Season’s Grittings…(originally sent as a mailing to businesses & friends)

Dreamed of since before the beginning of time and space, by prophets, madmen, chosen kings, and laymen… At various stages, in many ages, a reality in our world; historically delineated, founded and recorded in many religious texts and historical works of prose and poetry, and Chiefly in the Tanach/Talmud/Torah/Bible, whatever you have come to learn It as, this is G-d’s Kingdom on Earth, the Soul and Heart of Believers in the L-RD and His Messiah, Y’shua, throughout the Universe.

We are the "Real McCoys," the struggling and afflicted pilgrims in a world not ours. Nomads frequently, and at best and better times, enjoying stability in home and communities established upon a world old order that has and may never change. Inscribed upon on hearts for one and all to witness in our deeds, actions and natures.

We are hoping we have found a new Home for Us, and a place to build a House and Third Temple unto our L-RD and G-d, the L-RD of Hosts, G-d of Israel and the nations, of every creature and tongue and form of life and even nonbeing, He is the Adonai of Our World.

Gracious and kind is He, Long suffering and abundant in steadfast love and mercy unto all who call upon His Name in Truth and in Spirit.

Join Us!

Recent News:

Happy Channukah and Merry Christmas!

I hope you wont miss your chance to be part of the following miracle!
Greetings from the Founder and Chief of Staff here at the House of the Remnant in Templeton, MASS. USA
I am happy to make you aware of Us and to tell you a little about Us and ask for your help if you may.
We are a small group of believers in the L-RD and His Messiah, joined together to fulfill latter-day revelation in the world and Kingdom of G-d.
It is our sincere hope that you will find a blessing by association to Us and assist Us in establishing and maintaining this House and Remnant in the latter-days.
I reach out to you during this holiday season in good will, seeking a blessing for you and an overflowing Gift from above.
Through Messiah Y’shua/Jesus, may He help peace and goodwill to overflow in your heart and soul all this year round an in the coming years of tribulation and peaceful prosperity for those found in Him and joined to our House, even Israel and this Remnant in particular.
We have seen some wonderful miracles in the past few years and have received many blessings and been sustained and upheld in our integrity and by His Grace continually. Praise Him!
This month has been especially hard on us, but we have all struggled through somehow and helped one another through a disasterous storm that left many of us without power for a week or more and many were shut in and alone and cold, and without water and common necessities.
Praise Him! We are united and able to come to one another’s aide through bitterly cold weather, darkness and strife. The National Gaurd was a welcome presence and did much to help the community and keep order. We praise Him for sending these brave, bright young men to our state, Massachusetts, to help us in this remote and sheltered region.

However many blessings we enjoy and we reap a virtual monthly harvest of them, we are struggling to make ends meet and maintain our House and Land.

We are hoping you might be able to send some monetary assistance, whatever amount, whether it be two pennies, or two million dollars, we appreciate any consideration you might show Us and He will reward you for He sees and knows all deeds done under the sun and nothing escapes His Almighty Omnipotent Awareness. No small act of kindness nor great deed of courage. Every little good deed and mitzvot is jotted down in the Book of Life on your behalf and I wish to increase your opportunities, during what I believe is our probationary state on earth. And I can think of no better cause to donate to than the Real Living Remnant gathered with me here, though we be an afflicted and sore lot, we are faithful in prayer and always there for one another. Please help us keep this unique Remnant alive and flourishing, by giving whatever you can to His People of the Book, during this most Holy and Beloved of Season’s of Charity and Brotherly Love.

You have probably never heard of the House of the Remnant before this mailing nor myself, Barzillai dov Ganya. And we are not on the map as far as established organizations go, but we are trying and need all the help we can get.
And from small beginnings come great matters! Jacob entered Egypt with but seven and seventy became a great nation!

Truth is, we have recently had to relocate to some run down apartments and have lost control of the home and land temporarily due to financial struggles, childish optimism, for which I take Chief blame and just not being very fiscally, financially gifted in mind or pocketbook.
Again, I take full responsibility for this and it makes me feel like a failure in the world, but blessed by the Almighty and carried through worse than this in the past and looking forward to a brighter future thanks and glory be to Him and a Restoration soon to come for Us and the House.
At which time, I would be more than glad to welcome you to come and visit this unique place on earth and this beloved Remnant of souls and believers in Messiah Y’shua/Jesus.
At that time our address will be (hopefully!!) 106 Haskell Rd, in Templeton, MA.
At this point we are asking for anyone who can or may to send a gift or offering of support, whether it be monetary or merchandize (food, clothing, whatever you may think appropriate) to:

Bernard Gannon (in the midst of legally changing my name to Barzillai Ganya,at the moment it is an expenditure I can’t afford)
House of the Remnant Apts.
99 Bridge St 8C
Baldwinville, MA. 01436

Please make any checks out to Bernard Gannon, therefore.

Baldwinville is a fabled place of awesome wonder as well, and I encourage you to visit this section of Templeton too. Personally and this is what G-d has shown me, I believe it to be the Heart of what will become the Head of Zion of the Latter-days.
When I first relocated here, it was like a ghost town and eerie to behold, but has recently seen alot of activity and prosperity I hope to add to and see continue until We and Zion the Country over be established right and proper One as for all.
Pardon the sentimentality, but I feel a little like Mary in the film It’s a Wonderful Life coming to the aide of George her husband, who is a loving father and husband, having delusion and suicidal tendencies, not knowing where to turn to and the entire town comes to his rescue at the last thanks to her!
Little role reversal, if you will, but such it is at this time, and I am no less concerned for Mary than she would be for George, and than the angel was for both of them, and G-d for us all.
Thank you for the priviledge of writing you this letter and letting you know about Us and myself during this season which may need new and real tales of wonder and miracle to sustain its Original Meaning within all our hearts and minds and souls.

May G-d Bless you and keep you, lighten your heart and sustain your soul’s need, now and forevermore.

May your Holidays be Holy and Bright!


Shabbat shalom

Barzillai dov Ganya

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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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