IsraelBalks@TheSightOfTiggins&Welps (Uwud2)

Numbers 13:30-33 And Caleb stilled the people toward Moses, and said: ‘We should go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.’
But the men that went up with him said: ‘We are not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we.’
And they spread an evil report of the land which they had spied out unto the children of Israel, saying: ‘The land, through which we have passed to spy it out, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature.
And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, who come of the Nephilim; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.’

Silence of the Swine

The same Masons who constructed this state run, old age housing place, also constructed the graveyard and an lighting plant and this incredibly evil underground run township of Baldwinville/Templeton…

It’s entirely Satanic.

They have a system of lechery that is down to a perfected science almost…Beginning at the, or what ought to be the L-rd’s House, but what became the devil’s den the day my brother-in-law, plotted with the local thuggery to steal the right’s from me. With my dearly loved ones being forced to take part after falling into the net themselves, and made slaves of the most awful sort…Babylon’s king pimp, nobody and some ignorant pigs from below, making themselves kings, defiling young girls at who knows what age and making them queens of the underworld, gifting them with all manner of stupid tributes, as long as they’ll bring home the bacon in form of marks had in either outright prostitution baiting, or as in my case, the wayward wife, snags a legitimate heir and leads him astray with "love"…
Unbelievable how many heartless souls were and are involved!
An Little family doctor practice is even in on it, and this place is where their marks do end their road to nowhere…Among a bunch of old snakes, who devour anyone and anything for the devil’s sakes!
They inform one another of having a healthy, living subject within the web, and proceed to milk him of his life blood, strength, money, dreams, will to live and at the last leave him miserably, and hopefully mindlessly chained to a hospital bed or cast in some dungeon of an apartment more like unto a tomb…wherein he or she, treated as an it, waits to die, if they are not willing or able to be of any use, such as labor or blood letting…
This is the kind of crap that they base horror movies on…
They’ve put me here, surrounded by the undead, unclean and other sufferers caught in Satan’s web…to drain my life force. It’s crucifixion by inches, as I’ve pointed out before…They hope to leave me completely marred, incapacitated and broken in the worst way imaginable, because that is what the devil and his minions feel inside 24/7 but have made themselves able to carry on in or with, through the consumption of their neighbors unawares and own children sacrificed to themselves, never mind idols, or consumed them as abortions, they force their women to have, those that may conceive. This is hell on earth.
They thrive on lies and misrepresentation.
All this disgusting, lazy insane lechery, because they are too stupid and unwilling to do the right thing and be strengthened Lawfully, according to a righteous method of sacrifice.
It’s simply easier to make pigs out of men and women and slaughter them as beasts, or bleed them slowly to death.
This is America, the proud Beast. Proud of what?! Being a bunch of lazy, miserable, stupid, unfeeling animals?
And they have the audacity to confront me with anger, threat of imprisonment, shackles and chains, at gun point, as if they were fit to rebuke holy men and angels because they are willing to act violently and do violence unto any who oppose their lust and miserable desires???
They make a cheap, unclean thing and whore out of my beloved and, the whole gutless horde rape her whenever the inkling pass through their stinking sty of a consciousness…
So that I may not embrace her without feeling all the uncleanness she is forced to endure and weep bitterly for a union that may not be, but by all means ought to.
It is easy, and I do not mean to say that what they suffer is not difficult to manage, but it is easy to be willing and active when you have a sure reward of pig flesh and liquid death awaiting you, to keep you from feeling the pain that their victims suffer if they will not become part of the "family."
And they hardly need work, or labor at all. They drive wherever they wish to go, like lazy mutants, who care more for cars they drive than children, because they are more important than life, which is no more for them nor in them, being their vehicles and weapons at once, in and through which they hunt and gather…
But all these businesses and houses, landmarks and housing authority schemes, are what they use to make that which is beyond evil look "normal" and "lawful."

What it really is, is a little web of deception, fashioned with deadly precision, to keep alive that which has no Lawful right to be-the wicked and unrighteous, and abominably unclean, sadistic workers of iniquity, who do not even have to work very hard to make themselves like unto the "whitened sepulchers" Jesus accused the Pharisees of being, nor do they keep any law, even their own…who make a game of and sport of luring the righteous by deceit and enforcing an madman’s will virtually unopposed by anyone under heaven.

Nearly every resident in the kingdom is unclean and evil. But it may be claimed that few were necessarily aware of what they were a part of until it were too late to escape.

Little old ladies sitting around a card table, playing a game called "waiting," no doubt, may have been the most guilty of all, far more evil and having done immeasurably greater damage to the lives of the American people than any terrorist ever threatened to from some snake hole in the desert, oceans apart from our nation, having far less reason to, and absolutely no means of doing so…All they had to do was their laziest part in acting and accepting a role of grandmother or something and their right to freedom should have been upheld, and made secure, but it were not enough…they had to persist in governing and by deceit most cruel, ruining the lives of aliens all to cure their own boredom and feed their grave like hungers…They may be the most guilty of all.

"As for my people, women rule over them…"

G-d will not acquit the guilty.

Pray for the righteous, trapped in this hellhole….

Things are only going to get more and more difficult as the wicked strive to remain in power through illicit force and any means necessary or possible.

Nah 1:3 The LORD [is] slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit [the wicked]: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds [are] the dust of his feet.

Condemn no one. They are only beginning to learn what righteousness is. To learn what we all should have learned and lived all our lives long….

Oy vey, what a mess!

An "age of accountability" is malarkey. We are accountable to G-d before we are born. As far as an "age of accountability" may be maintained, there really is no age at which we are not accountable. And so, as one grows, in a Jewish Community, there are ages of expectation and privilege, duty, etc….Such that permit and demand a natural steady growth in Torah Life.

Under these circumstances alone, may a society make otherwise "evil and wicked" actions, Lawful and maintain order by force if necessary, in an entirely just, equitable, merciful and fair manner. But men who are loud, obnoxious, lazy, overbearing pigs must be driven out of any space in which the L-RD’s people wish to establish the same, and right now and for many generations, the kingdom has been run by swine, violent at that, and entirely insensible to reason and logic holy and worthy of being called Wisdom.

Therefore, rather than an "age of accountability." Jews have the age of Bat mitzvah, which requires study, dignity and zeal shown in a child striving to become a son of G-d.

I may not last much longer…I am going to fall sooner or later and when I do, the pigs are going to destroy all of what may be left that might have been saved of a beautiful nation once know as America… But now fit to be called nothing but a pig’s filthy feeding trough.

If there were a righteous man of war and justice on earth, he would order troops to go through the entire kingdom of Templeton and the surrounding cities, and kill everyone, including me for not having spoken sooner.

But instead, the filthy grow more powerful day to day, and the righteous, more and more afflicted…

I asked for the assistance of the US armed forces, and they sent an insane asylum escapee, who delivered the guilty and helped the bloodthirsty clean up and cover their crimes…

It’s a Nazi reign.

I’ve never witnessed a more cowardly generation of male children in all of history than I am witnessing at this present hour in America.

Reacting like fearful animals to tyranny, sooner becoming part of the lascivious maggotry than standing against a sea of feces set to unleash itself from the very bowels of creation, vomiting what it has ingested upon itself…

The black plague will seem a case of the sniffles in comparison with some of the diseases to be "discovered" in the latter-days of America.

Pray for brimstone upon dusty, unused broomsticks, in the land of toilets, booze, gasoline and thongs aplenty…

Instead of bar mitzvahs, that is what goyim give their daughters, "Here you go, love, get to work. There are empty street corners in every city, who do you think you are staying home to do homework? Ungrateful child…"

A Gentile Broad is the "Father" of Christianity and Catholicism.

Pauline Christianity is founded upon a wrested work of an "here after" posthumous, post crucified Christ and His Kingdom.
Paul turned it into "Christianity," which is idolatry, when in Truth it is no more than the L-rd’s servant’s revelations and the Messiah’s thoughts, ideas and notions about his own personal struggles with living up to what he revealed during his Life as the long-awaited Messiah, in this new "here after" reality. Who, verily, was sinless and crucified for Israel’s sake, and all those who might join themselves to Israel, the entire world over…It were a work of a Jesus/Y’shua unaware that he was who he was….Having to live up to the story told about him in an entirely ignorant or new frame of body, mind and soul…Made so by the fulfillment of the L-RD’s Own Word and Torah, Perfected in a Man made G-d, and High Priest Eternal.

And what man may blame Paul, stoneth himself to death, for all were guilty, and remain so, of betraying the L-rd through His servant, Y’shua and His people, Israel.

Jer 31:34 And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

Catholicism is a bloody mockery of the Pauline gospel and Christ’s Gospel. The work of Anakites, Chaldeans, Nephilim swine and all the ten lost tribes…the first work of Aryan/Nazi idiocy and mass murder…Among whom their is no agreement, except unto chaos and mutual evil intent, work and zeal for blood.

And "if you want blood, they got it…"

And this angry brood of filthy beasts gave birth to the first daughter cow, what wandered further away from the L-RD than all before her and "Islam," an Muslim nation cursed eternally for believing in a lie a loose lipped and slipped cow told it was born…and on and on it goeth, unto the ends of an madly cluttered world of abominations and idol worshippers, all striving against the Creator of the Universe, becoming with each and every engine start up, jot of a pen, stroke of a keyboard, sale or purchase of an man made item, etc, all the more ripe for the final and most devastating destruction ever witnessed, and never to be repeated again.

The L-RD of Hosts chose one nation, one people, and gave them One Way and Religion for the entire Creation.

All this bloody murderous madness and mayhem stems from the same root of corruption found in the very first act of deception and betrayal immortal, which were more an act of faithfulness and love more profound than any since, nor ever will be again. Verily, no greater among men made debtors in sin, suffering afflictions and burdens unfit to be born, upon an already difficult, wearisome trail traversed by too many, quickly becoming unfit for any at all. Whereupon, all must do the things no man should and endure an hardness of soul unto no man’s good, all for Him, whom no man could, harken and follow as they once would for each and every and all of man’s Good, and for the Amen for which they stood.

‘Tis no road at all, really…’tis the only Way to a brighter day, out from the gloom and dismal dark, if to He we only might Hark.

One never gets ahead, nor lags too far behind…for ’tis mostly man’s folly, conceived in his mind, which could not receive, Nay, would not believe in a G-d made like man, who would never supplant nor bereave, being first to pack up and set off when bidden to leave, ‘gainst whom all unholy hell is bent to drag asunder, an child too Holy, filled with much wonder rare, an delight shared with only them what dare, when lacking in strength and might, who stumble by day, as though it were night, incapable of agreement with That which is Right. Only sure of one thing, and one thing only, the Rule Golden and Measure, is the Only Treasure worth the seven seas full, found by never unreasonable, unseasonable labour and striving for ‘im what’s ne’er jiving, and always arriving as if he weren’t welcome nor worthy, to command and bestir thee, to action most bold unto Glory most Holy. An Story I’m told shall unfold as dirty laundry and deed; Yea, filthy garments, made clean by a reed of a man, fed more of his share than, any other, bread of afflictions, sans butter. Him whom when all heard, claimed was off of his nutter. Unto whom even his bride did grow cold and shut her, Heart up as a dungeon, a prison no fun, men. While she offered her body for their carnal delights, dubbing each one, her unholy knights, made bold, fit and sure to endure, by she who is mired in eternal manure.
Queen to a King she claimed to be mean, when he put her away as a woman unclean and obscene, Whose natural grace and beauty has lost all its sheen. Her choice instead, an race with the dead, an duty unfit to be seen.
Him what is Hers, left with none and nothing to say, save "I’m all done now, please go away."
And you know that she did, precisely as he bid.
For whom could she kid? She were fit to be rid of, there remaining no bid of purchase, nor right, for she whose soul is as a harvest of eternal blight, upon the coldest of cold, dark winter’s night.

Penned upon Winter’s Solstice, 2007…

Mightier than the work of ten lost tribes what took bribes…


Joshua 2:24 "Truly HaShem hath delivered into our hands all the land; and moreover all the inhabitants of the land do melt away before us.’



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