Don’t Get Spooked (Pt. 2 of the Letter)

Your entire family, your friends and neighbors, etc., are deceivers, but they cannot help being so. They are trapped and it’s the nature of the Beast vs. the nurturing Hand of the Almighty, and the struggle to express or be part of one or the other in a reality shared.

Mat 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

It’s easier to give into the Beast and be empowered by wrath and hatred than to be men and women of courage and fight to maintain godliness. When I say "fight," I mean endure and suffer the circumstances of affliction patiently, whenever possible displaying the attributes and courage of G-d rather than the beastly boastfulness and arrogance of the Beast.

Love them, therefore, but keep an safe distance and wise head about your shoulders, for they must submit to you and G-d in you, if you do love them. They mean to scare the Holy Spirit out of you, or so anger you as to make you like them, and then beat you easily with experience you do not have and do not want or need.

Challenge or hate them, and they’ll eat you alive. Those from above cannot war against those from beneath on their terms and territory. It is better to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, than to be cast down to lowest Sheol for antagonistically opposing them. Better to seem weak, frail and cowardly in their estimation than fall prey to their cunning. Better to be perceived an aloof ass than an hooved animal. And in every instance in which a man becomes weak or frail in frame, the Beast is to blame for victimizing either one of its own or an individual from above, given over for the purposes of redemption and reconciliation, thus the sacrificial atonement of Christ or unblemished, clean animals. And thus, when Israel strayed, rebelled, or erred in any way, G-d would require them to afflict, humble and abase themselves, as well as offer sacrifice for atonement which He would provide them with, and the victim of sacrifice was always a pure, humble, harmless beast, such as a lamb.

The act was telling the Israelites, this is the price of your sin, you become a monster who would and must inflict punishment on an unaware, harmless beast or thyself to escape your folly and maintain My Dignity. And thus, the Final Atonement, many times worse, inflicting punishment and murder of an innocent and lamblike G-dhead, which were nothing very new to the evil, who had been sacrificing their own sons and daughters for ages to dumb idols, they themselves created and worshipped.

For none of them are really brave or heroic in nature, but merely base and violently-minded at best or belligerent and frighteningly ghastly at worst. Being the victims of long suffered and constant terror themselves, they fear everything and distrust themselves. Thus, nothing they attempt or do ever really succeeds or prevails against greater Virtue, Strength, Wisdom and Fear of G-d, the light of Which they shun, preferring darkness and malice. They must live in a delusional, completely fantastick realm to enjoy feeling superior, which they never were, are or shall be, not even compared to the lowest form of creation and ideation extant.
The only thing that ever made Israel valiant in war was the amount of care they took in preserving the Life, Light and Holiness of the Holy One of Israel, who was, is and shall be, the Christ. Thus preserving Israel’s Glory by association to a Holy and Consecrated, Covenantal G-d.

Hence, an America’s profoundly, unforgivable Shame and Dishonour in these, our Latter-days.

Days when men are too stupid, ungrateful or wholly unable to instruct their children in the L-RD.

And that is when children ought to hate, with murderous intent their own parents, killing the spirit of humanity so-called.

For men void of godly patience, Faith, Mind and Spirit inevitably lead their children into war and unspeakable deeds of darkness.

"If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the Pit." And that is where many are and find themselves today, when denial and distraction mean more to them than reality and wholeness of Being. Political structure becomes essential now, even when it were falling apart which is why the Right strong armed the nation and world.

For every man you see in the world who wears not a beard, is an evil traitor to G-d and brethren. A marked "schmuck." And he that turns facial/body hair into an reason to behold himself as "wild" or primitive, is both an ass and affront to the very ideation of "humanity."

A well kept beard and garb of religious awareness, what once was the mark of a godly gentleman, is now considered the mark of a terrorist, antiAmerican or antisocial outcast. And a baseball cap anything but what it is, an abominable mark of pride and hatred.

While perfumed, clean-faced buffoons, driving luxury SUV’s, "pwning" one another, stinking up G-d’s Creation worse than animal dung, are hailed and rewarded as necessary agents of a society’s building up, maintenance and stability. Absurd and abominable! Get thee hence, Satan!

They don’t like long hair and beards, because they are Nazis and the pestilence they create is hard to endure when it clings to you by the very hairs of your body.
The inexcusability of created man seeking and acquiring personal glory and fame is disgustingly abhorrible, unless it be understood that such are laughable fools, "acting" for the sake of entertainment. Which may and indeed in many instances has been acts of love toward G-d and man.

But the wicked turn entertainment into a needful science and schooled attainment of supposed mastery of an art or craft had of or by education and practice, which it is to an extent but not one that presupposes to or in actuality may supplant Man’s relationship with his Creator…

It’s Idolatry.

It is an impossibility to be as wise as G-d. It is very easy to be smarter than and outwit His servants. Thus, when in the wretched, abused and abased state Y’shua found himself in and knew were his duty and cross to bear, his silent submission before his Enemy at his crucifixion were all important.

The very mention of his Fame and Glory turns men into waxen intolerable morons these days. In truth, they have always been so, particularly back in the day when there were no other Way to be part of a worthy society than admission through a Church or Governing Body of Believers, who became "pricks" the very first day one of these gadabouts gained entry into said society’s hierarchy.

One bad apple spoils a bunch.

As far as "owning" anything in creation goes, especially one another, in any way except that of Lawful, willing servanthood- the notion is likewise, absurd.
We all, without exception, exist and are here on G-d’s Earth as tenants, sojourners, servants and keepers, minders and experiencers of His Creation, according to His Design, with nought but equal right and claim to servanthood, period.

And if we do not care for that which was Given to us, we do not deserve the same and ought to have all things taken from us and given unto a people who will care for it and produce its fruits.

But the wicked through cunning misrepresentation and supplantation have turned the world upside-down since the days of the earliest apostles disagreements, and Paul’s victory through cunning and allegiance to the Beast over the L-rd’s real Work of Renewal, Redemption and Restoration, which may have been necessary during the violence following the crucifixion of Y’shua and the destruction of the Temple/Jerusalem. There were and is no more cunning servant/apostle of Y’shua.
If not Paul himself, than those who followed and usurped his Divine Right as Representative of Christ…who had more success as a prisoner and failure, "fool for Christ," than he may ever have enjoyed upon the battlefield, chasing David all over Creation. Denying the importance of the Law then and abolishing It altogether as an self-proclaimed Apostle, when in all Truth and likelihood, he were the first dissenter and disrupter of Peter’s Christ Appointed Church to the Gentile…succeeding only because of his close fellowship with Barnabus, whom he would part ways with as well, preferring the solo act and quickly working his way into the society of the day’s formal body, convincing kings and noblemen with tact and convincibility of a statesmen most lauded and accepted by men since Socrates, and to this very day like and as none other in all of history, succeeding beyond many for mankind in Christ. And why? He was concerned with protecting G-d’s flock.

Jesus never proclaimed Paul to be a Rock, and Paul himself proclaims himself Chief of sinners. In fact, the most Jesus ever said about Paul were "Why are you persecuting me?" and that if he did wish to be an apostle and represent Christ, he would have to suffer immeasurably more than any disciple to date. The evidence of which, we have few examples of recounting. So, his success seems to be more in the line of negotiating with the Enemy and having a brilliant political/military mind and strong conscientious, ethical and moral constitution, more godly than base in nature.

Every disciple denied or ran away from Jesus. And, with the exception of an John, none were there at his crucifixion, though all witnessed his resurrection thanks again to Y’shua’s own "footwork."

But none took into account future kingdom needs of the ages and realities in Christ’s Kingdom never-ending, as the Apostle Paul did. He rightly discerned and perceived the need to think ahead and act accordingly in most cases. Perhaps only to be outdone by Deborah in the Judgment seat, but both were ever-concerned with keeping Christ in the Mercy seat eternally. Miriam, Y’shua’s mother and all of Y’shua’s brother’s had not discerned the importance of this Key.

"G-d shall supply all my need, according to His Righteousness in Christ, Jesus."

It is astoundingly obvious to me, that we, as Americans, live in what is the most Lawless nation on earth, now forming, as it were, is, and shall be, under a police state, which we must constantly wage negotiation with as citizens with none but the right to remain silent and cast meaningless votes and lots in for a piece of Pie. And such is probably more than we rightly deserve, our slice of pie humble…beats crumbs…the ones we’re rightly worthy to receive and may be alloted of an Master’s share in His Kingdom.

The why and wherefore of which is only made understandable either through Christ himself or the Teachings and Way of Judaism, not Christianity, better coined Christian’s-Vanity or Insanity.

Lemmings are not immortal, but those who feed upon them, are nearly so…
"Salvation is of the Jews," saith Jesus, the Christ. "Salvation is of the L-RD," saith the Jews. "Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, [even] by him doth this man stand here before you whole.
This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." saith the Rock, Peter.

And Paul informs men of what they are, vile debtors, with no Way of entry but hard-won service and labour, made enjoyable by the labourers humility in association to Christ and a just governing body of negotiators.

Thus forming the first and only legitimate body of Christians so-called, supposing to supplant a Chosen Nation, who of their own disobedient belligerence had cut themselves off from the Light and Love of G-d. Blindmen for the Veil of Moses, unable to behold themselves in a Renewed Covenantal manner, which they must in order to rightly interpret the Work marred by their own Covenant breaking waywardness and disobedience.

They fell prey to the L-RD’s own Word.

"…line upon line and fell away backward…" Isa 28:13

There is no Way to Justify America’s gluttony and inhumanity without a Temple and Praying, labouring Body of knowledgeable Jews working constantly for G-d.
This is why they are (or were attempting to) pouring all their efforts into doing no more than killing me and others like me by cunning design, making it seem like fate or my and their own fault, or because they were "terrorists" threatening America.

Fa’ upon you! Bloody murderers!

This is perhaps, the cruelest, most lawless and pigheaded generation of mankind ever!

It’s the "Time of the Gentiles," the "Joseph Smith Generation," joined to every idol ever conceived of.

Satan’s Generation.

I believe the L-RD intended that Abraham be the first person to realize one may never know G-d, serve Him and remain an asset to his own country, nation and homeland. He is no longer a resident and citizen of this world. Henceforth, a Jew Eternal but never again a Judean.

An acquaintance of mine made an astute observation in a letter to me one time, when I was having trouble catching his "drift." He said something to the point of, "Ah, man, it’s like you’ll never really understand me or enjoy my fellowship rightly because you’ll never know what it is to be Hmong." (His native ethnicity.) But I always had the sense that we understood one another better than I understood brethren of my own ethnicity, color or creed or even and especially my own family members, with whom I remain estranged and foreign with to this day.

And this, I believe, is the true and unique status of all true Americans, real Jews. At least in the American reality I grew up in and enjoyed very much being a part of once upon a time. Where slang and jive were an more important bridge toward unity and understanding one another in the simplest of terms and most convenient and relevant forms and definitions unavailable in any native tongue. Where men may meet and wordlessly go to work, proceeding, from a standpoint of mutual necessity and agreement to "get ‘er done," when need be and kick back and enjoy the fruit of your labours, when appropriate and Lawful.

This is the closest acceptable understanding and justification I may perceive of for Torah living as it seems to be represented by any Gentile or Christian body of believers. Because for all its wants, errors and failures, it usually has what is important to G-d in abundance. Namely mercy, humility and justice through long suffering and/or seeming accident or happenstance of organization or better said, disorganization. On the other hand, when represented in an authoritarian manner without the strict adherence to the Law and Torah is caustic and harmful near alway, and when adhered to, marvelous and majestic in outcome. Ala’ David/Solomon’s Temple and Kingdom.

At the time, when my friend made this observation, I was merely stumped and had to admit he was right, in that I will never know what it is to be Hmong and I did not know of a Way of overcoming the difference.

Would, that at that time, I had been put in remembrance of the issues and statutes I am now trying to impress upon others in my immediate realm of existence, and the same of wherever I may roam hereafter.

To G-d, where Abraham had come from was, and were not important. It was all about where he was going and why and the importance of a relationship with Him that mattered.

After all, I do and did not wish to be my friend, and his uniqueness and individuality were both sacred and important to me as a matter of fact not fiction which actually, literally being he may alway be for me. Sharing the effort to communicate in a meaningful Way were sufficient to bring me happiness or joy in the expression of who we were in that moment, regardless of where we were at that time or where we may have been headed in our separate futures.

Meeting again, later in life, were indeed difficult, if not impossible, but I did find that the automatic acceptation of and respect for our unique separateness remained intact and we would and hopefully will alway remain friends, despite my never having been to Laos nor speaking with a Hmong tongue and influence.
"The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddleth with his joy." Proverbs 14:10

Is it any wonder that the Torah Itself became less or more important than Rabbinical tutoring and interpretation of what is regarded as the Oral Teaching, and more still debate over these, depending on which side of the shekel the flip decided? Keeping the Law perfectly is all important to seeing G-d’s Will performed in our and His reality, not only for an Rabbi or disciple himself, but it is exceedingly important in ensuring that the tradition is passed down or on and emulated by one’s offspring in future generations. It is what keeps G-d’s people safe and secure and prosperous in the midst of their enemies, where one or too many false steps may mean disaster from which they may not recover without much suffering in captivity and exile, separation from G-d. The latter being sevenfold worse than the former, which is manageable only when you have some form of fellowship with G-d, and are not completely cutoff from His mercies and providence.

It is the only Way to move forward for a people gone away backward…and there were more instances of disagreement and outburst of anger and violence than ever…And why? The people of G-d wanted to please Him, and whenever they did, they experienced success and joy at the very least vicariously, which is better than not at all, thus the importance of the Aaronic Blessing, and the sacredness of miracle and wonder and awe…for which they must protect the realm of an spiritual "Goshen" physically, requiring transgression of the Law for the sake of some who might observe the same free of obstruction of the unfolding of G-d’s Justice and deflection of the administration of His Mercy, come forth from Zion and Jerusalem Spiritual, in the physical where it is needed and wantingly absent and strangely denied by the masses of ungrateful, unmindful swine which dominate America.

"Here, take this purse,
thou whom the heavens plagues
Have humbled to all strokes. That I am wretched
Makes thee the happier. Heavens, deal so still!
Let the superfluous and lust dieted man,
That slaves your ordinance, that will not see
Because he does not feel, feel your power quickly;
So distribution should undo excess,
And each man have enough."

Unfortunately, the inclusion of the Gentile and Heathen nations only complicated further what was already difficult. Reorganizing of a people known to be disobedient and wayward within themselves, who now had the added disability of not being able to agree on what was discerned as His meaning, when G-d clearly intended It to be simple and clear to all nations.

It is the same with many nations, tongues and peoples. Man immediately wishes to be understood by way of plain and simple reasoning at first, but as life goes on and we are individually shaped by it, one either gains or fails to gain insight and understanding into G-d’s plan for that individual, and as his language naturally evolves according to his need to express himself in a new way, perhaps as often as every day, perhaps never or seldom so….The meeting point is ever the same, so long as we let not one example or the other seem superior or inferior, but in each and every extreme of worldly success let each and every man be understood, considered and regarded as equal according to the G-dly Ideal, of which there may be no argument.

"Men are without excuse." saith Paul.

Jesus may be the only person to have ever lived who never had to work nor bullsh*t his Way through life because, what he possesses and permits others to enjoy is more necessary than oxygen, people want It more than anything- The Divine Right To Be @ Divine Liberty. Willing to commit deicide to gain. Freedom fought for, is a ruse and lie….Liberty Bestowed is a Divine Gift.

Win, lose and take or steal all you wish in the game of life so-called, you may not have what only He has the Right to bestow freely, as a gift you may not earn, but must be accepted upon the condition of repentance and belief alone.

"None cometh unto the Father but through me."
What It do? Where It been? Where It goin’ to?
"To be acknowledge, madam, is o’erpaid…
Yet to be known shortens my made intent."

Well, dear reader, life still stinks where I’m at and I grow tired of the evil one’s games…Even when they are entertaining, I’d rather be elsewhere, doing anything but enduring what I have been for the past 15 years or so…

I make it as interesting and enjoyable as I may for myself and others, when I may, but there seems too much loss, pain and sadness, to consider it worth the folly.
It is written the righteous shall endure afflictions, but that the L-RD delivers him out of them all.

So, I patiently suffer pestilence, dishonour, loss, pain, and gladly enjoy what relief from I may receive in the midst of it all.

The wicked hate with such cunning malice, one has to wonder, why G-d bothered to create them…and then it is written, "for the day of destruction and wrath." All I seem to feel or witness is their destruction of the righteous and the earth on a broad scope, and their is none to help.

The unlikeliest of people seem to be very wicked also…Old and young alike, and females seem particularly cruel, taking too much pleasure in their own part and craft in it.

"I’ll never care what wickedness I do,
If this man come to good.
If she live long,
And in the end meet the old course of death,
Women will all turn monsters."

~From King Lear.

I may not blame the weaker sex, and indeed I don’t.

It is the men that I cannot even look upon any longer. Wronged by everyone I’ve ever met or known now, life seems pretty dismal and pointless, were it not that the L-RD is with me and motivating what is left of me to Work His Will. Such is always fulfilling and marvelous to behold and be a part of. It’s something I want to share, but it’s not possible when both the righteous and the wicked alike deny me and He who is with me mightily…

I think of that line about the kindness of strangers, but even that doesn’t seem to last long when I happen upon it lately…

No one seems to be enjoying life anymore…just delusions and non-reality devices and such…

My living conditions are still caustic and unlivable, (slowly improving, thanks mostly to my own efforts) and I have what I thought were good friends of mine to thank for ending up here…

Anyway, for the sake of explaining where I been for the past month or more…Mid-March was a killer, still very cold out, snow yet on the ground, death and pestilence so thick in the air in my apartment, I could not close the windows, though it were freezing outside….

Developed a nasty case of RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome…Sounds stupid, right? But it can be awful, if you’ve ever experienced it…

Doctor prescribed Mirapex. Mirapex worsened the symptoms and made my state of body unbearable…The restless leg syndrome became a restless body syndrome, and my feet would swell, body spasm, and I’d lay in bed like this for hours, all to get a few winks just before dawn. Can’t do much at all about it, but just suffer it…quiver and spasm all through the night…

And on top of this, I was being infected/aged by the pestilence in the air…It’s brutal and makes one sadistically angry…That’s what you may feel in the air here…and it’s sickening, like having an old persons diaper tied around your face 24/7…It doesn’t rest, not even for the Sabbath…

For months, I would tell myself, if it be the L-RD’s Will, sobeit…but I know in my heart it’s the evil one’s will I’m suffering. And that’s what hurts when I feel it and the reasons for my circumstances coming from friends and relatives…Most of whom suffer the same or something like or worse. But I see that it has control over them as well…They don’t seem to have the strength of will to fight it, and give into it, and make their way in the world with it…sociopaths, I think is what they call people like that…

It’s just depressing…Lots of people in churches suffer from it, and infect the congregations…It’s the Bitter Root Syndrome run amok in the United States…
So, I waiver between praying for us, and praying HaShem would destroy most of us, because I don’t find too many left who are good. Many may wish to be so, but may find no way to do so.

2Ti 3:12-13 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

Anyway, it became really bad one night and so I wanted to call 911 or a taxi to take me to the hospital, hoping they could give me something to help me sleep…Found my phone wouldn’t work. Power cord and battery casing had been tampered with or cut. Could still send emails, but only two people, who may be enemies were answering and both were disabled themselves, in one way or another, having physical difficulties…One could not drive and the other could and did come to see me the night before my condition became unbearable, and I (stupidly) did not let on that I was uncomfortable, preferring to try to be a gracious host, rather than deal with reality.

Seems to be the status quo around these parts, as most struggle to suppress illness and pain, fight on with or against the daily demands and drama of life and suffer for it, rather than rest and heal, and when one may find him or herself in real need of medical assistance, find themselves preyed upon by a predatory health system. Such was my lot and luck, and I realized this time around that I’ve been suffering the same since ever I sought medical help. Although, the L-RD was and has been always with me, mightily and brought me through it all, the devil has always been there as well, with suggestion and doubt-filled reasoning to the contrary of health, healing and power.

I am dying where I am. Being murdered really. And no one seems that bothered by it. Most seem kind of like, "No sh*t? That sucks…" And then they go back to whatever they were doing before I interrupted their day…

On 03-20-08, I could not stand the discomfort any longer and asked a neighbor to call 911 for me. A few hours later, EMT workers from hades arrived at my door. These fellows looked more like hitmen, than ambulance workers, and they were overzealous. They were all unclean individuals, probably volunteers, who should not have been chosen for the work they perform. I did not feel safe in their hands, and they were quite testy. Felt more taxed by their aid than helped, but I needed a ride, and beggars can’t be choosers. Immediately, they drew blood at the road side, for the purpose of sending it ahead to the hospital in a speedier vehicle, that they might ship me out of town all the quicker, and not have to deal with me at the local hospital. But I did not know this then. I was obviously not in too bad condition, but they treated me as if I were. When we got to the hospital, they drew more blood…Apparently the first batch, didn’t suffice…or maybe never showed up…At any rate, they concluded I must have anemia, and that my "blood counts were low," and I must be shipped to another hospital, miles away for treatment. I remarked, "Well naturally, you’ve drawn a pint of blood, how could my "blood count" be normal?" What could I do? I agreed to it. And they started a blood transfusion there at the hospital, with unclean blood it turns out, that defiled me, and made my situation worse rather than better. I was two weeks sweating the affects out, and I stank like a pig. I had Faith superior to the devil’s workings though and triumphed over his cunning, thanks be to G-d. they continued drawing blood the entire time I was there, probably studying how my superior blood fought off the affects of the inferior. But they never tell the patient much, other than, you’re sick and need medicating.

They ran me through an endless barrage of psychological tests, ending with one final Occupational stumper that stumped me not, and I came off as mentally superior to the mental midget they were treating and regarding me as. But it was not my intellect that permitted me to beat my adversary. It was G-d working in me that thwarted his plans and ill intentions. My enemy was endeavoring to fulfill all the Scripture suitable only for himself, forcing others to do the work for him which should not have been done at all. Trying to make me seem as the deceiver, "angel of light," trickster that he has always been. But I walk in G-d’s Light, not my own, and have no education that is not of G-d and Scripture’s Inspiration. It is His Spirit alone that saved me. I may boast of nothing but what may seem like dumb luck but is the more precise workings of the Spirit upon the physical. The Result: Miracle Alway.

There was one young lad, a clean faced young kid among the EMT who seemed to be the eyes, ears, and brain of the entire team of EMT workers, and he was as kind as a young asp might be, caught in his circumstances, unhappy with his choice, perhaps. But always smiling creepily at me, telling me what great care they were going to take of me. Shoving Joseph’s aspirins in my mouth to shut up my protests and explanations that I was fine and really just needed a ride!

But you know all health related workers will automatically claim to be altruistic and happy when obviously dealing with a bunch of sick people in a parasitic relationship is not going to make anyone happy, nor fruitful, nor successful, nor well, etc. It’s madness necessary only.

The second drive from hospital to hospital, wasn’t that bad, only took about 45 minutes or so, and the remaining woman and gentleman in the back with me, not the same who had picked me up initially, professed to be believers, one had remembered me from seeing me in a Church somewhere local.

At this hospital, they drew more blood and ran many tests, all of which seemed as confusing to them as it did pointless to me. I knew I was okay, and that I was just suffering the affects of pestilential living conditions and the wearing out of G-d’s Power in me. And I surmised, they were eager to disprove the notion, while attempting to suck out what remained of It.

Most, I felt, were walking in darkness, and I afforded them some light in which to work their work. And, being insensitive to the Spirit, were just doing a job, to pay the bills and feed the hunger.

They kept me in the hospital on a Cancer research floor, for three weeks, and everyday I would be visited by a different team, or many teams of doctors, who all together, with the unhelpful input of some friends and family members, I permitted them to contact, surmised that I was nutz, had anemia and cancer, and should have died if not for their quick and able response and learned calculations, most of which I had to give them, from my past experience in hospitals. It were almost as if I was their Teacher. One team, comprised of all foreign doctors, chinese, indian, black, polish, german, danish, spanish- all the heathen you might collect on any given day in an urban hospital, kept trying to convince me I had leukemia and that they had to draw some bone marrow to make sure…I said "Absolutely not, don’t be ridiculous, I have RLS, would like some muscle relaxers for it that work and I’ll be out of your way." They persisted. The response: send me psych doctors who did not introduce themselves as psych doctors to test me further…Now these gentleman, the Chief of which was terminally ill himself and had to wear a mask over his face because he was contagious, concluded that I was crazy, and should be admitted to their floor and then they would chart out my life for the rest of my days on earth, sending me to some communal housing for the deaf and crazy, who are not able to rightly and affectively take care of themselves, but are probably just bored and lazy Americans who don’t care where they were, as long as they were fed and housed.

What I mean to say is that their practice consisted of one hateful lie after another, endeavoring to weaken my strength and resolve, one way or the other, but I kept telling them I was fine, which I was and am. If anyone had been through the winter of hell that I had been through, they’d be slightly low in blood count and weakened to the point of exhaustion, with far worse than RLS to complain of, but that was all I did complain of and otherwise, felt normal and….lo and behold! a week later I was walking about, happy to be in a healthier environment, though their was a lot of illness in the air, it didn’t affect my mood too badly and reading Scriptures and praying helped greatly, though it bothered some others.

Of course, for insurance protocol and to make it seem as if I were crazy and hide me from the rest of the hospital and community, they had me watched twenty four hours a day by hospital workers who are paid to sit with patients, and I could not leave the floor I was on, which made strengthening my legs difficult, but I did so by walking the halls daily with my attendant of the hour as often as I may have. These in particular, I found wonderful! They were so different and varied in ethnic backgrounds, mostly black individuals, but a few caucasian and other nationalities…They were bright and able and enthusiastic, colorful in expressions and seemed to enjoy their work very much. They weren’t particularly educated and a lot of them spoke other languages…But I communicated very well with them and found their company consoling, comforting as needful and I miss a lot of the people at the hospital now.

The nurses were wonderful except for one bad apple and when waking me in the middle of the night, when I would "bite their heads off" and go back to resting…Never rouse a sleeping lion!

That’s what healing is about, what I did while I was there, rest, pray and heal. But to hospitals, it’s a business and means of survival, and it’s usually as absurd as it is wasteful in outcome, though most of the individuals working there may mean well. That’s medicine. And they must convince one he is ill rather than encourage healing. I said this to several of them, and I think I woke a few from a slumber of ethical consciousness that may have helped them. Others, wish to as the Scriptures state, "work evil with both hands diligently…" but there seemed as many agents of good or mercy there as there seemed agents of the opposite…and I was able to convince all and escape in three weeks time.

Problem is, I had nowhere to go but back to the same apartment, but I have an better idea of what I need to do while here to protect myself from becoming weak and ill again, until I may escape this situation as well.

And two years of constant cleaning, has improved the apartment much. Thanks to no one but myself.

While I was in the hospital, some people invaded my apartment and marred files on my computer. In particular, a letter to my brother that condemned what he had done to myself and my family had been mostly erased.

But whatever, G-d knows what’s what and I’m here merely to negotiate for His people, who have become mostly disobedient and in need of Greater Light and Help, Mercy and Benevolence than mankind’s current State of Government rising up from a snake pit and swampland, may provide them with….Difficult business, all this. And I would have preferred to have remained at home, where I had an better chance of remaining healthy and strong, while performing this online Work in the midst of the heathen…

Most people in the world, would have made better choices and reasoned out better lives for themselves, I believe if they hadn’t been raised in a delusional mother’s society at the behest of the evil one. But, until they are at the very least aware of their circumstances, they are in no condition to act, and I find it unforgivable that it is when most are in this state of being that the State takes most advantage of its Citizens, the same It ought to serve and serve so as to bring to fruition of the individual as of the Whole, crushing instead, without mercy, their evil self-will and vanity.

Because most are in the Grave and ought to be concerned with working their Way out, rest and refreshment is all important. Not the monetary value of what keeps them in bad health, compromised morals and constant need. Their homes, automobiles and senseless familial and societal obligations, etc.

In comparison, well…there really is nothing that compares with this madhouse on earth. But we do have a road map and Designed reality that we ought to be obediently desirous to see Exalted.

Cancer is particularly cruel and research so-called, largely a ruse. I mean more than 75% of Americans are "Cancer Agents," playing in the field of "life," so-called. Thanks to global outreach/business, more than half the world thrives on carcinogens/cancer, particularly in cities. Research and progress are counterproductive, if rest and healing are the cure.

But, in as much as one may understand this and grasp its importance necessarily, solutions may be worked upon to aid patients in obtaining the same, be it long term or short term in scope.

I liked the way most of the hospital workers at the hospital I was a patient in treated the patients very much, even those whom it took a bit of convincing that I was well and in no need of their expertise. On the whole, it were the cleaning crews, the students, minority patient sitters, patient care assistants and registered nurses, whom I had the most pleasant times with. Everyone’s awareness was heightened and I felt I brought more to them than they could do for me, but they certainly did a lot for me. The most important staff members were not regarded as such, the cleaning crews…and they are no doubt paid less than the Dr’s who believe themselves worthy of their titles and fringe benefits, like that of Temple workers in the more wicked generations of the Temple at Jerusalem.
But that is what business is about, doing business, and with the cover of society and all connotations and privileges attached to that ideation, bloody murder almost seems normal and helpful.

But nay, it only may be so in a Lawful Temple setting, where your average cancer victim needs no more than a sacrificial meal to regain his or her strength, and go about his or her daily wanderings in the desert of delusions available in many forms in civilization’s media engrossed social network of the day…And verily, it may be enjoyable madness until someone sticks out like a sore thumb, toe or rusty nail and says, "Wait a minute, this is all lawless badness, and we’re rotting, not living or returning to G-d…"

"Whatsa matta you? Ah, shut up a you face!"

Hit the brakes, get out the ride, and go for a walk.

As I say, I enjoyed the way in which most of the hospital staff treated people there and I felt I made a lot of friends easily. Yet, it’s inevitable that cancer may have the last laugh on a deluded, misled society.

All depends on our environment and enlightenment push during what is a Messianic Age.

Which means, a HUGE shift in the mass collective consciousness is due and all important.

I don’t see it happening, as many fell back and were taken by the enemy, after "rebirth." And have become more active pestilential agents of the evil one, than not. Working both aware and unaware of what they are caught up in. "Gadiaton’s Net." Whose city is the "City of Gad or Gadiani." (Book of Mormon). Mr. 666, himself. Some call him Abaddon. But whatever we call the old serpent, we ought to fear that which works in he and we, not welcome it as necessary. And this will enable us to fear not, and work within the same context as an agent of anticancer, making right decisions and actions, eliminating the negative and accentuating the positive (to use a well-worn cliche) whenever possible, and to do so Lawfully, gradually restoring ourselves, our friends, family, neighborhoods, communities, and world, so that we might be well prepared to meet G-d when He arrives to claim Us.

In the meantime…Don’t get spooked.

Luk 12:4-7 ¶ And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.
But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.
Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?
But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

You may not see it happening in your sphere of movement and thought, but I assure you it may. The willingness is all, in the Spirit. In times of widespread, doubt, disobedience, and sin, Grace abounds, and that is when G-d may work great miracles, and suddenly, you wake up in a world that is completely opposite of the one you went to sleep crying in.

Book of Wisdom 12:17 "For you show your might when the perfection of your power is disbelieved and in those who know you, you rebuke temerity."

Psa 30:5 For his anger [endureth but] a moment; in his favour [is] life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy [cometh] in the morning.

Deu 32:39 See now that I, [even] I, [am] he, and [there is] no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither [is there any] that can deliver out of my hand. .

Jer 30:17 For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD; because they called thee an Outcast, [saying], This [is] Zion, whom no man seeketh after.

Mal 4:2 But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall

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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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