Proverb 16:10

‘Tis better to be considered a fool;

knowing thyself to be wise;

Than to be considered wise,

and know thyself to be a fool.

[The following is a missive I wrote to the judge yesterday. He may be reading it as you do, this very moment.)

Dear sir. I was immediately angry with your decision to deny my motion to vacate or grant changes to the restraining order you have placed against me at the behest of my mother, [name here]. You seem to do so with so little consideration for the testimony I submitted to you. And even less concern for my welfare and safety.

I’m left bewildered…homeless…and ill because of this judgment.

I can find no explanation for your lack of compassion, justice, mercy and understanding. Worse, there is no explanation for your decision save a single sentence denying me anything at all.

I hereby request an explanation, as one man asking of another for the consideration all are due.

I appreciate the fact that you are probably overwhelmed with much to judge, and prefer to allow the letter of the law to do your job for you, but when you cancel out the individual’s right to be heard and judged according to his or her unique perspective and circumstance, with no more guide than a cold and unfeeling system of justice that has failed the people of this State and world historically, I have to wonder are you fit to sit in the seat you presently magistrate from? And if not, why are you permitted to remain?

The home you have illicitly agreed to take from me, belongs to me, by birthright, and no argument from any family member, save it be my father, may the L-rd rest his soul, grants you the right to put me out of my home and keep me from it.

Your law would label such a crime Grand Larceny. My Law certainly condemns the taking of any man’s birthright, and the Judgment against any individual who would is profoundly harsh, sir. I would not have this on your record with the approach of the Last Day ever speeding toward us.

I know not what to say to you more. I am really having a difficult time understanding your complete lack of compassion. I must assume your personal life is that awful and unbearable as to make you so entirely cold to the world and individuals you judge without heart or soul.

Invest what you will in this life, sir, it is the best opportunity we all are granted and I hope to make the best of it, whether I am treated as a criminal and put out on the streets to die in despair and scorn, or whether in a home full of friends and family members who appreciate one another for who they are, whether they err or not and make up the difference when they may at whatever personal price the cost may be.

If my homelessness and name being dragged through the mud of malicious mockery makes sense to you and is the price of justice somehow being done someone, anywhere in the world in need of such, then sobeit, and I willingly suffer the same and more.

I’ll only have you know, that as men are weighed in balances just and righteous, you should not even step up to the scales sir, until you have repented of all the evil your decision to judge as you do must surely have fallen upon many an unwary, innocent soul that came before you seeking pardon and restoration. And that all such have been bereft of not only justice, but mercy and every other gift the L-rd offers sinners for free at any time, but which those who deny the same to their fellows and strangers alike, are denied the right to eternally in the hereafter.

I hope this is not your final chance to repent and do righteousness, and I am very glad to be the honoree of offering you this additional chance to restore yourself to right standing before your L-rd and Maker, may He have mercy upon your soul and understanding for your weakness and lack of the same.

Please reply with haste.

Thank you and good day, sir.




About barzdovg666

I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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