Yedid Nefesh

Yedid nefesh av ha-rachaman
meshoch avdecha el retzonecha,
yarutz avdecha kemo ayal
yish’tachaveh el mul hadarecha,
ye’erav lo yedidotecha,
mi-nofet tzuf ve-chol ta’am.

Hadur na’eh ziv ha-olam,
nafshi cholat ahavatecha,
Ana Eil na, refa na la,
be-harot lah noam zivecha,
az titchazeik ve-titrapei,
vehaytah la simchat olam.

Vatik yehemu na rachamecha,
ve-chusah na al bein ahuvecha,
ki zeh kamah nichsof nichsafti,
lirot be-tiferet uzecha,
eileh chamdah libi,
ve-chusah na ve-al titalam.

Higaleh na u fros chavivi alai,
et sukkat shelomecha
Ta’ir eretz mi-kevodecha,
nagilah ve-nismechah bach,
maheir ahuv ki va mo’eid
ve-chaneinu kimei olam.

Beloved of my soul, merciful Father,
draw Your servant toward You.
Let Your servant run as a hind
to bow before Your glory.
Let Your affection for him be
sweeter than a honeycomb or any other delicacy.

Glorious One, most beautiful splendor of the world,
my soul is sick with love for You.
Please God, heal it
by revealing the delight of your splendor.
Then it will be invigorated and healed,
enjoying everlasting happiness.

Ancient One, let Your mercy be aroused
and have pity on Your beloved son.
For I have yearned for so long
to see Your mighty splendor.
This is the desire of my heart
have pity and do not hide Yourself.

Reveal Yourself and spread over me, beloved One,
the shelter of Your peace.
Let the earth sparkle with Your glory
We will rejoice and be happy with You.
Be quick, beloved, for the time has come,
and favor us as in days of old.

About barzdovg666

I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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