I’m not one to study other religions. I am very much a believer in the One G-d of Israel. I used to be very open to all sorts of spiritual teaching and religion because I didn’t know any better, and I feel it did me a great deal of harm. I wish I had been raised by someone who knew it was dangerous to follow other religions and spirits and who loved me enough to teach me rightly, and guard me against these influences.

Holy wars are the end result of too much tolerance in the nation that is the LORD’s and the exact opposite in nations that belong to other gods…like the reality we have now. Underneath the tolerance and compassionate facade of america is a deep seated hatred for not just other religions but other cultures and nations. That’s, ironically, the only thing I find beautiful about this nation anymore…I know we had the opportunity to open our arms wide to every nation and culture if we had been firmly resolved to welcome them into a nation of believers in One God, but we are not. Instead we put on this act, and became a nation of sensualist, spiritualist, phonies, claiming to be tolerant and welcoming of other religions and cultures, knowing the whole time we had already been damned to hell ourselves for abandoning God long ago…Pretty hateful stuff…It’s led to a very cruel and depraved society.

And now , because of our dishonesty with even ourselves, we have made it very difficult to fix, to "repair the breach" and I find most unwilling or unable to even try. We must now overcome our pride in psychosis, works, promises we made and cannot keep to even ourselves…and so many other things.

And because the answer comes not from us, and not from our works and dreams and families, we are unable to welcome the Solution. We would be instantly made useful to each other and every other soul on earth if we could and did, but we cannot, because of our pride. It’s a pride in being "tolerant" and generous and charitable. But it’s all bulldung. We give, only to take much more than anyone can afford. Our families are all demon driven, and impatience and anger reigns in every heart. If you are not willing to be a buffoonish, sensualist, violent, joker, you will be an outcast.

Anyone who strives with God, will get so far and then may be cut off drastically, and painfully, demanding of them to be cruel, no matter if they wish to be kind or not. Even in being charitable, we must be cruel, and this is what will lead back to being told what to do, and keeping strict laws and not being able to tolerate nor create in freedom or at liberty. And it’s simply because everyone is trying to cover his own ass and do his or her own will, but those who are going to be "successful," are they who are willing to be the cruelest and most rat infested souls, under heaven…Of course it’s not any kind of "sucess" that brings satisfaction or real happiness, which is why the successful are still angry, bitter and full of violence. And why do they have a chance at success? Because we, to our everlasting shame, tolerate and enjoy fellowship in bulldung, and act as if it is okay to learn about other religions and welcome all forms of opinion and teaching and spirits. All of whom are the most cruel, hateful, hellish creatures, you’ll ever come across. And again why? Because we slung the bull first and became lazy reaping the rewards of a Chosen Nation with no Leader. Claiming Right and Representation without sight or manifestation of the Same in our bodies or members. Whom did we fool? Our enemies and ourselves. Now we’re in the same boat as they and it’s tooth and nail everyday, because we wont abide or cannot abide the time which is evil, because we are unwilling to recognizxe they which have the right to lead in any nation under Heaven. As a matter of fact, we are guilty of calling the same "terrorists" and going to war against those whom we could have welcomed to our profit and well being.

America’s handicap under the Whore has been- faithless despair; the almost addictive dependency upon tragedy and misery that many a home suffered from for lack of Faith and Belief for what seems like eons and ages, and it is hard to overcome. People can’t see what they are to do with no one close to them, believing in them, nor encouraging them, nor needing them. Not that I wish to care for others so much as just to enjoy seeing people being people and feeling connected in a way that is fulfilling and meaningful. Not like the American Dream, but the God Granted Reality that can be when we believe and act in Him.

"Dream dreams, then write about them; Aye, but live them first."

This is the problem, in a nutshell. People are not permitted to Live. They are forced, rather, to dream and submit to psychosis and vanity, and ordered by threat of life to become liars and cheats.

There were some great works created in this country based upon men living lives and then writing about them. Then a change occured and men wrote about life and no longer lived it first, or at all…and this has led to a bunch of monkeys with keyboards doing whatever they can to get an word in edge-wise about themselves in chatrooms on the Internet, not even caring about what they may have to say, just as long as they are seen and heard…thereby proving they have no right to speak at all in the first place…Coming away from their computers the worse for the logging on. Feeling diminished and wasted of their own wills…

So much has changed and so quickly over the past ten years in America and around the world and everyman has had to look after his own estate and welfare with a cunning eye for homeland security sake, that it has been hard to look to the needs and basic values of being neighbors…It’s this Grand Delusion under the Bush regime. Where every schmuck under heaven needs a truck (or two) the size of a house, yet cannot care less whether his neighbor exists or not. Beastly, ghastly nonsense…

Family and futurity are jokes gone the way of the olde tyme religion they were built upon. And who can blame anyone? Madness of a sort that can no longer be enjoyed by the least of the unaware has enveloped all and perverse humor and cruel care is all that remain of a delightful country that once was content to let the day’s cares be sufficient for the day…

Let’s deal with the facts: We’re broke, tired, and angry. Status quo for the year 2006 unless you’ve made a deal with the devil, and most have done so… We need to have more concern for-Reality! It can be harsh. The cure. Change the System, don’t screw It, be part of the solution rather than the problem…and embrace one another in Him who can work the miraculous in the darkest corners of creation… And the Solution is not what we’ve been taught or are fond of believing. The solution is not more work and study, etc., but less. The Fundamentals and Simplicity found in Christ is what will save us…He changeth not…

Isa 30:15 For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.

In a Reality in which men have more often coupled with men and women with women out or spite, tyranny and vanity. In a nation in which works of Science fiction possess more factual and spiritual Truth than does our history books, documentation and science "advances." In a world where the copywright protects stolen and plagiarized works from other theives, and the boast of "exhaustive research" marks that which has been fleeced or stolen, and quite frankly, where the theft and mockery is more righteous than the research which is not of Faith. In a Kingdom in which the enemies of Christ pay more heed and care more passionately for the same than do those professing Him as openly as they do falsely…America is the only Nation that possesses the heartfelt wisdom to govern madness and wickedness manifested and run amok because of these truths.

The drama that many cherish in their lives or did, which is all but deceased in any realm, sprang from healthy prejudice and segregated belief systems that ought to be kept segregated if they are to retain meaning and be profitable to the Whole in Him who is the Head of every sect, nation and religion under Heaven, to the Jew first, then Greek or whomever and to even the Muslim somewhere after that, etc. etc. etc…Of course the Muslim will have to forsake Mohammed or come to realize that he was no more than a representative of Christ, and that Allah is not G-d, the G-d of Israel and LORD of Hosts, but a Host under Christ.

America has been a blessing to Christ like no other nation where many nations are welcome to the same extent as She has been a curse. We need to erradicate the latter case and maximize our success in the former if we are to save all.

I’m going to make a statement that will not be accepted by any now, which at any rate, will probably be par for the course…

The Key to unlocking the Scriptures, especially the Old Testament, is to discover that Israel, or more precisely, Jacob, was not a Jew. Laban was a Jew in the truest sense of the Jewish Nation and People. The Jews are G-d’s Covenant people through Jacob or Israel, and they are Faithful to this calling or have been for they love Jacob and G-d. The Jews took upon themselves the Name of Israel and formed a Nation of Devotees to the Way, who came quite mysteriously to deny the Truth in Jacob and G-d while keeping His Law. Strange as it seems, it happens to all when sin enters and the devil takes hold of the Body and weds It with the Whore, in an effort to bring in that which is not Israel and make their holiness or lawfulness of and by heart, part of Israel, or to graft in that which isn’t really "lost" to save that which is lost and striving to become further lost of its own bullheaded will…For they, like the Jews, were in a state much like that of modern day Israel, the State, and the nations, all striving to attain statehood and self realization apart from G-d, yet using "god" to claim legitimacy of origin and right to power.

It’s as if those who sought to bring down Hitler have become the very same, only far worse, because of their abominable belief in a "god" who honors "humanity" and her filfthy rags, instead of the Church Body which was created to honor and glorify G-d, the LORD of Hosts, G-d of Israel and the Nations.

What I mean to say is, Jacob is a Spiritual Jew, while Laban is a worldly Jew. Different and often opposed sources of Wisdom and Knowledge that must eventually come under the same Head, if all are to be "saved."

 Rom 2:29 But he [is] a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision [is that] of the heart, in the spirit, [and] not in the letter; whose praise [is] not of men, but of God.

Jacob grabbed Esau’s heel in the womb…

1Cr 15:46-49 Howbeit that [was] not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. 
The first man [is] of the earth, earthy: the second man [is] the Lord from heaven.
As [is] the earthy, such [are] they also that are earthy: and as [is] the heavenly, such [are] they also that are heavenly.
And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

For any tribe, or nation, and above all, any claiming "Israel" to be accepted by its Maker now, it must needs return to the Law by heart with no more intent than reconciliation of, by and for humble service and righteous Worship.

Deu 6:4-5 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God [is] one LORD:

And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

Luk 10:27 And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

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I'm a revelationist/prophestylist, and lover and servant of HaShem of Hosts.
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