Operation Disruption (Numptie Waltzin’ pt. 2)

Psa 99:8 Thou answeredst them, O LORD our God: thou wast a God that forgavest them, though thou tookest vengeance of their inventions.

Most numpties birth an immediate affinity for the rebel without a cause, Tyler Durden, Project Mayhem mentality. And verily, compared to what the American Way has become, such is righteousness. But I’ve seen the flaw in "Project Mayhem" and it was our Enemy who revealed it to me and my own inner numptie that confirmed it as Truth. The Enemy of America has been America for so long, we’ve forgotten…She disrupts and mutilates that which ought to be, not perceiving true value and worth and replaces it with cacophany and worthlessness, a Circus full of cheap, wild highs that all end in the miserablest of lows…Faith in and service to Christ guarantees the highest of highs at the end of a long life of what may be miserable lows, but that if we were instructed rightly, would be a life of joy, full of gladness and purifying mirth, which is the Way Easy and Burden Light.

Project Mayhem was born to fight Corruption in high places by desperate victims of the same in low places. But the way in which the war was waged only made the corrupt that much stronger. because they were ready for and inspired and instigated project mayhem. Being "Lamanites" duping "Neophytes/Nephites."

The Bitch/Whore played both sides to Her own advantage and now owns all. What she forgot was the Law which is immediately born in a disciple upon falling from Grace. The Law does not help her agenda because she is wicked and her lawkeepers only prepared to deal with those who act wickedly. His Law overrules and blocks her law and paralyzes her lawkeepers which are more like angry business men at war against the righteous, or even the desperately kind in the world.

Therefore, all one need do to escape her is to ignore her entreaties and/or turn the tables, snaring that which has placed a snare in your path with the same…For what will snare the righteous but righteous, heartfelt affectations and emotions? If ye be one who puts these treasures at nought and seeks worldly gain and corrupt pleasure of vanity, your reward awaits you in the mire with the whore…For a whore is not but the victim of her own lusts, too tired and despondent to do anything but let the world have at…she spreads here disease with ease….Doesn’t even have to leave the house, just lay in bed all day and receive the wicked. On the other hand, the wayward wife enjoys the work and satisfaction of a more endearing sort, but it’s corruption nonetheless and its end is a dry well, as dead as the Pit into which the wicked who go after the whore perish in.

And the L-RD often finds more use for the whore than the wayward wife who considers herself clean though she be filthy with fornication and pride. At least the whore knows she is filthy and does a job to survive. The wayward wife takes that which she enjoyed with her husband, which is a sacred intimacy and defiles it by spreading it around as a whore would, which is why as she touts, "curiousity snares the cat, but satisfaction brings it back"…but dogs return unto vomit and it’s an acquired taste that is as comforting as it is nauseating.

What she recalls is the L-RD’s first and most wonderful proclamation unto His Children, "Be Fruitful, and Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it." What she blocks out is the fact that none are fruitful and all art defiled and vile, and not worthy of such an desirous denouement. So, she does the marvelous in the mire, and achieves a vast web of wonderment and inspiration of all manner of work, that satisfy for a season before all becomes dark and void again, from whence it came, but the righteous were not made to enter into darkness nor can they understand and percieve her ways which are so cunningly veiled, none but the uncommonly perceptive may find them out, and when they do, being likewise vile minded, are moved to congratulate and work with rather than condemn and rise above. For she worketh with all her heart and soul to snare, defile and ridicule the Messiah unto a hoped for justification of the vile and the wicked, which shall never come, even when the Messiah is dragged under and his beard ripped out of his face spat upon.

What is simple to the whore is not so easy for the wayward wife, for she does or did possess an honorable heart, what she may find hard to bear is that it is not as the song goes, and it is not easy to fall in love. Her victim: The Heart of all mankind. Her remedy-worse than the whore’s pestilential trade, and alike unto it in every way but one, lack of real and quick justice, though her system boast of the same, and a right to speedy trial. Your right is but to remain silent and be speedily condemned and imprisoned or enslaved. Where is the love she sought to share and spread around the world now? It’s yet alive in the heart of every fallen member of the Body of Christ, who can not but endure her madness and malignant will to power through the enthronment of beastiality and abomination dressed as civility and "citizenship."

As they say, "If you love somebody, set them free." The valuable lesson to be learned is not the one intended. For when you do set your love free and she fall by adultery, you are often left living apart in two unheated, unlit homes. It is then that either of you may become like the whore and do that which is beyond unseemly and unkind to the innocence of another which already be dead in you.

This is the common lot of those who fall in America and they take pride in it as Mr. Springsteen’s lyrics attest to. For these, to be "Born in the USA" is there version of being "born again." The Boss has even begun his own traveling ministry. Come out from among them, do not enter into the church of Bruce. He, like Mr Costner, dances with wolves…not sheep. All these old lamanites had a time and a place but when they agreed not to phase out, they and their works became worthless and evil.

Because none of them have been kind nor caring enough to repent and accept Jesus or the correction and love of G-d that births hope and charity in a new generation of numpties.

It’s a strength they do not feel any longer, are blind to and hardened against.

Some work and revel in their deceptive schemes to even take credit away from G-d, as if such were possible.

They create webs of deceit, women make their own beloved husbands look bad and unfaithful, even using the woman who lured her husband away in the plot. Men do worse, and use their wives, as a pimp doth a whore, and use her to bring their own "friends" down to hell. For the Law is the Law, and none can escape It in all of creation until heaven and earth pass away. Weak/bad men side with their sinned weakened wives and create vast kingdoms of deplorable debauchery and carnivals of carnality. Initiating daughter and son, niece and nephew at as early an age as possible with promises of all manner of wicked treats, gifts and power…Who but a wisened old sage would say no to such? Good men, saints, striving jews, etc. suffer these indignities in silence and remain ready to forgive and recreate what was lost. Oh, that the bad men had the strength they’ve stolen from others, that they were whole, then the good men might have reason to rise up and fight them! But we few good men, remain faithful to our brothers and sisters, the same as we remain faithful to our wives in G-d, though they be for the most part, absent in body, trapped in an adulterous web, and we are left, alone, playing the part of the fool for their sakes. May they forever despise us for the same, and earn their part in their eternal betrayal. Men and women don’t have the strength to overcome, and their children don’t have the sense not to say no to temptations which are their right in American society, as "citizens" of the manor born. One thing, all have forgotten, Christ is the L-RD of the Manor and all these abominations may be dispelled with a single verse from His lips.

Zec 3:2 And the LORD said unto Satan, The LORD rebuke thee, O Satan; even the LORD that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: [is] not this a brand plucked out of the fire?

And the government can’t be trusted to do anything but honor dead men’s wills. Too frightened and weak to govern justly. Creating a dramatic war against Iraq and Terrorism that did nothing but strengthen faith in a false religion worldwide, Islam. Supposedly martyring a "tyrant" who comes off looking like a righteous victim of an unjust invasion.

It’s psychological warfare and the lowliest betrayal of the children of G-d since I can’t say when.

Willing to do anything but teach their sons and daughters and "citizens" faith in Christ which they wish to banish from their country and replace with any and every religion that may be purchased unto agreement in harlotry, which is the basis of every religion but Christ and Judaism.

Sons of Abraham, be good.

1 Peter 3: 12 For the eyes of the Lord [are] over the righteous, and his ears [are open] to their prayers: but the face of the Lord [is] against them that do evil.

And who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good?

But and if ye suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy [are ye]: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled;

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and [be] ready always to [give] an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.

Seems strange to the world which is caught in a mire of bitter gall, to hear a person speak of a lovely day or some other righteous enchantment. They laugh at such a one as if he were speaking a foreign language among his own brethren whose tongues are not fit but for to be cut out.

Mankind first broke the Covenant with G-d, then went about breaking the Creation. Now and finally, mankind’s dying mission seems to be to break the heart, mind, and will of G-d. The devil is using G-d’s Beloved Zion to do so, purchasing It and its inhabitants and demanding that they slave to destroy It. The Christ’s Bride, the daughter of Zion, has become cruel and sided with the devil long ago in ignorance of what her decision truly meant, only wishing to escape personal suffering and be doing something, anything at all really, rather than be true to her Groom whom she learned to despise upon falling into her own hole digged with the tools of her heart’s enchantments. Who is G-d to condemn her heart?! How dare He?! It is not really her fault. She judges according to personal survival and satisfaction. She was and is being mistreated, and her way is not to lay down her life, but to fight back against any perceived enemy, spoiling for a fight rather than remain chaste unto reconciliation, because she has gone too far or believes so, and cannot return to who she once was and has learned to despise the same in much the same way she despises her Groom and G-d. Because it is not her heart that was torn asunder but her imagination, when she found nothing and no one left to believe in at the end of her road. A road she took great care preserving the pristine countryside allure of. A road made for, of and by "natural born fools." Cherishing and glorying in what she has become in rebellion rather than what she might have become and yet may be, in obedience. For she never shines so brightly and her gifts of judgment never fulfill Her as they do in obedience to the Torah, which she has come to detest as her enemy’s vehicle to power. Her "freedom" is in jeopardy and she does not want to understand why. She simply wishes to fight off by any means, legal or not, that which is making her uncomfrotable and ill at ease. Her ease and rest is not in peaceful, righteous living, but in cunning divisions unto chaotic, violent opportunism and invention evil. Her vehicle to power: the many kings who enacted the Declaration of Independence and America’s lawless laws and means, weights and measures.

Zion, I rename thee Burden Unfit To Be Born. May your reward be soldiers and disciples, shepherds and lambs unwilling to be shorn.

The Lamanites of this nation were all snared and brought below by their wives and lovers, the embarrassment of which caused and stirred them to become exceedingly evil in both work and play, which is all one to them. Their wives took over the homes as mothers who never intended to raise their children unto anything worthwhile, but as objects of scorn and derision unto cooperation and conspiracy in evil. And nothing new could be born. That which was and is necessary for survival must be fought harder and harder to attain to and all comes out wrong and broken like the children who must fight to come out from under their yoke. The fight is an impossible one because all were lied to and used by the system the devil constructed to divide and conquer the faith, hope and charity of the world, replacing the same with the malice, desperation and lust of the Grave.

Zion, she’s a love affair, who wont love nor be fair. Offering a hand to lead astray and damn. Encouraging lambs, then transforming them into hams.

This whole Nation of Frustration was born of G-d beings, being human, a word for which I have yet to find an adequate definition for except one who is sympathetic toward the devil. A trait which is not the same as righteous merciful empathy, but rather concomitance which is problematic and combative rather than resolutive.

Problem: What does all this mean to brethren who walk on in darkness? Nothing but trouble. For their works and lusts, needs and imaginations are evil as a matter of survival.

The Project must become Operation Disruption, and that which is disrupted must be done so with a healng sense of humor and a righteous sense of order proper, so that we may restore the same and rebirth Our Glorious Nation Under One G-d. What this calls for is sacrifice often without recognition or honor or even personal satisfaction. Your sole reward may be only a dim, uncertain hope that someone in the future may enjoy the Liberty your own sacrifice birthed for a Remnant Under G-d. But if you are of the brethren proper, you will know this is the richest form of reward the universe has to offer, and you shall be resurrected with the Just on the Last Day, whose eternal reward in Heaven is far greater than anyone has ever imagined, seen or felt. And wouldn’t you know, G-d doth store up for the reconciliation of Esau and Jacob.


Two Brothers, Two Opinions

By Rabbi Berel Wein

"There is no more bitter quarrel than one within a family. The dynamics of family life, especially in a large family with strong feelings of competition between siblings, often times create dangerous situations among family members. The famous story of Yosef and his ten older brothers serve as a paradigm for the tensions, misunderstandings, paranoia and jealousy that can haunt even the best of families and the most devoted of parents and children. Great and holy people are blind to a brother’s dreams and aspirations. They feel somehow threatened by his youthful exuberance and predictions of success and of having a dominant position in the family. They see him as an enemy, a threat to their very being and to the future of the Jewish people. Thus the tragic drama begins to unfold in the Torah reading of Vayeshev.

This story of Yosef and his brothers, particularly the roles of Yosef and Yehuda, vis a vis their own personal relationship does not end with the narrative of the Torah here in Bereshith. In later Jewish history, after the death of King Shlomo, the Jewish nation is split into two sections – the kingdom of Israel (Yosef) and the kingdom of Yehuda (the house of David.) Thus the competition between the two leading sons of Yakov’s family, Yehuda and Yosef, survived centuries of attempted unity. And the eventual result of this split within the Jewish nation was disaster for both sections of that nation. Both sections of the nation were weakened, they had less sanguine influences on each other and they ultimately even went to war with each other, thus creating the woeful situation of Jews spilling the blood of other Jews.

It is a sad situation that is recorded for us in the Tanach. Yosef and Yehuda went their separate ways but the general Jewish nation suffered bitterly thereby. In the literature of the rabbis throughout the Middle Ages and even into our current era, the serious splits and disputes that seemingly have always plagued Jewish life were viewed as continuing echoes of the Yosef-Yehuda difficulty. The rabbis of the Talmud divided the messiah himself into two personages – Moshiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben Dovid (a descendant of the tribe of Yehuda.) The former was to pave the way for the latter, but both were part of the envisioned messianic process. Apparently Jewish redemption and fulfillment is dependent on both Yosef and Yehuda and is destined to realization only if both are full participants in the process.

Yosef remains a holy Jew, in spite of his being exposed to the decadence of the prevailing Egyptian culture. He is an integral part of the Egyptian court and world, but he really is only an outsider looking in and not really desirous of "belonging" to the culture that surrounds him. Yosef is the model for the Jew who is successful in the general world but doggedly determined to remain faithful to his own soul, tradition and destiny as a son of Yakov.

Yehuda is much more cautious and conservative. He has seen the outside world, the general society and is frightened to become part of it. Yehuda has lost sons, has suffered tragedy and disappointment, has made errors and risen from sin, and is willing to sacrifice all to remain Jewish and save other Jews. Yehuda does not wish to be Yosef. He sees Yosef’s way as being too dangerous, too risky – certainly for the masses of Israel. Yosef, on the other hand, cannot see a future for Israel if it is completely isolated from the general society, of which it is a part, no matter what Israel’s preference in the matter may be.

Yosef takes the risks and is successful in maintaining his Jewishness and in raising holy children and grandchildren, in the midst of the squalor of Egyptian culture. But Yehuda is also successful in his way and Yosef and Yehuda therefore march in lock step throughout Jewish history. They remain competitors and sometimes they have harsh things to say to and about each other and their different paths. But in the end, they are both the pillars of Jewish survival and society. They complement each other even if many times they do not utter compliments about each other. They are partners in the messianic and redemptive historical process of Jewish history. They are both still here with us today in our own personal and national struggle to build a Torah nation and a good world. We should appreciate their presence and influence upon us."

Many Jews cling to their "jewishness" more than fully trusting in their G-d. These may never fully become "sons of Abraham."

Christians so-called have or ought to have something these jews lack- a Relationship with their Messiah. For the aforementioned jews who deny Jesus as the Messiah, this is an impossibility. Their Messiah has not yet come and shall never come. They wait upon Yehuda the Mackbi, who is not the Messiah but a righteous warrior whose reward was not an Eternal Kingdom presented and promised all of mankind by the Messiah, but a worldly, lesser Kingdom of the jews and those joined to them in the world. It is slowly but surely being born in America and it shall be glorious in its way, but it is a far cry from that which may have been born in our Nation and is and shall always be in Heaven. For Christians, proper sons of Abraham, this is a peculiar issue. Their Messiah is, was and and is to come, all at once. Some deny him to his face and in each other, and most tragically in themselves. Others claim him within and invite him in to sup with them when he arrives at their doorstep most ardently. Clothed in fine robes or in rags, he is always denied by one and welcomed by the other.

For the former, is it because he is to innocent and pure and they too guilty and stone hearted?

Pray unto G-d that He may remove their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh wherewith to receive and rejoice in Him.

There is a miraculous gift true numpties possess, and it is the ability to sense and feel the devil at work in a friend or enemy, and their reaction to it disarms the same. It is a wonderful thing to behold when it happens, because the demonic is at once transformed and freed from a burden not fit to be born and the numptie experiences the pure gratefulness and love of one made at least momentarily whole and welcomed for who he or she really is and wished to be in G-d, but whom the devil has subjected and the world brought asunder unto purgatorial postponement, locked in a vacancy, awaiting an uncertain exculpation. What a numptie has yet to develop is what a sage has learned too late to master and this is when ever more patience is required of both sage and numptie. For only a numptie may transform an enemy’s malice into colaborative love, by thwarting the ill intent of the devil within another with the all encompassing love of the Creator of all. (Romans 8:38-39.)

As I’ve said before, Torah provides the Way for fallen man to survive Lawfully, according to the Providential Care of the Creator. Other religions teach enlightment through self discipline and practice, etc. Most trained disciplines will reap rewards in direct proprtion to belief and devotion, but they may yet be abominations according to your Creator. For Israel, it was hardly ever a question of discipline and obedience. For the greater part, Israel was a violently disobedient chosen nation. All that mattered were that they were and are G-d’s Chosen. And they love and serve Him in whatever way they can in the world which is full of snares and unbelief.

Those most akin to G-d’s son are, on the other hand non-jews. A tribe of gods, who hate G-d because he chooses one of them who does not act like a god in their estimation of how a god is supposed to act and be. These are they the bible refers to as "men of renown." Each of these knows the Messiah as a very close brother might, but they are as allegiant to the same as they are devoted to his sabotage and ridicule.

Gen 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.

Jhn 12:16 These things understood not his disciples at the first: but when Jesus was glorified, then remembered they that these things were written of him, and [that] they had done these things unto him.

So my numpties, we come to see that our present circumstances are very precarious and difficult to navigate. What should never have happened to the sons of G-d has always been encouraged in America from the days of the founding fathers unto this day. That is the sons of G-d sharing space and providence with the unworthy and defiled and worse, and not because they are allegiant to G-d but because they are granted "citizenship" by a defiled body of lawmakers, at the pretended authority of a legion of dishonest, ignoble men whose heads are women and whose cares and directives of every manner of government from day to day life, to war with foreign nations comes not at the behest and directive of their Lord, but of their Lady Liberty whose surname possesses as much meaning as it promises, none.

You are holy gifts from above, surrounded by defiled and filthy animals, who may just as soon bend over and take it up the rear as they would slit their neighbor’s throat.

Nevertheless, the world is yours, own it proper. Divine Authority is all that matters, in any realm. It is your willingness to be devoted and obedient to His Word, that will grant you your portion in His Torah, which is your portion of divine authority. This sword cannot be weilded unworthily, so "study so as to be approved. A workman, who needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth."

I am sorry that it is because of sin that I am such a marred and weakened vessel, given to backsliding and the weakness of my heart’s folly. You are all that matters to me, and I have at times, set a poor example in the eyes of many. because of my own lusts and need for affection and friendship.

Many have become illicit sellouts throughout this nation. It has become difficult for any and all to maintain allegiances and frequently we hurt those closest to us, those we swore we would never forsake, abandon nor harm in the leastwise.

I still and only care about what may fulfill you as divine sons who must do what seems to be an impossible work in a violent and idiotic world.

So few seem willing to acknowledge me, and less shall acknowledge you and your right proper. And so, you must reign by maintaining dignity, holiness, integrity of heart and a healthy disdain for the world and her inventions, and all who love her and them.

Consider most but fuel for the fire, and keep your distance. Since all are unclean and only some may be trusted as allegiant unto G-d, keep the Law and the Testimony sacred in your hearts and minds alway. Remember G-d’s Power to make the unclean, clean in an instant and the broken, whole.

Strive to be noble and right, undefiled and pure of heart. Peculiar and odd is how I come across and how I feel, but G-d’s Mystery is alive in me and no one may take that away from me, nor stop me from sharing that with the you.

I love you and will lay down my life for you.

I’m sorry and repent of whatever may have or may yet make me seem less than worthy in your eyes or estimations. I will strive anew, each and every day to win your affections and trust if not your admiration and love.

I learn a lot when I betray myself and give into temptations, but excuses wont and should not be had and obedience to G-d’s Law would have saved me the current troubles and afflictions that anyone may see I suffer from now. I would that I could have back every moment in the which I made an erring decision and choose differently.

Please, take very good care of yourselves and do what is good and right. Never stop trying. You are worth it.

And if I should fall from grace and become unworthy in your judgment, cast me off! To the dung heap I go! But never stop striving for the Kingdom’s Sake, for Zion and Her children, for your sakes and G-d’s Truth.

Amen and Happy Hanukkah

Deu 28:1-11 ¶ And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe [and] to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth:

And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God.

Blessed [shalt] thou [be] in the city, and blessed [shalt] thou [be] in the field.

Blessed [shall be] the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.

Blessed [shall be] thy basket and thy store.

Blessed [shalt] thou [be] when thou comest in, and blessed [shalt] thou [be] when thou goest out.

¶ The LORD shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways.

The LORD shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

The LORD shall establish thee an holy people unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee, if thou shalt keep the commandments of the LORD thy God, and walk in his ways.

And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the LORD; and they shall be afraid of thee.

And the LORD shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers to give thee.

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