You be the Judge


The following is the presentation I gave at the hearing to vacate the restraining order against me that is keeping me from my home. My motion was, astonishingly, denied! I’ve yet to enter an appeal.

Judge [name]:

Enclosed please find the handwritten letter, written by myself, [my name] seeking to provide the Truth about the case you presided over, in which my mother, [her name here] [though it was not she who took out said order but ‘someone’ acting on her behalf?] sought and obtained an “abuse prevention order,” leaving the accused effectually homeless and imprisoned at the MHU of the local hospital, against my will and at great personal risk to my health and well-being. [My mother and I have a wonderful relationship and she has never been in danger of any sort of abuse from me, nor I from her. There had been an abusive fellow living on our property at the time this order was issued, but he had been ordered to vacate the property for attacking me physically, and because of some law protecting privacy, I am unable to find out who petitioned the court for said order(?!)].

My apologies for not attending the hearing on 09/05/06, at which I intended to read this letter aloud, in your presence. I was not permitted to leave the hospital. The staff felt it was “not in my best interest” to do so.

I intend to contest the order and would appreciate a meeting with you so that we might work together towards a solution or resolution that satisfies all parties concerned. I may be reached at the MHU until further notice.

To The Hon. Judge [name]:

Humble greetings and all due respect be granted you this morning.

If I may, with your permission, I would very much like to be able to speak on my own behalf and in my own defense this morning. This right had been denied me the day I was falsely “arrested” and imprisoned, over a week ago, at the behest and false witness of my mother and other witnesses.

Please excuse the form of this plea document. I had to borrow pens and paper on the locked ward I’ve spent over a week in.

Because of the blatantly amateurish handling of the prosecution’s case and the fairly obvious lack of veracity in the evidence and testimony provided you and with which you so speedily and without much consideration nor inquiry, condemned me and passed what I must consider being an illicit sentence, imprisoning an innocent man, endangering his health both mental and physical, taking his home from him, and generally disrupting his life and making a mockery of justice, I must ask at this point if you do not hold some sort of personal prejudice against me because of my religion, race, past appearances in this court or any other difficulties I may represent to you?

I would sincerely apologize for the same and ask that you consider this witness exonerating testimony and reason to repent of any animosity you may have held against me or as yet hold against me, that you might try this case fairly as a just and impartial servant of the State of Massachusetts, may G-d bless Her and Her citizens of whom I am privileged to be numbered amongst.

I fear my mother has gone off the deep end and is attempting to take you with her! She is acting out desperately, in complete falsehood, as a victim of her own pride, delusion, bitterness, and fear.

The sentence you passed upon me should rightly have been suggested for her long ago. I would love to see her evaluated, medicated and treated for her own dementia as well as other ailments. I believe she is in a state of panic over the home and fears I may take it away from her or ask her to move. Otherwise, I can find no motive for the venomous lies she has been spreading for years now about me, and this false witness being the last straw, will not be tolerated, except by those with stomachs for such. I assure you, I have no intention of putting my mother out of my home. I have long sought authentic legal documentation about our home and from what I have been able to find, the home and land are due none other than yours truly.

From the first opportunity, when we moved to the home some 12 plus years ago, I have sought to coerce the entire family to live together at [address] and I hope it is your agreement in judgment that such should be the outcome.

I have fought hard to care for my mother. What I told my sister when she was here two weeks ago, was that the way in which my mother chooses to live is abominable and is killing her, and that I did not wish to see her suffer anymore and perhaps she might be better off in one of the new homes or condominiums in Templeton and the surrounding towns. I urged my sister to return to live here with us and her kids, to help care for my mother and make use of the home and land which I feel the children would benefit greatly from experiencing. This conversation somehow translated into “my mother is an abomination I wish to kill” and such was used by her and yourself to imprison and make homeless a man who has done nothing but care for his home and mother for the past 6 years in earnest and before that, all his life, in spirit and intention. Never once have I held an even slightly negative urge or opinion of my mother and I have yet to. I am at a loss as to what is in possession of her and has made her testify this way against me. Evidently, the same has gotten to you.

My mother has nothing to fear from me and she knows it. This is what makes this crime against me so hard to take. It is completely uninstigated and insane.

She (or someone) wants the house and land, nothing more nor less, I believe, and is attempting to hide a great deal from the Law as pertains to her personal life and history.

The major reason I have been unable to gain any weight is because I have been forced to work overtime keeping our home in order for her sake! as well as my own. To create and sustain a healthy environment for all. I made up rooms for the children to use and enjoy when visiting. I spend nearly everyday vacuuming the entire house, doing dishes, mopping floors, doing my mother’s laundry, making her bed, taking care of our pets, garbage, recycling, shopping, gardening, things most men would be despised for even entertaining to stoop and do for others and on top of this, find time to work justifying our right to the home. And this is the same woman you are convinced I am a threat to? And that she has the right to keep me from my home? Come now, let us reason together. I do not wish anything but good and mercy to reach this woman and your judgment may have effectually cut off the only avenue such has of reaching her doorstep. And, you may be inviting the exact opposite to come and live with her among the innocent citizens of Templeton. Endangering the lives of many for the sake of hiding your own ineptitude and her misdeeds and ill intentions.

My Dad, G-d rest his soul, and if I may witness to his exoneration this day as well, never sexually abused my sister, and sadly, due to these recent revelations of just how and to what depth my mother will go to hide her own criminality and betray me, I must seriously consider whether or not my mother (or someone) forced or coerced my sister on that occasion to testify falsely against my Dad.

I fully believe she cunningly, in bitter malice, drove my Dad insane and sabotaged her own home because she never wished to be a mother nor member of a Lawful society. She hates the American, law abiding, citizen and considers all who support such contemptible idiots for believing in the American Dream and in this I partly agree with her, but for just and righteous reasons.

I do not mean to tweak your patriotic pride . As I say, I can find many reasons to disagree with the American Dream too. I’m just trying to give you some notion of just who it is you are dealing with. I’m not enjoying this any more than you are, although exoneration would feel elating, and restoration, exultant. I am just trying to get home, sir, so I can return to the life I was enjoying and the caring for my mother and household I was busy with every day. Being a dutiful friend, son, and neighbor is something I learned too late in life and something I really enjoy being . Over a week ago, my entire world was torn apart and for no crime nor misdeed on my part.

I beg and plead with you to do the right thing here today and grant justice, in restoring unto me that which is rightfully mine to share with my mother if she still wishes to be a part of our household.

An evil and a wrong have been done me and I am counting on this court to make things right and fulfill the purpose and meaning of the declaration of “And Justice for all.”

I do not know at what age nor why my mom became this way. What tragedy created this heart within her. She carries and suppresses a great deal of personal pain and we have never shared anything personal together since I was very young. But I love her as a matter of biblical Law.

After driving my Dad insane, she divorced him, committed adultery many times over both during their marriage and after divorce, neglected the care of her children, actually plotting with foreign entities to bankrupt and make worthless any inheritance her children may be due, while confusing and permitting the defilement of the same, so that we might never be found worthy of said inheritance.

You may recall how many times I was driven to drink to excess, nearing an effectual suicide attempt(s). I now believe that these actions and decisions in delusion and psychosis were directly influenced and inspired by my relationship and at most times, the lack thereof, with my mother.

Her craft is so cunning, it is almost imperceptible to the human senses. Then again, witchcraft is a popular ‘lifestyle’ choice that must be tolerated these days?

The icing on her cake would be to take her only son’s home or right thereto away from him, leaving him destitute and in total despair and want. Precisely how she feels inside all the time.

I blame her not.

What I do blame her for is what she is hiding. Her dream has always been to turn my home; the L-RD’s House into an abomination. An unAmerican, unGodly, heathen, pagan, crackhouse. Suggesting such be for people’s “spiritual growth.” Inviting every sort of defiled, criminal wastrel, and spiritual hack and phony guru magician of iniquitous insanity, social disparity, and vile vanity to join in an effort to spiritually infect to disease our entire community, state, and Nation from the heart thereof because that is what she feels inside.

The only truth she or the witness for the prosecution may have shared with you in the affidavit used to condemn me is that I am a religious man. I take my religion seriously and to heart and I stand before you as one raised from the dead by the Power of G-d unto the Salvation of all who may witness to the same. I am also a dutiful son who honors his mother and father despite their individual shortcomings and personal tragedies. The same G-d who instructs “thou shalt not kill” also instructs “thou shalt honor thy mother and thy father.”

I am also a law abiding citizen, doing his utmost, striving with his neighbor and not against the same for the sake of my country which I devoutly love nearly as much as my G-d. My mother cannot claim the same. The only use she has found for your laws has been to manipulate you and steal that which she has no right to, legally. Intent on wasting an inheritance on her own delusion inspired dream that had been dead and dead again since the sixties, but which no one ever bothered to bury. I have been raised and raised again and again, from the dead, in the witness of many, to testify among other truths, that these things ought not to be and will bring a disastrous curse upon Our Town and the surrounding towns and cities, if this theft and trespass and supplantation be permitted to take place.

I have been “going crazy” trying to care for my mom and the house, all the time working overtime to justify our claim to the same. She actually finds ways to make doing so more difficult than it already is for me. This is, sadly, one of the only forms of communication shared between she and I these days. I must declare, she has a very twisted yet equally hilarious sense of humor, the results of which can be horribly cruel. I am too late in life finding this to be the case with more females than my previous experiences had revealed to me. I had no parental guidance as a young man.

As for what happened with the First Church of Our Town, all the comments on the affidavit condemning me were completely out of contexts, if not entirely untrue. I have every letter I ever wrote to the Pastor and Church Council at home on my computer, and would be glad to show them to this court. I had sought nothing but the good of the Church from day one and yet hope to redeem and work with them. I drop off gifts and suggestions bi-monthly, letting them know there never was, nor will be any hard feelings on my part for what happened, which was no more than a misunderstanding and a deeply embarrassed Church body who because of what came to pass, have improved greatly, much to everyone’s benefit. Good or bad, something was done because of my concern for the church and community and I hope they’ll prosper and serve our community in righteousness.

Also on my computer at home are letters written to my mother, our estate lawyer, and the Burling (my grandfather) Keystone account trust managers and investors at [company name], fully explaining my thoughts, wishes and intentions during the past five years or so, regarding the restitution and rebuilding of my home, the provisions, means, etc. for securing and maintaining a healthy growing fund that might see us restored to right and Lawful wealth and security that might enable us to better care for my mother and more importantly, her grandchildren in the future when they may return either to visit or live with us here in Our Town.

I was at least able to slow, if not put to a stop my mother’s wasteful distributions of our account funds. She would disagree, but the evidence clearly proves the veracity of my claims. Not that my own handling of my personal trust was any better, but that I have decided to take a more active role in its oversight, educating myself as I go, so that I at least know why we are or may be suffering want or need in the financial realm of our mutual existence. I do not mind being poor. It’s being wrong or illicit in such matters that bothers me. The intention is what I mean to reveal and fix.

I believe that whatever our differences may be, to deprive my mother of my care at this point would be an act of criminal negligence on the part of this court. She may not wish to admit it, but I am the only one really fit to care for her. Knowing full well all her devious mannerisms and venomous inclinations.

I’ve come to love her despite these, and in some rare instances, because of them. I believe this truth frightens and embarrasses her and that she would rather falsely accuse me of absurdities than face the music and dance with her own son. What she did, she did out of sheer desperation, to avoid being discovered. (There were MANY parties involved in the deception criminal, it turns out. Update as of 8/10/2016]

I have forgiven her and I forgive this court, the arresting officers, court bailiffs, the witness for the prosecution, yourself, Judge [name], and all who were involved in my false arrest, imprisonment, during which my health was placed in great jeopardy, etc. I fully intend to forgive and forget. However, I believe it is not too much to ask that this court provide me with the appropriate legal assistance, advice and counsel to the end that I might secure all legal right and claim to the property in question, as well as right to the decisions and judgments regarding the maintenance affecting said property and those of our family/estate trust fund. Having everything immediately signed and turned over and placed in my name, as sole beneficiary and overseer of our estate, with of course the assistance of professional trustees, lawyers, councilors at large whom I shall select and secure the services of according to allegiance and devotion. I know many of the agents at [company name] greatly cared for and loved my grandfather and did their best to help my mother and myself and I feel they are worth the consideration. [“They” sold everything and the property changed hands many times and now is another’s to claim. The ‘fund’ is no more and my mother subsist’s on payments from my dead stepdad’s military gratuity/compensation/benefits]. She also practices acupuncture which is one of many forms of witchcrafts that came out of China as a medical expertise.

My mother is aged prematurely and suffers from what I believe is a dementia of sorts. And after this misdeed and her ill-intentions toward me in general, is indeed the greatest victim of her own crimes and misdemeanors, and that, by contrast, all others she may or may not have harmed, were frequently and also the recipients of a gross and desperate mercy that gifted them as much as it cost them.

Weighed in the balances, I would say, something near perfect justice has been done.

Only, let us not forget that the justice which men consider perfect falls entirely short of the Justice of the L-RD, blessed be His Name, Whom we are to be imitators of, especially in matters of judgment.

I ask you therefore and therewith, to judge this case with all due integrity and in fairness to all parties involved that justice might be done and served this day, that I might be reconciled to my mother and she to I, and that we might set off together for home, to live together as we were or may have been or better to our mutual benefit for the remainder of our days. [Chance obviously lost forever.]

I deeply regret anything I may have said that hurt my mother in the least way. My manner of honesty frequently has a way of cutting very deeply and these wounds are sometimes difficult to heal, even though I do not even intend to bruise.

Nevertheless, I am glad that this has happened because much good may eventually come of what I see as a minor indiscretion on my part that got blown way out of proportion! I am not nor have I ever been in this life, a violent man. And no one, least of all, my own mother, need ever fear being harmed in any way by me. [On the other hand, all should fear being harmed by witchcraft and the kind of women my mother may represent].

My mom is tired, bitter, and angry and I believe she would rather be alone most of the time. We have shared space pretty much all of my life and we know each other in a way that defies description. I am very hurt by this trespass she has committed against me. It seems she has broken one of the few sacred unwritten laws left in existence that bind the fabric and meaning of consolation together. It may take time, but I yet believe our relationship may heal and be salvaged. I am willing and able to stay out of her personal space until she is ready to try. Perhaps dividing the home, and using the separate entrances the house affords us and avoiding any contact with her if that yet be her wish. I would much rather forgive and be forgiven and live together in peace and goodwill if she agrees. [Redundant and ridiculous idea at this point and now I realize it was a ridiculous notion even at that time, but I had every reason to believe we would reconcile. I had much to learn about just how deeply rooted witchcraft and abomination combination reliance are in our nation for the greater majority of citizenry unworthy. The U.S.A. is a very unclean, unlawful Beast].

But I do not believe it is lawful nor fair to take my home, because it is a home I have as much if not more right to than she. I do not believe it is fair nor lawful to take this home which I have put a great deal of work and time into caring for and investing in away from me and to require me to stay away from my home for no more than a slip of the tongue and a strong religious Faith.

This home was created for me I believe and I cherish it dearly. I’ve also come to love the animals that we keep there, our gardens, etc. And I do not find it to be your nor any man’s right to deprive me of these things simply because my mother and I have a disagreement. I’m big enough to forgive and live with what has happened and I know she is too. [After burying two husbands, disinheriting one son, and marrying a member of her own gender, depleting a trust fund and making questionable mortgage and real estate deals during an age of deception like none before it, she now resides comfortably and continues to work as an ‘acupuncturist,’ and though obviously afflicted with more than, claims only to be hindered by ‘Lymes disease’].

My mother, I sense, does not love the home, nor feel that she belongs there anymore and therefore it may be she who ought to be provided a new dwelling and I plan to look into the possibilities of providing just such an ideal for her in the neighborhood of Our Town.

As I’ve stated, there are many new homes and condominiums that have been erected in recent years, in which she may feel more comfortable. Where she may more easily set up services to care for her needs, on her own during her golden years.’ [Choices now insultingly being forced upon me].

I am fine and happy with the idea of continuing to care for her myself, but she really has a hard time accepting help from anyone, least of all myself. She is very proud and having me care for her is what I believe led to this disaster of her false witness against me and my subsequent imprisonment at your judgment.

I love her and want to compromise so that all parties involved might be treated fairly and justly and end up in the home of their choice, the home they feel at home in; proud and happy to call the same their own. [Ultimately what it costs to make living with peoples Whom the L-RD told us would be thorns in our sides and pricks in our eyes, and will eventually be the cause of our utter destruction as a nation under One G-d].

I love my mother. I want what is best for her. She’s embarrassed and hurt but she will survive and hopefully live long enough to repent of this evil she has sought to do her own son, that she might not die with this sin on her soul’s record. That is between her and G-d. She is not mine, nor this court’s to judge on a soul level.

I thank you for this opportunity to be heard and to clear my good name and conscience toward my mother and any other parties I may have offended during my years as a resident at my home in Our Town, a place like none other in all of Creation. And I believe our home was created with myself and the people of the Book (Torah) in mind, this home in which I hope to live out the remainder of my life in, being buried by my Dad’s grave, on the land of the same. [I was forced to have his remains exhumed and moved to a graveyard in 2010-11?] This is no ordinary house, I assure you and I invite you to visit it yourself that I might show you its miraculousness and all the work I have done there and just how much I love and care for it. I love this house nearly as much as I love my own life, and I never wish to lose it. I am a very blessed man and son, who is very grateful to many souls, not the least of which being this woman, my mom. It has never been my intention to harm her in any way, and I have daily put my own life in jeopardy trying to care for her. She keeps me alert and in awareness of things that I would never have learned without her uniqueness. I’ve spent the past week and more racking my brain, trying to find the misdeed on my part that might have warranted this action of hers against me and I can find nary a one, sir. The testimony she has shared with the court comes not from my mother. She would not say the things that a transcription I saw at the hospital stated she had. I am convinced, because of the type of work I do, that she has been forced to testify against me falsely and therefore I pray you’ll not charge her with perjury and offer her protection against whatever entity might be making her persecute her only son. [We live in a very devious and deluded world and society that pollutes every sector and facet of humanity, and because of pride will do anything to escape the consequences. That is anything but humble ourselves and live life Lawfully. Yet, in the end, the same is what made our nation a uniquely blessed Dream come true for many more than would otherwise be experienced by any].

That is what this entire case is about, I believe, Religious Persecution. I would ask for myself as well, that my rights not be trampled upon again in the Courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts if ever I am perjured against or threatened in any way manner or form for being a devout believer of Jewish Faith. But then, I have the L-RD of Hosts, G-d of Israel and the nations as my protection and mainstay. It has always been an unfair fight and I am not surprised at the treachery and obstinacy of the enemy at work in all but few indeed.


Isa 16:3-5

“Take counsel, execute judgment; make thy shadow as the night in the midst of the noonday; hide the outcasts; bewray not him that wandereth. Let mine outcasts dwell with thee, Moab; be thou a covert to them from the face of the spoiler: for the extortioner is at an end, the spoiler ceaseth, the oppressors are consumed out of the land. And in mercy shall the throne be established: and he shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness.”


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