A Crock Was Gold Pt. 1

D&C 101:11, 22-25, 36, 85-89, 97
Mine indignation is soon to be poured out without measure upon all nations; and this will I do when the cup of their iniquity is full.
It is my will, that all they who call themselves by the Name of the G-d of Israel, who worship me according to My everlasting Law and Torah, should gather together and stand in holy places.
And prepare for the ramifications of the revelations which I have caused to come forth from my servant in the midst of the heathen, that the veil of the covering of the temple, even my tabernacle, which hideth the earth, might be taken off, and all flesh shall see me together.
And every corruptible thing, both of man, or of the beasts of the field, or of the fowls of the heavens, or of the fish of the sea, that dwell upon all the face of the earth, shall be consumed;
And the elements shall melt with fervent heat; and all things shall become new, that my knowledge and glory may dwell upon all the earth.
Fear not even unto death; for in this world your joy is not full, but in me your joy is full.
Thus I will liken the children of Zion.
Let them importune at the feet of the judge;
And if he heed them not, let them importune at the feet of the governor;
And if the governor heed them not, let them importune at the feet of the president;
And if the president heed them not, then will the L-rd arise and come forth out of his hiding place, and in his fury, vex the nations.
Let not that which I have appointed become polluted by mine enemies, by the consent of those who call themselves by my name.


The L-rd didst promise every man under his own vine, and through his son and servant, Solomon delivered it…

1Ki 4:25 And Judah and Israel dwelt safely, every man under his vine and under his fig tree, from Dan even to Beersheba, all the days of Solomon.

Verily, made every man to be as gods, by delivering unto one and all Torah fulfillment, thus granting them a Way of returning unto Him, reconciled in the Spirit, setting the least, a lamb-child, over the greatest of them. Therein contempt for the L-RD of Hosts was born everlasting among the nations He created with little or no understanding of matters spiritual, whose only glorying is in the baser urges and passions for the Creational Drama portrayed by one and all, at all times, in all circumstances, throughout the generations and ages, under Heaven.

It was indeed something no one else but the Creator of the Universe could imitate, nor bring about with such perfect Justice and Mercy, in balance.

Psa 118:22-23 The stone [which] the builders refused is become the head [stone] of the corner.
This is the LORD’S doing; it [is] marvelous in our eyes.

Mat 21:42 Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?

Any king but the King of kings would cheat the scales and be found corrupt, discrowned the moment he did so.

The nations rage, but Our Foundation is steadfast and immovable.

Envy took hold of the nations and their heads, and the kingdom was divided up, the circumstances where this promise were possible, diminished, and eventual ruination came upon one and all. The Kingdom rent asunder.

So it has been since the beginning. So it shall be unto the end.

If any man had really known what it was to be Solomon, to be envious of such an one would have to be considered insane. Solomon was not a happy nor well-liked individual. Hated more than Christ Himself. Mocked by the great and the strong. Hated by the multitudes, known by very few, and loved by none but the L-RD.

Which seems a valid reason to hate him. It was a Kingdom not unlike Latter-day America, when most of our citizens have become ruefully wicked, and pathetically desperate to remain in power and "free."

Of course, the insane part is and has always been, the price of freedom in sin is enslavement to the wicked one and the prince of this world…The very wicked are always in control, unless you are the L-RD, the Messiah, His servant, or under the L-RD’s protection by Divine Right.

The rest are all animals, and the world of "society," "business," "commerce," "arts," "education," etc., are the zoo in which they are caged, yet "free" because the citizens of the kingdom are either caged as well, or willing to visit the zoo.

It’s tooth and nail, bait and switch, invite and cast out…

And it has always been so.

The times of legitimate Kings and Leaders, like unto Saul, David and Solomon, make being both great and small, significant in your own imagination or woefully insignificant; prince fat, or pauper slim, all equally difficult as well as collectively rewarding to endure.

Especially in a mad queen’s playpen, turned pigsty, where the only means of acquiring a moment’s peace of mind or will’s satisfaction are in violent disregard and action unto escapism that profits none and remedies few. Usually the fault of boneheaded kings like Pharaoh and the King of Babylon.

Welcome to the Lion’s den/snake pit.

Yet, with a King like Solomon, there is a different sort of reward for each soul what might grasp and enjoy it…It’s a time when the Living Word and Torah struggles to do a new thing in Creation. This is when suffering torture and solitary confinement is enjoyable and satisfying, because you are at war with the devil in men, the weak and lowly rats what run the show from hidden vaults under the world…and you know, that your Saviour liveth and there shall be a reward for you when you are again brought out from the darkness unto the Light of The New Day the L-RD has made.

For the lowest servant in Solomon’s Israel knew the Truth about their King and were satisfied that Justice had been served the day he were enthroned, and all the people’s struggling, and slavery, death and war, etc. were not for nothing nor in vain. The entire Nation could rejoice, and it were not some empty Christmas vomitous joy; it were the real McCoy Joy…the enthronement of someone everyone could relate to as a father or son, brother, husband, lover and even enemy.

He was recognizable and it may have been hell on him, but enjoyable for generations of Israelites to finally see the Torah at work again as in the days of Moses. Yet in, as was written, an entirely new and different Living Way. 2 Samuel 22, 23:1-7 Fufilled.

Bam! Yes, I Am.

Solomon, like Jesus, was the Word in Living Flowing Form. The difference is, he was an enthroned, dying King, whereas, heretofore, we knew the L-rd as a Voice and Wonder maker in the Wilderness, and here after again in the same form, until the days of Messiah, Jesus, who was rejected and crucified for claiming to be the king of Israel, G-d in the flesh.

Solomon never wished to be king, never wanted to be rich, never wished to have more than one wife, loved the poor and the meek, had mercy upon the least of G-d’s creatures, hated falsehood and iniquity, was so passionate about G-d and His Justice and Way, the only means of subduing his zeal was to either enthrone him or kill him, or do both, as they did. Fulfillment of G-d’s Word and Covenant meant more to the Israelite world at that time than any other.

Solomon was sucked into the part, turned every which way but loose. The L-RD was set on having him seated upon the mercy seat and nothing in all of Creation was going to change the L-RD’s Will.

Solomon was also created by the agreement and collective passions, wills and desires of all Israelites and many non, of the manor born and sojourners among them…

Chiefly, I think, more than any other reason why people came to dislike Solomon was because he really worshipped G-d, like David before him. He was in state of rapture and constant communion with G-d and that was all he cared about, which pissed people who expected him to pay attention to them, and matters of worldly importance, off. Sabotage and mutiny naturally followed.

He broke down the illusions and ideas of people around him, until they were ultimately meaningless and vile, compared with the pure and righteous worship of the Most High. And that is why the prophet Micah and Jesus taught that men would betray one another; households would be rent asunder by division within and contrast without, and ultimately if one wished to follow G-d, he would have to hate mother and father, sister and brother and take up his cross daily, leaving what was not behind for what must Be.

But Solomon was as much captive as he was king, for the L-RD was his Benefactor, and like no Goyim King may be, hard to please, is the L-RD of Hosts, who was often disappointed with Solomon, though He loved him as His only Son.

I do not believe much of the Kingdom built up around Solomon was Solomon’s will or idea. His Word may have made the vehicle and machinery churn, but more oft than not, the same worked in opposition to their King and the L-RD’s Will.

Thus, the eventual ruin and division of the Kingdom was something willed and expected by the people who built it.

I think Solomon had in mind and heart something more like what Jesus accomplished, and the future glory in the promisedland for all Creation, which was America….but as at that time, so it is today, the nation had become so wealthy and powerful, and corrupted with evil desires, that they chased the Spirit right out of the world with their evil works and deeds, wills and means of necessity….They could no longer welcome G-d’s Spirit into their Temples. People were empty vessels, only willing to be filled with that which is not Living and leads only unto the Grave.

While Holy Fear and Adoration may have started and completed the Work of the Temple and Kingdom at Israel, despondency and disappointment, inequity by design, and corruption, sedition and sacrilege destroyed It just as speedily, if not more so…The price of protecting It and Solomon alone, probably drove men and women at one another’s throats, rather than cause them to know His Peace and enjoy His Liberty, United under His Banners.

So that Solomon’s Reign, to the baser sort of mankind, was no more than murder by inches and finding mock Shiite to do in the meantime…

(Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything…Props to Big Idea, Inc.)

But to those who know, knew and shall know. It were a peace and piece of Heaven on Earth…

Masterful fulfillment of the L-RD’s Promise in which every being played a part and had a reward.

"When in Denmark, eat Shiite and die," gruhnteth the swine…And lo’, something is most definitely rotten about its State.

America promised, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and transformed every man into swine, delivered unto his own dungheap, complete with loan and mortgage to pay off, while sustained with a pot of abominable gravy and a bottle of inebriating, amnesia sustaining liquid death diet, what makes one and all unclean, rancid, lethargic, uncaring, unconcerned, untrustworthy, and of a matter of survival, rat-like in instinct, knowledge and mannerism, void of conscience, full of wicked mirth and snake’s or dragon’s venom and mentality.

It’s the fulfillment of an old saying, "Nature has made a fool of many a man, but a coxcomb is always of man’s own making."
Latter-day Hollywood is endeavoring to do both at once now. Woman has ever sided with nature and thus endeavors to make of every man a beast of burden or worse, seeing that this became their birthright under the hand of corrupt men and angels beneath.

Due and just recompense.

In the delusional Melting Cauldron that America became under her ladyship’s guidance- righteous judgment, lawful life and liberty, purity of race, nobility of mind and charm were sacrificed upon a filthy altar along with a daily horde of unruly beasts, demonic swine, to the end that her "freemen" might get what they want quickly and in abundance, and something which they believed, in their delusions, they were going to receive and had right to, at the cost of their ability to enjoy both what they ought, and had been granted freely from above for the mere price of an affirmation that the L-RD, He is G-d and besides Him, there is no other.

Woe is a wicked nation’s hangover!

Her Ladyship’s Vessel run’s on all fours, in the night. We must understand, even the day is as gloomy as the darkest midnight for Her. Her judgment is simply thus: Present the people with evil in abundance, dressed enticingly, with false promise and wicked assurance, holding out obligatorily and mockingly, the opportunities of enlightenment, education, entertainment, etc.; all the things that were and are simply whimsical, works and talents of idle men and women void of the ability to sit still and be at peace in His Rest, and completely unwilling to return to Him and work works of righteousness for the sake of the health and honor of our Nation and the nations round about.

All these "graciously presented" gifts and wonders, had at the cost of enslavement of living souls turned desperate beasts of burden, she hates for choosing her, above and beyond their own best interest. And verily, she is right and has an obligation to hate all her citizens and non, those dependent upon her for protection and providential care, who forsake the living G-d to become entombed among her abominations and idols numberless.

This is a nation where senior citizens are armed with murder weapons (automobiles), and not only encouraged to use them daily but demanded to do so to survive. And as a point in case of bloody madness, here in the commode for the elderly, that is my current place of "residence," the elderly not only have their own autos and parking spaces which they protect with vicious disregard for civility and common decency, but they are given the option of also being bussed to wherever they wish to go, when they feel they need to. It’s obscene, unwise, unfair, unhealthy and impractical, but it makes perfect sense to a mad queen’s hunger for hatred and absurdity, because these very same residents considered kings and queens, are they who are in charge of betraying and driving insane the very King of kings, unto no good end, but a merry-go-round until it wreck and ruin itself, when one and all hit meanstreets proper.

Why, next month they have been encouraged to enjoy an outing via a local quality busline to enjoy a night of gambling at a Casino! While their grandchildren are forced to play checkers in a community center more vile and poisonous than a snake’s hole in the ground! Which I am not permitted to place an air purifier in nor open the windows of to clean the air for them! Due to supposed "fire codes" and other excuses and ideas the morons who run this rat trap are simply lousy with…Just yesterday they once more phoned the police to stop me from cleaning it!

All hail and salute the red, white and blue!

All this masterminded and cunningly brought to pass by the "genius" who set himself up as the king of modern day Babylon, head of the Templeton housing authority, rat from beneath seven vile curses and abominations I shall not utter the names of.

These are your "Terrorists," America, and this is your "Axis of Evil."

Her kings and/or "presidents" are all or mostly "horse leeches" with but few exceptions.

They are offshoots of either the Catholic Church or "Mainline Christianity," a horde of demonic swine and "pig-callers" who fancy they protect the Christ as much as they abuse and belittle the Same and the privilege of doing so, for their own bitter amusement.
But this right or privilege which they protect with ferocity, as a matter of pride and hell-bent honour, thus proving they have no part in Him, are not of Him and cannot protect anything but their own interests and pride in doing so.

They baited the Christ, and when He cast pearls before them, they hated the Christ, turned and trampled upon His Offering, even the Living Word and Torah, and tore their l-rd to pieces, selling a piece to every nation in secrecy.

Faith in Christ requires the exact opposite…An "letting go" and trusting upon the Lamb to lead and the L-RD to provide.

G-d chose the Jews to reveal His Will and Way for the world, they may and are the sole nation with the right and privilege of baiting and/or "protecting" the Christ, because their concern is unto the fulfillment of His Word and Torah and not the pricking against and casting aside of the Same.

Goyim kings have a single-minded concern: to assure that That was then, this is then, and shall never be NOW, and what may Be may never Be for Free, nor set at Liberty in you and me.

I do not intend nor mean to raise an age old investigation into the battle of the sexes, races, religions, recreations, etc., of the masses.

Define it all as "Mob."

I’m no respecter of persons.

Fancy this, fancy that, I don’t and won’t give a shat, okay?

I’ll only point out what is important, in an effort to conclude why we are where we are and why we haven’t become what we ought and be where we wish to be in He who created ye and me, okee?

It’s important to remember that both sexes actually love being duped, however embarrassing the consequences, as much, if not more so, than we love being in control, those of Us what have been born anew in Him at one time or another, at any rate.

I speak not for the unbeliever, nor the heathen.

Also, either sex, loves being the adorer/adored, provider/provided for, dominant/submissive, etc., force or player in our relationships.

G-d, nature, the devil, etc., only seem to complicate considerably, a union that is difficult enough anyway, but which We find worth it, in the end, whether or not our fate be like unto Cain’s or Abel’s, Dinah’s or Miriam’s.

Whenever I contemplate these issues, I often turn to a book entitled, The Crock Of Gold, by James Stephens, in which I find the best description and conclusion to the conundrum I’ve found anywhere. I made a page paying homage to the paragraph on AOL:

Crock of Gold

This "circle of thought," word and deed, has continually, if not to say, eternally kept me from becoming earthbound, which creates tension and animosity between I and those who may be so, pagans, heathen, etc.

The "Attack on America" came about because of and due to, the way and manner in which she received and treated me. The rest is drama, conspiracy and mockery unto futility.

This is the Conspiracy among them.

Eze 22:25 [There is] a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof.

The rest is flim and flam, wham and bam, and thank you, Ma’am.

If an Righteous Republic were to be granted an opportunity to resurrect former glories and fulfill its once cherished devotion to the L-RD, men would have to stop speaking and relying on their own words to justify them, stop lying to their own citizens and selves and truly return to the L-RD in equality and humble petition of penitential remorse for a grand charade turned brutal holocaust, made worse still by their efforts to repair the damage done. They are become like unto Pharaoh, a dragon in the water, thrashing about in every which way, defiling all it may.

All throughout the war in Vietnam, it was the same. The American people were lied to. And it reminds me of Joshua, when G-d’s people’s pride beat them, rather than the enemy.

I only wish, after all this time, that boys and girls all over the world might finally become men and women, gods by association, who serve G-d or learn about serving Him in Truth and Righteousness, and thereby escape and stop repeating history just because they are told to do so.

First one must overcome one’s self, then the world, then I believe is true Liberty attained. A Divine Existence in which the tragedies of the world only happen if one wills them to be or not, and I would for my own sake, decide upon the latter.

Someone called me a self-aggrandized windbag a few months back, and I think it may be true! (Ha-ha…) If what I say and thought were not the result of being constantly immersed in Scripture, and in doing what the Word reveals in my daily life. It is a truly marvelous and Spiritual experience, and I Highly suggest the same for all the world. It is what sets the soul free, and dances with Divine Liberty.

Perhaps there were more to learn in the parable of the Prodigal Son than at first meets the eye, and there ought to have been afforded some alternative conclusions and reasons for…

Any child stuck living in a pigsty, caring for pigs, would naturally long for home, where he would be safe and clean and well fed…The important thing was that the L-RD was with him, and had never abandoned him, and I believe would have loved him even if he did not decide to humble himself and beg his Father to permit him to return home. The Father’s Faith was in the Son and the Son’s was in the Father, and even the pig would reap a reward for the experience of being part of the greatest story ever told. In the end, maybe it takes a bay of pigs to bring G-d’s intended Will out of His Flock of Lambs.

The difference between joy and satisfaction: When the King of Heaven is up against a king of the hill and the battle’s outcome is the Kingdom’s (and kingdom’s) Cry. Rolling Stones can’t get no Satisfaction and the Rock of Ages brings Joy to the World.

And that, my Brethren, friends and foes, is how I do…and now you know.

More to come…


King SolomonSeal of Protection


Shabbat shalom

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