realized the benefits, the joy and unity inherent in the Way, we naturally wanted more of the same and eventually went astray seeking precisely the same, and found it hard or impossible to return to or come by apart from Him, much like Adam and Eve. So, humanity birthed false holidays and pagan rituals gradually replaced, law-abiding happiness and enduring healthy mirth turned to sour lemons from which we made lemonade, the lemonade stand, etc., etc., etc. Until we altogether put the Way of Life and Tree of It behind us and accepted with awful matter-of-factness, much less than we deserve.



The Spirit is neither the stuff of reason nor pancreas, loins nor liver, nor even the heart or any other organ which maketh us wonderfully made, but is the Lifeforce of G-d Himself dwelling among us. In sharing this Miracle is all our hope and joy, but when envy and greed creep in, it is and remains ever after difficult to share, until Messiah bleeds It out on the Cross, extinguishing It in bitterness and gall since unknown. G-d raised the Lifeforce from the dead, from the very depths of Hades and established It ever after as a Gift. Those who would not receive this Gift remain as if there had been no redemption made.

So again, and ever after, there is war between those who wish to keep this Gift alive and those who would extinguish It; which is why it is written we shall not curse/deny It. The Spirit of G-d is humble, righteous in judgment, godly even in anger and wrath. The heart and spirit of fallen man is egotistical, sin driven, and boastful in the absurd.


Pro 21:29 The wicked put on a bold face, but the upright give thought to their ways.  


Another reason I was caged where I am was to kill me slowly so that I would give in to the inevitable rather than strive to live my life as long as I may have.

Those who have fallen cannot tolerate one who stands and realizes why and wherefore he does. Anyone who chooses life has many enemies.


2Ti 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. 


As long as you choose death, you will never lack companions in iniquity. Misery loves company though it live dangerously and none too securely, it is always on the move and forgetfulness and vice keep it from awareness to conscience cumbering.

So they caged me that I might have no other option than to join them, and it has come to that, at the last. I cannot stand forever, and will fall, without the support I need which has not been afforded me. At the last, I imagine, the support will be there, but as long as I choose life it is only there perfunctorily and in mock or jest….Choosing life when you are surrounded by the dead and the wicked, is folly, as wise and wonderful as life may be.

It weakens by degrees, and at the last makes for a slow and painful crucifixion like existence…This is why touching dead carcasses and such would make an Israelite unclean for a time, and why we had need of constant washings and sacrifices.

And it becomes more complicated to understand when making a difference between unclean and clean meats, holy and common days, etc. But it all springs from a simple abiding Grace kept mindful by Torah.

The body needs renewal, whether of its own natural strength; G-d’s miraculous/angelic

intervention. Or that of consuming the flesh of sacrifices and foodstuffs which may be considered G-d’s provisions. But more oft than not in the latter-days, men turn to the Beast for provisions and are altogether unmindful of G-d; sooner made slaves than not though they deny they are and cover the slavery with all manner of nonsense and prideful boasting. It is what they are.


2Pe 2:19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.


How instantaneously and profoundly freeing would be the simple admitting of this curse unto ourselves, that we might live Lawful lives of debtors to Grace and Forgiveness, that might build up again the foundations of a glorious Nation conceived in Liberty and dedicated to something somewhat nonsensical but very wonderful from the onset.


Is it really such a terrible thing being a servant/slave? Is mankind’s/humanity’s pride really so ennobling/worthy? Or is it such an filthy rag coloured with stripes and stars?


It seems to me that Americans have become that Tyrant they fought so valiantly to beat in WWII, Adolf Hitler, who said, “The most unbeautiful thing there can be in human life is and remains the yoke of slavery.”


How frightfully proud!


Slavery was instituted by G-d for man’s redemption, not for a curse.


When you endeavor to bring a man of G-d down, he will not return the offense. And will try to bring you up while you try to bring him down. As was the case with many masters and slaves; masters who would learn humility from their slaves and slaves who would learn of their own inherent G-dliness in service undaunted by the pollutants of worldly pride.

Not that I were a master or a slave, but as a prisoner of our enemy’s design, the result was not a lot of repentant sinners, but a mass body of proud devils all working frenetically to cover our sins, which in the end shall not prosper because we reject the L-RD and His servant and His Torah/Gospel. Some citizens have remained faithful, but have suffered the same sort of want and neglect as I have. The cunning of the Beast is to make it seem otherwise. As if each man did his or her duty and lawfully sought to aide and assist his or her neighbor in righteousness. But the righteousness of man is not the righteousness of G-d. Every time the Beast helps it hurts more than it helps; hurts itself and others. But all this is hopefully not in vain.


Eze 7:11 Violence is risen up into a rod of wickedness: none of them shall remain, nor of their multitude, nor of any of theirs: neither shall there be wailing for them.


The Beast does not want to “get it.” It just knows it must stay in control of all in order to avoid servanthood/slavery. It will not be a debtor to anyone, much less the Sons of G-d. Humanity has been a long suffering serpent state. But America the Beautiful was not born a Tyrant.

The only force which unites people or nations is G-d, even if they are using Him in a miserable, cowardly fashion.


To be belligerently taking what you want is not to be boldly living for G-d. Better is the beggar in rags when the strongman is clothed with violence and deceit.


Satan cannot drive out Satan. This is the beginning of sorrows and desolations…and people are running about doing as they’ve always done, living in denial…There was a short lived revival of religion and a foolish hope in rebuilding in Jerusalem, but this will not happen as long as the Beast remains actively warring with and consuming all in its path.


Nevertheless, the love of G-d will prevail, and the remainder of wrath He will gird Himself with to protect His people and His portion; both in Israel and abroad.


And therein give us another undeserved opportunity to become men and women of G-d. Not men who foolishly work out their own salvation but men who turn daily, even hourly to G-d and ask forgiveness in humility of spirit for every known and unknown offense whether past, present or future.


Any man may learn facts and things, master a trade or talent, but it takes a real man to obey the will of the Almighty, and when He does, he may find himself useless to the world around him.


Why do you think Messiah said we must become as little children? Because you are pure when you are a child; there is no fear, there is no precaution, and there is no law but His Law which is innately lived by all His children.

This is that “Glorious Liberty.”


Rom 8:21 Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 


If His children accept adoption by any other father, they are less than they ought to be or are by birthright, and have forsaken their birthright, as Esau, whom G-d hated though
Isaac loved more than Jacob, because Isaac was too far gone to love aright or even see straight. He had to be tricked, as Joseph in order to bless the right child.


Jhn 17:14-17   I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. 
I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.
They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.
 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.


The Israelites had not known this Liberty since Solomon was made King over Israel and built a House for G-d.


1Ch 28:2-5   Then David the king stood up upon his feet, and said, Hear me, my brethren, and my people:
As for me, I had in mine heart to build an house of rest for the ark of the covenant of the L-RD, and for the footstool of our G-d, and had made ready for the building:
But G-d said unto me, Thou shalt not build an house for my name, because thou hast been a man of war, and hast shed blood.
 Howbeit the L-RD G-d of Israel chose me before all the house of my father to be king over Israel for ever: for he hath chosen Judah to be the ruler;
and of the house of Judah, the house of my father; and among the sons of my father he liked me to make me king over all Israel:
 And of all my sons, (for the L-RD hath given me many sons,) he hath chosen Solomon my son to sit upon the throne of the kingdom of the L-RD over Israel.


The state of being His child is a state of being where you need not accomplish anything at all, but He makes you capable of anything and all. All that is requisite of you is to Love, pure and simple; innocence, adoration and blissful happiness. Imps cannot exist in this state and are housed in old vessels of spite and regret, which become the pricks that keep the children of G-d from their birthright.   Imps are constantly aware of their lack, consciously or unconsciously…Elmo in Grouchland is how most children of G-d are raised today. And the adults are so perverse, and proud of their perversity it is a miracle, or rather no wonder they must cage all the Elmo’s in order to preserve their perversions.

St. Elmo’s Fire.

The creativity of pagans and heathen is the result of lack and consequent need, for which the Mother of Abominations provides many an avenue but the end result is more want and work with nil satisfaction. The consequence is not necessarily anti-Semitism, or hatred for believers, but love for or hatred of believers is manifest in the Pagan Spectacular, broadly accepted as the norm in American holidays, and lifestyle, growing more and more Hellenistic, or Roman day to day…

Now from a webpage I made on AOL (America Online) here is a excerpt. I wish I could just enter a link but they’ve decided to cancel the service that I used to share revelations with the world.(Matthew 5:15) I hope they bring it back and would invite any who wish to see my works to write to them and ask them to bring back Hometown on AOL and all the websites that many believers and non used to create many works to the Glory of G-d, quite seemingly by accident as the Holy Spirit works most often and most profoundly rewardingly.


“When that which comes from above endeavors to imitate that which is below, it becomes “ugly.” Similarly, when that which is below is required or forced to imitate that which is from above, it too becomes “ugly.” In order to fulfill its’ own innate sense of Grace, either party must obey its’ own laws of existence. When either tries to compliment the other, both are enhanced and become uniquely greater than either would be alone. Likewise, when either party tries to debase or subordinate the other, both become grotesque and weakened of their true strength. Thus, failing to fulfill its’ purpose and feeling an unwelcome and foreign sense of failure, either party may turn on its’ “love” or reason for being or upon itself and decay in the worst way; which indeed is the opposite of the Way.

If one side chooses to rise above and overcome and its counterpart does not, inequality is born. This gives either part or the whole a new facet. This naturally produces an imbalance and must lead to either creativity or tyranny. Tyranny being easy and creativity being difficult, more opt for the former. Creativity which could lead to further inequality would be worse than tyranny and would be better termed deception. The hoped for choice one would expect, if there is “love” between the two parts, would be for the part that is successful and can overcome to carry the two parts for however long a time is deemed necessary. Whatever powers there are that be to deem.

I think it is important that either party does not become proud of its “success,” which is often more of a Gift from G-d, so that one might not boast. Or, even more importantly, become disdainful of the others’ “failure,” which is often or always more of an indignant front toward saving grace than any real short coming upon the part of he/she who “failed.”

And so it’s of equal importance that, having “failed” one does not become bitter or envious of/toward the other. The latter probably being more difficult, because with “failure” comes suffering.

If an entity is beaten fairly, it may accept the extended hand of the victor that will be there to help him/her once more rise to his/her feet without “losing face” or feeling less than worthy. But if one is beaten through cunning and hatred there will be no hand there when they have at last fallen and thus there will be no real victory for the victor unless the fallen seek unholy retribution. Unless this happens, the one who has “fallen” remains the victor even in defeat. [like Messiah, where the outcome is in G-d’s hands.]”


There is more, but we will have to wait and see if my works are restored to me.


For now let me just sum up this entry by saying to not teach Pure Torah (the kind Messiah lived) to the nations of the world, to not pass Torah down from generation to generation among Israelites, or Jews of the manor born, in whom there is no precaution, or worse to raise them in false belief systems and guileful schemes is bloody murder concealed with officialdom and vanity. The result whoredom and abomination, and homeless/comfortless children.


Praised be G-d and His Messiah.


Jhn 14:15-18 ¶ If ye love me, keep my commandments. 
And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;
[Even] the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.
 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

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