Doing the Work of Three Men Sometimes Takes a Woman

Rev 12:13 And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man [child].

What birthright doth a man have who after receiving such is forced to flee his home and land of origination and the wrath of his brother?

Jacob most assuredly, did not know, and must have been filled with doubt and confusion as he left home and wandered with his new Father, the L-RD Himself.

Esau’s sin, therefore, was like unto the devil’s. He had no concern for G-d’s blessing and gift.

Ultimately, the blessing from Isaac meant very little. Isaac was no longer mindful of G-d’s Will, Rebekkah was and it happened because G-d wanted it to for the sake of the Story and Teaching which would be with mankind eternally. G-d did so not to disadvantage Esau, nor take anything from him, but to give him a knowledge of Himself, which Esau rejected, thus convincing all that G-d’s Will was best for all. Jacob could have just left home, without all the drama, but he did what he did for Esau’s sake as much as Esau’s reaction and understanding did for Jacob.

I think they both sensed that far beyond what was happening in their present trial and outside of their individual "boxes" or personal space and realm of movement, G-d was working with each, whether they be disobedient or obedient. Only a brother who loved his brother could be so angry with the same as to be moved to kill him. It’s not the same as killing an enemy or stranger or beast, which you hardly have to carry the conscious guilt of having betrayed with you after. It’s something you know and premeditate doing out of passion for justice and "freedom."

But such was a rebellious, fatherless (and Fatherless) child’s urge for justice, because, his father did not really love him, although he no doubt enjoyed his company more than Jacob’s, it was just a selfish man’s desire to maintain control and dignity of a preceived reality and love in his son’s eyes, which corrupted Esau to the point that he could not see nor hear G-d’s Love telling him He was there for Esau and would be when Isaac was no longer. Isaac of course , with the fear of death upon him, would choose the son who was hunting for meat to keep him warm and surviving. G-d’s Will and Desire for Esau’s fulfillment was greater and more passionate than Esau’s ever was. The Devil’s Wrath is more akin to man’s base passion than the Greater Passion, Strength and Life of G-d’s Love which man is often wont to strive for. It takes a very peculiar man to go after G-d’s heart and strive for the more excellent way. Esau was satisfied with his perceived "gifts" and they meant everything to him, even in their imperfect, filthy state of being. Idolatry?

Only much later would this devotion to drudgery find worthiness in the Kingdom of G-d, but at that point, meant everything to many and amazingly, to me at least, still does.

1Cr 12:31 But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.

Fast foward a bit, but stay in the same circle, for unity’s sake. We come to Solomon’s Privilege again, of which Jacob’s Birthright foreshadowed, and the Covenant with Abraham eternally established. "Solomon, David’s greater son…" "Hosanna! Messiah, Son of David!" The Messiah was called "son of David" because David was like unto Solomon’s mother, who nurtured Solomon from a child, giving careful attention to Solomon’s heart and allowing Solomon to teach him about G-d purely as only a child may teach an adult. It’s as if G-d gave His gentile Son unto a Jewish father to the end that he might be raised with a Jewish Heart and Mind if not Soul. For the humility He preceived in Abraham was the exact form of humility G-d Himself stooped to show and wished to engender and nuture in mankind, like unto the condescension shown the disciples by the Messiah, Christ, crucified and raised unto the Salvation of Creation.

Those who were and are strictly "olde school" fought hard this relationship, which was born because of David’s love for G-d and His obedience to the Commandments of the Same. More of an Holy Marriage between G-d’s Son and G-d’s King, than a father and son relationship. G-d was doing a "New Thing" and those of the "olde school" were definitely having trouble adjusting. Their control over governing the Temple was becoming more assured and yet more uncertain on a personal level, at the same time because like as with Esau, it called on them to let go of their own hold on their own property, often fought to secure and their portion of the L-rd’s Supper, which they may now be called upon to share with a brother or stranger made fellow worker in the L-RD’s House. Their imagined control of their lives in His World was slipping away and they didn’t always like it, and sometimes hated it enough to kill a brother over. All their dreams and plans, etc. could and would no longer be realized except in allegiance to This Divinely Appointed Marriage. It was as if a child were not given his rightful time to be weaned at his mother’s breast, but torn abruptly from such and given something better but for which the child was unprepared and not expecting nor desiring. Calling an American Idiot to become a Proper English speaking Asian, trained in Hebrew Judaism by an Afrikan Rabbi with a taste for Mexican Entrees and Finnish desserts overnight! Bathsheba, bless her soul, a woman and ancient marvel, whom it may be wise to learn more about whether thou be male or female, might be said to be the mother of America and who birthed this miracle of a wedding by sheer will and devotion to many and all parties involved: breaking yet keeping any and all laws found in the Book, in a baffling show of wisdom no man had ever nor has ever attained to which came forth from her heart and sustained her during moments too dark and terrible for any man to boast of overcoming and enduring. At once, the antithesis and exact similtude of the Virgin Mary.

Jer 31:22 How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man.

Solomon’s heart could be haughty and terribly foolish at worst, because he was so sanctified by and before the L-RD. A Teacher’s Pet and Spoiled kid, may be spoiled rotten. Contrarily and yet similarly, a child abused and treated with contempt for his privilege may be contrarily haughty and foolish. Hitler would be an example of the latter.

It is a difficult thing to attain to the kind of humility and grace that upheld Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David. In each case, it was a willingness to seek, trust and follow after G-d’s Heart that delivered them. A particularly Jewish Gift and G-d Willed Happenstance of being in the right place at the right time.

Gentiles being closer in pride while further away in heart and mind, seem to miss the mark and instead perfect things unecessary to G-d rather than seeking His Will and performing for His Sake. The same could be said for Jews whose heart was never circumsized, and whose will and image never transformed by the power of a resurrection in any age.

What is it like being "left behind"? The fear of such has been enough to cause world wars and all manner of evil works and deeds, betrayals and treacherous conspiracies. Enduring such, being cut off from G-d, surviving in a wilderness, it must make a coming home and reunion hard to contemplate and difficult to attend with enthusiasm and gratitude for a brother you were angry enough to kill. Jacob was unwanted wherever he went except as someone to pour contempt upon and ridicule for the sheer release of pent up frustration with circumstance and lot. Jacob’s lot is amusing and miraculous to watch unfold, because he’s so intent on being G-d’s vessel and so afraid of angering men who had him coming and going…

Esau had been hard at work in the game of survival of the angriest and fittest, and could not spare the opportunity to sport his brother at least one last time, rallying the troops to go out to meet him at his home coming. Coincidentally giving Jacob opportunity to reveal once more why G-d had chosen him instead of Esau, for when Jacob heard of this danger, he hatched a plan to deliver as many as he could from any danger and entreated G-d again, that a remnant might escape. As well as what he had already done to try and bury the hatchet with Esau entreating him as a lord and master in his own right.

Gen 32:11 Deliver me, I pray thee, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau: for I fear him, lest he will come and smite me, [and] the mother with the children.

The same type of attitude that moved G-d to help him, also infuriated Esau, but in this case…

Gen 33:4 ¶ And Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him: and they wept.

Jacob had become the man G-d wished him to be, and Esau had become the man Esau wished to be and though his pride was still with him, he was satisfied with the outcome of having received his brother with his own integrity intact and as yet able to take or leave anything Jacob might attempt to gift or provide him with, forever his own man. Yet I think he now understood why G-d had chosen his brother Jacob and obviously saw the great benefit in having him as part of the L-RD’s House, even appointing him to the task G-d had prophetically revealed for His Servant. Yet Esau never wanted to be cooped up with Jacob, immediately excusing himself and journeying to do what he’d always done and probably will always do until Kingdom Come.

Gen 33:15-17, 20 ¶ And Esau said, Let me now leave with thee [some] of the folk that [are] with me. And he said, What needeth it? let me find grace in the sight of my lord. So Esau returned that day on his way unto Seir.And Jacob journeyed to Succoth, and built him an house, and made booths for his cattle: therefore the name of the place is called Succoth.

And he erected there an altar, and called it Elelohe-Israel.


Isa 40:11 He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry [them] in his bosom, [and] shall gently lead those that are with young.



Have a Happy Succoth everyone. I’ll be in my booth, of undisclosed location. If you need me, pray to G-d.


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