Flags Of Discontent

Keep ’em waving…
Rev 3:8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.
It is an damnable trait in all human nature that we are most often attracted to that which we ought to be repulsed and repulsed by that which we ought to be attracted…
It is not so much saving an life which is error, so much as the fact that when there is nothing for a people to live for, and ultimately all our strivings are for naught that makes doing the former an act of defeat rather than victory.
There is a selfishness that saves, and a selfishness that damns…The jump to an higher minded mindfulness, from one that is necessarily base is only thwarted by the latter brought about by giving way to vice and forgetfulness, and abandoned by that which now lays blame and exacts revenge unwarranted and undue upon either party. Both are justified and damned therein, only one who overcomes and forgives all is going to ever succeed in anything in this life or the next.
When I came out of my coma, there was a certain team of neurologists who swore I’d never walk again, and as helpless and completely and utterly useless as I felt at the time, it were sufficient for me to wish myself dead again. I fear I don’t remember exactly what the prognosis were. I was in terrible shape at that time, and in and out of consciousness. But I recall the team of neurologists testing me and pronouncing something to the end that I had serious nerve damage and would never walk again. I was not but skin and bones, great bunches of the hair on my head had fallen out and I was so stiff, I could not budge a finger, without help, and oy! every touch and movement was so painful, I just wished to sleep and to die.
It took some time, much painful rehabilitation, and patient work with physical therapists, but after a few months, they had me up and walking again with crutches…I recall months when just sitting in a chair were unbearably painful…and I was none much help to those helping me, but they persisted and I am glad of it. I regained much strength and dexterity over time, and eventually became strong and there were some wonderful years during which I would ride a bicycle many miles a day, more and more each day…
Now, I’ve lost some of that strength due to many reasons, more physical and spiritual combat, bouts of doubt and depression, etc. I am weaker than I were, walk with a cane, and have more need of rest than I did then, but I still get around well enough to boast about.
Initially the doctors thought I might never come out of the coma, and there was good chance I’d be a vegetable if I did…
Some antibiotics and drugs they gave me had a bad reaction and made me far worse for a time…
It was all very strange, drug induced and hard to remember much of it…
The kindness of many an nurse and PCA, and some doctors I shall never forget and always be grateful for…There were some really wonderful souls whom had part in it all.
Anyway, I am grateful for many miracles and their workers.
I think there is never a reason to give up hope, and now I have no trouble understanding miracles testified to in the Scriptures.
It is only disbelief and G-d’s Will that sometimes confuses and disheartens people. I would that I could hear sometimes, for example, but I know it is G-d’s Will that I should not now…
Anyway, there is always reason to hope and never much justification to be otherwise minded.
Stay positive and may it redound to our personal merit.
As I’ve stated in the past, there exists many Champions of the Faith in America, or "heroes" if you must have them. None of whom may boast of heavy artillery, or weapons of any sort for that matter, beyond Faith, Love, Mercy, Long-suffering, Charity and an all-enduring devotion to the L-RD and the L-RD’s Christ.
The few men who decide upon and lead our nation into wars, etc. are not among them, but often act because of their failings. This imbalance is the reason for all madness and stupidity reigning in the hearts and minds of many an member of an Body wayward for decades and generations upon them. We, as a nation were headed for the worst by far, if the L-RD had not stepped in and barred our way, made up a wall and stood in the gap.
We often prize ourselves in manipulating the Christ in one another unto the perversity, wickedness and faithlessness which we then "cure" by waging unjust wars that supply us in our wickedness with an multitude of remedies and provisions which are in fact nonesuch at all and only speed the Day of the L-RD onward, which thing is the nation’s sure ruin and nothing to boast in as we do and are famous for.
If you are in need of believing in heroes, one need look no further than to an flock of old ewes, with perhaps a few old sows and harmless small dogs mixed in, who have patiently endured imprisonment, affliction, neglect and the most unreasonable abandonment witnessed under heaven right here in what is and shall be an New Jeruzalem, and a few hardened men who have done what they could without any help from their nation for the same.
All because of wayward souls who wished to build large cities, own merchandise and invention that should never have been manufactured and made available on such an insanely irrational basis.
It’s an mental aberration that really fast-forwarded during the Reagan administration, the "Great Communicator" so-called…(Great Manipulator, says I!)
Probably the greatest evil our nation’s collective consciousness ever suffered…Pure wickedness.
Reagan, ala "Editor Bob" simply took the Messiah’s words and made them serve himself or man instead of the real intent of men serving G-d and one another in Lawful agreement.
The same man and administration are the reason these Champions were imprisoned and pigs on the wing let loose like an plague and enthroned in judgment seats, working treasonous governance unto the affliction and ensnaring of still more lambs, and the employment of still more swine, by way of absurd and unLawful institution and bribery that really robbed even they who accepted the bribes and agreed to enjoy less than they deserve and had an Lawful right to enjoy, and more, an Holy Obligation to uphold and impose.
Not even Death would stop the "Great Communicator" and he still works in all his "Gadianton" members to save his embattled ship in an effort to yet justify the most ill-begotten and profane of governments to ever spill out of the Mother of Abomination’s rancid womb.
An stupid, selfish, self-serving nation was his aim, even by ridiculously endeavoring to deliver unto an nation of inebriated swine exactly what they wanted while disabling an heaven’s worth of lambs, barring their Way Divine; disallowing their right to serve their G-d and one another by monopolization and frustration of all freedoms, and intentions just, unto an widespread apathy and dependence upon his government of takers.
Curse Jim Brady! Curse Our Lady and curse Her kings in the Land of pigs free, and the Home of lambs caged.
What he rewarded those thus imprisoned or snared with is the right to turn about and do the same things to their children, reversing or intending to reverse an curse Lawfully decreed by the L-RD to bring the sins of the parents upon their children and even going one step further to oppose any accountability whatsoever unto every man, disallowing their right to be held accountable and atone for their own sins. Instead demolishing all authentic responsibility unto our Creator and unto one another with the most vile of agreements unto an idol and demon Abaddon, namely Reagan and his war machine, the Beast of Babylon. Once ensnared, it is no wonder all would agree to anything but righteousness and government Lawful, because they are all henceforth nerveless, frightened animals scared out of their wits, quickly becoming hardened demonic creatures of guile, or else being consumed by the majority and their place wiped cleaned and the memory of their ever having existed as well from history’s consciousness.
To reverse this tragedy would be the simplest of decisions and agreements with the simplest of Ways extant, but the pride of the few, ruling as an majority, would rather eat their own flesh than bow the knee unto the L-RD and free themselves from every burden by embracing Christ and His
Selfishness and paranoia, the consolation of delusion, etc. is to be expected in a world full of fearful, desperate children trying to protect a dream unreal and is to be patiently endured until it is overcome by the majority who may lead the remainder out of the foggy past and into a brighter future for one as for all. We must birth the American Reality, rather than be disunited in the Dream. "We’ve met the enemy…etc."
The sheer volume of Idolatry in our nation in the Latter-days is enough to choke Leviathan, never mind the horse.
McCain will ensure an end seven times worse than Reagan and Obama is seven times as absurd an option
It is unfortunately Civil War time, and we need an Lincoln full of some righteous thinkin’ to unclog our political toilet.
Isa 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. 
America’s government has not shouldered a burden in decades…they’ve doled them out to citizens unfit to carry them and paid themselves in astounding figures for the right and privilege of doing so…
Some men and women will do anything rather than admit to being wrong.
I’m not one of them.
I will do anything rather than deny or subvert the L-RD’s Word and Command.
The wicked need an Abraham restraining or bridling their authority, not an supplanter misguiding the same, or they will take every advantage and opportunity available to Glut. It may be chief of the demonic dimensions sevenfold.
And Impatience may the eighth deadly sin.
"…the chief aristocracy or chief priests, who regarded the work in the Temple as routine…acted indifferently, greedy and cold. The Levites, however, formed a favorable contrast with them, for they carried out their duties zealously."
"There was nothing else [their] soul desired."
They were resolved, though they may have endured their seasons of discontent, they knew "holy jealousy."
"Let us give our hearts to the L-rd, who asked, ‘My son, give me your heart.’ Let us humbly and patiently leave everything in the hands of the Almighty One of Israel and bow before His will, however senseless it may appear to us. That’s the most important thing. G-d’s promises are sure and certain: not one jot or tittle will fall away. His Word will abide, and He will do His good pleasure. But it is not for us to say just how He will carry out His Word."
Quotations taken from Israel’s Hope and Expectation by Rudolf van Reest.
Temple service becomes cold, unfeeling and mechanical when duties were fulfilled by the wrong people for the wrong reasons. A lot of "cotton pickin’ minutes" ensue…and the work defiled and the result undesired hence unprofitable. 
Israel and in particular, the Levites were chosen because their hearts loved righteousness, while their members were most skilled at carrying out that which was not always so.
Under a Babylonian King like Reagan they tend to suffer of or from anti-doctrine, carrying out the whims and desires of their king(s) rather than the L-RD, their labour being made restless and more exacting than exact as a consequence. And in fulfilling their sworn duty unto an head gone astray, rather than and Head found in the Way…mar the works of the Kingdom and their individual talents they ought to be perfecting.
The strain would bring about what such kings desire- the inevitable dissolution and disbandment of the tribes…unto the satisfaction of many kings fulfilled in as many an farce and folly.
No one ever had need of an Huge Statue/Idol being built that was bound to be destroyed to fulfill the will of some egomaniacal, demonic tyrant. What they need is devotion unto a Temple and Way they may never destroy, and an Head who cares more for them than they for He.
And G-d has no need of an Temple or House at all really, but it were in David’s heart and Solomon’s imagination to build an single Edifice worthy of the G-d and King they served out of their personal love and devotion for the Same.
And all the people knew this and thus were satisfied with working towards the same goal, and overjoyed by Its completion and fulfillment, same as they were overjoyed by the Ministry of Messiah. And they were all as One Body destroyed when It and He were as well.
This is a Leader loved of the people.
Reagan was a leader loved by those with no or little touch and less love for G-d’s Reality and Creation.
All in the family, an Deborah should always where the pants, never the skirts. She has issues…
Kings like Reagan skirt all issues…and fall for all damsels.
Fortunately for he and unfortunately for an multitude, most embittered souls would rather have any amount of revenge upon G-d than to see their offspring and therefore their own future hopes in the generational turnover, blossom as a rose in the wilderness, free and blessed thereby.
An Babylonian King works the opposite of Solomon’s revelation to "Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days."  Instead it’s "Cast thy meat upon many roadways, and in due time, all thine arteries will be cloggedeth!"
It were those, here, close by me now, who suffered much worse than even I who saved me from the same suffering. Because they knew their enemy. It were the King of Babylon and his Boss, the Evil One, who put me in here with an eye single unto making sure I would suffer the same.
Because it is what he suffered for his own cock-surety and errors in judgment, failing to understand why the L-RD chose me and not he.
His authority comes from beneath and ought to be feared but never heeded as gospel and only obeyed so as to avoid suffering, while my Authority comes from above and must be heeded in order to fulfill and become an exalted you and I in an exalted Creation.
He is the reason people loose respect for soldiers, law enforcement officers and peace keepers, while I may be a key part of the reason people rightly Fear the L-RD and the evil one and show proper respect and regard in all situations and circumstances, and prosper thereby on and individual basis as well as an whole.
And there have been times, throughout the Ages, when we have enjoyed great respect for one another. And we still ought to in its proper Light and Order Divine.
It’s when he receives power undue him and I chastisement undue me, that injustice results for all. And that is the History of America in a Nutshell.
And so I say, as Moses once said unto Pharaoh…
"Yo Ahab, let go my nuts! That they may serve me in the wilderness…"
Mar 3:23-26  And he called them [unto him], and said unto them in parables, How can Satan cast out Satan?
And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.
And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.
Luk 11:17-20  But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house [divided] against a house falleth.
If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub.
And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your sons cast [them] out? therefore shall they be your judges.
But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.
3Nephi 15:5-24
 I am he that gave the law, and I am he who covenanted with my people Israel; therefore, the law in me is fulfilled, for I have come to fulfil the law; therefore it hath an Renewal.
I do not destroy the prophets, for as many as have not been fulfilled in me, verily I say unto you, shall all be fulfilled.
And because I said unto you that old things have passed away, I do not destroy that which hath been spoken concerning things which are to come.
For the covenant which I have made with my people is not all fulfilled; but the law which was given unto Moses hath an Renewal in me.
I am the law, and the light. Look unto me, and endure to the end, and ye shall live; for unto him that endureth to the end will I give eternal life.
I have given unto you the commandments; therefore keep my commandments. And this is the law and the prophets, for they truly testified of me.
And now it came to pass that when Jesus had spoken these words, he said unto those twelve whom he had chosen:
Ye are my disciples; and ye are a light unto this people, who are a remnant of the house of Israel.
And behold, this is the land of your inheritance; and the Father hath given it unto you.
And not at any time hath the Father given me commandment that I should tell it unto your brethren at Jerusalem.
Neither at any time hath the Father given me commandment that I should tell unto them concerning the other tribes of the house of Israel, whom the Father hath led away out of the land.
This much did the Father command me, that I should tell unto them:
That other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.
And now, because of stiffneckedness and unbelief they understood not my word; therefore I was commanded to say no more of the Father concerning this thing unto them.
But, verily, I say unto you that the Father hath commanded me, and I tell it unto you, that ye were separated from among them because of their iniquity; therefore it is because of their iniquity that they know not of you.
And verily, I say unto you again that the other tribes hath the Father separated from them; and it is because of their iniquity that they know not of them.
And verily I say unto you, that ye are they of whom I said: Other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.
And they understood me not, for they supposed it had been the Gentiles; for they understood not that the Gentiles should be converted through their preaching.
And they understood me not that I said they shall hear my voice; and they understood me not that the Gentiles should not at any time hear my voice — that I should not manifest myself unto them save it were by the Holy Ghost.
But ye have both heard my voice, and seen me; and ye are my sheep, and ye are numbered among those whom the Father hath given me.
D&C 63
  Hearken, O ye people, and open your hearts and give ear from afar; and listen, you that call yourselves the people of the Lord, and hear the word of the Lord and his will concerning you.
Yea, verily, I say, hear the word of him whose anger is kindled against the wicked and rebellious;
Who willeth to take even them whom he will take, and preserveth in life them whom he will preserve;
Who buildeth up at his own will and pleasure; and destroyeth when he pleases, and is able to cast the soul down to hell.
Behold, I, the Lord, utter my voice, and it shall be obeyed.
Wherefore, verily I say, let the wicked take heed, and let the rebellious fear and tremble; and let the unbelieving hold their lips, for the day of wrath shall come upon them as a whirlwind, and all flesh shall know that I am God.
And he that seeketh signs shall see signs, but not unto salvation.
Verily, I say unto you, there are those among you who seek signs, and there have been such even from the beginning;
But, behold, faith cometh not by signs, but signs follow those that believe.
Yea, signs come by faith, not by the will of men, nor as they please, but by the will of God.
Yea, signs come by faith, unto mighty works, for without faith no man pleaseth God; and with whom God is angry he is not well pleased; wherefore, unto such he showeth no signs, only in wrath unto their condemnation.
Wherefore, I, the Lord, am not pleased with those among you who have sought after signs and wonders for faith, and not for the good of men unto my glory.
Nevertheless, I give commandments, and many have turned away from my commandments and have not kept them.
There were among you adulterers and adulteresses; some of whom have turned away from you, and others remain with you that hereafter shall be revealed.
Let such beware and repent speedily, lest judgment shall come upon them as a snare, and their folly shall be made manifest, and their works shall follow them in the eyes of the people.
And verily I say unto you, as I have said before, he that looketh on a woman to lust after her, or if any shall commit adultery in their hearts, they shall not have the Spirit, but shall deny the faith and shall fear.
Wherefore, I, the Lord, have said that the fearful, and the unbelieving, and all liars, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie, and the whoremonger, and the sorcerer, shall have their part in that lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.
Verily I say, that they shall not have part in the first resurrection.
And now I, the Lord, say unto you that ye are not justified, because these things are among you.
Nevertheless, he that endureth in faith and doeth my will, the same shall overcome, and shall receive an inheritance upon the earth when the day of transfiguration shall come;
When the earth shall be transfigured, even according to the pattern which was shown unto mine apostles upon the mount; of which account the fulness ye have not yet received.
And now, verily I say unto you, that as I said that I would make known my will unto you, behold I will make it known unto you, not by the way of commandment, for there are many who observe not to keep my commandments.
But unto him that keepeth my commandments I will give the mysteries of my kingdom, and the same shall be in him a well of living water, springing up unto everlasting life.
And now, this is the will of the Lord your God concerning his saints, that they should assemble themselves together unto the land of Zion, not in haste, lest there should be confusion, which bringeth pestilence.
Behold, the land of Zion—I, the Lord, hold it in mine own hands;
Nevertheless, I, the Lord, render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s.
Wherefore, I the Lord will that you should purchase the lands, that you may have advantage of the world, that you may have claim on the world, that they may not be stirred up unto anger.
For Satan putteth it into their hearts to anger against you, and to the shedding of blood.
Wherefore, the land of Zion shall not be obtained but by purchase or by blood, otherwise there is none inheritance for you.
And if by purchase, you are blessed;
And if by blood, as you are forbidden to shed blood, lo, your enemies are upon you, and ye shall be scourged from city to city, and from synagogue to synagogue, and but few shall stand to receive an inheritance.
I, the Lord, am angry with the wicked; I am holding my Spirit from the inhabitants of the earth.
I have sworn in my wrath, and decreed wars upon the face of the earth, and the wicked shall slay the wicked, and fear shall come upon every man;
And the saints also shall hardly escape; nevertheless, I, the Lord, am with them, and will come down in heaven from the presence of my Father and consume the wicked with unquenchable fire.
And this is not yet, but by and by.
Wherefore, seeing that I, the Lord, have decreed all these things upon the face of the earth, I will that my saints should be assembled upon the land of Zion;
And that every man should take righteousness in his hands and faithfulness upon his loins, and lift a warning voice unto the inhabitants of the earth; and declare both by word and by flight that desolation shall come upon the wicked.
Wherefore, let my disciples arrange their temporal concerns, who dwell upon this land.
And let all the moneys which can be spared, it mattereth not unto me whether it be little or much, be sent up unto the land of Zion, unto them whom I have appointed to receive.
I, the Lord, will give unto my servant power that he shall be enabled to discern by the Spirit those who shall go up unto the land of Zion, and those of my disciples who shall tarry.
Let him impart all the money which they can impart, to be sent up unto the land of Zion.
These things are in their own hands, let them do according to wisdom.
Verily I say, let them be ordained as agents unto the disciples that shall tarry, and let him be ordained unto this power;
And now speedily visit the churches, expounding these things unto them. This is my will for obtaining moneys even as I have directed.
He that is faithful and endureth shall overcome the world.
He that sendeth up treasures unto the land of Zion shall receive an inheritance in this world, and his works shall follow him, and also a reward in the world to come.
Yea, and blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, from henceforth, when the Lord shall come, and old things shall pass away, and all things become new, they shall rise from the dead and shall not die after, and shall receive an inheritance before the Lord, in the holy city.
And he that liveth when the Lord shall come, and hath kept the faith, blessed is he; nevertheless, it is appointed to him to die at the age of man.
Wherefore, children shall grow up until they become old; old men shall die; but they shall not sleep in the dust, but they shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye.
Wherefore, for this cause preached the apostles unto the world the resurrection of the dead.
These things are the things that ye must look for; and, speaking after the manner of the Lord, they are now nigh at hand, and in a time to come, even in the day of the coming of the Son of Man.
And until that hour there will be foolish virgins among the wise; and at that hour cometh an entire separation of the righteous and the wicked; and in that day will I send mine angels to pluck out the wicked and cast them into unquenchable fire.
And now behold, verily I say unto you, I, the Lord, am not pleased with my servants; who exalted themselves in their hearts, and received not counsel, but grieved the Spirit;
And again, verily I say unto you, those who desire in their hearts, in meekness, to warn sinners to repentance, let them be ordained unto this power.
For this is a day of warning, and not a day of many words. For I, the Lord, am not to be mocked in the last days.
 I am from above, and my power lieth beneath. I am over all, and in all, and through all, and search all things, and the day cometh that all things shall be subject unto me.
 I am Alpha and Omega, even Messiah.
Wherefore, let all men beware how they take my name in their lips—
For behold, verily I say, that many there be who are under this condemnation, who use the name of the Lord, and use it in vain, having not authority.
Wherefore, let the Temple repent of their sins, and I, the Lord, will own them; otherwise they shall be cut off.
Remember that which cometh from above is sacred, and must be spoken with care, and by constraint of the Spirit; and in this there is no condemnation, and ye receive the Spirit through prayer; wherefore, without this there remaineth condemnation.
Let my servants, establish them a home, as they are taught through prayer by the Spirit.
These things remain to overcome through patience, that such may receive a more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, otherwise, a greater condemnation. Amen.

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