The Judge Who Would Not Budge

Hsa 5:15 I will go [and] return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early.

In all circumstances, Joseph makes good and wise judgments for those he cares about. The L-RD is no respecter of persons, and cares only that His Will be done.

Joseph’s Church, which is really Pharaoh’s conglomeration, and glory is endeavoring to usurp David’s blessing and thereby enthrone a horde of idols by coercion and agreement, which may be titled anything from Wilson, to Ba’al to Molech as "Lord God Omnipotent." Which is the incorporation of Egypt into the House of the L-RD which is what a lazy nation of unbelieving abominations and erring christians, ordinary citizens, etc. really want right now, because such will ensure the Zoo lasting endurance in the times to come. It wont happen, and may not stand.

On the other hand, we have the Whore’s Church, or Social-Christianity, with its humanitarian will and manmade doctrine, seeking by any means to gain control over the holdings and priest’s rights to represent the L-RD in the L-RD’s Kingdom, and it is because all supposed believers of every walk of life and denomination, have completely sold out, and become part of the world, that She has had success and is nearly ruling unopposed through the world. To whom all christians so-called have become ensnared, dejected, demoralized slaves.

At least the LDS Church is Lawful to a point, and challenging itself to become more knowledgeable and perfected in the Way of Torah. But they secretly and now more openly make sport of He whom they profess to labor for and have faith in, making reconciliation of the tribes difficult for them when they are more concerned with pleasing foreign gods and winning their way into the world’s political spectrum.

Real Unity and the power to gather in all nations lies with Israel. And this has always been a source of everlasting envy, animosity and strife between the nations.

It is Israel’s miraculous Faith that hold the whole Universe together. And G-d’s Power and Authority working within His members that makes them so complacent in every situation and United as One no matter how scattered they may be physically, they all hearken unto the Father and acknowledge His Chosen Servant, though doing so often create more problems than they may number, G-d makes them able to overcome, even in a fallen state of miserable confusion.

It is when we forget these truths by sin or distraction, that we make our situation worse than it ought to be and bar our own way, frustrating the plan of Salvation in doing so and creating more problems than our members may handle, which forces us to make deals and bargains with our enemies and find ways of working side by side without an unmanageable degree of violence breaking out within our ranks and Nation’s borders…These are the issues we must consider when contemplating immigration laws, etc. Because however we portray ourselves to the world, America/Israel has a Goal and Standard set in stone, the Rock of Our Faith and G-d’s Creating.

We increase our problems an hundredfold when we try to please everyone according humanity’s will, and we are realizing this folly and slowly and uncomfortably becoming more stringent and paralyzingly prudent as a result, when to turn to G-d for the answers might permit one and all to embrace a Nation that is in dire need of a healthy, loving affection from Her citizens whom She may have offended in error, being forced to govern in a seat in which She cannot be expected to attain unto perfection. She has done a beautiful job, and what yet may be, may outshine what has been.

Ultimately it is up to Us.

Basically, at this point, everyone is so blatantly sold out and blasphemously apostatical, I don’t see why we shouldn’t believe that the Whore’s Church and the Mormon Church, AND Israel, and every other wannabe prophet of the L-RD under heaven, has not made secret combinations to ensure that its fallen and unworthy members are sated and receive their supply of oil, INSTEAD of the L-RD’s Temple receiving Its due and sacrifice. The entire world of morons preaching faith in Christ want no more than a few more gallons of gas to get them from their homes to their houses of worship so that they might share lies and gossip with one another, while scarfing down coffee and donuts, teas and cakes, for goodness sakes! rather than see His Will be done.

Jacob and David, with the aid of Paul, are defying all of the above entities, through sheer will and obedience, endeavoring to
enthrone the chosen king and son of the the L-RD of Hosts; Solomon. Working, fighting and laying down their lives for one another, in a world and system of government that is totally and violently opposed to the L-RD’s Will being done and Kingdom established.

I feel the dire need to remind the Brethren at this juncture, that the battle is the L-RD’s and there is no reason to strive so against everyone and one another. His Will is going to be done. His Kingdom is going to come. Strive to be as lawful as you may and know your calling. He who is a soldier, hold not back thine sword, until every enemy is cut down and removed. He who is called to a life of prayer, let him be diligently mindful and willingly active in his obligation to the L-RD.

STOP thinking in terms of worldly dominion. The Earth and everything in it belong to the L-RD. You have right to absolutely zero, nothing, nada and nil, save it be your dutiful service and worship, and the graciously bestowed gifts of the kingdom on earth, use them as if you were in heaven.

Gen 48:21-22 And Israel said unto Joseph, Behold, I die: but God shall be with you, and bring you again unto the land of your fathers.
Moreover I have given to thee one portion above thy brethren, which I took out of the hand of the Amorite with my sword and with my bow.

Isa 11:13 The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim.

Just as Joseph’s gifts are clearly different from each brother and son of Israel, so too are his weaknesses and yearnings, affectations and aspirations, etc. in G-d. And when moved by the evil one to stray, as all are or have been at one time or another, all of the above take on varied and new facets and expressions, but we always, in the end, behold the Truth of that which G-d created us to be and gave Life to from the beginning and the very same is waiting for us at the end, as is Judgment.

G-d gave and placed in Jacob the blessing, gift and wisdom of knowing and discerning His Will for all nations and peoples, and revealed this to Jacob, in many other ways, as many other Jews, through Dreams and Revelation. Joseph’s specialty and divine gift is dream interpretation as well as a patient will to endure in his divine and perfect state, one which Israel encouraged him to hold fast to and which is the reason the other brothers came to loathe him, because they wished to move on from where they were, and not heed Israel’s authority as their Father, treating him with contempt and that same hate they bludgeoned Joseph with, such created an enduring rift between Israel and Joseph oddly enough, as well as Judah and Ephraim. Judah always wished to run ahead with the pack and the rest of the brethren willingly followed rather than build up Israel and shepherd Joseph as faithful, peaceful, fellow Israelites, unto their father’s esteem. And perhaps they knew something of Joseph’s heart that Israel for his loving ways, which often made him a victim of his enemy and blind to the intrigues of those close to him, could not or did not wish to believe was possible in one whom he loved so dearly.

In the end, it was not Joseph nor Israel that the sons and brothers hated, it was G-d’s Way: Torah they loathed and wished to escape and the devil which inspired them to cut and run.

Joseph’s Gift makes him able to understand G-d’s Will in Israel to such a degree of Perfection, that he does not see why he may not be Israel, and decide and do what he will in Israel’s stead.

Along came Pharaoh who made his dream, the only dream he did not wish to interpret honestly, come true for Joseph.

G-d’s Will doesn’t work like that, He chooses a servant not because he is perfect and sure of himself, but for the exact opposite reason. For the servant’s sake unto His Glory, no matter how foolish and awkward they may seem in the world’s eyes, and often because of such. Purity of heart, humility of standing and complete and total reliance and faith in Him is what matters to G-d.

Joseph’s God is Joseph made. Nevertheless…

There is no greater enemy to all of creation than a Joseph or even and especially Israel made powerful by an evil and strong entity.

Israel would and could not be moved, for G-d was with him, so that he became like G-d, unmovable and steadfast. Willing to suffer all things, even the loss of all his sons for the sake of being Right with the L-RD, seeking and waiting on Him for all signs and directives rather than rushing ahead and being left without a Way to return to Him.

Judah never really rushed ahead to betray Israel but only to care for him, and perhaps enjoy his due in the meantime, as a victor in war, gathering spoils, and laying up riches. Thus Joseph was a casualty of war and more than being thrown into, as the story goes, was led by his own wayward heart and erring footsteps to fall into a ditch created by the brethren, in a straying and wayward but nevertheless allegiant act of national preservation. Judah tested Joseph’s heart and will and like G-d found him unworthy of Israel’s crown and glory, except that Judah’s way of testing him was one G-d would never employ and the devil might.

The rest of the sons, may have just wanted to get away from Israel and his crazy ways. He made no sense to their worldly minds and hungers, and though they would forever be faithful to some extent and love him as their father; as with any child, their own personal wills and dreams must needs be tested and fulfilled, frequently by trial and error, deception and misdeed, repentance and forgiving, or everlasting hardness of heart and eventual damnation, each is granted free will and virtually forever to heed the easy charm of Israel and his ever-forgiving nature, though strict and unmoving authority. He is a loving entity, easy to make sport of. But as with G-d, so with Israel, if you forsake Him, He will forsake you. Which is when the whole House cries against Israel.

It is unfortunate that we may never know what may have happened had Joseph remained with Israel and been permitted to grow and blossom naturally, blessed with Israel’s patient, dutiful loving care. Had the enemies of the L-RD not been so strong and numerous as they were at that time, and His Chosen’s household so willing and eager to betray their own Father, an entirely different world and reality may have been achieved long, long ago without a single struggle nor vain loss being suffered under heaven.

Instead, the Enemy of all Creation has slowly and surely seized all power worldwide and has defeated all purpose both of G-d and of itself. Everything is controlled and controllable, there is no freedom nor chance circumstance and happening unless people are wildly disobedient. So that by contrast, anyone willing to be a lawful jackass, is just that: a socially accepted abomination. Lawful to a tee, nevermind my neighbor’s disparity. Survival of the fittest, rumble in the jungle time.

The world is a monotonous, mutinous never ending episode of Survivor and about as entertaining and fulfilling as drinking one’s own vomit.

And the circumstances are ALWAY the same, we’re still in the exact set of circumstances we’ve always been in and the players are all the same, though each be known by a different name and circumstance…It’s the same story. The only way to move G-d is to move G-d. Thus Israel was forced to at last leave his home and heritage by his enemy’s design, for though Pharaoh have more love and sincere respect for G-d, he’s merely the king of the underworld, as immovably bent with the idea of outdoing Israel as he is complacent with assisting Israel should he need help, but absolutely would not become as Israel and trust G-d, which as anyone in the world knows, is common sense in a world of sinful, contrary beggars, liars and thieves.

Israel best represents the child of wonder that is pure G-d: as a pure and white lamb in the wilderness, undefiled and holy as he is joyful and treasured. With this everyone and anyone may associate, yet the desire and longing to be; known as a separate and unique entity is always overpowering, and so the L-RD’s Will and Chosen become an impediment and obstacle to work around or overcome by straying and betraying and/or sojourning and returning, always intent on remaining faithful to Israel, but scattered all over the world, able only to recognize Him in self and others or not.

Joseph’s frustration is every child’s frustration, how to escape Israel long enough to experience what Israel is gifted with in a real and personal sense and meaningful way, so as to return with something to offer. Problem is, Joseph never returned, he seemed satisfied that he had outdone Israel and Judah and taken care of the entire Family. And it remains so to this day and that is the reason the LDS Church was founded: to continue to outdo and oppose Israel and Judah, not to become like them nor ever submit to them but to dupe them into accepting that which may never come to pass. And frequently, we may thank G-d they did, for when Israel and Judah fail, Joseph is often there to aid either in regaining strength and standing.

Alas, there is simply no substitute for an Original.

For all the obedience and perfection in the world cannot change G-d’s Will and Promise.

And that’s that, as simple as it is maddeningly frustrating.

Disobedient Israel is still Chosen, and it is not until they are afforded the space and freedom to perform as they ought, that His Kingdom will visit the earth and fulfill at last every last whit and iota of prophecy that MUST be fulfilled as G-d spoke and His people fulfill.

And a bunch of angry, seditious gentiles, playing Let’s Make a Deal with the nations shall never accomplish a single miracle nor possess the fear, knowledge and wisdom to fulfill as they may have once done in faithful regard for a people they came to hate and consume in their wrath for lack of belief, trust and humility.

The L-RD’s Way of Existing in an unchanging state of wisdom and judgment that lovingly and miraculously created the Universe through a single chosen son and servant, is One which absorbs and releases all the Liberty and Creative Life force Our Creator possesses and shares in abundant benevolence with all and any willing to acknowledge and agree with His Will to be Creating and Abiding In His Everlasting Arms of Eternal Security, through the Atoning Sacrifice of G-d Himself.
"It is finished."

Joseph, at his best and brightest is the envy of Israel, a truth Joseph never seemed comfortable with. Because of Israel’s love and affectation, Joseph had and has the ability to be and do anything he wishes to do. When inspired by the Torah, even unbeknownst to him, he is a marvel of patient will to endure in his perfected, righteous state. He enjoys righteousness. Loves his brethren and the blessing that Jacob rightly bestowed upon him. But in a violent contrary world, the same blessing becomes a curse and hard to endure, thus the ambivalence of the gift and the relationship between the gift giver and recipient. On the one hand, thankful and set at perfect liberty as himself, on the other, encumbered with the obligation and difficulty of knowing Israel and being or feeling out shined in his presence and the presence of the G-d with him.

So, that what he has difficulty with, is the same all have experienced at one time or another- the Order of the Universe…If by becoming as knowledgeable and orderly as humanly possible you might deceive G-d’s anointed and cause up to be down, and down to be up, might you be willing to try? And why….

To make an upside down cake.

2Ki 21:13 And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab: and I will wipe Jerusalem as [a man] wipeth a dish, wiping [it], and turning [it] upside down.

Psa 146:9 The LORD preserveth the strangers; he relieveth the fatherless and widow: but the way of the wicked he turneth upside down.

Isa 24:1 Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.

Isa 29:16 Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?

Act 17:6-7 And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;
Whom Jason hath received: and these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, [one] Jesus.

Man’s revenge- as Satan and as One Legion, to always and forever be doing the opposite of what G-d commands. Creating a system of law, weights and measures that forbid and extinguish Justice and Mercy from all our members and Creation.

If we were or could ever be satisfied with being who we are (whose realization has only been frustrated by the idolization of Jesus), life might always be as an angelic ballet, performed as naturally each day by every member, dancing amid all of creation which would constantly applaud the same.

Behold, what happens when the Lead is not permitted to lead in the dance, by an angry mob like audience of vegetable tossing ingrates, unsatisfied with the Director’s Choice?
Crucifixion. One way or another.

And a Risen Dancer, is taken up into Heaven, leaving the entire Production in silent wonder and uneasy awe…

The Lead may only dance to the Director’s Song, which is why deaf Israel was chosen in a world that would not hear G-d.

The Abomination and the Mother thereof have become exceedingly strong, clever and cunning in Crucifying Christ over and over again. Creating new webs and ways of crucifying Christ in every age and generation before and since that which was transcribed in the Scriptures, and thanks to Paul, it is perceived and hailed by an unworthy, and unclean nation of swine as a "world and kingdom without end," but which in all reality is none but the devil’s will prolonged and lengthened out as the shadows of the days of damned souls; they who were caught in a web of Satan’s weaving. These are true and diehard Legion members. Demoniacs who see and hear but never see nor hear nor wish to.

When someone or something is in danger of being "phased out," they become violently, militantly ignorant.

Thus the Way in which we worship the L-RD is very important. Torah means everything to the true believer in G-d and Christ, because such is the Only Way that fulfills Christ, otherwise, as the aforementioned Legion, we turn Christ into an abused child and object of derision, whom we not only crucify, but parade from nation to nation on the Cross, never permitting Him to Rest nor be Established in any of them.

That is why G-d chose Abraham, Abraham was willing to rest in the L-RD and do what the L-RD requires. Nay more, Abraham LOVED doing what the L-RD requires, and that is when we attain unto our share of the Torah and (if such a claim may ever be made!) of glory in Him. The People of the Book have an everlasting heritage that no other nation or people may ever attain to nor share in, except it be through service to the same.

So if you’re in some foreign nation believing you are going to build a church and receive funding from an American or Israeli investor, I’ll tell you plainly, you’re being had and you’re going to end up cut off and wanting, unless you learn to depend on Him and His Chosen in a Way that will bring ye to He and He to ye and ye to they with what ye may.

The Land of Dreams, is very much just that, a land of dreams. It does not exist and is enjoyable only when straying from that which is and the only reason anyone should ever have to desire to stray from that which is, is the devil in man and finding no satisfaction in serving the L-RD and loving Him yourself and your neighbor.

Yes, as Solomon, we often find strength and encouragement in reaching out to other nations and coming together to serve Him, but it is because we’ve all received of Him the love and ambition to do so freely giving even as we freely received. If we hold back and /or claim glory and deny Him thereby or His servant, we sabotage everything and lose all in that instant and we may not regain the blessing we defiled without an atoning sacrifice which causeth us pain and suffering.

And THAT is how we establish a Kingdom and world without end. NOT by kicking Jesus in the head after taking him down from the cross and parting his garments among ourselves, but by working to establish His Temple again so that we might at long last fulfill the Scriptures and bring Heaven down to earth. THAT is what the devil fears and does not want anyone knowing, which is why he hands out loans and gives you monies to work what life and power you may have away for nothing and to no end…

You’ll end up with what white America ended up with a bunch of abandoned churches and broken homes which no one even wants to ever see restored nor established aright ever again. And verily, they should not. What they should strive to do is maybe use these old sacred buildings as Shuls and Synagogues, in which we may gather as Jews to learn and worship, congregating to keep His Festivals and Holy days, in a Nation truly transformed into His Holy land, the New Jerusalem, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Gentile America brought upon itself its own ruin and then reached out to ruin other nations rather than clean up its own mess. And when they have striven to clean up a mess, they make more of a mess than was there in the first place, destroying what little worth may remain in the Land Bountiful and Beautiful.

All due to Jack’s asses: an ever growing legion of boys with toys who wish to excavate, abominate and ruinate every last inch of soil and land on a global scale. All the while setting up phony Conversationalist Organizations, which take your money and, in secret, fund the same spoiling and defilement of the L-RD’s most Holy "green zones" under Heaven.

And why? We’re back where we started, in Israel,

"Teacher, I’m bored now, what am I to do?"
"Joseph, go tell your brothers I said to let you help them harvest the grain."
"Hey, Father says I am to help you, what should I do? Oh, and by the way, I had this dream…"
"Ha! Why you little scrawny so and so, make us bow down to you?!"

And you know how the story goes, these numb nuts we’re already fed up with having to do what Israel told them to while he sat in his tent fiddling and, hemming and hawing, receiving and revelating…

What do you do when you’re bored? What are your options? What are you moved to do? And why? Who is encouraging you to do this or that.

Israel trusted the brethren to show both he and Joseph respect and work together as he told them to…Never suspecting or perhaps hoping against hope and taking a chance against a Judas in the family, and who knew? He had at least seven!

But were they truly Judases? And doth not a Judas ultimately work the will of the L-RD, even when filled with a contrary spirit and impetus?

No servant is to be Idolized nor lionized, including and perhaps most importantly, Jesus. Those who have, more often than not, truly hate the L-RD and Jesus. Doing so guarantees the opposite intent of what Jesus and G-d Will for His Creation. While it is okay to acknowledge a deed done or miracle performed or revelation revealed…as Jesus was wont to have those who were healed of him make mention of it, so we ought always to be striving in the same way, always to be the unseen and the unknown help of those who may need it, ever and at once giving glory to G-d for the least bit of ability and hoping more oft for less and less rather than more recognition and appreciation, but always doing our best because its the right thing to do…If you happen to have a relationship in which you find yourself enjoying the flattery and appreciation of a loved one, wonderful! Such is always to be adored and cherished eternally, but when it becomes a cumbersome effort of sentimental emptiness…you’ve lost the meaning of Life and relationships, and that which is mean and barbarically cruel is more meaningful; by comparison.

The Kingdom on earth may be exceedingly cruel, for the first will be last and the last will be first, and none may enter except through He which G-d has Chosen and promised a Throne of Mercy forever.

You may be moved personally to love and adore the sacrifice and teachings of Jesus, but that is YOUR love and YOUR affection, not Jesus’ and not G-d’s. This is an important realization to make toward becoming an effectual servant of the L-rd, rather than a verbose parasite of Calvinistic lore.

Jews who deny Jesus, have done a lot more for G-d than so-called christians who confess and supposedly believe. The latter gave birth to Xmas and Santa. The former, serve Lawfully in truth and in spirit, often without recognition or reward, though they bless the world with solutions to the problems caused by those who produced Xmas and Santa, gifting one another once a year and even then grudgingly and with envy in their hearts where there should be gratitude and benevolence. The latter actually strive ferociously to sabotage the endeavors of the former, as spiteful swine who want no more than their own ways and means preserved, rather than seeing His Work and Will done in their world!

Why and how have they gotten away with such Lawlessness? Simple, they don’t mind being swine and they love Jesus. The one and only rule and law they are willing to keep is that which blocks or permits any and all to enter the Kingdom through the Good Shepherd’s gate.

Thus Semite hatred for Jesus,

Hurry up and wait…and what to do in the meantime…

Jesus is not your sentimental peanut gallery, pooh bear. He’s not necessarily a nice guy and may be downright blazingly frustrating to know and be around, but he’s always faithful and always right even when and sometimes especially when he is willing to be wrong.

Gal 3:13-14 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed [is] every one that hangeth on a tree:
That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

When a man believes he is acting in Faith and with right intention toward his fellows in the world, and in a proper and godly manner, that is most often when Satan steps in and takes control, and the man is pushed out of his place and finds himself upon the road to Perdition without sword nor armor to bear him up under unreasonable circumstances which call for at least the same. Completely missing the mark, though he was cocksure he was dead on. The devil loves to spook you and is always there the moment you make a mistake with an unwelcome pronouncement of "Well, hello there, I do believe you are in my seat."

Such is the American History X of Failure claimed to be success and victory.

It be better to "throw a wrench in the workz" and save one soul than to raise the Abomination that causeth desolation to the supposed heights of glory and power in the world, by becoming part of a well oiled machine that damns all.

There is only One Temple and House in all the Universe worthy of receiving oil to keep the lamps thereof burning unto the service eternal of the L-RD.

There is only one Nation and People, the Jews, fit to serve and worship in said Temple, unto all mankind’s redemption.

There is only one nation under heaven wasting every last drop of oil in the world upon the vain abominations of mankind’s lust and will to power.

However you do the math, we’re all so bloody guilty at this point, there is really no other way than His Way to get out from under the multitude of burdens created by the same vain mob we call "America."

A gentile professor of Faith in Jesus who does not acknowledge the eternal Truth of the Jews being G-d’s Chosen, and who is not willing to bring sacrifices unto the same and strive to enter the Kingdom with all his heart, strength, will and mind as a Jew, by living the Torah in all aspects and areas of his life, through He whom they profess to have Faith in, let him remain outside with the dogs and all who profess faith in vain and curse the L-RD daily with their actions and ignorance.

Success and perfection in and with the world’s charitable help is hardly ever the mark of one who knows Jesus and the L-RD, and is more often the mark of the Beast and Evil One.

This is why, as perfect and well ordered as the LDS Church may be, they have only been granted authority to baptize and one may not learn much about the L-RD otherwise, within their gates, as they are mostly sleepers, slowly awakening to the Truth of G-d and Jesus. And when He whom they were expecting arrives, the congregation may be torn apart in hatred or united, made strong and solidified in the same. Rather than brought to fulfillment as Joseph promised they would, they may be abandoned and rejected by the Good Shepherd who both knoweth and doeth the Will of the L-RD, rather than just claiming to and leaving others to do the work, as sheep without a Shepherd or worse, among wolves who despise the L-RD.

The price of loving Jesus in the world is fending off the hate of the world while striving to do the impossible. Such may not permit a supposedly True Church or Synagogue to become a worldwide Corporate affair. Becoming involved in the Whore’s society is more righteous and faithful to Jesus than becoming a Holier than Thou representative of the Evil One and the Prince of Demons.

The Whore’s whimsical abominations and wicked sense of humor show more love for G-d and Jesus, by providing and protecting space for the L-RD’s Chosen and His Work in Creation than does Joseph Smith’s Gigantic Masonic Collaboration of Abomination and Idolatry.

Most of their works are militantly evil and provocatively perverse in the opposite and more harmful way than the Whore’s brood of demons who are understandably impish and angry.

These are they who most often whether by accident or whole hearted intent, protect the realms of Holiness in which the L-RD may be revealed and enjoyed by one as by all.

Nevertheless, we are all to work toward reconciliation in Him and if your church or synagogue, person or family is currently undergoing an embarrassing amount of failure and hardship, count yourself blessed and be glad for the upbraiding and trial which transformeth and saveth if thou wilt but allow Him to work in you now, henceforth and forevermore. Learn to see the phenomenal beauty and unmatched value and worth in mankind’s failure rather than in its success. Learn to enjoy falling down and being helped to your feet and helping others stand for no more reason than that you may. And most importantly, learn to serve as one approved by G-d and rejected by men.

The Opportunity perhaps forever lost in America is what the gentiles have come to suffer and call "life." What we celebrate and propagate is death, and what we sacrifice and lose daily is the Liberty to live and experience Torah living in its purity, which is what makes a Temple necessary in the first place and the Work which restores a Nation and Atones for its sins. Nothing may restore this nation save it be the destruction of the American way.

Y’see, Joseph’s Church is endeavoring to usurp David’s blessing and thereby sit in the mercy seat promised only to David and his descendants forever, and perhaps unwittingly(?!) enthrone the Ba’al or like entity as "lord."

David, with the help of Saul and all those allegiant to the True L-RD of Hosts, worked, fought and died all to enthrone Solomon, as G-d’s son, who like Jesus, is the real king of G-d’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

Col 2:9 For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.

But what?

Jhn 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

Joseph never had time to establish a relationship with his Father, Israel, and thus never understood his ways. He, along with most of the enemies of Israel, hated Solomon’s display of wisdom and grace, and was envious of the richness and fidelity the members of Solomon’s Kingdom and Court, because again and as above, it’s as frustrating as it is rewarding being a part of or shut out of at times…

Solomon would that no man ever be shut out of or cut off from the Kingdom of G-d, but Solomon’s very allegiance and love for G-d often requires that the same circumstance come to pass. Joseph’s will untrained or trained by the enemy of Israel, turned the tables on Jacob and Israel and cuts off Jacob in the day when Jacob’s faithfulness to G-d made Joseph’s being where he was and foreseeing the coming famine possible, forcing the people of Israel to submit to the government of the damned, the very will of whom requires all manner of law and combustion, striving and cacophony in direct opposition to the Way of Divine Liberty to come to pass, imprisoning one and all in a hellish cement nation of walls and fences, statues and prison houses, wherein every member of the house is busy killing the Word of G-d by studying It in all the wrong ways and unto no gods glory, nor man’s in the end and all of Creation’s eternal embarrassment.

All this so one man or group thereof might enjoy being something or someone they are not rather than who they are, which ironically is the only time they are worthy to be bowed before, for being who G-d made you to be, and living the Torah makes you a god.

You may only really be yourself and even get away with being who you are not, at sincere Liberty in Israel. For he is our Father and Torah, our Way of Life. Apart from Israel, we birthed a violent, sentimental dream called the "American Way," which, for all its sound and fury, is no more than Death’s Last Stand.

Hardly the "Our Town" of yesteryear and Thorton Wilder’s imaginative wonder and good willed generosity.

Being in the world produces a will contrary in men and maketh cunning and betrayal of absolute necessity, fulfilling a satanic urge in all of creation. No one wants to be just plain old who they are because there seemeth to be no personal glory to a creature which hungers for it in separation from that which is Glory.

In the L-RD, we find that the Truth is quite to the contrary and that if you follow Him and heed all His commands, etc., or strive to enter in at the gate narrow, and fulfill the Torah, thou art made perfect, like unto the L-RD Himself, a Being so wonderful and immaculate no man hath ever seen Him, and thou like He knoweth and receiveth all things, and may perform all miracles and wonders and greater than as He who maketh possible the same. But, the moment thou art tempted by pride, or compromise the Gift in any other way, thou art immediately cast down from the heights of His Glory, and reside with or among wolves and swine, and all manner of unclean vessels forever cut off from the aforementioned Glory. And then it is that you, not G-d, proclaim all things clean unto you and agree to work Abomination in the Name of He with Whom no abominable thing may dwell…

And thou art off on a hog killing with Joseph Smith and his disciples…Rather than receiving sacrifices from many nations unto the L-RD of Hosts and His everlasting Kingdom’s Glory.

The way to most men’s hearts is through their stomachs, as the old saying goes. The way to the King of Israel’s stomach must be through his heart therefore, and thus the taunt of "gutless wonder" etc., for all about the Light of Israel are want of his intestinal fortitude.

No guts, no glory.

All this is just to point out why and wherefore it is so maddening being Joseph. His blessing suits him. He is a fruitful vine, planted by a well, always chooses rightly, to the best of his ability, as the most gifted and wise son of Israel under heaven, yet always outdone by Judah who chooses better than right in choosing G-d. Joseph is exceedingly wise, in his own pleasant way, and it is only when world’s collide and he agrees out of envy or care to betray Israel that he becometh a curse rather than the blessing he ought and is in the L-RD.

Thus it is that one true king cometh up against a "Joseph Smith Generation" and must wield the Sword of the L-RD to defend and save Israel on his own without his guards and faithful knights about him…For this is a generation grotesque in strength and evil in powers laying in wait for to, one and all to, devour…

Pro 30:11-14 [There is] a generation [that] curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.
[There is] a generation [that are] pure in their own eyes, and [yet] is not washed from their filthiness.
[There is] a generation, O how lofty are their eyes! and their eyelids are lifted up.
[There is] a generation, whose teeth [are as] swords, and their jaw teeth [as] knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from [among] men.

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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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